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“Let’s ban all immigration, legal and illegal. Doesn’t that make as much sense as saying, ‘Ban all guns’?”

“Last week, the First Amendment was under assault. This week, the Second Amendment is under assault. Media templates have been set in stone. It is terrible how an event like this can be so contorted to meet a political end. But that is the primary reason for all of the coverage is to meet a political end.”

“One of the reasons I didn’t talk much about this yesterday was because it was all breaking at the time, and had I echoed what I was seeing in the Drive-By Media yesterday, I would have been wrong in part.”

“Some people are calling it a ‘tragedy.’ I’m even having a problem with calling it a tragedy. A tragedy is a tornado or a hurricane running you down. This is an act of pure evil.”

“Everything is being looked at here through the prism of politics, rather than looking at this for what it is.”

“This doesn’t happen every day in this country. This is not what America is. This event does not provide a microcosm of the evils and horrors of American society.”

“You’ve got this kid that went nuts here for whatever reason, in a suicide note, railing against ‘rich kids’ and the debauchery of society. Wait ’til the Drive-Bys pick up on that and start extrapolating that into the other templates that exist in their newsrooms as to what’s wrong with American society.”

“Exactly what kind of gun control are they talking about now, as they attempt to politicize this — and when I say ‘they’ today I’m talking about the media. I’m talking about the Drive-By Media and the Democrat Party.”

“This is pure evil on parade, or insanity, and it’s self-contained within the mind and the body of the shooter. It was a sick, evil act, very much like that of a suicide bomber. We have to face that head-on and deal with that, not hide under our covers in fear and blame and guilt and start asking what’s wrong with America.”

“The two biggest acts of terrorism in this country occurred with box cutters, pocketknives, gasoline, and fertilizer — 9/11 and Oklahoma City — not guns.”


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