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RUSH: Here is CNBC.com: ‘As the economy revs back to life…’ (laughing) Why is it revving back to life? What is the evidence it’s revving back to life. Jobs? What is it? I don’t know, but they say it is. ‘As the economy revs back to life with signs of hiring on the horizon….’ Oh, I get! Okay! ‘Signs of hiring way out there on the horizon’ equals the economy ‘revving back to life,’ ‘the housing market’s being left behind like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone,’ they say. So we’ve got this great recovery going on but we’ve got no jobs being created and we’ve got a plummeting housing market, but the economy ‘is revving back to life.’

‘In the past few years, we’ve all been careful to choose our words carefully…’ Cindy Perman here writing this story: ‘In the past few years, we’ve all been careful to choose our words carefully, not calling it a recession until it fit the technical definition and avoiding any inappropriate use of the ‘D’ word — Depression.’ Really? They’ve been that careful about it? I thought they were talking about recession while Bush was still in office. They are talking about ‘the coming recession.’ They were talking about, ‘Oh, it’s coming!’ They tried to convince people we were in a recession the last two years of the Bush administration. ‘Things were bad,’ Cindy Perman says, ‘but the broader economy never reached Depression territory. The housing market, on the other hand, just crossed that threshold.

‘Home values have fallen 26 percent since their peak in June 2006, worse than the 25.9-percent decline seen during the Depression years between 1928 and 1933, Zillow reported. November marked the 53rd consecutive month (4 ½ years) that home values have fallen.’ That’s most people’s number one asset. ‘What’s worse, it’s not over yet: Home values are expected to continue to slide as inventories pile up, and likely won’t recover until the job market improves,’ a small matter. A small matter, the housing market, here while the libs advance their ‘blood libel.’ It’s nothing really, folks. The left is not concerned here about the housing market.

No, they need to fund-raise, smear, distract, whatever they can so that they can put the news of their economic policies on the back burner. They have to make sure that they do everything they can to keep the devastating reality of their policies off the front page, and so willing accomplices like the sheriff come along and the media come along to accuse Sarah Palin and me and Levin and everybody. Hannity. Now, this news — the housing market slipping into depression territory — probably will not get the Democrats’ attention because their politicizing the mortgage market and failed stimulus bill caused and advanced the problem. So, instead, we’re gonna get character assassination and hearty congratulations for an incompetent, partisan sheriff.

Anything we can do to keep the truth of Democrat policies off the front pages.

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