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“Did you see ExxonMobil’s profit? Oh, this is great! Makes me feel proud to be an American! Makes me love capitalism! The largest annual profit in US history: 39 1/2 billion dollars. Yes!”

“Joe Biden really is Senator Blowhard. He just loves the sound of his own voice and doesn’t shut up. Has anybody else crashed and burned that soon in American politics?”

“When you focus on Tony Dungy’s and Lovie Smith’s race, you’re doing them an injustice. They are great men. They happen to be the best in their conferences this year. And both of these guys are ‘clean’ and ‘articulate’ — absolutely right.”

“Mike, I can’t believe that you’re going to hire a maid and only pay her $7.15. You know what I pay my maid, you cheap bastard? I pay my maid more than you will make in a lifetime!”

“The Democrats are worried that any action against Iran might get the country behind the president. Did I just say that? Yes, I said it! I am quoting them! They said it! Here we are in the war on terror, and these people have it out for us. I mean, there’s no other way to put it!”

“One of the myths that always goes around about the Bohemian Grove is that you can walk around nude if you want. Or that you might even see George Schultz relieving himself on the side of a tree.”

“What do these four things have in common: embryonic stem cells, synthetic fuels, global warming, and Hillary Rodham Clinton? They are all a lifetime away from delivering their promise. They’re all liberal Democrat fantasies, pure and simple.”

“Don’t insult me — I haven’t made $7 million a year in 14 years! Do you realize how that humiliates me in front of my audience and this country?”

“Here’s what I found in my RSS reader: ‘Landmark Legal Foundation today nominated nationally syndicated radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.’ So, it’s true: I have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I don’t know if they have to accept this, though.”

“Tomorrow is Open Line Friday, and I’m going to tell you right now: I expect some calls about the Super Bowl. If I don’t get them, I might as well call myself.”


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