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“Is it just me, or does the Drive-By Media just love this Virginia Tech story? Shameless and sickening; they just love it.”

“To read these little neophytes — these elitist, know-it-all, sniveling little pencil-necked geek-creeps locked away in their newsrooms — talk about how there’s incivility in our culture found with Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh… if it weren’t for us, this country would be far more gone than it is.”

“NBC is trying to make it plain that only 10% of their airtime has gone to this shooter and that package that he sent them. So: 10% of airtime for murderers, 0% of airtime for minority hosts.”

“Who’s giving this killer the perverse legacy that he sought? It is not talk radio, ladies and gentlemen; it is one of your major big three networks, NBC. Can you imagine if he had mailed this stuff to me, what they would be saying today?”

“So which MSNBC anchor should resign to make room for a minority host? Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, or Tucker Carlson? Vote now at RushLimbaugh.com. It’s very close; these guys may demand a recount before this is all said and done. And there’s no paper trail, either.”

“This is who these liberals are nothing but doom and gloom. Comparing the shootings at Virginia Tech to losing the right to kill a baby halfway out of the womb? And they wonder why there’s no respect for human life in this country.”

“I had a big party — 35 or 40 people came over this weekend — and it was amazing, the discussions. They were all like-minded people. I don’t pepper my parties with token libs just to spice things up. They’re not entertaining, Snerdley.”

“The strength of this program is not me, it’s all of you who listen to it every day and understand when it’s distorted and lied about. And you don’t abandon the show because you have the sophistication to understand what’s up.”

“My mother used to say, ‘Clean your plate; there are starving kids in China.’ Finally one day I said to my mother, ‘You mean to tell me if I eat everything on this plate the kids in China are going to feel better?’ She said, ‘Don’t you sass me!’ Well, what else could she say?”

“It’s Limbaugh time, and there’s no better time than any time for Limbaugh time.”


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