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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to announce at this time the availability of our new Club Gitmo T-shirt. As you know, the government has thrown a curveball at my thriving merchandise business at Guantanamo Bay. And rather than whine and cry (sobbing) and fly my jet to Washington to ask for a bailout because of what they have done to my business, I, ladies and gentlemen, adapted. In fact, Snerdley, where is this prison here that they want to use? Is it Colorado? I can’t remember. They want to close Guantanamo Bay and bring these reprobate terrorists to the continental United States, a supermax facility in Colorado. At any rate, he signed the executive order, the president did, to shut down Guantanamo Bay, he said ‘within a year.’
I’ll believe it when I see it. And he signed an executive order to change the kind of interrogation techniques. So we’ve added to the Club Gitmo product line at the EIB Store, and I’m going to hold up for you the new shirt. It’s still prison orange in color, but with a new logo and message. Can you see this on the Dittocam? Let me read this for you? It said: ‘Club Gitmo: When America was Safe.’ We have added a swimming pool and a diving board. Now, you can’t see this probably on the Dittocam but the logo, the swimming pool and the diving board, we actually have the word ‘water’ to designate the pool, and we have the word ‘board’ to designate the diving board: ‘Club Gitmo: When America was Safe. … Water Board.’ You’re looking at the back of the shirt, front of the shirt same logo, just a little smaller placed in the center.

These are available for purchase now at the EIB Store at RushLimbaugh.com. I guarantee, you wear one of these around us to the wrong places, and you will cause interesting things to happen. (laughs) Snerdley ran into some guy. Snerdley, I didn’t know you were going to the gym. Snerdley went to the gym yesterday, and he ran into some hoity-toity pointy-headed elitist Brit, and naturally they got to discussing politics, and the Brit was going on and on (Brit elitist impression), ‘Well, you know, it’s so much more sophisticated now. They’re closing that dreadful prison, dreadful prison that destroyed America’s image throughout the world. Ah, ah, ah, there’s such alack of sophistication (sniffing),’ and Snerdley says, ‘You know, what happened to you people? You used to own the world, and now you’re a bunch of sniveling little cowards!

‘Your country is being overrun by the very people that want to wipe you out, and you’re running around talking about sophistication,’ and the Brit was silenced, right? The Brit didn’t have any comebacks for you. I mean, he tried but he kept harping on the sophistication bit. These are just fascinating times. It all started because the Brit was so happy that Obama is in the White House. The Brit said (impression), ‘This sophistication, eh, eh, eh — sophisticated personage at the White House. We’re so happy you chaps have seen the light and gotten rid of that Neanderthal Bush,’ and on and on and on. Snerdley just couldn’t take it. The guy was probably a little wimp, right? Little runt out there? He was a tall guy? Tall but wiry thin? All these sophisticates are. They don’t eat. It’s part of being sophisticated. They care about their jaw line as much as they do their waistline.

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