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RUSH: Let’s bring in our Official Obama Criticizer, Mr. Bo Snerdley. Let me know when the electronics and the technology are ready, because I think… Does the Obama criticizer have something to say about this? Would you like to weigh in?

SNERDLEY: Thank you very much, Rush. Official Obama Criticizer Bo Snerdley here. I have a question.

RUSH: Wait, wait. You are ‘officially black enough to criticize,’ right?

SNERDLEY: ‘Officially black enough to criticize,’ right on, brother!

RUSH: Okay, good.

SNERDLEY: Um, Obama, what’s up with this, yo? Here you got… First of all, everybody keeps saying the man was arrested in his house. Does anybody stop and actually read the newspaper, yo? Well, there’s only one or two left out there. Um, it’s not his house. The house belongs to Harvard! He’s just chilling in it, yo. That’s number one. Secondly, you got two brothers roll up on the house, right? Okay, put yourself in that situation, yo. You got two brothers roll up on the house, somebody calls the cops and says, ‘Yo, man, there’s two people out there, man. I think they get in. You know, something’s up over there.’ They go in the house, right? Okay? The boy should be like, ‘Yo, man, thanks, yo, for showing up. Everything is cool over here. Nobody else is in here. See you later. Out!’ No. Now it blows up. But I got a question for you, Rush. Where’s Colin Powell?

RUSH: That is a fascinating question. By the way, since you mention it, Colin Powell does come up as a discussion item in Part Two of my interview with Greta Van Susteren tonight. But that is an interesting question: Where is Colin Powell weighing in on this issue? I’d like you also, as the Official Obama Criticizer, to explain what the Cambridge police organization said; what they meant when they said that there’s no racial profiling there; that they know that racial profiling happens elsewhere in the country, but it doesn’t happen there. Why would you think that there’s no racial profiling in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where Harvard is located?

SNERDLEY: This is Cambridge. Come on, man! What you think we’re talking about? Queens, New York? Brooklyn? Kill-a-delphia? Detroit? SanFran, yo? This is Cambridge. We have the upper crust of the upper crust here! The black people in Cambridge aren’t really like, you know…black like, you know, urban black. They’re like super black! They’re not like the other brothers. These are the… I’m going to quote the vice president: The clean ones, the smart ones, the articulate ones. So we don’t profile the clean, articulate, smart brothers.

RUSH: As the vice president said.

SNERDLEY: As the vice president, Joe Biden, said.

RUSH: That’s right. About Obama. About Obama.

SNERDLEY: About Obama.

RUSH: Exactly right.

SNERDLEY: Yeah, right. You know. That was before Joe Biden stopped over at that Indian deli 7-Eleven thing, but that was another story. So in Cambridge they don’t profile black people because the black people there are like white people. Except they’re black…kinda.

RUSH: Sort of like —

SNERDLEY: They’re different.

RUSH: Except for the way they think.

SNERDLEY: They’re ‘clean.’

RUSH: (laughs) Um…

SNERDLEY: They’re ‘articulate.’

RUSH: I think that pretty much sums it up. All right.

SNERDLEY: They smile — except for Louie Gates.

RUSH: Oh. Oh, yes, the professor. The distinguished Professor Gates: Louie. Well, I appreciate that. That’s the Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley, answering the most pressing question of the day: Why is there no racial profiling in Cambridge? And how can this Eric Dyson clown claim that Louie is ‘the Rosa Parks of racial profiling’ now? I’ll tell you, it’s the Duke lacrosse case all over. Barack Nifong is leading the charge.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to offer a slight correction to something stated by the Official Obama Criticizer. The Official Obama Criticizer stated essentially there was no racial profiling in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There is. It’s in the admissions policy at Harvard University, but not on the streets of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The racial profiling that occurs in Cambridge, Massachusetts, does not involve the police. It involves the liberals that run Harvard University. We haven’t seen any police testing. There hasn’t been any case, say, brought before a judge like Sonia Sotomayor to see if cops face an unfair test in Cambridge, Mass., but that’s probably coming. Also, it’s not just the police in Cambridge who are asking Obama to apologize.

A press release yesterday: ‘Dr. Richard S. Kerr, M.D., a West Virginia Libertarian Party member and a retired doctor with 36 years experience, asked President Barack Obama Thursday to apologize for comments made in his Wednesday night press conference accusing doctors of conspiring to make children sicker for profits.’ So there’s a lot of people that want Barack Nifong to apologize but he’s not going to apologize because ACORN does not apologize. Law enforcement does not apologize. And you can say the cops are over here, but the number-one law enforcement officer in the country is Barack Nifong — judge, jury, hanging judge, prosecutor, you name it. And he’s in action in full gear.

RUSH: As promised, ladies and gentlemen, the Official Obama Criticizer, certified black enough to criticize, Mr. Bo Snerdley.

SNERDLEY: This is Bo Snerdley, official Barack Obama criticizer for the EIB Network, certified black enough to criticize with a heavy dose of pure, unadulterated organic slave blood. I have a statement. President Obama, your weekend media blitz to again try and reverse your sagging fortunes implementing your socialist health care takeover failed. The only ones buying it are those who are already in so deep they can’t see out. Nobody else wants in. And you’ve changed messages so many times you are quickly losing all credibility. It has become apparent that you view speechmaking and television appearances as a substitute for real governance. Given the state of our economy and our weakening defense posture, perhaps it is time for you to spend a little less time on television and a little more time coming to terms with the magnitude of failure your leadership is causing. It hasn’t been a year yet, you have no major achievement, and you’re racking up a string of disasters. Our economy is still in the tank. Our enemies, thanks to your ineffective foreign policy decisions, think we have become a weakened nation, and some are openly gloating about it. Respectfully, Sir, shape up or you will soon replace Jimmy Carter as the worst president in the last hundred years. And now and now a trans —

RUSH: Wait just a second. He said he has not racked up any successes. I beg to differ. Nationalizing mortgages and nationalizing the student loan program. Do not, Official Obama Criticizer, ignore those. While these other failures have happened, he is gobbling up the private sector like Pac-Man on steroids. Now back to the Official Obama Criticizer.

SNERDLEY: I revise and extend my remarks. You, Sir, have no major achievements and a string of disasters for the American people. For yourself, El Rushbo just named a few. And now a translation for our EIB brothers and sisters in the hood. What up, B? Yo, dog, check it out, yo. I mean you got some issues, yo. Remember, it’s September, and, yo, bro, we still don’t see no jobs out here, yo, ain’t that much hope, and what be changing ain’t changing like you said it was going to change. Bush is gone, yo, but you and your crew still raise him up every time somebody starts asking questions, where the jobs? When you not on TV speechifying, you and Michelle and the kiddies are out living large, man. We seen the pictures, man. You all been to Paris, out to dinner, New York, man, London, Harry Potter tours and all that stuff. But check it out, man, out here in the hood, man, nobody is chillin’, everybody’s illin’, ain’t nobody got the dough for them kind of vacations, yo. You know how bad it is, Bama? Man, people are starting to sell their bling, man. What’s up with that?

Nobody can see what their stimulatin’ money is stimulatin’ man, unless you’re stimulating employment. Oh, check this out, my mainness. Tell your crew somin’ somin’. Stop whining about this race stuff, man, you HBIC now, yo, you the head black in charge, you in charge of everything, you running the show. You are the man, okay? So just bring it. You all don’t have to come with this race stuff no more. You up in there, man. You up in the house. Bring it, okay? Tell your crew to stop making excuses. Now we see them boys up on Wall Street, you know, they kind of coming out rolling again, but we don’t see you here. Here’s another tip, yo, you making the Russians happy but you making the brothers yappy, okay? Ain’t nobody got no spending money out here, yo. Okay? You worrying health care, that’s not the deal, man, it’s the jobs, the healthy jobs takes cares of the healthy health care, homey. So let me run this on you, man, step off the TV, we already know what you look like, we know you’re in charge, stop spending, stop the grinning, get busy, get some jobs up here going or we going to break you off that hope and change thing next time election rolls out, yo. I’m telling you, you got that? You feeling me? That concludes this statement.

RUSH: And that is the Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley, certified black enough to criticize with 100% organic authentic slave blood. So the Official Obama Criticizer above criticism, and the Official Obama Criticizer found exclusively here at the EIB Network.

RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, the Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley, asked me yesterday if he could enter this fray. His theory is that he is Certified Black Enough to legitimately and without criticism criticize Obama. And he would like to say some words about this NFL episode. So without any further delay, here is Mr. Bo Snerdley, the Official Obama Criticizer here on the EIB Network.

SNERDLEY: This is Bo Snerdley, Official Obama Criticizer for the EIB Network. Certified Black Enough to criticize with 100% organic slave blood. Today, Obama isn’t the issue. This is the special sports edition. And I have a statement: ‘My fellow Americans, this week, a racial spectacle has been played out which is nothing less than disgraceful.’ You know what? Screw this! We’re going to the translation right now, only this time it’s not a translation for the EIB brothers and sisters in the ‘hood, it’s a translation to the ‘hood. Yo, my fellow homeys, especially those of you who play in the NFL: Every single one of you who shouted out against Rush, check yourself, dog. You got played, okay? Rush ain’t your problem, yo. He never was your problem. He never will be your problem. Twenty years, man! For 20 years Rush has been telling everybody: You brothers in the NFL deserve to get paid.

The NFL and every other sports league there is got a break it off to you because you the best, right? The owners they got to break it off to you, give up your props, give you your props. Any of you fools know that, yo? No. Instead you get all puffed up behind some Obama flackie, jump on TV, start mouthing off about ‘Rush said this! Rush said that! Slavery this, slavery that,’ whatever, whatever. It was all made up, yo! Some of these clown reporters on TV who fed all the stuff to you, yo, you know what they doing now? They are out here trying to apologize quietly so they don’t get their asses sued, yo! Check that out. Y’all got played. So here’s your question for you brothers, especially some of y’all in the NFL. Y’all going to man up? Y’all going to man and up say, ‘Hey, we got played man. We kinda sorry. Oops, we didn’t know.’

Okay, now, let me — while I’m — yo, let me get this off, okay? McNabb. Can we just do this one more time? Square up. Even if Rush said what y’all thought he said, which he didn’t say, what’s the biggie? Y’all thought he said that McNabb wasn’t all that and was getting props because people wanted a black guy to succeed at quarterback. So what? So what? Don’t y’all want to see a black quarterback make it, yo? I do. So the sports media guys, he said they want him to succeed, what’s the big deal? Is there a problem here, yo? And McNabb? You a punk, yo. Now, my NFL brothers, let me ask you a question here. Who was it that whipped Michael Vick a new one after he got done in the joint?

Was it Rush? Nope. It was a bunch of your white liberal sportswriter guys pretending they loved their dogs more than they loved their wives, okay? That’s who ripped all over Michael Vick. Who’s been ripping Plaxico, who’s been ripping Pacman? Every time y’all get going… Who was it that ran T.O. on up out of Dallas, yo? Okay, was it Rush? No. Okay? Now for all of you homeys, this is outside the NFL. For all my brothers and sisters, y’all want to get pissed off about somebody insulting black people? Why don’t y’all watch BET, Black ‘Exploitation’ Television, okay? You want to know who’s calling black women, ‘Bitches ho this, bitches ho that’? Is it Rush Limbaugh? No. Who’s telling y’all that all you can do is jiggle your butts on TV? Is it Rush Limbaugh? Rush ain’t your enemy, yo. You know what the biggest threat to black men is in America, yo?

It ain’t Rush Limbaugh. It’s other black men who are killing off brothers like they did that young boy out in Chicago, okay? A quarter of our brothers don’t even make it to be age 25 ’cause they get shot up by other black men. Is Rush out there pulling the trigger? No. And y’all brothers, you got anything to say about it? Especially y’all in the NFL. Y’all get paid, y’all leave the hood, that’s that. Not a word. Okay? Now, for all of y’all who live deep in the hood, I got another question: Is it Rush Limbaugh stopping your kids from being educated in your run-down schools, in your run-down-ass neighborhoods? No. Who is it? And where’s Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on that instead of flapping their mouth about all this other stuff that they don’t know anything else about? How come Al, Jesse, and y’all are living large and the ‘hood is still the ‘hood? That concludes my statement.

RUSH: That’s the Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley.

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