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“You are so much more informed than readers of the New York Times, and I cannot tell you, both personally and professionally, how much pride I have in that.”

“You start getting into designer babies and where do you draw the line? Where do you stop it?”

“I think the Democrats are going to change their mantra on the meaning of the 2006 election. Ever since the 2006 election, that outcome was claimed to be to get us out of Iraq. I think now what’s probably going to be said is that the 2006 election was a mandate to fix our bridges.”

“A coal mine in central Utah collapsed today after a 4.0 magnitude earthquake, trapping six miners inside. I’ll tell you, the infrastructure is going to hell under the Bush administration. My gosh, mines can’t even handle a 4.0 earthquake! What’s happening to this country? What do they think we are, Russia? China?”

“President Bush has shown us how to raise kids. You keep ’em in detention. Congress is a bunch of spoiled brats. He made ’em stay through Saturday.”

“Mr. Snerdley asked, ‘Is it safe to say that Mrs. Clinton is running on her husband’s coattails?’ No. That’s not how I would characterize it. She’s running on his zipper. I mean, if you’re going to run on the Clinton administration record, you’re running on his zipper.”

“We all know that Media Matters is. They’re just a bunch of bought and paid for Clinton hacks. Of course, the Drive-Bys don’t tell us that. The Drive-Bys report them as an independent watchdog agency.”

“Anybody in their right mind running for office cannot answer this question, ‘Yes, I’m going to eschew lobby money,’ because it won’t happen. Certain things in politics aren’t going to change.”

“If you cut taxes, you’re going to reduce revenue. No, it doesn’t work that way, and we’re living it right now. We lived it in the eighties. We are living it right now.”

“I sometimes don’t think people realize the full scope and breadth of my talent. Here I am in the middle of a brilliant monologue setting things up, and in the IFB I get a question from Mr. Snerdley, who would only ask the question because he’s confident enough to know that his interruption to me will not take me off track.”


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