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“The argument that cutting the number of American troops will help stabilize Iraq is like arguing that the best way to put out a spreading fire is by pulling out the firemen.”

“‘Wait until the gas passes.’ This is one of the great executive leadership lines of all time: ‘Just open the doors, open the windows, and wait until the gas passes.'”

“The big deal at the Consumer Electronics Show is this 108-inch LCD TV by Sharp, which is a high-definition TV, and some people say LCD is better than plasma. One hundred and eight inches is nine feet. That is not insignificant. It’s chump change to me, but it’s not insignificant.”

“It’s just this simple: if you compromise with liberals, you get liberalism.”

“There’s a story here: ‘Cheney is going hunting, hunters beware.’ Do we get these kinds of stories, may I ask you, every time Bill Clinton is going to be around young women?”

“If you are on the left, you just have to know one thing: Bush is wrong no matter what he’s doing, and you are brilliant no matter what Bush is doing.”

“You have to ask yourself, ‘Why is it that the Democrat Party is so invested in defeat in this mission in Iraq?’ You don’t even have to come up with the answer right away — just ask yourself, because that is the question.”

“Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh! Don’t tell the liberals that we don’t have to kill babies now for stem cells! Don’t tell — you will ruin their day!”

“If you look at what happened on the House floor last week with Pelosi and all of those children, you’d have to say that if a feminist were being honest with herself, she’d call it a setback. What Pelosi should have been doing was spanking a bunch of guys and telling them how it’s going to be in there.”

“You’re kidding me — cow expelations have no smell?”

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