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RUSH: Roger Altman today in the Wall Street Journal. Roger Altman is a Clinton guy, an Obama guy, a Democrat. You might say that Roger Altman is a whistle-blower who blew the whistle on Obama’s community organizer economics. He’s not the first. We’d have to say that Gerald Walpin would be the first whistle-blower and they canned him. And they suppressed the second whistle-blower in the EPA who said, ‘Wait a minute! The thing you’re relying on to say that carbon dioxide is a pollutant and it’s causing global warming, the science isn’t settled on it,’ they shut him up. Roger Altman, the third whistle-blower here. His piece in the Wall Street Journal: ‘We’ll Need to Raise Taxes Soon.’

This piece was published this morning. It might be wise of us to call Altman’s office and see if he’s there or if anyone can find him. Because remember now, Obama is out there saying if you’re under 200 or 250 grand, you’re not going to pay tax increase on anything. We already know this is a lie, but his own side has not defected until Altman did it. What Altman did today in the Wall Street Journal was blow the whistle on Obama’s economic projections, community organizer economics.

Obama, in his budget, said that we would increase growth by 3.2% next year and 4% the year after and that going to increase our national debt by only $10 trillion in ten years. Now, according to Roger Altman and Goldman Sachs and the International Monetary Fund, growth will not be 3% or 4%. It’s only going to be 2%. And what does that mean? It means bigger deficits than what have been forecast. Now, I’ve said all this and many of the conservative media have already told you we’re not going to grow at three and a half or four percent next year or the year after, and the deficit projections here of ten trillion are going to be 12 to 15 trillion. The deficit projection for this year, $1.8 trillion, is going to go over two trillion. You’ve already heard this. What’s noteworthy here is this is an Obamaite pointing it out.

We are learning the two most meaningless words in the Obama presidency are what? ‘Obama said…’ (laughing) The two most meaningless words are ‘Obama said.’ They mean nothing. Whatever follows ‘Obama said’ is irrelevant. Obama said passing the stimulus would hold unemployment to 8%. He’s now praying it holds at 10%. Actually he’s hoping it goes to 10%. It’s a bigger crisis. He said the stimulus was so urgent, it had to be passed before it was read. But as of May 11th, only 6% of it had been spent. Obama said he would not have lobbyists buy influence. But the biggest lobbyist, the unions, are holding influence hostage. Obama said he won’t raise taxes on anybody making less than $250,000 a year. The only straight talk Obama gave us is, ‘We need hope and change,’ and we certainly do, right now, need hope and change.

Change from Obama’s community organizer economics. Roger Altman, ‘seriously consider a value-added tax…’ ‘Household net worth has fallen more than 20% since its mid-2007 peak. This drop began just when household debt reached 130% of income,’ yada yada yada, on and on and on. ‘Mr. Altman, founder and chairman of Evercore Partners, was deputy secretary of the Treasury in the first Clinton administration.’ Here’s the last line: ‘That’s important, because it is no longer a matter of whether tax revenues must increase, but how.’ Rog, cap and trade is a tax increase. Health care is a tax increase. Everything Obama is doing is a tax increase! The stimulus is a tax increase. The deficits are a tax increase. (sigh) Letting the Bush tax cuts expire is a tax increase. They’re coming back for more, as though we haven’t raised taxes yet. ‘We’re going to need to raise them soon… value-added tax,’ Roger Altman, whistle-blower, the Obama administration.

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