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RUSH: I have been telling you this for a bunch of — well, Karl Rove told us this in August when he came on this program. Hillary Clinton may be the Democrat Party’s 2008 presidential front-runner, but she’s also topping the list when the voters are asked for whom they would never, ever, cast a ballot. Get this number: 50% of US voters say that when it comes to Clinton she can campaign all she likes, there is no way in the world she can win their support. Her negative rating up slightly from 46% in March, 59% of those over 65 say they would never, ever, vote for Clinton, according to the survey, which ranked leading Democratic and Republican presidential hopefuls. Nobody gets elected with those negatives. When half the country, half the voters in the country by polling data say they’re not going to vote for you, then what you need is a third party. You need to get hold of the Republican evangelicals and offer ’em something, offer up a third-party candidate or call Ross Perot or do something.

This is serious stuff. I did an interview today on PMSNBC with Joe Scarborough, it ran about 13 minutes, going to play the whole thing in two bites, two segments later on in the program. I touched on this in the interview, as we’ve discussed on this program countless times before. For example, one of the reasons the Democrats are in such a state of disarray, reality slapping them upside the head with this poll data, you know, the Drive-By Media gives them such puff-piece treatment, such friendly treatment, that they really don’t understand how they come off to the American people. They’re never ripped, they’re never criticized, never challenged, never questioned, not like I am or other conservative Republicans who are elected. They live in this little universe where they think, ‘Well, it’s great press, the country is going to love us.’ It isn’t the case anymore. It used to be they could automatically assume that, but they can’t. An example is, I don’t know if you’ve heard it or not, but the Drive-Bys and a lot of political commentaries on the television are talking about the flawless campaign that Mrs. Clinton is running. Will somebody explain to me how a candidate with 46% to 49% negatives and disapprovals, and in a Zogby Poll 50% of voters say they will never, ever vote for her, how can anybody say she’s running a flawless campaign?

They say Mrs. Clinton’s running a flawless campaign. In the truth, it’s the media running her flawless campaign. We hear, for example, she hasn’t made a mistake. (whispering) That’s because they’ve swept them all under the rug. We hear she hasn’t had a scandal. (whispering) That’s because they ignore them and sweep them under the rug. Can anybody say Chinatown dishwashers at 1,000, 2,000 bucks a pop making campaign contributions? And we hear that she’s way ahead of the field on the Democrat primaries. Well, that’s because all of her serious rivals are AWOL. There’s nobody else in this race that stands a chance, particularly if she wins Iowa, it’s already over. So flawless point No. 1, she hasn’t made a mistake. She hasn’t? She was against the surge. She implied General Petraeus was a liar with her suspension-of-disbelief sound bite. We see how the Senate Democrats were reacted to in the whole way they reacted to Petraeus, the way they treated Petraeus. The Dingy Harry letter, if Mrs. Clinton thinks she’s immune from being lumped in with that bunch, she signed the Dingy Harry letter. She signed it, ladies and gentlemen, she’s part of the cabal that did. Just because the media is not lumping her in with this, just because the media is not holding her to account like they are Dingy Harry, don’t think the American people aren’t lumping her in.

She has said, ‘We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.’ She said we just can’t let business-as-usual go on, and that means something has to be taken away from some people. Now, Macaca was a word, it was a harmless word. Her pronouncements are scary, scarier, and scariest, and people hear them. She hasn’t made a mistake? Running a flawless campaign? A flawless campaign based on pure socialism in the midst of the greatest capitalistic country in the history of the world? And she’s not running an errorless campaign, or she is? She’s made more mistakes this early in an election cycle than probably any candidate in histoire, folks. Plus no election cycle’s ever started this early. But it’s not being reported, it’s not being cast that way, even the $1,000 and $2,000 donations from Chinatown. ‘Well, no, just error in judgment, so eager to get the money, probably not proper.’ That’s not the way it is with the Clintons. There are no coincidences with the Clintons. And, by the way, a bunch of people that get 500 FBI files can find out whether or not a bunch of dishwashers in Chinatown have the money to donate. Don’t fall for this notion they can’t vet everybody.

Flawless point No. 2: She hasn’t had a scandal. Oh, no, of course not. If the scandalous Norman Hsu $850,000 is not a scandal, if the Chinatown story is not a scandal, if her illegal phone tabs of bimbo phone calls when her husband ran for president is not a scandal, perhaps the word ‘scandal’ is the new taboo. Maybe the media will not use the word ‘scandal’ with Mrs. Clinton. It’s sort of like Clinton lied all the time, so lies became good. So these kinds of scandals, they’re not scandals. They’re creative fundraising techniques, proving that she’s the smartest woman in the world.

Flawless point No. 3: She’s way ahead of the field. What field? We have a rock star with no experience at all, Barack Obama, who doesn’t even have the sense to put his hand over his heart during a national anthem at a public gathering. Have you seen the video on TV? It looks like it’s some barnyard somewhere where Democrats always go during campaigns but would never go after they’re elected someplace. Everybody’s got their hand over their heart. ‘O say can’ — Obama is standing there with his hands folded in front of him. Edwards couldn’t even carry his own state when he ran as John Kerry’s veep. This is not a field. This is a pack of stalking horses that are in the race designed to make Mrs. Clinton look like she can overcome horses and win a fight. They’re there simply to make her look like a candidate. How would she do in a real field? Remember, Virginia governor Mark Warner was the early threat. He decided not to run. John F. Kerry, who served in Vietnam, very haughty man who said he would have won if he weren’t Swift-Boated and robbed in Ohio, he decided not to run, either. Algore, who knows what he’s going to do, but there’s all kinds of drumbeats out there to draft Algore, the radio ads, these newspaper ads. He thinks he was president already. He thinks he is the savior of the planet. He’s decided not to run.

So in summary, folks, this Clinton campaign being flawless is not flawless. This has been fraught with errors that have not been reported, not been noticed, and have had no attention paid to them whatsoever. The Democrats think they need to circumvent the mainstream media. Their biggest allies in the world, and they’re going to try to go around them. We need to actually congratulate the Drive-Bys. Didn’t say respect ’em, folks. We need to congratulate the Drive-By Media for itself running the flawless campaign for Mrs. Clinton, because they’re the ones responsible for this campaign being perceived as flawless. And, by the way, these flaws do and will find the light of day, in due course, after she gets the nomination, this stuff will find the light of day. There will be alleged proof for A, B, and C, some of these things, and when that happens, the Drive-Bys will get into gear, right with Mrs. Clinton, they’ll call it a right-wing conspiracy, they’ll say she’s now being Swift-Boated, or whatever her victim machine puts out will be the explanation for it. Well, she hasn’t run a flawless campaign. They are doing it for her.

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