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RUSH: I got a great e-mail after yesterday’s brilliant monologue performed by me on the free market that exists in gasoline and oil. It’s Robert Davis. ‘Dear Rush: Listening to your caller yesterday who claimed that there is no free market in the oil industry reminded me once again how many economic ignoramuses there are in this world. I found myself wishing that you would challenge the caller to a homework assignment. Ask him to study chapter two of Thomas Sowell’s book ‘Basic Economics: A Citizens Guide to the Economy,’ then call back to discuss it.’ And I was remiss in not suggesting that. I, among many people, are constantly moaning and wailing about the inept economic education that’s taught in this country at various levels. And, folks, if you want to go out and have an experience of true learning and education, that will light you up, that so many things that seem mysterious and dark will become clear, they are so simple, this is the absolute best book that you could read to find out about basic economics. It is called that, ‘Basic Economics: A Citizens Guide to the Economy.’ It’s written in real language. It’s not written in the ecospeak that these economists and financial people use to keep you from knowing what they’re talking about. There is nothing about basis points in here or any of that kind of — this is right — I can’t recommend this stronger. Thomas Sowell, ‘Basic Economics: A Citizens Guide to the Economy.’ I have my copyright over there. If I would have had it in front of me, I would not have been remiss.


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