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“Mrs. Clinton looked glowing. She looked genuinely happy at that acceptance speech. She even looked sexy.”

“The dirty little secret is that the Civil Rights Act would have never been passed into law were it not for Republicans in the Senate. The greatest percentage of people in the Senateopposedto the Act were Democrats — among them the mentor of Bill Clinton, J. William Fulbright.”

“I have to laugh, folks: I watch these debates and I hear all this talk about ‘change’.Change what? I’m 56 and I’ve been hearing this for every year I can remember remembering.”

“Liberals want to destroy prosperity for everybody. You never hear liberals talk about elevating people at the lower rungs of society — you only hear them talk about punishing people at the upper rungs.”

“Hillary couldn’t divorce bill — she wouldn’t be anywhere without his last name. Hello, feminism!”

“I hate to say this, but Romney may be out of this before we even get to the states where a majority of conservative Republicans are going to vote. And look at who the choices might be then? Can you say, ‘screwed’?”

“Whatever Democrat’s elected president, the terrorists are not going to have to deal with somebody like Bush anymore, which to them is a Christmas present. Or Allah present — whatever they call it.”

“The Clintons’ lives are not about America. The Clintons’ lives are about them.”

“Here is the best way to explain what happened with Hillary and the vote on Tuesday in New Hampshire: The women voting for Hillary were just like the jury and the community who supported O.J. — they were just showing up the man. ‘The O.J. syndrome.’ Wait ’til the Drive-Bys get hold of that!”

“Something Happened on the Stairway to Heaven: Phil Collins here on the EIB Network.”


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