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“If Republicans are going to say we need to subsidize some of our voters to get their votes, we might as well join the Democrat Party.”

“The premise of Operation Chaos is that the GOP and McCain are wimps when it comes to attacking these Democrats while we are in the midst of being attacked by them. Somebody has to carry the banner of actually running a campaign against these people!”

“Do we have a Greek translator standing by? We have an Arianna Huffington bite. Actually, every time I hear her, I don’t think of Greeks, I think of Green Acres — you know, the TV show.”

“Have you been to the grocery store lately? Have you seen what’s happening to food prices? I do, Mr. Snerdley, go to the grocery store. Ok, I don’t actually go to the store, but I get reports about what’s in there because I get the bills.”

“What must it be like to get up every day and just be a sad sack, fatalist Democrat liberal? I cannot relate to it.”

“The modern environmental movement is simply a refuge for displaced Soviets and communists who have at the heart of their existence a desire for controlling as much of people’s lives as possible.”

“I just approved the final design for an Operation Chaos T-shirt, an Operation Chaos cap, and an Operation Chaos bumper sticker. I admit the idea came to me late, and I’ll tell you why: I do not perceive myself as a huckster for my own stuff.”

“So people who do facials are now called ‘aestheticians’? Sort of like window washers are called ‘vision control coordinators’? Well, I’m all for upgrading names.”

“Obama’s speech was in the context of a presidential campaign — specifically in context of the Pennsylvania primary. It was not a Martin Luther King ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. And, by the way, folks, it didn’t even approach that!”

“I am Rush: protector of motherhood, supporter of fatherhood, and defender of children — other people’s.”


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