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“How many times have you sat here and heard me define liberalism as clearly and as explicitly as it can be? They hate the country.”

“We came dangerously close today to having the Second Amendment wiped out. Four liberal justices on the US Supreme Court essentially voted to throw the Second Amendment out.”

“The idea that four justices of the United States Supreme Court disagreed with the concept that the Second Amendment is an individual right ought to be a wake-up call for everybody as to where we’re headed if liberals get mass control of all three branches of our government.”

“A recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of negative growth. We’re not even close. We haven’t even had one quarter of that. No recession.”

“Polls right now are absolutely meaningless. I don’t care whose they are.”

“Scalia is a brilliant man. The first half of his opinion deconstructs the entire Second Amendment in the most logical, unassailable manner I have ever seen, using footnotes way back to the founding.”

“The Supreme Court, by virtue of its own usurpation of powers, by virtue of liberal justices being on this court for years and years and years has taken over the role of arbiter of political decisions in this country, not judicial.”

“I don’t care how convoluted a way that you read the Second Amendment, there is nothing in it to indicate that the Framers intended to grant the federal government, elected officials, the right to police people. The Bill of Rights limited government, for crying out loud.”

“The Bill of Rights told us what our freedoms and rights were, and where they came from, and they came from God, baby. They were not enumerated by man. They were not enumerated by government.”

“When you learn that Americans are only going to increase spending on their pets by 5%, up to $43.6 billion this year, then you know America is hurting.”

You’re Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!

“The market hasn’t found anything that is anywhere close to replacing or even supplementing oil.”

“Russian troops are peacekeepers? Fine, let the raping of the women and children begin, then! That’s what UN peacekeepers do in Africa.”

“Obama’s running two campaigns. He’s running a postracial campaign and a racial campaign, and he goes to either one whenever he thinks it’s necessary.”

“There’s so much that is derived from a single barrel of oil that it would blow your mind. You put lipstick on? It wouldn’t be possible without oil.”

“If a majority of Americans had decided that the best way to satisfy their wants and needs was for the government to provide it, then we would already be showing a dramatic economic slowdown. I refuse to believe that a majority of the people have accepted the notion that the government’s there to do things for us.”

“Politicians in both parties are pandering to this high gasoline price, believing that a majority of the American people are stupid enough to think that if you throw a bunch of nasty words at the oil companies and raise taxes on the oil companies, somehow gasoline prices are going to come down.”

“Senators Grahamnesty and Saxby Chambliss have signed a bill which basically opens up the Outer Continental Shelf to drilling. It’s in direct conflict with the Gang of Ten bill that they signed. So don’t tell me they’re not responding to the heat.”

“The Democrat convention is looking more and more like the Clinton convention. Hillary’s name will likely be placed in nomination. Ha. Ha-ha-ha-ha.”

“ExxonMobil has the best names of their CEOs. Rex Tillerson, does that not just sound like a perfect name for a guy running a big oil company?”

“Missing a day of this program is the same thing as missing history. You know it and I know it.”

“The Drive-Bys fell in love with the Edwards story. So did a lot of you! So did a lot of people. You didn’t fall in love with Edwards. You didn’t fall in love with Elizabeth. You fell in love with the story they concocted.”

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