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“If JFK were alive today, and if JFK had remained consistent to his beliefs, they wouldn’t let him into a Democrat convention.”

“Mitt Romney took the long view of this country, from its founding to its future, farther than we can see, and he described what it is that binds us together and defines us as Americans. It is crucially important that people understand this.”

“I thought what we saw today, folks, was a Republican candidate for president giving an inspiring speech. It was an inspiring speech about American values, including religion.”

“The kind of stuff Romney said today is the kind of stuff I’ve been dreaming of hearing in a presidential campaign in a long time in terms of what this country is and where we’re headed.”

“Do you realize how long it has been since a political person, a presidential candidate of either party, spoke extensively of the founding of this country and how crucial everybody’s understanding of that is to maintaining American exceptionalism?”

“There wasn’t any diplomatic pressure on Iran, unless you consider Shock and Awe, or being labeled as one of the three members of the Axis of Evil diplomatic pressure.”

“Bill’s talking about sitting in on Hillary’s cabinet meetings. You know what this is really about? This is really about getting him on the ballot when he’s not there.”

“Maybe Congress needs to redeploy to Okinawa and not the troops.”

“We in America can ignore the unpleasant. We have that luxury, because of our affluence, because of our freedom, and our economic opportunity. We can ignore it, until such time that we no longer can.”

“What Barack Obama thought in kindergarten is not important!”


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