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“Folks, let’s not forget here that Obama’s spiritual mentor for 20-some years, Reverend Wright, was — and probably still is — a friend of Khadafy.”

“The president is lawless, the evidence is mounting every day, and the only ones blind to it are his ass kissers in the media.”

“So one of the most brutal, evil, anti-American tyrants of our time is facing a massive popular revolt that is threatening to finally remove him from power, and Obama cannot find the time to say anything about it?”

“Has anybody ever thought if Khadafy would just get a promotion, maybe he’d settle down? The guy’s been a colonel all of his life, and he runs the country!”

“Have you noticed how Obama’s on the wrong side of just about every conflict? Georgia versus Russia, Honduras, Iran, Egypt, and until yesterday, Libya? Maybe it’s just an accident. What a track record, though, for somebody who took a course in international affairs as an undergraduate.”

“Folks, it’s time we realize that Wisconsin isn’t Egypt — Wisconsin is Greece.”

“Have you heard about this? A Saudi man has been charged with plotting a terrorist attack on Bush 43. We here at the EIB Network will be eagerly watching the news to see how it is that talk radio is responsible for this.”

“I’ve never seen a president that does not put his country first –never seen that — but we’re watching it right before our very eyes.”

“This sickening spectacle that is the left — whether they pretend to be journalists or politicians –is a dangerous force in this nation. We have to continue to expose them. That’s all we can do. That’s what we will do.”

“Obama’s got a chip on his shoulder about this country. The evidence is there — all it takes is guts to come to that conclusion, not brains.”

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