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“Tax cuts to Obama is like the cross to Dracula.”

“I’m coming down with a bit of a head cold today. Every time I give up tobacco products, it happens. When I’m smoking cigars, I never, ever get a cold. I get the flu sometimes, but I never, ever get a cold.”

“You know where the greatest repository of greed in the world is? It’s in Washington, DC, and it’s in everybody who lives off the pile of money in there every day.”

“Snerdley had an interesting observation: American women, particularly news women, when they head overto these Islamic countries, they observe every sexist, bigoted custom. And in our country, they tell us to go to hell.”

“Now, if it’s true that Michelle Obama thinks her job is ‘hell’, this would go a long way in explaining her endless string of lavish vacations and parties.”

“Just yesterday Christine O’Donnell had 50 grand on tap, was down 25 points, and had no prayer. Today she’s got over a million dollars and she’s only down 11 — in one day! Don’t tell us we can’t win!”

“We’re not talking about purity here. We’re talking about loyalty. We’re talking about right versus wrong. If you’re for Obama, become a Democrat. Don’t tarnish our brand.”

“I resent this attention being focused on independents and moderates. I can’t stand so much money and attention being spent on people who won’t have the guts to tell us what they think.”

“Obama put Vice President Bite Me in charge of making sure Porkulus money would be spent wisely, but almost a million dollars of the money was spent teaching people how to wash genitals.”

“By the way, Mr. Brown, with all due respect, if it weren’t for conservatives and Tea Party activists nationwide raising money for you, you wouldn’t be in the Senate.”

You’re Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!

“Never in my life have I seen sweet potatoes as big as the ones from the White House garden. It’s like last spring. They needed two people to carry one head of lettuce. It grew that big — and in just six weeks! What’d they use? Michelle’s Miracle-Gro?”

“I guess, folks, we just can’t call them Muslims anymore. I mean, if Juan Williams gets canned from NPR for being honest, well, we’re going to have to start calling them Middle Eastern liberals.”

“Political correctness is nothing more than a tool of cowards, than censorship sponsored by the left. If they don’t want to hear it, then you can’t say it.”

“Have you ever heard of the Double Irish or the Dutch Sandwich? Sounds like a Ted Kennedy maneuver.”

“You could say that the country class, us, has been preparing for this moment for over 20 years. We’ve been practicing, but now it’s time to go suit up and play on November 2nd.”

“Juan Williams is a known quantity, and he’s essentially been Clarence Thomased, in a sense, for voicing an opinion that is contrary to the doctrine. It will be interesting to see if the Reverend Jackson and Reverend Sharptonlet this go by in silence.”

“The bottom line is, the reason why political correctness wins is because they sue. It is the threat of lawsuit and bankruptcy that shuts people up.”

“I can’t tell you the number of women who send me notes, begging me to comment on the way Michelle Obama dresses, but I’m not going there. I wouldn’t touch any of that.”

“Look at what was in the news just a few weeks ago, and look at what is in the news now with less than two weeks until the elections. Have you noticed how the media has steered clear of any mention of Arizona or the Ground Zero mosque?”

“I don’t want to steal your thing, Jimmy, but it is clever: ‘Barack Obamadinejad’. It does have a flow, a good alliteration.”

You’re Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!

“House Republican leaders have given in to the freshmen. They will find $100 billion in cuts for this year’s budget. The Pledge will be met.”

“You know, it’s almost like the State-Controlled Media and the Obama administration want Mubarak to fail. Isn’t that the worst thing that you can hope for a leader? To hope he fails?”

“I have yet to be convinced that this thing in Egypt has anything to do with pro-democracy, at least as we think of democracy. I mean, when I see the Muslim Brotherhood involved in this… I know how rent-a-mobs work.”

“Why are we paying Leon Panetta? He doesn’t know anything more than what CNN knows. That’s kind of embarrassing.”

“‘Rush, why are you being so flippant about this?’ Folks, flippant? I’m taking real-world events and applying the American solution to them. If you have problems with people not having enough money, you printsome and call it a stimulus plan.”

“If a true audit of the entire federal budget were ever done, there’d be a revolution in this country.”

“We are surrounded by people who want to tamp us down, and sadly, some of those people are now in positions of power in our own government — which is why there is a Tea Party made up of people who understand that the greatness of America is under assault.”

“If you want a prosperous population with robust opportunity, you have to have free markets. You cannot have a command-and-control economy. You cannot transfer from producers to non-producers and create wealth.”

“‘We are watching history unfold,’ said Obama. Doesn’t history unfold every day? We’ve been watching history unfold for two years here, folks, and we’re not happy about it!”

“Grief doesn’t hurt me.Grief has done nothing but help me.”

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