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“If you look at the Democrat Party enemies list, you’ll find the backbone of America.”

“We talk about leadership a lot on this program, because I have it. I exude it on a daily basis, and people respond to it, and it’s been sorely missing in a lot of high levels of the Republican Party.”

“Look at how divided we have become over the concept of American exceptionalism. We actually have a percentage of this country that doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism. American exceptionalism, to them, represents a major problem in the world.”

“They left is doing everything they can to cut their own country down to size in the midst of a war against a bunch of extremists who are telling us every day what they intend to do to us if they get the chance, and they’ll get the chance and more of a chance, if we don’t keep up missions and efforts to stop them.”

“We’re going to have to win this war without the Democrats. Frankly, as stupid as they are, that’s probably an advantage.”

“You want to talk about incompetence? If we’re going to talk impeachment or getting rid of current leadership, if I were you Democrats, if I were you kook fringe, I would say you gotta get rid of Reid and Pelosi. They are failing you.”

“I guarantee you, the Democrats, when they slinked away after those two days of hearings into the privacy of wherever it is they hole up, they were stunned. They couldn’t believe it. This was the Oliver North moment.”

“They may have won the House and Senate, but I guaran-damn-tee you, folks, the way the Democrats think today is definitely a minority. Their mode of thinking, their view of the world, their view of this country’s place in the world, is a minority opinion in this country. They may not even realize it.”

“There are a lot of people who are wondering, ‘What can I do?’ They just feel lonely and unattached and unable to be influential, and Laura Ingraham’s book, Power to the People, contains a bunch of things that will end up being inspirational.”

“In my world, there’s no such thing as sold out. There just isn’t, folks. It’s really a crime, too. When you don’t need the freebies, is when everybody throws them at you.”

“I’ve got my doubts about this storm named Humberto. By the way, how unkind is that, to name a potential hurricane after an illegal immigrant? The Hispanics are having a tough enough time in this country without making all this destruction resulting from this storm named after a Hispanic. That was not forethought down there at NOAA, the hurricane center, whoever names these storms.”


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