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“This guy Blagojevich looks like a Cabbage Patch doll.”

“I think we have no choice but than to believe the President-select Obama. This man is walking a straight line in a crooked world. He is able to walk on the cesspool that is Illinois and Chicago politics without being touched by it.”

“I think that Blagojevich is just as normal as any other liberal Democrat politician. They’re just trying to say that he is insane and delusional as a means of covering this whole thing up and sweeping it away.”

“Do you understand the people of this country, some of them, have this view of life in Americaas a giant sense of entitlement — that you can have whatever you want whenever you want it — because they have grown up in the richest, most prosperous country on the face of the earth.”

“Geraldo is a weird guy. He’s the grim reaper. He finds bodies laying out in the open wherever he goes, but when he opens vaults, there’s nobody there! It’s very, very strange.”

“You people are schlubs no matter what. In a depression, you’re schlubs. In a recession, you’re schlubs. In a roaring economy, you’re schlubs. You never do anything right, according to the Drive-Bys.”

“There is a trail of destruction that Obama leaves behind wherever he goes. I believe firmly, folks, none of it involves him. I don’t think any of it touches him but it’s just amazing, utter destruction. The guy’s a one-man wrecking crew.”

“Isn’t it somewhat deranged, delusional, and crazy to think that Pelosi and Reid can run the automobile industry? Isn’t it somewhat crazy to think that Barney Frank can run the financial industry as the Banking Queen?”

“I wonder if Blagojevich has had a visitor from anybody in the Democrat Party defining the honorable thing to do, as in, ‘Do you have a knife?'”

“There will not be an impeachment. There will not be a trial. There will not be a continuing further federal investigation after January 20th. The most likely thing to happen is that Blagojevich will be transferred to a mental state hospital at some point in late January or February when he refuses to resign.”

“We’re all insane! This is a sitcom of the insane. I don’t think God’s writing this anymore ’cause God is not cruel, and this is getting beyond insanity.”

You’re Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!

“This must be what it feels like to live in a monarchy when some little kid becomes king due to a premature death.”

“We found out what it’s like last night to sit through a speech by Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro.”

“Chris Matthews said while he was watching the lecture he forgot Obama was black for an hour. I forgot he was president for an hour. I watched a community agitator and not a very good one. I saw a guy that’s angry. I saw a guy that’s defiant.”

“Nancy Pelosi, she missed her calling. She’s up and down, a Jack in the Box. She should have been a trained seal at Sea World the way she was behaving last night.”

“I really do believe this guy thinks he’s the savior. I think he’s delusional. I mean this seriously. He’s delirious in the way that Castro and Chavez and other dictators through history were dangerously megalomaniacal.”

“I don’t like saying these kinds of things about the president of the United States, but it was a speech that was not even presidential. I mean, is there one sane person left in the country not sick of being lectured to by a petty little man with the political instincts all of Chicago thug?”

“No matter where he is, Barack Obama is always the least experienced most condescending guy in the room. He has a personality uniquely unsuited for constructive leadership. Community organizing? Yeah. Leadership? No. He’s boorish.”

“Obama can stand up there and rip anybody he wants, rip anything, including the Supreme Court. But if someone even mouths a silent response, like Alito did, that someone is the subject of the media’s attacks. That someone is insolent and disrespectful. But Obama can trash and try to destroy anything or anybody, and he is praised.”

“Obama is going to have to learn the Founding Fathers of this country were not Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx.”

“The least accomplished man in the room lectured everyone as if they were freshmen in their first last year of college. I was uncomfortable. It was the most uncomfortable State of the Union I’ve ever watched.”

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