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“No, I’m not watching Dancing With the Stars. I live in mortal fear they’re going to ask me to be on that show.”

“This is not the time to be defensive, not the time to be afraid of the charge of racism. Drop this fear of the media, Republicans. The support of the American people will dwarf whatever damage the media can do to you.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I can reveal the Bush book. It ain’t bad. In fact, it will remind you, as it did me, of when we had a president who loved America.”

“The Reagan Democrats, the Scoop Jackson Democrats… I mean, they’re still there, but this is not what they’re about. They’re not about a president who hates the country. They’re not about a president who wants to preside over an America in decline.”

“Make no mistake: Barack Obama is very happy about what he’s done to the country — very happy. He sees himself as Reverend Wright’s chickens come home to roost.”

“If I were in CNN’s circumstances, I’d be long gone. I could not survive that kind of audience plummet. I mean, I would fire me. I would realize the time’s up.”

“When Obama calls us ‘folks’, like he did on The Daily Show, we know what he really means: the enemy. Say what you want about presidents we’ve had in the past, but most of them have at least viewed themselves as representatives of all the people. Not this guy.”

“Here’s the dirty secret. Well, it’s not a dirty secret. It’s just that if you want higher unemployment, if you want fewer jobs, vote Democrat.”

“The Republicans should state openly they will not tolerate any more radicals on the federal bench — no more Kagans, no more idiots. If the Republicans do this, they will go a long way toward restoring the republic.”

“Everybody asks, ‘How can a liberal be that way?’ It’s in the brain, and now we have science actually backing it up. Liberalism is genetic defect.”

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