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“Folks, it’s freedom. What all this boils down to is individual liberty, and it is slowly being lost, and people are willingly, slowly turning it over.”

“If this administration moves full speed ahead toward amnesty and Pelosi and others continue to say that the enforcement of US law is ‘un-American’, then we are going to have a powder keg situation this summer.”

“Remember, this is an administration whose objectives require chaos. The more chaos, the more people will demand government to fix it — whatever ‘it’ is — and Obama and the Democrats will only be too happy to oblige.”

“You’re asking me what a Brazilian bikini wax is? I haven’t the slightest clue. All I know is that if a woman wants to get a Brazilian bikini wax and there’s a company out there willing to do it, it’s none of New Jersey’s business.”

“Look, folks. If anybody thinks Geithner’s going to get canned, they need to remember just two words: Janet Reno.”

“The teleprompter essentially told Obama to say, ‘I’ll pay for your sins, even though I’m innocent.’ However, ladies and gentlemen, you and I both know that President Obama is not a savior. I mean, he can’t even make a cabinet.”

“Let me explain the Democrat privacy policy: We cannot invade the privacy of noncitizen terrorists who are calling from overseas, plotting terror attacks in this country, but we can invade the privacy of legal citizens who receive bonuses that were authorized and contractually obligated by the Obama administration.”

“You know, as long as we’re outing people at AIG, I’d like to officially ask if we can have a list of the names of the people who were known to use Barney Frank’s townhouse to meet prostitutes.”

“It’s not me telling the American people to hate their fellow citizens based on how much they earn — that would be your friends, Mr. Wilkerson. And it’s not me reaching out to mass-murdering regimes throughout the world — that would be your friends, Mr. Wilkerson.”

“The failures and losers who have worked in Republican administrations always find a voice on MSNBC, don’t they?”

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