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“You know what’s going on in Detroit? Detroit is going through their version of Hurricane Katrina without the levees breaking.”

“Now, the media’s starting to get a little antsy about unemployment because clearly the vaunted stimulus plan isn’t working — except that it is. Its exact goal is being achieved: chaos, dependence, and people having expectations of Obama handouts.”

“Bob Dole said he worried about the public option and paying for the cost of health care reform. Then how can you join with these Democratsin urging that we pass a bill, Senator Dole? Folks, this is tough enough to read this; it’s doubly tough to tell you about it and then restrain myself and be civil.”

“The Cleveland Leader says that Ted Kennedy claimed to have slept with over 1,000 women. Does that beat Wilt Chamberlain? Wilt Chamberlain was 20,000 women? Oh, so Kennedy was a piker!”

“This is from the UK Daily Mail: ‘Benefits Wrecked the British Work Ethic, New Study Claims’. Really? They needed a study for this?”

“We are going to bomb the moon tomorrow;no preconditions, no negotiations. And what did the moon do to us? You would think that Obama would try sanctions first to see if the moon would give us the water they might have.”

“Karl Marx quote: ‘Medicine heals doubts as well as diseases.’ Need I translate that? That means that our government is using medicine/health care to make us feel better about government.”

“Now, 65,000 people showed up in Detroit to apply for their share of $15.2 million in stimulus money, but only 3,500 of them will get some. That means that 61,500 people will not. Do you want to be in Detroit when that happens?”

“Obama looks at these people at the Cobo Center in Detroit as victims of an unjust and immoral country, and by God, he’s going to make sure that they think he’s making it all good for them — and they all do. The dumb, uninformed, and shockingly stupid are the model citizens for Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.”

“If somebody named me Katty Kay and I ended up a journalist, I’d change my first name. But that’s just me.”

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