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RUSH: Stop the music. Ladies and gentlemen, you are listening to me, Rush Limbaugh. You know that. This, the most recognizable media voice throughout the world. But this you should also know: ‘Rush Limbaugh has been named Radio Personality of the Decade by Adweek, a leading industry magazine and website. In the December issue’s Best of the Decade feature, Adweek observed: ‘No radio host or personality comes close to Rush Limbaugh in size of audience or volume of political discourse. The man manages to stay in the headlines no matter who’s in the White House or who’s gunning for him.” And I did not have to pay anybody for that vote, for that award, folks. It came in over the transom last night. I didn’t even know about it until I was told by somebody else, but nevertheless thanks to Adweek, a leading, probably the leading industry magazine and website. I didn’t have to go to their dinner, either. I don’t know if they have a dinner. Normally when you get an award like this you gotta go to their dinner and accept and make a speech or something. Now, ‘Adweek also named Apple’s Steve Jobs as Marketer of the Decade, ‘The Sopranos’ the TV Show of the Decade, Rupert Murdoch the Media Executive of the Decade, YouTube the Website of the Decade, Wired the Magazine of the Decade, Apple the Brand of the Decade, Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google the Media Entrepreneurs of the Decade,’ and I, El Rushbo, the Radio Personality of the Decade.

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