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“Having reporters tell the truth about the regime is like asking Satan to tell us the truth about hell.”

“I’m not trying to tell Republicans what to do and I am not trying to look for a campaign edge. That’s not what I do. I’m using my radio program to be honest with you about what’s happening here.”

“We live at a time where we have a regime that’s trying to permanently transform this country into something it’s never been. This regime is in the process of destroying the private sector. That’s the place where people’s jobs come from.”

“The European Union, aren’t we constantly told that they are so much more enlightened than us in every way that we need to emulate them in all things, like providing universal health care and so forth? Yet we’re not emulating them on immigration. We’re welcoming any number of illegals, or at least the regime wants to make every illegal legal.”

“They’re jumping all over this Arizona governor, a Republican. Get ready for her to get the Sarah Palin treatment, not too long from now.”

“San Francisco says that they are going to boycott Arizona, and I’m sure the people of Arizona are happy as hell about that. In fact, if I were the people in Arizona, I’d capture the illegals and send them to San Francisco.”

“Do you believe — and I totally do — the leader of this country, Barack Obama, is leading a charge by the Democrat Party against a state and a personal jihad against a governor. He is supposed to be president of all the people. But, boy, you go against the regime, and the regime will come after you.”

“So far, Goldman hasn’t done anything illegal except try to profit from the game that the government rigged. This is why Goldman will pay a huge fine, ’cause if this case goes before a jury, average Joe will send Goldman to the hoosegow for 50 million years, with no get out of jail free card. That’s what the Democrats know. The Republicans know it, too.”

“Whenever it comes to the Democrat Party-led United States government versus anybody in the private sector, I’m sorry, I side with the private sector.”

“The opportunity for the American dream does not exist in a bureaucracy.”

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