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“You try living your day without oil, and find out all the ways you’ll be impoverished.”

“The Republicans are a bunch of cowards. They’re not even willing to criticize Obama, much less get into race.”

“Obama winning the White House doesn’t mean that Race, Incorporated can go away. It’s going to be needed more than ever. Obama’s throwing down the race card straight out of the cliched liberal left-wing handbook.”

“Here we are in the midst of a presidential campaign, and I’m telling you, folks, we have a serious, serious difference in these two candidates in one area, and that’s foreign policy, and who will defend this country and who will seek to appease our enemies, and we know damn well that it’s Obama who will seek to appease our enemies.”

“We know damn well that it’s McCain who won’t put up with another attack. It’s McCain who will fight back. McCain will not go talk to Ahmadinejad or try to find Bin Laden to talk to him if there’s another attack. He’s going to try to find out who did it and then mount a counterresponse. We don’t know that about Obama.”

“The country is better today than at any time in my life previously, economically and with opportunity.”

“You would not believe the number of things the states spend money on that are totally irrelevant, and the states that are in big trouble, I wonder which party’s been running ’em for awhile, such as California. And I wonder what the income tax rates are in these states. I’ll bet you they are pretty damn high already.”

“Can you think of a Democrat off the top of your head that’s talking about American exceptionalism? I can’t.”

“I don’t care if it’s federal, state, local, I don’t care, any kind of government, when you start depending on them for your needs, you are a prisoner.”

“If you want to reduce the carbon footprint, let’s just end paper copies, hard copies of the New York Times, the LA Times, the Wall Street Journal. Let’s just shut ’em down.”

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