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“I ask those of you who like Obama because he’s a nice guy: Does it bother you at all that the Iranians want him to become president?”

“Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, and Kim Jong Il in North Korea — all of those guys are hoping that Obama is the next president because they see weakness in him.”

“Somebody asked me yesterday, ‘What are you going to urge your audience to do on Earth Day?’ I said, ‘It’s very simple: Drive. Use extra toilet paper.'”

“Zawahiri predicted that global warming would make the world more sympathetic to and understanding of the Muslim jihad against ‘the aggressor America’. Now, isn’t that just delightful? Using Democrat talking points to rip this country to shreds?”

“There’s no ‘hoping’ in Operation Chaos. Our mission relies not at all on hope; you have to get out there and vote! Those are your orders!”

“Mrs. Clinton last night in Philadelphia gave a rousing screech to her supporters at a rally, followed by a playing of the Rocky theme song. And I purposely refer toit as a rousing ‘screech’, by the way.”

“I can’t tell you how frustrating it is for me to be considered mean-spirited and harsh simply because I’m a conservative — especially by people who don’t listen to this program. I care about people!”

“The WWE had two actors in the ring, one dressed up like Obama with giant ears — it was hilarious — and a woman who pretty much looked like Mrs. Clinton: short and dumpy with a pantsuit.”

“The Democrats’ convention is four months away; can you imagine four more months of this kind of chaos? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we can make this happen if we hang together and do the right thing. Yes, we can. Si se puede.”

“Iran didn’t ‘clash’ with Jimmy Carter, they totally dominated Jimmy Carter.”

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