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“The liberal media is celebrating this great victory. What great victory? Over who? Us! The American people!”

“I think the timing of this signing ceremony, which to me looked like the largest Star Wars bar scene I have ever seen, I think this was in my face, ’cause they think that I am the ideological leader of the opposition.”

“I’m still an American and ’til they take that away from me there’s no day ruined.”

“It’s clear that the bill is not about health. If it were about insuring the uninsured, we wouldn’t be waiting four years to do it.”

“There’s a striking ignorance on the left of basic economics. They have no understanding of it.”

“We want to pass a legacy on that we inherited when we were born, raised, and grew up, and that legacy is American exceptionalism, the opportunity to be the best you can be with as few shackles and obstacles in the way as possible.”

“If this health care plan is so good, how come the people who wrote it are exempted from it?”

“Nobody except us — and I mean all of you in this audience — nobody is talking about the absolute inability to pay for any of these programs now.”

“We are broke; we are in debt; we have a deficit of one-and-a-half trillion dollars this year, $14 trillion dollar national debt. It’s incomprehensible, and there’s no way of paying it back. But under the premise of paying it back, get ready, your taxes are going to be skyrocketing, everybody, value-added tax, it’s going to happen.”

“How many of you expected a job to happen within the next month or two after Obama signed the stimulus bill? Three or four more million of you lost your gigs.”

You’re Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!

“The United States did not invent slavery. The United States invented freedom. Someone name me another country on earth that fought a civil war to make men equal. “

“For the first time in over 200 years a black man runs the country, his wife, a black woman, is first lady. Nobody ever thought that day would happen, certainly not 20 or 30 years ago, and here it has happened, and yet the rancor, the anger, the outrage, the divisions in the country are greater than ever.”

“When the left shout ‘Racist!’ that’s just another way they say, ‘Shut up!'”

“Most messiahs get a hundred percent approval from the flock. This messiah is down below 50% now, which is not a good sign for his Second Coming in November.”

“Doesn’t Axelrod want to go back to the sixties? Aren’t he and his buddies perpetually trapped in the idealism and the promise of the 1960s? Perhaps we could say they would love to go back even further, to the time of Marx. Anita Dunn might like to go back to the time of Mao Tse-Tung in the thirties and forties.”

“Some of the great dictators of all time are the professed inspiration for many members of the regime.”

“If you’re trying to woo the Hispanic vote on the basis of illegal immigration what more can you do to show your support for them and for illegal immigration and amnesty than to sue the state of Arizona.”

“I don’t want a divided country. I want the greatest damn country on the face of the earth. I want everybody in this country to be proud and love the fact that they’re Americans.”

“You don’t hear anybody on the right complaining about the racial makeup of this administration. We’re all talking about policies, be it Eric Holders, the NASA guy, the budget people, or Obama himself, we’re focused on the destructive policies. The color of their skin doesn’t matter.”

“Have you heard about the sea turtle that has fallen in love with a toy? Obviously God wasn’t looking when they were passing out the genes in turtle creation.”

“If Snerdley can do it, anybody can do it, and Snerdley has done it.”

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