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“It’s never too late to educate people, to tell them that they’re being lied to.”

“I did get some e-mails after yesterday’s program from some very upset women. Three of them demanded that I cancel their subscriptions to my website, Rush 24/7. I wrote back: ‘Cancel your own subscription!’ Well, it’s right there on the website; why do I have to do your work for you?”

“The true beneficiaries of windfall profits would be your government, and what do they do? Do they do one thing that has a direct result on gasoline being in your pump or oil coming out of the ground? No.”

“To this day, Appalachia is what it is. It’s a cultural thing. We’ve been trying to fix Appalachia for years and Appalachia always says, ‘Screw it! We like who we are.'”

“Terry, most hosts would just try to, you know, BS their way through your question and make you think they were really brilliant. But you already know I’m brilliant, so I don’t have to fake an answer here.”

“You know what? If there was a plant that glowed in the dark, I would plant it on the beach. Yes: I would become a glowing-light-plant-farmer on the beach.”

“Everybody has to be somewhere, and if NPR is as good as you can do, then that’s fine with me.”

“Here’s the bottom line: conservatism is under siege, and it needs to be defended, and any Republican or pseudoconservative who thinks we need to add to the list of social welfare things that LBJ did is not a conservative.”

“You see, ladies, as a man, when some other dork guy writes that I don’t want to go see a movie like Sex and the City because I am jealous of the kind of relationship those women have, well, I just get a little fired up out there.”

“We’re all very proud of my cousin Steve — he was just confirmed moments ago to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, and we’re just happy as we can be.”

You’re Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!

“I’m looking at Blumenthal. He looks and sounds like a mortician. He looks like the guy that would show you coffins at a funeral home.”

“Reforms don’t make us safe. Talk to the people in New Orleans about reforming the levees. Competent people who do their jobs make people safe.”

“This regime is run by power hungry, greedy people who do not do their jobs. I don’t know if anybody in this regime works in the traditional sense. They’re all campaigners. They’re all spinmeisters.”

“The extremist libs today don’t like the Constitution because they look at it as negative, meaning the Constitution says what government can’t do to you, and they don’t like that.”

“It’s clear liberals, on their own, cannot succeed in the free market.”

“As long as the Democrats keep nominating women or Hispanics or African-Americans, they’re going to be able to shut up every elected Republican official in the country.”

“What is political correctness if not censorship? Political correctness specifically is the censorship of free speech. It is a very affirmative attempt to suppress speech via intimidation.”

“Imagine the government being in charge, nationally, of political correctness, extending to every media form. This is what they want.”

“Obama campaigns but he doesn’t work, that’s why he doesn’t know the effect of his policies on people who do work.”

“I guess you’d have no sympathy, folks, if I told you these commercial breaks are too short. (laughing) I can’t get done in these breaks what I need to get done.”

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