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“I know all I need to know about Barack Obama. Barack Obama would wreck the country. He’s a liberal.”

“We’re reacting to what liberals do. If they say we have an energy problem, we admit it and come up with a ‘better plan’ instead of telling the American people, ‘Look: Oil is the engine of freedom. The price of gas has gone up $2.80 in 40 years. Stop complaining.'”

“If either of these two guys — McCain or Huckabee — gets the nomination, it’s going to destroy the Republican Party.”

“‘The study, published in the journal Public Library of Science Neglected Tropical Diseases…’ — that’s the name of the magazine! Wouldn’t you love to have a subscription to that? What would the centerfold be in a magazine like that?”

“I love the name ‘Drive-Bys’, but I have a sub-name for them: The Poll-It Bureau. All they are is a bunch of pollsters!”

“Let me tell you something about this wealth business: I’ve been broke twice in my life. When I was 31-years-old I was making $17,000 a year. I have been fired seven times, so I’ve been there. This constant refrain that I’m ‘out of touch’ is just bogus.”

“What’s a slam poet? Just a poet? Okay, but why do they call it a ‘slam’ poet? What, does the poet slam something?”

“If we’re going to keep this notion that everybody’s entitled to have whatever they want medically — paid for by their neighbors — then we are finished.”

“The American people have bought hook, line, and sinker this hoax of manmade global warming. Carbon dioxide, which we exhale, is a pollutant? How stupid can anybody be to believe this? The Good Lord created us! Are we pollutants?”

“The American people make things happen. Capitalism, the American people engaging in commerce — that’s the single greatest agent of change in this country, not what happens in Washington.”


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