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“Bob Dole is something that John McCain is not: He’s a loyal Republican.”

“Senator McCain is resorting to the same kind of politics as Hillary Clinton: Every challenge to him is said to be a challenge to his military record — Hillary uses her gender the same way.”

“I just checked the ABC News website. They’re already saying: ‘Limbaugh spends entire program trashing McCain.’ I’m not trashing McCain! I’m educating you people about Senator McCain.”

“I’m thinking that I ought to take a copy of this letter that Senator Dole sent me, put it on eBay, auction it off much like the Dingy Harry smear letter, and then give the proceeds to Mitt Romney. I’m just thinking about it; I’m not actually going to do it.”

“I’ve had conversations over the past number of years with people who say: ‘Do you know how much more money you could make if you’d switch sides? Do you realize what you could have?’ Yeah, I do. But I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror.”

“Oil is good. Oil fuels our economy. Oil fuels freedom. Oil fuels democracy. Oil keeps us warm in the winter, keeps us cool in the summer, and enables us to travel. Thank God for oil! Who, by the way, created it.”

“What has hope ever accomplished? Did Bill Gates hope when he was in school that he’d find the secret to getting the MS-DOS system on every freaking computer, or did he go do it? Well, regardless whether you like Windows or not.”

“If it’s so easy to replace oil, why hasn’t it been done? ‘Because we’re addicted to it, Rush.’ Don’t give me that! That is pure sophistry! That’s like saying we’re addicted to food.”

“Senator McCain is most likely going to win a lot of the early winner-take-all states in the East, and the Drive-By Media will play this up as big. So, folks, if you’re going to watch this stuff tonight, put a sign under your TV: ‘Media trying to manipulate me into not voting.'”

“I guess what I’m going to say will, perhaps, rub people the wrong way — and I don’t like rubbing people the wrong way, I really don’t. I like to rub you the right way.”


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