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RUSH: Yeah, so ‘Jim Campbell, the President and CEO of General Electric’s Appliance and Lighting Division, was rushed to a doctor after he collapsed just before 11:30 a.m. Monday as Vice President [Bite Me] was speaking. Campbell, who was seated on a stool…’ There’s a video of this. You can see the guy just goes tumbling off the thing, falls off of it to his left out there. Bite Me ‘paused and called for a doctor. ‘Do we have a doctor here?’ Biden asked. ‘Ladies and gentlemen, that’s a sad note to end this on. Do we have a doctor here?’ According to GE spokeswoman Kim Freeman, Campbell appears to be fine, but was taken to an on-site medical clinic to be seen by a physician. As Campbell was taken away, Biden remarked: ‘So folks, as my grandfather used to say,’ Hey, Chuck, stand up out there! Let ’em see you! Oh, my God. Oh, God, love ya. Oh, well. ‘Keep the faith.’

‘Keep the faith,’ Jim, as they rush you off to the hospital. Vice President Bite Me was in Milwaukee to talk about jobs Saturday, made a stop at Kopp’s Frozen Custard outside the city. ”What do we owe ya?’ the vice president asked after enjoying some of the cold treats. ‘Don’t worry, it’s on us,’ the store manager replied, but then added: ‘Lower our taxes and we’ll call it even.’ … A few minutes later, [Bite Me] indicated he didn’t exactly appreciate the remark. ‘Why don’t you say something nice instead of being a smart ass all the time? Say something nice,” he said to the manager in an exchange captured by the local station, WISN. We have the audio of this. It goes by really fast. It’s ten seconds. It starts off, there’s factory noise off mike and Vice President Bite Me says, ‘What do we owe you?’

BIDEN: What do we owe you?

MAN: Don’t worry, it’s on us. Lower our taxes and we’ll call it even.

BIDEN: Why don’t you say something nice without being a smart ass all the time?

RUSH: Do you hear that? (laughing) This is the Vice President of the United States! This is who these people are. Let’s go to Friday night on Your World With Neil Cavuto. He spoke with the AFL-CIO chief economist Ron Blackwell about the economy and job creation from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Cavuto says, ‘If the trillion dollars we’ve spent has not added jobs and minus census workers — which seems to be about the best gig going — and you’re not creating the jobs, all the money you wanted to spend, why should we keep digging? What’s wrong with saying, ‘Let’s put the shovel down; it’s not working’?’

BLACKWELL: Look, we just had the most serious economic crisis since the Great Depression. We had a massive collapse.

CAVUTO: Why will spending more work?

BLACKWELL: I’ll tell you right now: These programs did create jobs, but not net creation. We lost more jobs because of the recession than were created by these programs, net and gross. Is that a complex idea for you?

CAVUTO: Ron, you… Wait a minute, Ron. You’re the chief economist there.

BLACKWELL: Absolutely.

CAVUTO: Where did you get your degree? I mean, at a baking school? Where are you cooking up these numbers?

BLACKWELL: Oh, it’s an insult. Forget about it! You’re a joker.

CAVUTO: The fact of the matter is we’ve spent a trillion dollars —

BLACKWELL: You’re an (bleep)hole.

CAVUTO: — and we’ve not seen results from that money. And now you’re saying, ‘Well, it could have been worse had we not.’

BLACKWELL: I just TOLD you we have seeing (sic) results! We lost more jobs because of the recession than we created by these programs. Gross and net. It’s not a complex idea. You shoulda learned that in high school, Neil.

RUSH: That’s the chief economist at the AFL-CIO who called Cavuto a Clymer! First you have Bite Me saying, ‘Stop being a smart ass all the time,’ and this guy called Neil Cavuto a Clymer! He called him a bodily orifice. And they weren’t through. Cavuto’s had enough with all this and ends the interview.

CAVUTO: Here’s what I learned in high school: Money in, money out. We’ve got a lot more money going out with little resolved, with little to show for it, and now you’re telling people who are concerned that this has gotten really bad, that they’re hysterics. You know what? They listen to you, with your curse and everything else and they say, ‘You know what? He’s the hysteric. He’s the nut.’

BLACKWELL: Let them make their decision. I think they’re concerned about their jobs.

CAVUTO: You know what? No. I think they’re concerned about their money —

BLACKWELL: What is your answer for their jobs?

CAVUTO: — and they’re concerned about your answer to it.

BLACKWELL: How are you going to put these people to work, Neil?

CAVUTO: That’s hysterical.

BLACKWELL: How are you going to put these people to work?

CAVUTO: Oh, for God’s sake. All right. We’re done here.

RUSH: ‘We’re done here.’ They’re not happy. They’re not happy. It’s not working. All of this magic, all this utopia. It was supposed to be a panacea. It’s not working, and they’re all unhappy.


RUSH: By the way, Vice President Bite Me also said over the weekend that we will not recover all the jobs lost. So here we are, the summer of failure and surrender, Vice President Bite Me, no possibility to restore the eight million jobs lost in the Great Recession. Now, to put things in perspective, and before blasting Bite Me, let’s look back at the Reagan recovery, remembering that Reagan inherited a far worse economy than did Obama. Reagan inherited near 20% inflation, my friends, interest rates and an unemployment rate over 7%. He didn’t complain, he went to work, was a spectacular success. Nearly 20 million jobs were created under Reagan. Bite Me says there’s no possibility to restore eight million jobs with Obama at the helm.

Reagan’s policies of lowering taxes, spending restraint, curbs on regulation, fueled a sustained economic boom lasting 92 months. The Reagan boom created 18 and a half million new net jobs. Unemployment fell from 7.1% in 1980 to 5.3% in 1989. Inflation was 4.4% when Reagan left office. It was around 20% when he took office. To dispel another myth, Reagan did not cut taxes on the backs of the poor. On the contrary, between 1980 and ’92 the average income tax rate for the bottom fifth of all wage earners fell by a whopping 263%. This is at allbusiness.com.

So Joe Bite Me. We’ve got evidence how to do this and not only get back all the jobs lost but add even more, is the point, and we’ve got these guys giving up. And they’re doing it by blaming Bush. What’s Obama done? Obama’s created a gusher. Not only a gusher of oil. He’s got a gusher of red ink. He hasn’t produced any jobs to justify Obamanomics. I mean this has been — if you want objective analysis, and that’s what I am all about is objective analyses — this has been a terrible few weeks for the president. His rules of engagement in Afghanistan have failed. His stimulus bill has failed both at home and abroad. The gee whiz meeting told him to go pound sand with his stimulus ideas. His efforts to clear his mind on the golf course has failed to help one human being. Well, except maybe golf ball manufacturers, but I’ll bet he’s given his so there’s probably a net cost to them on that. At least one pelican, one fish suffering out there, one beach, or one marsh in the Gulf of Mexico.

The only success, the only place stimulus has worked it appears to me is on Algore with the massage. Other than that, I can’t find any place else it’s worked. The only success Obama can claim is the Jimmy Carter Recovery Act. Obama has saved Carter from being the country’s worst president in American history. And that’s what really has been the summer of recovery and what it’s all about. And, remember, Bite Me, this is the same Bite Me that said the best is yet to come. And remember all these guys were saying in March, ‘The summer of 2010, that’s when it’s all gonna kick in, you gotta give us time, the summer of 2010, that’s when all this is gonna kick in, that’s when it’s all going to happen, that’s when it’s all gonna matter.’ Well, here we are at the summer of 2010, and Bite Me says, ‘We are never, ever going to recover all the jobs lost.’ Can you imagine if Ronald Reagan in 1980 had said, ‘You know what, Jimmy Carter’s done this and done that, we’re not going to ever get it all back.’ These guys are out saying, ‘No more will the United States be the engine of economic growth in the world or here.’ Now we’re not going to get back all these eight million jobs. Don’t you like this optimism? Don’t you like all this motivation, inspiration we get out of this bunch? We don’t get any of that.

All we get is a constant drumbeat of negativity, and we’re supposed to be comforted with the fact that they’re being honest with us about this. Joe Bite Me announced this weekend America would never, ever be able to create enough jobs to recover from the Great Recession. That’s not what we were promised, folks. That’s not what Obama told us when he took $1 trillion in the Porkulus bill. It’s not what he told us when he was immaculated. Either Joe Bite Me has rebuked Obama or he’s telling us our president’s been a spectacular failure, just like Jimmy Carter. Here’s Obama’s immaculation speech, just a little bit. ‘This is the journey we continue today. We remain the most prosperous, powerful nation on earth. Our workers are no less productive than when this crisis began. Our minds are no less inventive, our goods and services no less needed than they were last week or last month or last year. Our capacity remains undiminished.’ That’s at the immaculation, that’s January of 2009, and now 18 months later, ‘Jobs, we’re never going to get ’em back,’ Bite Me says, and Obama and Geithner say, ‘No, we’re really not going to be the engine of economic growth in the world, we can’t do it anymore.’

Then in his speech in Denver, he signed the so-called jobs stimulus bill in Denver, all by himself, remember, all by himself up on the stage so he alone could take the credit. ‘It’s great to be in Denver. We’ve begun the essential work of keeping the American dream alive in our time.’ More like a coma. ‘What makes this recovery plan so important is not just that it will create or save three and a half million jobs over the next two years,’ a promise with no qualifiers, by the way. So here we are, we’re a year and a half into the next three years, we’ve lost three and a half million jobs, we haven’t created three and a half million jobs, and the vice president who calls a custard guy smart ass, tells us that we’re not going to be able to replace these eight million jobs.

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