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RUSH: Steve in Minneapolis, you’re next. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hello. Hey, mega ditto, alternate universe dittos here, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. (Gurgling words).

CALLER: Yeah, I just wanted to point out that this kid, this Muslim kid who did this killing, they don’t want to talk about his religion, and when Ellison ran for office up here, they certainly didn’t want to talk about his religion, but they’re just beating Mitt Romney left and right with this Mormon thing. What do you think?

RUSH: Oh, I think that’s a pretty good observation. They’re doing everything they can. In fact, it’s laughable. It’s comical. In fact, I’m going to take the occasion here to break my silence on something. I’ve been sworn to secrecy until it was going to air. Now I can tell you about it. This notion of looking long and hard trying to find out what could have caused this young man to do this? It’s right in front of everybody’s face, and they refuse to see it, because everybody is afraid to be accused of racism or profiling or what have you — and yet Mitt Romney announcing himself for president of the United States? Why, where he came from and what his religion is all about? Why, we can give him a media anal exam over all of that! We can try to discredit him left and right for it. It’s outrageous. Now, folks, let me tell you what I’ve been eager to tell you for the past number of weeks. I have recently mentioned to you that I’ve been out to Los Angeles and taping some skits for an upcoming television show, and the show is called “The 1/2 Hour News Hour,” and it is produced by Joel Surnow, who is the creator, co-creator and executive producer of “24.” It’s a comedy show, and it is a takeoff on liberal news these days.

It’s a 30-minute show, and the Fox News Channel has bought two of them, and essentially these are pilots. These are programs designed to see if they work, after which if they do then the big-time budget flows and these shows get produced for real. So they’ve got two test runs coming up. The first one is Sunday night at ten o’clock after Sean Hannity’s new one-hour show, and in these episodes, I open each show in a skit as the president of the United States, and Ann Coulter is the vice president of the United States, in each of these skits. Now, we went out and did three of these. Only two of the programs have actually been produced yet, and as I say, the first one airs on Sunday night at ten o’clock. Now, the fireside chat. I did a version of a fireside chat skit that would have opened the third show, had it run. Actually no. I take it back. The fireside chat skit does run in episode two. They’re going to put the opening with me and Ann Coulter on YouTube this afternoon, is what I’m told, for people to get a look at. I’m not that versed in YouTube. I don’t know how to find things there. If you just look at “The 1/2 Hour News Hour,” sometime this afternoon it’s going up and you can get a heads up. That’s in episode one.

Some of you old enough to remember, “That Was The Week That Was,” the old David Frost show from back in the sixties that was the satire on the news, this is somewhat like that. It looks like The Daily Show, and it’s a takeoff on The Daily Show, and it’s basically satire. Now, I’ve been reading some of the reviews in TV Guide. As is typical, the left is too predictable when they review conservative comedy. They say it’s mean-spirited. It “takes swipes at people,” as though (laughing) left-wing humor does not take swipes at people. But that’s not what this show does. This show takes swipes at hysteria! It takes swipes at the silliness of the seriousness of global warming or the silliness of people actually idolizing Che Guevara, a mass murderer. In the second episode, as it relates to this last caller, they do a brilliant satire on the London terrorist bombing that was thwarted with the eight or nine Muslim gentlemen, suspects involved — and they’ve got this pointy-headed, worthless intellectual expert from some Washington think tank who is an expert on terrorism, and they have this guest. It’s a female and a male anchor of news, is the focus of the show, and they interview this guy, and they mention all of their names, eight Muslim names in a row — bam, bam, bam, bam — and nobody can get the link.

Nobody can figure out what these eight suspects have in common. It’s identical to what’s happening in any instance, be it with the mall shooter out in Utah, Salt Lake City, or wherever else. These are pretty funny shows, and I was thrilled to be asked to do these little opening skits in them. It’s hard work doing this stuff. I told you we were out there for eight hours in the studio to do three of these things, but they look good. The first one airs Sunday night. I’ll be talking about it more and more, but the key is it needs an audience — and I’m going to be blatant here. You know, normally I sit here and tell these things to you and you find these programs or these books or these things I recommend, fine and dandy. But in order for this show to have a chance at success, for these two pilots to be picked up and actually made into a regular series with some substantive production values and so forth, it needs an audience. They need an audience. The first one is Sunday night at ten o’clock eastern on the Fox News Channel, and the second one, I don’t know if it’s the following week or not. I’m going to have to get clarification on that because I’ve seen two conflicting dates, but I do know the first one airs Sunday night at ten.

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