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RUSH: Randy in Grand Rapids, Michigan, hello and welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Rush, thank you so much for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Mr. Buckley’s proud.

RUSH: Awe.

CALLER: And so are we at the job you did. I just want to tell you that. I’ve listened to you for so long, and before I go I want to let you know how much we appreciate it.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir. I appreciate that.

CALLER: I’ll get right to my point. I just got a couple subpoints here, and I will try to do this, although I am just livid. My main point is this. Why does the media — even the conservative media, our Republican conservative representatives and so forth — why do we keep dancing on the head of a pin about what’s going on with the laws? It says this. No, it don’t, it says that. This isn’t about the laws. All of a sudden Sharpton gets his rent-a-mob, runs down to Arizona, and all of a sudden in his ever-so-soothing words, lets the Hispanics know, black or brown, we’re all brown today. When is the last time you’ve heard Barack Obama lift a finger to even acknowledge white America? He is destroying this country, and we all know it. But why? Because he wants this to be a race against white America. He wants 2010 to be that way, ’cause he wants Hispanics and blacks to feel underprivileged and vote against Republicans. When we have anybody in Congress who knows the other side is lying through their eye teeth, will they say it? No, they gotta turn the other cheek and dance around. So let’s hope we can weed those out.

Republicans won’t stand up in Congress, and the one thing that the president is supposed to do in this country, by his oath, is to defend our country, our citizenry against enemies foreign and abroad. He will never do a thing about the border situation because he will be seen as a black president sending down white troops to protect whitey against fellow blacks and Hispanics. When do we finally fight back, quit turning the other cheek and say, ‘Look, you want to claim it’s profiling? No, it’s this.’ So quit lying to everybody. God forbid we’ve come up with 714,000 different ways to say lie, but we can’t say lie. Oh, God, no, we’ll offend somebody. Well, if somebody gets offended because of the truth, it’s either time they deal with it or it’s time they leave this country. They are not forced to stay here. If they want to go back across the ocean, let ’em go. But this country, by the tea party movement, is telling our little, shall we say, elected leader in the White House, that it doesn’t make any difference no matter how you try to hide your favoritism toward anyone who happens to be Muslim, if you want to hide your favoritism toward anybody who happens to be a minority, we’re not buying your line of crap. So on Election Day, bring a big cardboard box and get ready to pack your stuff. We need you to keep everybody focused, but all this dancing and dalliances about terminology is starting to get a lot of people in this country, I think, about as fed up with it as I am. I don’t think I said anything too bad, did I?

RUSH: No, no, you’re right down the line. As I was listening to you I remember last week or maybe it was two weeks ago now where Obama made a pitch to the people that he thought elected him in 2008. He made a pitch to everybody but white people —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — to get in gear and to support his agenda, whatever it happened to be. Now, what you have just done here, and what you have just said, is an illustration of a prediction I made during the campaign. You might recall, Randy, that during the campaign, everybody was talking about the wonderfulness of the first black president because it would lead to a postracial America, that once we had elected a black president, we would forever erase our racist or slavery oriented past, the original sin of this country would have been absolved. And I warned everybody that contrary to that, it’s only going to get worse. The first black president in the White House will create the greatest opportunity for the race industry that there has ever been because all presidents are criticized. They will simply say every bit of criticism of Obama is based on race, which they’re doing. If you criticize his health care bill, you’re racist. If you criticize his immigration stand, you’re racist. If you criticize his budget, you’re racist. This is, precisely as you say, a very effective technique to silence opposition. Because nobody’s got the guts, certainly in electoral politics, nobody’s got the guts to stand up. ‘I don’t want to criticize the president. I don’t want to be called a racist.’ Nobody wants to be called a racist, and they’re afraid to even take on the charge. So this is how they are blunting criticism from the Republican Party. The criticism of Obama is coming from other quarters, but it’s not coming much from the Republican Party except on, you know, issues of substantive policy differences, which is where they’re trying to keep their opposition to this.

CALLER: You know, Rush, when Speaker Pelosi was talking about — and you’ve quoted this many times — we have to pass the bill so we know what’s in it.

RUSH: Hm-hm.

CALLER: My God, man, doesn’t somebody in Congress have to draw a line someplace? Or are we going to sit on our heels and watch the forming of Taliban North America over here?

RUSH: Wait a minute. What can the Republicans do? They don’t have the votes to stop any of this. Not one Republican is going to vote for cap and trade now. They don’t have any supporters, no cosponsors whatsoever on the bill. They don’t have any Republican votes for immigration. They don’t have any Republican votes for health care. What do you want them to do?

CALLER: Well, it just seems to me that if Democrats and their programs that they do very well have their little seminars and their little Reverend Jackson and Al Sharptons that at the drop of a hat here we go, we’re mobilized, we’re going down there and we’re going to make this a race issue, I don’t care if they’re all white people, we’re going to make it a race issue, then why doesn’t the Republican or Conservative Party, tea party or something, okay, why don’t they have some type of organization — I’m talking about organization of what they do, I’m not talking about a protest movement — but why don’t they set up some facilities in those border town areas or whatever and speak the opposite side and to speak out and say, ‘No, you’re not profiling just because you’re skin is brown.’

RUSH: Wait a second. Randy, what do you think the governor of Arizona’s doing?

CALLER: Well, exactly. He is.

RUSH: No, it’s a she, but my point is, you’ve got a Republican Party down there that is drawing the line, and yet you’re calling here and saying, ‘When is somebody going to do something?’

CALLER: What I’m saying, Rush, is why doesn’t more of our country’s people, and I know there’s increased polls that say, ‘Yeah, more and more people in the United States agree,’ but why don’t we see more of that type of reaction —

RUSH: Maybe it’s because everybody’s sitting around waiting for somebody else to give that type of reaction. Maybe it’s because everybody’s calling me and saying, ‘Why isn’t somebody doing something,’ instead of doing something. There’s another reason for this, too. (interruption) I know he wants to see conservative activists. We’ve got conserve activists. They’re out there. They just don’t happen to be elected. But there’s another thing, conservatism is not structured the same way liberalism is. We don’t have factions or constituencies or groups that are aligned for the express purpose of growing the size of government. We’re the exact opposite. We try to reduce of the power of government. We try to reduce the power of special interests over people. We work! You know, we’ve got jobs. We don’t have organizations begging people for money and call it some charity where we siphon off some of the contributions for our lifestyle or our salaries. We have jobs. It’s a whole different thing. But Randy, you know, I started to get real frustrated here because you got people putting their political careers on the line in Arizona, precisely because the people you don’t like are falling down on the job, the Obama people and the Feds.

There are any number of young buck conservatives, Marco Rubio, who are doing everything they can. The Republicans in Utah are getting rid of Bob Bennett. There’s a lot of progress going on out there. But then the minute that happens we have a bunch of Republicans, ‘Oh, my God,’ like there’s a story in The Politico today, ‘I guess clout doesn’t carry any weight anymore, ’cause Bob Bennett had all kinds of clout and it didn’t matter to Republicans, the Republicans don’t care their guys –‘ it’s not about clout. It’s about the fact that people are fed up with statism and big government and they are fed up with Republicans who want to go along with the whole notion that government’s first, last, and always, and that government’s the solution, and that government’s where you make deals. So when this happens, it’s up to people to support these young guys because for 20 years, people have been saying, ‘What can I do?’ And a lot of people say, ‘Run for office, get yourself involved in the process and change it.’ Okay, then they do that and then some of our people then throw dirt on them. ‘Well, it’s a terrible thing to lose Bob Bennett, all that clout that he had.’ No, it’s not.

Look at Chris Christie and what he’s doing in New Jersey. There’s all kinds of movement going on out there, Randy. You know what you want? You want Republicans to stand up and say what you said. That’s what you want. You want some Republican to stand up and say, ‘Don’t you understand, Obama hates white people.’ That’s what you want somebody to say and that’s why Obama’s doing what he’s doing. Well, they’re not going to do that. There isn’t an elected official that’s going to stand up and say it. Even if they believe it, they’re not going to say it. It’s not gonna get ’em anywhere. But that’s what you want. Aside from that, we’re doing pretty damn well for having gotten blown out in the elections. We’re doing pretty damn well. We are the majority in every issue. In every issue Obama is the minority. The problem we have is he doesn’t care. Obama’s not winning policy arguments. Obama is a Chicago thug who is forcing his policies on people with bribes, kickbacks, and all kinds of things at the legislative level.


RUSH: Yes, yes, yes. I went to the e-mails. ‘Rush, you sound like you’re taking it a little personally here on that guy.’ I am, if I may be so bold to say so. Look how far we’ve come from my CPAC speech. In fact, let’s go back to that pretense in January, February of 2009. Who was it? There was one voice — pardon me for talking about myself here — who said, ‘I hope he fails.’ Everybody, Republican and Democrats, ‘How can you say that! Oh, no! You want the country to fail!’ Nope. You all know what I mean: I hope his agenda fails. That’s exactly what I said and what I meant, and I got criticized from the left (which was to be expected) but I got hit from the right just as well, which I also expected to happen, and where are we now? Where are we now since that? We have Chris Christie. We have a Republican governor of Virginia. We got Scott Brown owning the Ted Kennedy seat in Massachusetts!

We got 70% of Massachusetts people agreeing with the Arizona immigration law! We have 63% of the American people, if not more, all over the country, agreeing with the Arizona law. We’re not losing this. We just don’t have the elective strength to do anything about it yet. That’s why November looms large. We have the Arizona legislation. We have some really brave Republicans in Arizona who are not backing down against a national and international onslaught against their law. The UN’s in there, claiming human rights violations. Health care, constitutional challenges. There are almost 19 states now who are preparing to constitutionally challenge the law. Just because we don’t have our own Al Sharpton doesn’t mean we’re not doing anything. Conservatives remember that ‘we, the people’ are the government. We don’t have to get into a contest about who can put the most mobs on the street.

That’s not how we do things; that’s not how the Founders said do things. We don’t do rent-a-mobs. Every damn one of these Democrat rent-a-mobs is made up of phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ rollers. They’re hustlers of one thing or another, and everything they’re doing at the same time is oriented around fundraising first and then creating tumult and chaos. We’re not about creating tumult and chaos. We want tranquility. We want contentment. We want the pursuit of happiness. We want opportunity, educational and economic prosperity for every damn person that’s in this country. We do not divide people by groups. We do not see groups. We do not look at people and decide that they’re not this or not that or not competent, based on how they look or how they dress. It’s the left that holds average people in contempt. So we’re making strides. I think there’s a tremendous surge. RINOs, Republicans-in-name-only, are being turned out. Robert Bennett? Specter was sent flying to the Democrat Party. Look, this is not France. We don’t have our competing special interest groups out there creating havoc in the streets. It’s people like Saul Alinsky and Obama who think policy should be decided by who can put the bigger rent-a-mob on the street and cause the most chaos. That isn’t what the framers had in mind. I think there’s tremendous progress taking place and reasons for optimism. That’s not to say that we should sit back and enjoy what’s happened. Obviously I’m not saying that, but it’s also not correct to sit here and whine and moan and complain that nobody’s doing anything, especially when you’re not doing anything yourself but asking what somebody else is going to do for you!

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