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“If we could discover new energy supplies as easily as the Drive-By Media discover new spins on Mrs. Clinton, we would be energy independent in a week.”

“Driver’s licenses for illegals in New York is all about one thing: voter fraud. They need those voters, they want those victims.”

“Mrs. Clinton was waffling all last night, and yet it was like they were still afraid to move in. Although, we have to understand: This is a woman who dispatches people to go steal FBI files, so who knows what she’s got on these guys.”

“Folks, that answer about illegal immigrants is going to haunt Mrs. Clinton. She was really, really mad. You should have seen her — the steely look in her eyes.”

“I wonder if Dennis Kucinich will make the next debate; I bet whatever network has it will want him back just for the entertainment factor.”

“I just marvel at how people think that this woman is so brilliant… If Hillary has any talent whatsoever, aside from ‘bimbo eruptions’ and handling all that, it is how she avoids answering a question.”

“These two people — Bill and Hillary Clinton — are obsessed with money, and the evidence is that they can’t stop telling us how much they have. And that, folks, is not classy.”

“Why does Hillary worry about her National Archives documents being released? Sandy Burglar can go get them before anybody!”

“Dennis Kucinich, presidential candidate, said he saw a UFO, but has questioned President Bush’s mental health in light of comments he made about a nuclear Iran precipitating World War III. That’s just rich, isn’t it? That’s just really, really rich.”

“Diplomacy is fine and dandy in certain instances, but it’s not how you deal with tyrants, it’s not how you deal with oppressors. It’s not a magic wand that will make the world safe.”


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