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“‘Swiftboating’ is telling the truth about somebody, generally the truth about a Democrat.”

“You all know that Mark F. Lee Levin (my nickname for him) is a very close friend of mine, and, of course, I am the reason why everything good that has happened to him has happened to him. He knows it, and he’s highly appreciative of this.”

“Now Hillary’s team is debating what color her pantsuit should be in the next debate: Should it be black to show power? Or should it be pink or orange to show lady ruffles? Oh, they’re really going there, Dawn — they are.”

“‘Do you think I’m sexy?’ What a bump song to play during a discussion of Hillary Clinton! Ha, ha, ha!”

“I got this e-mail yesterday: ‘Dear Rush: May not be your cup of tea, but we would like to send you a real live pet tarantula.’ Tarantulas. Didn’t Ernst Stavro Blofeld try to kill James Bond with one of those?”

“Who was given the task to nationalize one-seventh of the US economy? Hillary Clinton. Who was it who stage-managed the Paula Jones lawsuit and botched it? Hillary Clinton. That’s her experience, primarily.”

“We’ve shown the Republicans on this show how to take the Clintons off stride and not end up in Fort Marcy Park — yet.”

“When I was watching that NFL/NBC halftime show and they turned the lights out, I got on the Internet and started looking at 12-cylinder automobiles that I still don’t have. And if Cadillac made one, I would have bought it on Monday!”

“You know, one of the stars on the flag may as well be for the public school system. Well, that’s how people look at it! It’s just as much a part of America as apple pie and razor blades in candy on Halloween.”

“Boy, they hate me up in Alaska.”


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