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“If Mahmoud Ahmadinejad shut down Iran’s nuclear program in 2003, isn’t he more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than Algore?”

“Somebody has to do something to get around the obstacles posed to growth and freedom in this country by liberal Democrats and the Democrat Party in general today.”

“This is a world that runs on fossil fuels, folks, and it’s going to run on fossil fuels long after you and I and your grandkids are dead.”

“Would somebody explain to me what is so immoral about the leaders of this country attempting to maintain a supply and access to the fossil fuel that runs the world and runs our economy?”

“The things that are being discussed here regarding Iran that have to do with our self-interest, our own national security and protecting the free flow of oil at market prices are clearly in the top ten of US national security, maybe in the top five, and may be even number one.”

“If you’re married and your guy is dysfunctional, ask him when he started and then go to the doctor and find out… (interruption) what? Well, that is the question.”

“I guess you can be obese and be fit, which prior to today, was not possible. If you were obese, you were doomed, it was impossible for you to be in good shape. Now, you can be obese, you can be a porker and be in good shape.”

“No use denying it. Reality is reality, and acknowledging reality is honesty.”

“Hell’s bells, folks, somebody’s gotta do something to protect us from liberals and Democrats.”

“What this job has become in large measure is defending this country against these people and their screwball ideas.”


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