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“I still marvel whenever I read anything Bill Buckley’s written, and I’ll always continue to learn from him — no matter the fact that he’s gone.”

“I think I killed the Hillary campaign. Not just with the illegal driver’s license issue, but let’s not forget that after one of those debates I actually called her ‘sexy’. You remember that, Snerdley? Yeah, I’m sure you blocked that out.”

“When you see the output of someone’s work but you don’t see what goes into it, you can make the mistake of assuming it comes easy to them — especially with those who are great at what they do.”

“Find a place in this world where there is ‘equality’, and you know what you’ll see? That everybody is equally miserable. Everybody is equally poor. Everybody is equal in their lack of opportunity to change the sewers in which they live.”

“The first time that I had Bill Buckley over to my apartment in New York for dinner I really embarrassed him. I stood up and gave him a toast: ‘My father passed away in 1990, but you make me think my dad’s still alive here with me.’ He started crying.”

“I know we were all hoping that Mrs. Clinton would win one for the Lipper last night, but it just didn’t happen. Bill Clinton, the Lipper, biting the lower lip.”

“I will go so far as to say that belief in liberalism has to be faith, because the evidence is: It fails. Either in the number of deaths, the number of genocides, the number of starvations, Communism is a disaster.”

“If I lived in Youngstown, Ohio, after last night’s debate, I’d be offended. I would be sick and tired of my town being made out to be some ghost town of losers! But that’s how Democrats relate to various people, I guess.”

“In 1985 or sometime around then, Playboy magazine asked William Buckley to write a piece on the new definition of smart. That was one of the most unbelievable things I had ever read, even though I had to get Playboy to do it. I think I was one of those few people that actually read the words in Playboy.”

“Once you take the time to learn about Bill Buckley and his life and what all he did with it… he did not waste a moment. He was prolific in output.”


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