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“We have no leadership from Hillary. Obama’s not a leader. McCain’s not a leader. These are politicians seeking a promotion, pure and simple.”

“The take on this program of Obama’s speech was totally different from anything you heard anywhere else — because I’m a week ahead on this kind of stuff. Plus, I don’t watch this stuff with emotion; I don’t sit here and swoon over the theatrics.”

“With liberalism, nobody is responsible for what they do; there’s always somebody else or some institution to blame that makes people victims.”

“It was a miracle for John Adams to craft unanimity from 13 colonies who had 13 different special interests. These Founding Fathers were not all hell-bent for independence; many considered themselves Englishmen. But Adams got his unity not by watering down his vision.”

“I’ve been asked to go to the Republican convention and host a little cocktail dinner the night before it, but I don’t know that I will be welcome at our convention. I might be more welcome at the Democrat convention.”

“Feminism took away femininity. I can remember back in the ’70s complimenting a woman’s appearance: ‘Oh, you’re insulting my brain!'”

“Obama’s speech has highlighted for people all the hypocrisy that this messianic candidate brings to the campaign. And this, by the way, is one of the reasons that Mrs. Clinton is hanging around: She’s around to see if Obama will step in it.”

“Senator Obama, you lied about hearing your pastor in person on your Friday night TV tour. But it didn’t work, so you had to do the big race speech yesterday, in which you finally came clean. It’s all liberalism, folks — right out of the playbook.”

“I wish that Senator Obama were as tolerant of our president as he is of his pastor.”


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