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“I still marvel whenever I read anything Bill Buckley’s written, and I’ll always continue to learn from him — no matter the fact that he’s gone.”

“I think I killed the Hillary campaign. Not just with the illegal driver’s license issue, but let’s not forget that after one of those debates I actually called her ‘sexy’. You remember that, Snerdley? Yeah, I’m sure you blocked that out.”

“When you see the output of someone’s work but you don’t see what goes into it, you can make the mistake of assuming it comes easy to them — especially with those who are great at what they do.”

“Find a place in this world where there is ‘equality’, and you know what you’ll see? That everybody is equally miserable. Everybody is equally poor. Everybody is equal in their lack of opportunity to change the sewers in which they live.”

“The first time that I had Bill Buckley over to my apartment in New York for dinner I really embarrassed him. I stood up and gave him a toast: ‘My father passed away in 1990, but you make me think my dad’s still alive here with me.’ He started crying.”

“I know we were all hoping that Mrs. Clinton would win one for the Lipper last night, but it just didn’t happen. Bill Clinton, the Lipper, biting the lower lip.”

“I will go so far as to say that belief in liberalism has to be faith, because the evidence is: It fails. Either in the number of deaths, the number of genocides, the number of starvations, Communism is a disaster.”

“If I lived in Youngstown, Ohio, after last night’s debate, I’d be offended. I would be sick and tired of my town being made out to be some ghost town of losers! But that’s how Democrats relate to various people, I guess.”

“In 1985 or sometime around then, Playboy magazine asked William Buckley to write a piece on the new definition of smart. That was one of the most unbelievable things I had ever read, even though I had to get Playboy to do it. I think I was one of those few people that actually read the words in Playboy.”

“Once you take the time to learn about Bill Buckley and his life and what all he did with it… he did not waste a moment. He was prolific in output.”

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“We have no leadership from Hillary. Obama’s not a leader. McCain’s not a leader.These are politicians seeking a promotion, pure and simple.”

“The take on this program of Obama’s speech was totally different from anything you heard anywhere else — because I’m a week ahead on this kind of stuff. Plus, I don’t watch this stuff with emotion; I don’t sit here and swoon over the theatrics.”

“With liberalism, nobody is responsible for what they do; there’s always somebody else or some institution to blame that makes people victims.”

“It was a miracle for John Adams to craft unanimity from 13 colonies who had 13 different special interests. These Founding Fathers were not all hell-bent for independence; manyconsidered themselves Englishmen. But Adams got his unity not by watering down his vision.”

“I’ve been asked to go to the Republican convention and host a little cocktail dinner the night before it, but I don’t know that I will be welcome at our convention. I might be more welcome at the Democrat convention.”

“Feminism took away femininity. I can remember back in the ’70s complimenting a woman’s appearance: ‘Oh, you’re insulting my brain!'”

“Obama’s speech has highlighted for people all the hypocrisy that this messianic candidate brings to the campaign. And this, by the way, is one of the reasons that Mrs. Clinton is hanging around: She’s around to see if Obama will step in it.”

“Senator Obama, you lied about hearing your pastor in person on your Friday night TV tour. But it didn’t work, so you had to do the big race speech yesterday, in which you finally came clean. It’s all liberalism, folks — right out of the playbook.”

“I wish that Senator Obama were as tolerant of our president as he is of his pastor.”

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“My friends, neither you nor your children should have one ounce of fear in wearing Operation Chaos items.”

“The Drive-Bys picked their winner. They protected Obama, they puffed him up, they never vetted him, and they put him on a pedestal. Then Operation Chaos kicked in. The fix got unfixed. The manipulators got manipulated.”

“Why should this Bosnia lie surprise anybody? A, she’s a Clinton. B, she’s a liberal. When you put those two things together, it’s almost impossible for Hillary not to be a liar.”

“This chaos is almost like karma coming back to bite these Democrats because they were so confident; they were already moved into the White House as a party. That kind of arrogance and condescension always comes back to bite you.”

“It won’t be long, by the way, before we see Tonya Harding on Dancing with the Stars. You know, I watched that last night.”

“I was watching Dancing with the Stars last night. I said, ‘Where’s the dancing?’ And I kept hearing: ‘It’s double elimination night, Uncle Rush! Double elimination night!’ Oh, that explains it to me.”

“The question that faces the Democrats is: Do they have enough hot water for all of the long, hot showers that they’re going to need? My guess is that they don’t because they don’t have Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters.”

“Something for you liberal Democrats to consider: When small men begin to cast long shadows, it’s a sure sign the sun is setting.”

“No responsible military unit, commander, or enlisted personnel would dare take the first lady of the United States off an airplane while snipers were firing. Mrs. Clinton has no idea of the reach and the impact of her lies because, to her, it’s all about her.”

“People think I’m calling Kerry a ‘hotty’. No, no! It’s ‘haughty’. H-a-u-g-h-t-y. The haughty John Kerry.”

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“Is it likely that we know Barack Obama’s preacher better than Barack Obama does? Because that’s what it is being made to sound like.”

“Obama was pollingwhat to do about Reverend Wright! Everything about this man is straight-down-the-line, average, typical, run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter politician. He just happens to be an extreme left-wing radical as well.”

“I didn’t know this, but apparently Roseanne Barr now has a talk show on something called ‘Air America’. The name sounds vaguely familiar… but I can’t place it.”

“Obama said, ‘What became clear to me was that Wright was presenting a worldview that contradicts what I stand for.’ When did that become clear, Obama? None of this washes, and the sycophantic reaction to this by the Drive-By Media is precisely why there is a New Media.”

“The nightly newscasts are losing viewers. Take a look at their advertising — it’s mostly Preparation H stuff.”

“Barack Obama has fallen so far off his lofty perch thathe has gone from messiah to trash collector within one month. Well, I don’t want to insult trash collectors.”

“To the Drive-Bys, the legacy of the ’90s is: ‘Whoa, what a great period of time! Peace and economic prosperity!’ We had peace? Really? Somalia, Khobar Towers, USS Cole, the World Trade Center? Peace? In the ’90s?”

“We just learned that Michelle Obama is going to be on CNN tonight to discuss Reverend Wright. Why? She is a volcano waiting to erupt — this woman could go ballistic!”

“Quick: What’s the name of this tune? Quick, quick! If I tell you who does the tune, would it help you? The tune is by Harry Nilsson, Jump Into the Fire — not to be confused with the Troglodytes. Who produced it? Randy Newman? Richard Perry? Who is Richard Perry? Who cares?”

“If you work in cable TV and you want a facial expression expert, where do you go? The Yellow Pages?”

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“We have just been delivered the biggest pile of manure yet with this Obama health care speech. Practically every line is not true.”

“Nobody is this stupid to think that this health care bill is going to end our trouble. Now, they may be this ideologically blind, but nobody’s this stupid.”

“General Motors is preparing for another management shakeup. Does that mean we’re getting rid of Obama?”

“Man, I pity all those poor transportation workers that had to take an entire day off from work, with pay. It’s tough out there.”

“Jim Bunning, I think we need to applaud the guy, and I think he has shown the way. The Jim Bunning approach should be used across the board now.”

“If the Democrats are going to violate the budget reconciliation process, then shut the damn place down. Shut it down. It’s time to take a serious stand. There’s enough talk that’s gone on now.”

“It really is time for Republicans to stand for the people who are paying for all of this, and that’s us. Government is not supposed to be about redistribution and subsidies and payouts and bribes and kickbacks to union people. It is supposed to be about promoting a healthy society and freedom for the individual within an ordered system called the Constitution.”

“Whatever Obama says, whenever he says it, the expiration date is just seconds after he finishes.”

“If you want to know what Keynesian economics is, you’re living it: Barack Obama, massive government spending, massive debt, massive redistribution of wealth, the lie that government spending, deficit spending can propel economic growth.”

“We all know there has to be inbreeding in Massachusetts, so why not for Knut?”

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“You know, honestly, if these guys don’t like the term jackass, then why did they make it the symbol of their party?”

“I happen to think that ‘jackass’ is pretty tame compared to other things that I have said on this program. I mean, Jake, don’t you think it’s pretty hard-hitting to accuse the president of actually purposely destroying America?”

“We’ve never had as the number one obstacle to prosperity in this country the president of the United States. That’s what’s new, and that’s what people are awakening to each and every day.”

“We refused to accept defeat, you and me. We insisted on following conservative principles as the only way back, and now look where we are: sixty percent want big government and Obamacare repealed.”

“My instinctive reaction here to the rumor that Hillary will be Obama’s veep is that it’s preposterous. If she were vice president, she’d have to live with Bill. Stop and think about that.”

“Dick Blumenthal… I don’t trust anybody this skinny; I just don’t. I don’t trust anybody that looks like they need to eat. That neck is too scrawny.”

“Back in the early nineties when I first started meeting really, really, really wealthy people, I asked a guy, ‘In your circle, what’s rich to you?’ And he said, ‘You’re not a player unless you have 500 million.'”

“Somebody making $250,000 a year is not wealthy. In fact, I would go so far as to say somebody making $250,000 is not rich. They’re paying the biggest burden of the federal income tax. They don’t have money to burn.”

“Mr. President, the wealthy don’t buy flat screens. The wealthy have somebody go set up their media room and then they say, ‘Where’s the power switch when I want to watch this? And who do I call if it doesn’t work?'”

“That’s a crock that the US has ‘waken up the Muslims for Islam,’ as Faisal Shahzad said. They’ve been awake since the Crusades.”

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“The Republicans have a chance to be warriors for liberty. If they say, in the midst of this, one word about compromise or bipartisanship, to hell with them.”

“The people of Nevada are fed up with Harry Reid, just like the people of South Dakota were fed up with Tom Daschle. These guys come from relatively conservative states, go to Washington, and then they are exposed for who they really are.”

“Three-quarters of American adults know someone who’s out of work and looking for a job. Now, that is a huge number. You want more of that? Keep voting Democrat.”

“The Democrats know they don’t stand a prayer this election unless they cheat. The question is: Can they cheat enough to overcome the tidal wave that’s going to happen on Tuesday? I don’t believe they can.”

“Everybody in the bad old days of the Soviet Union had two jobs: one job was their own, and the other job was beating the system. Well, that is coming to America. In fact, it’s already here.”

“If I didn’t know better, I would say that Stewart and Colbert are working for the Republicans.”

“By her own admission, the hardest thing Hillary has ever done in her life is organize her daughter’s wedding, but that still puts her one up on Obama because he is the most unqualified imam — er, guy — in any room he walks into.”

“LA Times: ‘Republicans Offer Few Health Care Alternatives.’ This is just patently absurd. The big alternative is to eliminate Obamacare. The next big alternative is to eliminate Obamacare.”

“Think how low the office of the presidency has declined if Obama is happy to appear on a program hosted by a noted race-baiter, Al Sharpton. Now, I’m dead serious about this. I’m not trying to be my usual sarcastically funny self.”

“Ben Roethlisberger loves Reno, Nevada. I know that.”

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“I’ve always said that every year I get older, life gets better — and it’s still true. I’m not maxed out.”

“I got a tip earlier today that one of the shooter’s friends appeared on Good Morning America and said the kid never listened to talk radio. Well, now, I, Mr. Talk radio, found that pretty interesting.”

“I got a lot of people who sent me e-mails yesterday: ‘Rush, you were a little bit over the top yesterday when you said the Democrat Party profits from murder.’ How else can I say this? Try to put yourself in my shoes.”

“Those of you on the left, you have to stop something else. Every time somebody disagrees with you, you call it hate speech. You have to stop that.”

“The truth is the great enemy of the Democrat Party and the American left. They have to wipe out truth whenever they can and wherever they see it, because truth is not them.”

“One of the New York Times stories that I have today is almost a threat to John Boehner: You better cancel what you were going do now that this happened; you better not even think about repealing Obamacare now. Don’t try to tell me these people are not advancing their political agenda on the backs of the wounded.”

“Have you ever noticed that whenever government does something that’s wrong — I mean, big boondoggle — the solution is another government program to fix it?”

“There was a radio network that popped up that was filled with disgusting hate. It was called Air America, and look how long it lasted.”

“Why, after eight years of Bush being responsible for everything, he’s not a threat anymore, he’s gone, so he doesn’t exist in the left’s minds. Now it’s Palin.”

“Sheriff Dupnik, what is the difference in people’s anger at Washington and your anger at talk radio people? Why is your anger justified, Sheriff? In fact, Sheriff, it sounds to me like you’re trying to whip up some deranged people into some action here.”

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