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“How could I have lost when what I stand for is rock-ribbed conservatism, and all of our Republican candidates claim to carry the conservative mantle?”

“There are some pro-McCain people with some really caustic comments that are aimed at Mitt Romney: ‘He has all this money.’ Well, he needs to spend all that money to counter the free media McCain’s getting from the Drive-Bys!”

“By the way, it’s Mitt Romney, Tom Brokaw. George was his dad. The candidate’s name is Mitt: M-I-T-T. No L’s in there; should not be too tough.”

“I just checked the e-mail: ‘Rush, McCain sounds so good in the speeches that he’s giving. What is your problem?’ I wish the rhetoric matched the deeds.”

“If Ronald Reagan had ever been in the Senate, I don’t think we would have heard about the Reagan-Feingold bill. Or the Reagan-Kennedy bill. Or the Reagan-Lieberman bill on global warming. Reagan worked with liberals to advance his agenda, not theirs.”

“I have experience with computers freezing. I’m not an old person that doesn’t understand these things.”

“Do not underestimate the degree of fear — with a capital F — and intense dislike people have for Hillary Clinton. There are a lot of people for whom, if Bozo the Clown could beat her, they would support Bozo the Clown.”

“Which of the two Americas will benefit the most with Edwards gone? Only time will tell.”

“You Drive-Bys are hoping and praying that conservatism’s dead, and frankly that’s comforting — because if you think you have no enemy you’re not going to prepare for one. And we’ll be happy to sit in the tall grass, waiting to ring you around the neck politically with all of your arrogance and conceit.”

“Presidential candidates come and go, but I am forever. I mean, Clinton’s gone, and I’m still here, right?”


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