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RUSH: Here’s Mike in Pompano Beach, Florida. Mike, I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, it’s an absolute honor to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Thank you very much.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I called for two reasons. First of all, to express my shock and awe at Obama’s comments; and also, if you’ll indulge me, to talk a little tactics. Firstly, I mean I’ve always known he was a tax-and-spend liberal. I listen to your show regularly. I got a McCain sign in my front yard, all that. But, you know, to hear him overtly and profoundly basically denounce the US Constitution as it was framed was chilling to me, and it infuriated me. And you know what? Them’s are fighting words, Rush. You’ve got five million people listening to you now, or maybe more, I don’t know. You know the business. But, my God, we’re furious, I’m sure everybody sitting at home, and we want to do something, and McCain’s not doing it for us. We talked about dragging him over the finish line. What can we do, Rush? Can we all send in a hundred bucks to somebody that’s going to run these ads?

RUSH: You know what? I am glad you asked that question. I have a lot in the Stack of Stuff today and I’ve not been able to get very deeply into it because of the profound nature, but there are a lot of people who send me e-mails or I even meet them in person, who ask me, ‘What are you going to do?’ They ask me, ‘What are you going to do?’ You’re the first guy who hasn’t, in a long time, asked me what am I going to do. You wanted to know what you could do, and that’s the point. I’ll get to it when we come back.


RUSH: As I was saying to the caller there from Pompano Beach, Florida, just before the break: I’ve had some people call here and a lot of e-mails that basically say, ‘What are we going to do here? What are you going to do? You gotta do this. You gotta do that. You gotta do that, dubba, dubba, dubba,’ and I understand what drives this. What drives this is that people want leadership, and there is no elected or political leadership in Washington or in the Republican Party that people can rally around, so they’re looking for other people to do things. But sometimes it gets frustrating. I think I mentioned this story. It wasn’t along ago. I was having dinner with some people, and some guy wanted to run around and act like a hotshot and we were talking about politics, and he starts talking about how many dumb people there are.

‘What are we going to do to change all these dumb people? They watch the media all the time, and they believe all the lies in the media,’ he said. ‘What are we going to do about this?’

You know, and he’s talking to a guy who for 20 years has been upsetting the applecart of the Drive-By Media. What are we going to do about this? So I answered, ‘Well, you gotta keep plugging away. Just tell people you work with…’

‘I understand all that, but what are we going to do about it?’

The second time the question was asked to me, I just got more specific. ‘What do you think I have been doing the last 20 years? And we’ve made a dent. They no longer have a monopoly. There aren’t as many people buying into what they say as you think anyway. That’s one of the big myths.’

‘I understand all that, but what are we going to do to change this? It’s a very big problem.’

I finally asked, ‘What are you doing? You’re sitting around here saying, ‘What are we going to do about it?’ When’s the last time you asked some people if they’re going to vote and take them to the polling place? When’s the last time you went to try to fix the schools where people are being uneducated or mal-educated in order to understand truth?’

‘Well, I understand all that, but what are we going to do?’

I finally got to the point where I said, ‘A lot of people are like this, ‘What are we going to do?’ while they’re doing nothing,’ and there’s a lot you can do. Not just sending money — a hundred books, the guy said — but grassroots get-out-the-vote efforts. I don’t know what the Republican Party is doing in this regard this year. I don’t know. The McCain campaign has really focused on the presidential race and not so much the down-ballot races but I’ll tell you what you can do.

You can call the local RNC office wherever you live and find out if you can help get people to the polls next Tuesday. I mean there’s a lot you can do, and while you’re taking people to polls you talk to them. Look, I understand that there’s a leadership vacuum out there, but what can we do to get the Republicans to do more? It’s… (sigh) You know, people say, ‘You need to buy the New York Times. You need to buy NBC. You need to buy… We need a top of the hour news network that disseminates our point of view. We need this and we need that,’ and I keep listening to all these people tell me we need to do this after we’re in the process of doing a lot of it. We already have a top-of-the-hour news network, by the way. The Fox News Channel has a radio network that’s out there, top-of-the-hour news. We have a news network, Fox News Channel, you know, that is responding, has been out there since 1996. But this, ‘What can we do?’ People ask, ‘What can we do?’ Well, you don’t do anything doesn’t get anything done. Here’s Jenny in Cleveland. Jenny, I’m glad you called. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. How are you?

RUSH: Fine, thank you.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, ma’am.

CALLER: Well, basically what I want to say is that I think that Obama and his campaign, they have suddenly and masterfully convinced their supporters to support socialism. Like the phrase, anybody willing to work? I mean, I never heard him say anything about shooting for the stars or reaching your ultimate goal. He’s instilled like a resentment towards the wealthy. He’s literally incited class warfare throughout the course of his campaign. He’s convincing all his supporters that the government owes them everything and should do everything for them. He’s convincing them that health care is a right just from being born here. Really, I honestly think that he’s turned his supporters into socialists. They don’t even know it. They’re just like zombies. I’ve never heard him say anything about freedom or liberty or prosperity. I’ve never heard the words come out of his mouth. And, you know, I’m just curious if the media is seen going to play this audio. It is very revealing, and if they do, I’m convinced that they’re going to downplay the seriousness of this. They’re like collectively minimizing and radicalizing his radical, socialistic, even like Marxist ideology, and I just find it kind of scary in a lot of ways just based on what our country was founded on.

RUSH: A lot of people do, especially when you listen to Obama’s recently discovered audio from 2001 where he basically says that the Constitution is an impediment to what needs to be done in this country. And that’s basically what he’s saying. The Constitution, it’s too bulky. It’s in the way of what we need to do. The Constitution is our original flaw. The Constitution is our ‘fundamental flaw.’ Stop and think of that, Jennifer.

CALLER: I think about how he never even brings up pieces of history when we formed this country and the thought that was put into it to avoid exactly —

RUSH: He doesn’t like ’em.

CALLER: — what is happening now.

RUSH: See, it’s just about slavery and race. This is about he doesn’t like the Founders. He thinks the Founders made a monumental, gigantic mistake.

CALLER: Yeah, he does, and it’s frightening, and I find it actually kind of offensive.

RUSH: We’re going to find out on Tuesday just how many people have bought into this. We’re going to find out how many people now believe that government — because they’re in America, government is there to solve their problems. We’re going to find out how many people believe that. The… (sigh) The saving grace is that government can’t do it. This is… Folks, again, this is really key. The Democrats are pushing for 60 votes in the Senate. That means they would be filibuster-proof, meaning that Republicans couldn’t stop anything they wanted to do. And you couple that with Pelosi’s dictatorial rule with a new majority in the House, and they’re going to have a blank check. They’ll be able to do whatever they want to do, and in our lifetimes there have been two previous occasions where this happened.

Jimmy Carter had a 60-vote Senate in the seventies, and we remember the economic turmoil and malaise then; and Lyndon Johnson had a 60-vote Senate back in the sixties, and that gave us the Great Society and the war on poverty, and we saw how well that worked. And, again, I need to make the point that if the Great Society had worked, if it had equalized all the inequities and inequalities and if it made fair all the unfairness, there would be any argument that we need to keep doing it. It failed big time. It failed royally. It always does. You know, I mentioned at the top of the hour, I get tired — sometimes I really do, I just get tired — of refuting the same old arguments. I get tired defending the same old principles. I get tired. Not that I’m going to stop, don’t misunderstand, but the evidence for failure is all over the place, and people don’t see it. To this day, they blame Reagan for homelessness.

To this day, they blame conservatives and Republicans for being mean-spirited, racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes. The failure is all around us! The home mortgage crisis is directly tied to the Democrat Party and ACORN and Obama. But they are easily swayed into believing that this is the Republicans’ fault. However, there are optimistic signs. We’ve got Joe the Plumber. We’ve got all these plumbers who can articulate the problems. We have all these average Americans who can articulate the problems when the media makes the mistake of finding them, or when Obama makes the mistake of finding them. There are a lot of people out there who do see it but they are never showcased, and so the impression is left that nobody sees it. You just have to have faith and rely on it. It’s so simple to refute everything Obama is standing for. We’ve done it. We’ve tried it.

Nobody who was the beneficiary of that is any happier! In fact, their replies are angrier, because while the Obamas of the past promised emancipation — they promised economic salvation; they were promised economic prosperity — they ain’t got it. They were promised a house. Well, they got the house, but it’s in foreclosure! People are going to find a way to keep ’em in the house even though they can’t pay for it, they think. But they’re no happier! Even when they got the house they were no happier. ‘Cause they really didn’t pay for it, there was nothing that they did themselves to engender self-satisfaction or pride. They just destroy people. You know, I would like to calculate how many people have been killed by liberalism, not counting abortion. You throw abortion in there, and we’re in the gazillions.

But number of people that liberal policies have killed. For example, worldwide, eliminating DDT. It’s a liberal policy. How many people are dead and continue to die because we eliminated DDT? How many people died in auto accidents that otherwise would not have because they’re driving little puddle jumpers around out there because they believed that they needed to get in smaller cars to save the planet? How many people have died to serve liberalism and they didn’t even know they’d been drafted. They didn’t even know they were sent off to war? How many people has liberalism killed? Killed! People who were intended to be helped, people whose lives were supposed to be emancipated, people whose lives were supposed to be economically prosperous. How many people has liberalism killed?


RUSH: Scott in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Oh, Rush, mega dittos from a Rush Baby. Love you, sir.

RUSH: Thank you very much. Great to have you with us here.

CALLER: I’m going to make it really quick. I was at dinner the other night, and I was listening, overhearing a couple of liberal elitists talk about how Barack Obama is going to be our first international president that’s going to bring the world together around him. And I thought to myself, a few months ago you recommended watching the movie Adams, and I thought to myself, you know, several of our Founding Fathers, Jefferson, Adams, these men were truly international, and I was wondering, what are these people thinking? Don’t they have any concept of American history? They understood what Europe was all about, and they didn’t want to make us like Europe.

RUSH: No, no, see, here we go. I’m being asked to explain essentially here, and I appreciate the question, and I understand it’s a pressing question. How can so many Americans be so damn stupid! How can so many Americans be so damn dumb and ignorant? Ignorant is the right word. Ignorance is the most expensive commodity we have. How are people so damned ignorant? Sir, the education system, but we’re not even talking intelligence here. This is the sad thing. The people supporting Obama, I don’t think the neurons in the brain are even firing. It’s just all in the heart. These are a bunch of people with meaningless lives who think doing all this is giving their lives some meaning. It’s all emotion. It’s not in the brain.

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