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RUSH: South Windsor, Connecticut, and, George. You’re up first. It’s great to have you here on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush, mega farding dittos.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Ha-ha-ha! But anyway, you know, the liberals have been telling us for years dealing with these fanatics, ‘We can get along with them. Let’s just talk to them. Let’s just negotiate with them. We can talk them into not wanting to kill us.’ Well, the federal government paid six figures for this guy’s education, gave him a six-figure salary, and what did he do, Rush? He killed us anyway. So where’s the negotiating with these bad guys?

RUSH: That’s a little —

CALLER: It’s in their DNA.

RUSH: Obama is doing the same thing with Iran. Obama is doing the same thing with Iran. ‘Oh, okay. We’ll look the other way here; we’ll look the other way there. We don’t mean you any harm. We really don’t mean you any harm.’ They really do believe that. It’s hard for people to accept this, but there are people in this country who hate it. There are people in this country who believe that the reason for all war, the reason for all angst, the reason for all confrontation is us and our size and our power. That we have been colonial, that we have been imperialistic, that we have conquered and stolen all of the world’s resources, and we have enriched ourselves and left the rest of the world in abject poverty. So we are a bad nation, and we are evil, and that’s why people hate us. And they work at the highest levels of government. After 9/11, the State Department convened a seminar: What did we do to make them mad? What is it about us they don’t like?

So as difficult as it may be to believe, there are people — and Obama’s one of them — there are people in this country who believe we are at fault and therefore the mission has to be to show these people that we mean them no harm, and we’ll even apologize for our transgressions in the past, as a means of showing you how sincere we are. (paraphrasing) ‘We know the country prior to my becoming president, it was a bad place. But now that I’m here, you can check our record in the last nine months. We haven’t attacked anybody, we haven’t insulted anybody, we haven’t offended anybody. I’m running around the world apologizing for our country, for my country to show you that we don’t mean you any harm. And we understand your grievance against us. But, if we want to have a family of nations throughout this world where there really aren’t even any countries, I want to run it,’ he says, ‘but we don’t even want any countries. We just want a unified world, peaceful, loving, and so forth — and I give 10% of everything we generate from the taxes of all citizens of the world.’


RUSH: Let me remind you of something and run something by you. Our government officials always go to great pains to say that this is ‘not a war against Islam.’ Obama said it, Eric Holder, all these people. ‘The real Muslims,’ they say, ‘are strongly opposed to violence. Real Muslims are strongly opposed to it.’ If this is so obviously true, why is it even necessary to have to say it? Why aren’t the recruiting centers overflowing with Muslims who are offended at how these extremists are perverting and defaming their sacred religion? Why aren’t they? Why aren’t they reporting suspicious activity by extremes in their neighborhoods and mosques?

Why aren’t they fighting these extremists in their own countries? Let me put it to you another way: Imagine if there were suddenly a sect of radical Quakers. Richard Nixon was a Quaker. Imagine if there was a sect of radical Quakers that suddenly came to think that they should make everyone else become Quakers and if they didn’t become Quakers they’re going to kill ’em. Wouldn’t other Quakers rise up and try to stop ’em? Wouldn’t they at least denounce them, turn them in to the authorities? Yet they’re going to great pains to say this is not a war against Islam and real Muslims are strongly opposed to violence. I tell you, these people running this country must have so much guilt and so much animosity toward this country. That’s the only thing that can explain this. Well, stupidity I guess you’d throw in there, too.

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