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RUSH: Just a funny story here in the Washington Post today: ‘Debate Could Turn on a 7-Letter Word; Calling Proposal an ‘Amnesty’ Rouses Foes, Confounds Backers — When organized opponents of the immigration bill being debated in the U.S. Senate want to rally the troops, get the e-mails churning and the congressional switchboards lighting up, they almost invariably invoke the ‘A-word.’ In Web sites, speeches and news releases, critics of the legislation attack it as a form of ‘amnesty.’ They argue that,’ blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. ‘When organized supporters of the bill respond, they consistently deny that it offers anything remotely like amnesty or blanket forgiveness. Instead, they use the ‘L-word,’ describing an orderly process of legalization that would take at least eight years. The process would include a series of temporary visas…’ They go through this big, long story: Why does this work? ‘Opponents are able to successfully invoke amnesty in part because of the historical record: The U.S. government has offered seven amnesties to various categories of illegal immigrants in the past 20 years,’ and it hasn’t worked! There’s a reason this stuff…

I guess the people in the Drive-By Media are just saying, ‘We own the language, here! We own these catchphrases that work. Why are the opponents being so successful? Because it’s true! Because it is an amnesty — and I’ll tell you what. Barry Bonds and the San Francisco Giants went into New York last night to play the New York Mets. Now, Bonds was not in the starting lineup. He did pinch-hit. He didn’t do anything. He’s nine home runs away from Hank Aaron. He’s the most hated man in baseball right now. Mets fans were brutal last night. They had all kinds of signs. When he did come out to pinch-hit, he was given all kinds of grief. One sign I saw called him ‘Baroids Bonds.’ Why not amnesty for Barry Bonds? Can we just forget it? Look at what he’s done to the game. Look at what he’s meant to the game. Why not just have amnesty for the guy? And how about these poor football players? Pacman Jones, suspended for a year for his extracurricular, off-the-field behavior. Come on! How about amnesty? Let’s just forget it. Why impose all of these penalties? If it works here in illegal immigration — and we’re talking illegal — let’s begin a process granting amnesty to any number of people here who find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Barry Bonds is being forced to ‘live in the shadows,’ ladies and gentlemen, in the shadows of Major League Baseball because of the taint of allegations that he has bulked up using illegal and banned substances, and so why wouldn’t amnesty being called for here for Barry Bonds? I mean, Barry Bonds? Talk about contributing to the economy, talk about the great work, all the ancillary benefits that Barry Bonds’ appearance in Major League Baseball and the teams for which he has played. You can use the same arguments on virtually any criminal and just say it’s ‘stigmatizing’ them. These are decent people. These are good people. They’re just trying to make it in America. They’re just coming here to seek their fortune. Do the right thing.’ It’s just another way of illustrating how ridiculous it is.

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