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“The American left is now building up the notion that we’re not really at great risk: ‘Yeah, a lot of people are threatening us, but they can’t really do anything, so we’re just really overreacting here.’ So their conclusion is we have to wait until they can pull it off to deal with them?”
“This is a sad story: the horse Barbaro has been euthanized. I don’t think they got to the stem cell research, H.R.”
“Hillary Clinton said, ‘After all, we still haven’t captured Osama bin Laden, have we? And isn’t it about time that we got serious about that? I intend to.’ It is just hilarious to hear a Clinton who was in the White House for eight years complain about not getting bin Laden.”
“The left was in orgasmic nostalgia over the weekend with their big anti-war protest in Washington, DC. Can you imagine bringing out Jane Fonda and thinking that you are going to have credibility?”
“What is it about these Democrat women that they have to scream and rant and get maniacal like this? It’s hilarious! You know, my first thought was that they were talking about the troops when they said, ‘Pull out now!’ Ha! I know I’ve hit a home run when Dawn starts rolling her eyes.”
“If any more of you liberals call here and start whining and moaning about Iraqi deaths, I’m going to get really mad — because you don’t care a whit about Iraqi deaths. You didn’t care when they were dying by the hundreds of thousands when Saddam ran the place, and you don’t care about them now!”
“Do you know how rare it is that a caller is able to inform me about something about which I’m ignorant? Doesn’t happen, Wayne — it just doesn’t. You should go out and buy people dinner tonight and say, ‘I told Rush Limbaugh something he didn’t know.'”
“John Kerry has this hang-up, folks: the American people rejected him. He just can’t deal with it. You didn’t realize what a gift you had in John Kerry. And if you reject John Kerry, the only difference between you and a bag of dog doo-doo is the bag.”
“I guarantee you somebody will ask, ‘Mrs. Clinton, what about what you said in 2003 versus what you said in Iowa over the weekend?’ and this will be her answer: ‘You know, when I decided to run for president, I knew there would be personal attacks — I just didn’t think they would start so soon.'”
“We learned something very big today, folks, and that is that Harry Reid is in the back pocket — maybe even the front pocket — of Big Lubricant in Nevada.”

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“Bill is probably saying to Hillary, ‘Do you think it’s time for David Geffen to wake up with somebody’s dead horse head in his bed? We’ve got to do something about this.'”
“The ratings are in for the ‘1/2 Hour News Hour,’ and I think you’d like to hear about this. The show drew one and a half million viewers. For Sunday night at ten o’clock on cable, these are what we in the broadcast business call ‘kick-ass numbers.'”
“600 Hollywood supporters of Obama mean 600 Hollywood deniers of Hillary — and they all probably have FBI files. So as Leonard Nimoy, the star of Star Trek, might say: ‘May these 600 Hollywood deniers of Hillary continue to live long and continue to prosper.'”
“It’s getting vicious out there in the Democrat Party! Howard Wolfson tells Obama, ‘You rein Geffen in.’ Obama responds by saying, ‘Isn’t it ironic the Clintons had no problem with Geffen when he was raising 18 mil. and putting people in the Lincoln Bedroom?’ Oh, my friends, this is delectable!”
“This is just sick: ‘The drawn-out court battle over what to do with Anna Nicole Smith’s body has a new sense of urgency. The starlet’s remains are decomposing more quickly than expected, and the public viewing could be in danger.’ A public viewing? What is she, a candidate for pope or something?”
“Britney Spears has left rehab again after another one-day stint, and this is news! I have a chock-full show here without mentioning any of this stuff! I only did now because at some point even I, America’s Anchorman, must weigh in on the absolute worthlessness and stupidity of it all.”
“It happened at the 60 Minutes 25th anniversary party in New York; they sat me next to Camille Paglia thinking it was going to lead to fireworks. Steve Kroft and Ed Bradley were circling the table every five minutes, waiting for the fireworks. But Camille Paglia and I are now best buds.”
“You try living without oil! You go out and buy all the Priuses you want and get all the windmills you want on Walter Cronkite’s property on Cape Cod and you try to keep the engine of this democracy fueled!”
“I don’t even call it the ‘Scooter Libby Trial;’ I call it the ‘Viagra-Cialis-Levitra Trial.’ You know all these warnings about if an erection should last longer than four hours, go to the emergency room? This trial is arguably the longest erection in Drive-By Media history, and it’s over something that is purely bogus.”
“So Hillary’s vowed to end ‘US arrogance’ as president. Is it not arrogant to say, ‘I’m going to end US arrogance’? Especially considering she’s a lib; I mean, as a lib, arrogance is in the DNA.”

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“Robert Kagan wrote in Sunday’s Washington Post that the surge is working. The Drive-By Media keeps saying, ‘What’s Plan B if the surge doesn’t work,’ and Kagan’s question is: Hey, Drive-Bys and Democrats, what’s your Plan B if it does?”
“Two of my favorite words: ‘Halliburton’ and ‘Dubai.’ Ha, ha! Folks, does it get any better than this? Halliburton is going to move their headquarters to Dubai!”
“What kind of megalomania does somebody have to have to build themselves up in a forthcoming press conference, have everybody speculate that they’re going to get in the ring, and then say, ‘Guess what, I’m not’? You could have done this with an e-mail, Chuck Hagel.”
“The American people are not stupid. The American people have made Fox the most-viewed cable news network. And these liberals are sitting there and they’re, you know, they’re sucking…. their air. Got to keep it clean.”
“There aren’t any moderate Democrats. There are leftists, there are neo-liberals, and there are socialists — and the distinctions between those three are too tiny to notice.”
“The other day Punkin actually pulled the covers off of me and started biting my big toes! I just yanked my foot away and said, ‘I’m not doing it, Punkin. There’s food in the bowl. Just go there.’ Then I hear this ‘meow’ that I just know is an obscenity directed at me.”
“What do you mean, you ‘don’t agree with me’? You can disagree all you like, but if you’re wrong, you’re wrong — and you’re wrong. In fact, you’re wrong about everything you’ve said so far. It’s sad.”
“For a long time it seemed like Mrs. Bill Clinton was playing down her gender, and I think one of the reasons was because we were at war. But all of a sudden she’s playing up her ‘divine attractiveness’ and the outfits that she wears — i.e., pantsuits.”
“There aren’t a whole lot of women who think that Hillary did the honorable thing by continuing to eat all that dirt. Where was your self-respect, Mrs. Clinton? Well, she stayed with the dog in order to get to the doghouse. Her plan always was to hitch her wagon to Slick Willie and then take over.”
“Why did that call stand out to you as me being a ‘butt’? You know why it stood out? It’s because I’m not a butt. And so when I act like a butt, it stands out.”

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“If the American people want out of Iraq, why’d the Senate reject a bill to cut off funding 29-67, even though Hillary and Obama voted for it?”
“I can read between the lines even in e-mail. I’m getting such e-mail subject lines as: ‘Are you the new Johnny Carson?,’ ‘Four days a week? Are you sick?,’ and, ‘You keep leaving. What’s wrong?’ Ladies and gentlemen, as the CEO of EIB, I have allotted myself unlimited vacation time.”
“Beth, Beth: time-out. Are you really conservative, or did you just say that to get past Mr. Snerdley because he’s easy when women call?”
“Like I told you last Friday, I love sharing my passions with people. I wish I could have taken all of you who play golf out with me yesterday, but I couldn’t, so I’m telling you about it now.”
“You want to get into a contest slamming Republicans? I could win that one hands down. I could also win a contest slamming Democrats, but I am not running for any office because of the pay cut.”
“The views expressed by the host on this program are not necessarily the views of the staff, management, sponsors, or custodians of this station, but they should be, they ought to be, and eventually will be.”
“This business about the Republican base not being energized…let me give you two words: Hillary Clinton. If you want to energize the Republican base, make her the Democrat Party nominee.”
“Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, put aside $1 billion to run for president. This is Ross Perot on steroids, folks.”
“When the primary broadcast engineer goes on vacation, he follows his wife around to antique stores. Now they’re saying, ‘Well, he brews his own beer.’ Well, fine. But I’d be making my own beer, too, if I had to go antiquing on my vacations.”
“One of the reasons that I am the biggest target of the American left is simply because of my power, and this is a power, my friends, that could be used for good or evil. I choose to use it for good.”

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“Don’t tell me what I’m probably going to say, Beth. That’s wifey. Tell me what you would say.”
“By the way, Fox News showed last night how to professionally do a televised debate. It wasn’t a school Glee Club like the way PMSNBC handled their debate.”
“Pittsburgh: I lived there and I have some fond memories, but it’s also a big Democrat town. But a bunch of people at the golf club were just as nice as they could be.”
“Here is an AP story on yet another stupid poll by another stupid news organization which actually shows nothing but how stupid the public is in believing everything the Drive-By Media says.”
“This story says Democrats are less confident than Republicans that their families, local emergency agencies, and Washington are ready for a disaster. So? Who cares? We know that Democrats are idiots anyway on most things!”
“Ha, ha! Al Sharpton called me ‘Mr. Lumbard’! Did you hear that? ‘Mr. Lumbard’s done years of stuff against me!'”
“The Reverend Sharpton’s got this right: I go after individuals, not genders or minorities or groups of people. I investigate the people in power the Drive-By Media ignores: Democrats and liberals.”
“I think if McCain were pressed as hard as Rudy is being harassed about his non-conservative positions, he would be finished by now.”
“The president is going to be doing much more than just managing or leading a war. He also has to protect our liberties at home from those who threaten them with their big government agenda. Conservatism is still important to me here, folks — not center-right Republicanism.”
“Los Angeles Times: ‘Grocery costs in southern California are up 5.7%.’ Really? Well, now, that has to mean gouging is going on out there. We need an investigation.”
“This story is rife with people saying, ‘I don’t know if we can depend on the government.’ Good! Try depending on yourself — as if when the storm’s coming, leave!”
“I’ll tell you what: if one of our guys would just take over the debate and start attacking the Democrats — whatever the questions are — he’d score a lot more points with voters.”
“The issue today is the Democrats: is our candidate going to try to appease them? I want to know how these guys are going to deal with the left during the primary season. I don’t want to have to wait until we get a nominee to find out, because then it might be too late.”
“When that caller said that I have the power to move the Republican base toward a nominee, well, we all know that’s true. I seldom acknowledge this, though, because I’m very humble about it.”
“Have you ever seen this Michael Jacobson guy that runs the Center for Science in the Public Interest? My gosh! I’ve never seen a grayer, unhappier, frail-looking person in my life — that’s still breathing! The guy is a walking cadaver!”
“I’ve reached a certain pinnacle here. This is America. The country is not going to die with me not in the Attila the Hun chair for just one day.”
“These illegal aliens are coming here on their own; we’re not forcing them to come here. We are not burdening them at all, and yet we respond to their illegal entry by acting like we’ve done something wrong to them.”
“Looky here, it’s already Wednesday! It’s been a slow week, actually, because I wasn’t here yesterday. And when I’m not here, I know the day drags for you.”
“There’s nothing that grates on me more than false humility.”

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