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“When Bush was president and the unemployment rate was 4.75%, do you ever remember the giddiness about that that there is today over 8.9%? No!”

“What Judge Vinson is saying is that Obama’s lawyers basically ran to Illinois to avoid dealing with his ruling that the Obamacare law was unconstitutional.”

“The New York Times has this wacko editorial today about the need for the rich to ‘sacrifice,’ and Michael Moore says you just need the rich to sacrifice and give away their money and everything would be fine and dandy. No, he didn’t divest his, but that’s the latest template now.”

“I probably give more to charity than that guy who called last week will make in his entire life, not just paying my taxes.”

“Have you seen the cost of cleaning up the marble in the capitol? It’s $7.5 million dollars to clean up the mess! Yes, the anti-Walker forces are genuine slobs.”

“The number of Volts sold to date: 281. The number of Nissan Leafs sold: 67. Obama’s dream is a million, and he’s only gonna be able to do that by subsidizing the sale. He’s gonna be paying people, essentially, to buy these cars.”

“How does the Department of Labor decide that people have ‘given up looking for work,’ and how do they know how many people that number is?”

“I’m kind of like the Kennedys, you know, who prided themselves on getting Cuban cigars after THEY implemented the embargo.”

“No president, except FDR, has been reelected with the unemployment number over 8%. That’s why 8% is magic.”

“Wall Street was made, under the force of threat by Janet Reno and the Clinton administration, to make loans to people who couldn’t pay them back. That led us to where we are: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac.”

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