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RUSH: Pescadero, California, we have Matt. Matt, great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Great to be here, Mr. Limbaugh.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: I wanted to talk to you about the furlough days in a lot of schools across the country, specifically mine. It’s the reason why I’m not in school today, and there are five days this year where the teachers are forced to not work. And it’s just disgusting. They have to do this, they say, to save jobs and save the money. But when you look at it there’s so much money that’s going to other places that’s unnecessary, so much within the school that’s just wasted.

RUSH: Yeah. There’s a story in my stack here that some independent bunch of guys, for example, found — things we’ve been talking about on this program for years — all of the redundant, duplicated programs in the federal budget, some $300 billion worth that the General Accounting Office is supposed to find but didn’t. Just to illustrate what you’re talking about, in Hawaii, I was in Hawaii over Christmas, two Christmases ago, and at the time I’d never heard of it, Matt, but they were in the middle of furlough Fridays. Every Friday the teachers were not teaching.

RUSH: The school was closed, a furlough program, because they didn’t have any money. That was how they were saving money. So a four-day school week for the students, the pupils, and the teacher as well, furlough Fridays. And it was longer than just for a month or so. I think it was for the rest of the school year.


RUSH: Now, here’s the difference. I woulda celebrated it as a student. You know, I don’t care, close the place. I don’t care what, snow, sleet, ice, nuclear attack, close it. You are to be applauded for being concerned here that your school is being shut down this way. You’re right to be suspicious of this. There are any number of other places they could cut back to keep school open. This is just the most dramatic way to illustrate they’re not gonna cut any spending. They’re gonna try to make it as hurtful and as harmful as they can to get everybody’s attention, like yours, because the objective is to have nothing cut.

CALLER: And then they talk about the cuts, we’re not spending enough money. We spend way more money in private schools to get a better education, but let’s spend more money on it.

RUSH: Amen, bro.

CALLER: More money, more money.

RUSH: Amen, bro. I’ll tell you what, go out and get ‘Waiting for ‘Superman,” the documentary. Go get it. It’s available today on DVD, or download it from iTunes, whatever. Watch it, Matt. It will stoke you and give you a lot of ammo for what you’re talking about.

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