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RUSH: RUSH: Back to the phones and Le Roy, Michigan.

CALLER: Hey, Rush.

RUSH: Hi, Dan. How are you? Great to have you on the program, sir.

CALLER: Well, thank you. I wanted to just give you a short story and thank you. My daughter, who is 15, showed very little interest in the government and I was picking her up from the doctor’s office a couple weeks ago, and she gets into the car, and we were listening to you, and before we left the parking lot she started asking me questions. She’s going, “Who is this guy?” “This is Rush.” “I like him. He’s dissing the president.” And then it was like a lightbulb went on in her head. She started asking me about the Tea Party. She started asking me about conservatism, liberalism, the liberals. She started asking me all these questions, just because she started listening to you.

RUSH: Was this the first time that she’d asked you any of this?

CALLER: Yes. Yes. I’ve been trying to get her interested since the election.

RUSH: Well, you’re the parent. That’s the main problem you’ve got. Just one day in the car, you pick her up from school, and you have this program on on the radio, and she for the first time starts peppering you with those questions?

CALLER: Correct. I mean by the time we left the parking lot of the school, she just started asking me questions, because she was listening to you. And then yesterday she comes home and says, “Dad, you’d be so proud of me.” I go, “Why?” She goes, “We were talking about government and world history,” and she goes, “I made a statement that Obama is going down in history as the worst president ever.” And teacher asked her where she heard that and she said, “I heard it from Rush Limbaugh.” And the teacher goes, “Oh, he’s full of propaganda. You shouldn’t be listening to him. He just likes to spread rumors and spread controversy.” She goes, “No he doesn’t. He’s right 99.6% of the time.” I had to share that with you.

RUSH: (laughing) What’s your reaction, though, to the teacher?

CALLER: She just told her to be quiet and she defended you, changed the subject, she said.

RUSH: I know, but you’ve got a teacher lying to your student here, to your daughter. You’ve got a teacher, “No, don’t listen, that’s just propaganda.” You at least learn what you’re up against with the teacher. You know what kind of genuine now propaganda your daughter’s up against each and every day in school. Hope she hangs in. That’s great. That’s great. Another young skull full of mush converted to genuine patriotic Americanism, courtesy of me, the EIB Network. I appreciate the call, Dan.


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