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RUSH: Now, for those who say don’t attack Obama, attack his policies, I told you once that I had a meeting with a Republican who was pondering seeking the Republican presidential nomination, and his point to me was, we have to attack these policies, can’t really attack him. That just won’t work because, first, the historical nature of his presidency and so forth will be sidetracked by criticism that we get because of that and the genuine criticism of his policies will not be heard, be deflected, we have to focus on the policies. Now, in an overpriced university classroom or faculty lounge, that might be a fun concept to discuss, and maybe employ. But how do you do this? How do you attack Obama’s policies and not attack him, when his policies are sold under false pretenses?

When socialism and crony capitalism wear sheep’s clothing, why waste time debating the sheep? Examples: Obamacare. Obamacare was promised, we were assured, even though all of us knew this is total BS ’cause we know the math, we were nevertheless promised that Obamacare would reduce the deficit and the cost of health insurance policies and the cost of health care itself. That’s what we were told. It was promised that consumers would have more choice, greater access, on and on and on. Premiums would be reduced by $2500. We were told that Obamacare would reduce the deficit, that it would not cost anywhere near a trillion dollars.

Now, President Obama deliberately lied about this monstrous piece of legislation, as did all the other Democrats in support of it. The legislation was never released so it could be read or debated. Republicans were shut out of the process entirely. There were no hearings. There were no panels of experts brought in as is the case in any other major piece of legislation. The man is his policies. The policies are the man. They are one in the same. You cannot achieve some position on a tightrope of saying you are objecting to his policies but not to him. Obama’s policies are not a different personality. He’s not civil out there, where he’s got this weird set of beliefs but then personally, what a nice guy.

Barack Obama is his policies, and in Obama we have someone who continues to advance an agenda that is damaging to this country. Which means there’s something out of kilter with this man. There is something wrong, something wrong with his thinking, something wrong with his knowledge, something wrong with his ideology, his attitude, the way he was raised, but he continues to advance an agenda that is damaging this country and we’re supposed to say, “Well, we disagree with the policy, but not the man.” The man is the policy. Obama gave his word on health care, whatever other issue, cap and trade, you name it, he gave his word. And there was no legislation to debate and he still hasn’t presented a budget. He never had his own health care plan, so how do you attack a policy that’s not published? And the guy who’s guaranteeing it prevaricates.

What do you do? Put up a graph, politely show that he was mistaken, well-intentioned but mistaken? Obama promised shovel-ready jobs, his vice president promised 500,000 new jobs a month via a $1 trillion Porkulus bill. He promised to create three and a half million jobs, 90% of them coming from the private sector. That wasn’t true. It was a slush fund, a money laundering scheme to keep Democrat public sector workers employed so their dues would collect and continue to funnel to Democrat candidates. We know that. We’re supposed to ignore that? Why give up that advantage? How does one advance a counterargument against policies that are lies without identifying the schemer or the architect? Nobody does that in their daily life.

Why will Republicans shackle themselves with this impossibility? Attack the policies but not the guy. In November of 2012 what’s gonna be on the ballot? The name or the policies? Are we gonna be voting on the policies? Is there going to be a line on the ballot for Obamacare, up or down? We don’t get to vote on his policies. In order to vote on his policies, gotta vote for or against him. You can’t separate them.


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