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Story #1: How Mrs. Clinton Can Assure No More Affairs

RUSH: For the last couple of days, ladies and gentlemen, I have been trying to get to the bottom of how in the world Mrs. Clinton’s going to enforce her claim. When asked about her husband, “Why, what about future scandals?” “I can assure you,” she said, “there won’t be any,” and I have been desperately seeking answers. How can she make this claim? She’s made it affirmatively. She made it decisively. She said she couldn’t predict the future but “there will be no future scandals” involving my husband. Now, I’m incapable of answering this question myself. I’ve asked women in the audience to tell me if they were in similar shoes, circumstances, girdles, as Mrs. Clinton; how would you handle this. I mean, how could you make that kind of claim? And we’ve only had two responses, and they said divorce. But here’s another one, and this is not even related to the Clintons. This is held over from yesterday. It’s a Valentine’s Day story. “Repairing a relationship requires openness and candor from the person who cheated.” This is how you recover from an affair. When I read this, I said, “Maybe we have an indication of what Mrs. Clinton plans on doing.” “He has to admit…” Note that the cheater is always the guy here in this story. You have to understand this. The cheater is always male, always the husband.

“‘He has to admit that he made a mistake and recognize the hurt of betrayal and say I want to be faithful,’ says author John Gray, who examines relationship problems in his latest book ‘Why Mars and Venus Collide’. The person who cheated needs to end the affair and take responsibility, he said. The adulterer must be willing to disclose all the details of his affair and agree to new degrees of openness, says Rick Reynolds, founder of the Affair Recovery Center in Austin, Texas. The new rules might include sharing e-mail and voicemail passwords,” so you don’t have separate e-mail accounts, “being constantly accessible by phone and checking-in regularly with a spouse. Angela Gilbert requires her husband to take an annual lie detector test. ‘I don’t trust him the way I did before,’ she says. ‘I feel safe because of the measures we put in place.’ At first, Chris Gilbert resented the new rules. But he’s gone along with it. ‘Deep down, you know it’s for the best.'” A yearly lie detector test would not work for the Clintons. It would have to be daily, maybe hourly. Aside from that, it says here, “It takes about 18 months for the hurt spouse to work through all the emotions that come with an affair, said Reynolds, who worked with the Gilberts. He counsels the spouse who cheated to answer any question his or her partner has. But he also sets a date when the questioning must end.” That’s where it breaks down (laughing), because the cheater hears about it the rest of his life. He’s gotta eat it for the rest of his life. There’s no question about it.
Story #2: Nostrilitus Waxman Regrets the Clemens Hearing

RUSH:Henry “Nostrilitis” Waxman is now saying he regrets that the Roger Clemens, Brian McNamee hearings were held.”A day after a dramatic, nationally televised hearing that pitted Roger Clemens against his former personal trainer and Democrats against Republicans,” Henry Waxman said that the “four-hour hearing unnecessarily embarrassed Clemens…as well as the trainer…who he thought was unfairly attacked by committee Republicans.’I think Clemens and McNamee both came out quite sullied, and I didn’t think it was a hearing that needed to be held in order to get the facts out about the Mitchell Report,’ Waxman said.’I’m sorry we had the hearing. I regret that we had the hearing. And the only reason we had the hearing was because Roger Clemens and his lawyers insisted on it.'” Also in this story, it’s now gone beyond the conspiracy websites.Now it’s in the mainstream media, that Clemens is going to get pardoned by Bush because Bush and his family are Texans; and Clemens is a Texan, and one day Clemens was out hunting whitetail deer and got a phone call from Bush 41, saying: Hang in there and be tough.So this is now become the conventional wisdom.

Story #3: FISA Failure: Bush Says Congress Putting US in Danger

RUSH: There’s an Associated Press story on this FISA business out there about how Congress has failed to re-up the FISA program. Bush is going to go ahead and go to Africa. The legislation passed on Tuesday in the Senate lapsed because the House didn’t even take it up. Recess started at noon today, or did it? I don’t know if they’ve actually left yet, but are taking a week or ten-day recess. Surveillance can continue against known terrorist groups but any new groups that form, no surveillance — (laughing) — all you gotta do, “Okay, we are no longer Al-Qaeda. We are Il-Qaeda, Incorporated, and you can’t surveil us.” But the AP story, the headline is: “Bush Says Congress Putting US in Danger.” The headline should be: “Bush Says Democrats Putting US in Danger,” because it’s the Democrats in Congress who are holding it up.
Story #4: Another Shooting in Gun-Free, Hate-Free Zone

RUSH: Northern Illinois University. I am told we have, what, seven people dead now? Another campus shooting. I am told that this is another one of these wonderful, Utopian, marvelous little college campi that is a gun-free zone. “That’s right, Mr. Limbaugh, gun-free. It’s the only way that we’re going to get rid of guns and random shootings in America.” Really? This guy, who was taking medication, whatever, this guy walks in there, starts mowing people down, has time to reload because there’s nothing anybody can do to stop him. Everybody’s gotta run away. Everybody’s gotta take cover. This is liberalism on parade. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had conversations with, even Republicans, liberal Republicans here in New York, and these liberal Republicans in New York love to single me out and poke me, you know, put their finger right in my chest and say, “Why do you conservatives believe X?” These are Republicans I’m talking about. Some of these guys served in the Nixon administration.

The subject that always came up was gun control. “Why are you conservatives so opposed to gun control?” I said, “I’ll be happy to support gun control,” this was a Fifth Avenue apartment dinner party, this is way back in the mid-nineties, I said, “If you can convince me that after taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding people, that you’re also going to go into Central Park and get the guns out of all the creeps hanging around in there and everywhere else in this city. You get the guns out of the hands of the criminals, too, then maybe we can talk.” But you’re never going to be able to do that. This is another case in point where you have a liberal gun-free zone, hate-free zone. You go out and say you got something, but you don’t got it. Just because you say it doesn’t mean you got it. This wacko planned it. He planned it and executed it, and he knew that there wouldn’t be anybody else in the time he had to do his damage that had a gun to fire back at him. “Well, what are we supposed to do, Mr. Limbaugh, let every student walk in with a gun?” No. But you certainly don’t disarm security people around the place. You don’t disarm perhaps the professor. This is going to keep happening because there are demented people walking around in our society. Who cares what motivates them, they’re there.

You can debate all day why and you’re not going to solve the problem. Even if you diagnose somebody as schizophrenic or bipolar or whatever, you give them the medicine for that and they stop taking it, where are you? They freak out, they go get a gun, and they know full well nobody’s going to be able to stop them with another gun until after. They gotta know the cops are going to show up at some point, but they can still wreak their havoc long before anybody shows up to stop ’em and a number of people are dead in a gun-free zone. This is like these stupid sanctuary cities that will announce, “We’re not going to have this in our city. We’re not going to have that in our city.” It’s all around them. This is just classic symbolic feel-good liberalism that ends up putting people at risk because it fails to recognize that people are different. When it looks at either the demented or the sick or the truly sane who are yet criminally oriented, they look at them as no different than anybody else, we just treat them different. It’s like Obama the way he wants to go talk to some of the worst murdering thugs in the world, with just the power of his presence and the power of his ability to say nothing, can turn these people into a bunch of lambs and say to Mr. Obama, “You know what, Mr. President, you are right. We’re going to give up our evil ways. We’re going to give up our dictatorships. We’re going to give up our tyranny and we’re going to grant our people freedom just because you came and talked to us or because you allowed us to come talk to you in the Oval Office.”

By the way, President Obama, you better have armed guards in your Oval Office when these guys come to see you. Don’t forget, we let Yasser Arafat walk to the podium at the UN wearing a pistol! “If we just show them that we mean them no harm, Mr. Limbaugh, then don’t you think that alone will show that they have no reason to hate us?” No, it will show ’em what a bunch of weak, defeatable little SOBs we are, you little pansy, you run around, just show them we don’t mean them any harm? “That’s right, Mr. Limbaugh, you show them. The reason we’re in such trouble in the world, Mr. Limbaugh, is because of our nuclear arsenal, we’re stealing the world’s resources from the poor and we’re polluting the planet and destroying it. And Senator Obama will make sure that we’re not going to do any more, people around the world that hate us will have no more reason to hate us,” just like the gunman at Northern Illinois University. He knew that nobody in there could do him any harm, and so he had no animus for them, right? Liberalism is so stupid, I don’t understand why — the only explanation for people not getting liberalism is that they do not think. They feel, they hope, they want things to be different simply on the basis of their power of hope.
Story #5:Yes We Can! Save Big on a Select Comfort Bed

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, before we go to the commercial break, it is time for a little public service here. I’ve given away a couple Select Comfort Beds this week, and I’m getting e-mails about this. “Rush, I know you can’t give one to everybody, but,” and they start making the case. It’s one of the problems when you start giving these things away, because you can’t give one to everybody. It’s always a risk because do you make more….well, not “enemies,” but every person you please there’s a lot of others disappointed. “Why couldn’t it have been me?” Well, don’t give up hope. It could… (interruption) That’s right, Mr. Snerdley. (laughing) Don’t give up hope. Look, what I wanted to tell you is Monday is President’s Day, and we’re going to be here. We do not take these chintzy, little ski-holiday Mondays off. We are going to be here Monday doing broadcast excellence. But Monday’s President’s Day and if you do want one of these Select Comfort Beds they’re on sale. There is a President’ Day sale. It’s huge, and it’s going on now through Monday, the 18th of February. There are extra savings to be had. There’s no interest and no payments until 2009 if your credit’s good on all Sleep Number Beds. So you can go out and get your Sleep Number Bed, by Monday: no interest, no payments until 2009. There are 465 nationwide Select Comfort stores, and you can call 1-800-GET-A-BED. (interruption) What did he say? Yes, we can! Yes, we can. (laughter) Snerdley is doing an Obama impression: “Yes, we can! Yes, we can get a bed! Yes, we can!” No, it’s call 1-800-GET-A-BED. There’s no hope involved there. You just call. Get a video display of what this thing does, how it’s used, what is great about it. It is an incomparable bed. If you want to give up hope, then between now and Monday you’re going to get a fine bed, this is a chance to save big through Monday on the Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed, huge, gigantic, big-time sale.

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Story #5: Cute New Leopard Species Found in Borneo

RUSH: They found a new species of leopard in Borneo, and it’s a beautiful, beautiful cat. I happen to love cats, big and small, but in reading about this new leopard species, I say, “Wait. We’re supposedly wiping out all these species.” This leopard has two-inch fangs that are as large as a tiger’s fangs, but the tiger is ten times as large as the leopard. The fact sheet accompanying the story in the UK Daily Mail, says the leopard is just barely over a foot long. My cat’s bigger than that! I never knew leopards were that small. I can’t believe a leopard is that small. But it runs around in trees. It attacks from on high. Can you imagine something a foot long with two-inch fangs that’s only a foot long? I’d like to have one as a pet. Look at the picture of it. It’s a gorgeous cat. I never knew a leopard was that small. It doesn’t look that small in the picture. That has to be real. But then the tiger is ten feet long. I guess it might make sense.

Story #6: Democrat Whores Charge $20B in Pork to Support Troops

RUSH: We now know what the price for the continuing funding of the war is: $20 billion in pork! Now, all of you people were upset at the Republicans back in November for not doing anything about earmarks and not doing anything about pork and not doing anything about all this extraneous spending, looky here! We just learned the price. We know the Democrats in Congress are a bunch of whores. (They always have been.) We just didn’t know the price. Now we do. It’s $20 billion of pork in order for them to get some faction of the Democrat caucus to go along with the latest budget and Iraq bill.

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Story #1:El Rushbo Has No Plans to Buy an Airbus

RUSH: The Airbus A380 just now landing in Los Angeles.What an airplane.The Airbus A380 landed earlier today in New York at JFK.Theyhave two test models that are out there flying.They lost billions of dollars, Airbus did, with delays getting this airplane online. (interruption) No, I’m not going to get an Airbus.The problem with a plane that big is you have to go to commercial airports. You get stuck in ice, bad weather, snow. Nah. No, no, no.You don’t want to fly in one of those unless you have to.

Story #2:School Bus Nagin Sees Racist Conspiracy

RUSH: Have you heard about School Bus Nagin?This is from NOLA.com, the Times-Picayune website: “The slow pace of New Orleans’ post-Katrina recovery is part of a plan to change the city’s racial makeup, Mayor Ray Nagin told a national newspaper publishers’ group last week. According to The Washington Post, Nagin made those remarks at a dinner meeting Thursday of the National Newspaper Publishers Association, a trade group for newspapers that target black readers. He told editors and publishers that the slow recovery is part of a plan to change the racial makeup, and hence the political leadership, of the city.” Hey, School Bus, where were you?This was the first thing some of the conspiracy theorists said in the week after Hurricane Katrina.Don’t you remember? Bush steered the hurricane there and ordered the levees not pictures so that black people, Democrats, would be forced to leave New Orleans and find a better life elsewhere in the country and never come back.This was one of the original conspiracy theories that this whole thing was a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant Bush ploy to take away a prominent Democrat state, Louisiana — and School Bus Nagin has now made the charge official.He said, ladies and gentlemen, “‘Ladies and gentlemen, what happened in New Orleans could happen anywhere,’ Nagin told the association. ‘They are studying this model of natural disasters, dispersing the community and changing the electoral process in that community.’ … Nagin referred to Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu, his opponent in last year’s mayor’s race, as ‘the golden boy,’ and said Landrieu’s chances in the election seemed good because ‘they dispersed all of our people across 44 states with one-way tickets.’ ‘They thought they were talking about a different kind of New Orleans,’ Nagin said. ‘They didn’t realize that folks were awake, that they were paying attention.’ Landrieu did not return a call for comment….” Nagin said, “I, to this day, believe if it happened in Orange County, Calif., or South Beach, Fla., it wouldn’t have happened,” meaning Democrats sent packing with one-way tickets. “[A] foe of Nagin’s in the mayoral primary who endorsed him in the runoff against Landrieu, disagreed with the mayor’s remarks to the publishers last week. ‘I don’t think anybody could plan that well,’ Couhig said of the supposed plan by an unnamed ‘they’ to change the city’s racial makeup. He added that when he hears comments like that, ‘I always ask, ‘Who is the conspirator?’ and I don’t see anyone competent enough to pull it off.'” You guys, where you been?Bush did this! This was one of the original theories that was announced shortly after the Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.I think that School Bus Nagin may be overworked and stressed and might need some help. Look, we’re compassionate here, we love people, and we only want the best for people; but it may be time for a little visit from the guys in that little van that wear the white coats for School Bus Nagin.

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Story #1: Ruskies Withhold Iranian Nuclear Fuel

RUSH:Big news from the future nuclear capital of the Mideast: the Islamic Republic of the Peaceful Peoples of Iran.”Russian president Vladimir Putin has informed Iran that it will withhold nuclear fuel for Iran’s nearly computed…” or completed power plant, “Russia has informed Iran that it will withhold nuclear fuel for Iran’s nearly completed Bushehr power plant unless Iran suspends its uranium enrichment as demanded by the United Nations Security Council, European, American and Iranian…” That’s…? European? Who wrote this?This is the worst written sentence I have ever seen!It’s the New York Times.Basically here, European, American and Iranian officials are saying that Putin is withholding nuclear fuel because Iran hasn’t suspended its uranium enrichment as demanded by the UN Security Council. “The ultimatum was delivered in Moscow last week by Igor S. Ivanov, the secretary of the Russian National Security Council… Moscow and Tehran have been engaged in a public argument about whether Iran has paid its bills, which may explain Russia’s apparent shift. But the ultimatum may also reflect an increasing displeasure and frustration on Moscow’s part with Iran over its refusal to stop enriching uranium at its vast facility at Natanz. ‘We’re not sure what mix of commercial and political motives are at play here,’ one senior Bush administration official said in Washington. “‘But clearly the Russians and the Iranians are getting on each other’s nerves — and that’s not all bad.'” Well, that may not be all bad. It may be all well and good, but there’s an unanswered question here, and that is what will the Chinese do.The Chinese could step in here and fill the void if they chose to.You know, the Chinese would love for there to be as much instability regarding the United States foreign policy as possible — and Vlad needs the money.I mean, Russia is not floating in currency over there, and if the Iranians aren’t paying up, that could be the primary reason.It’s interesting that Putin is saying, “Hey, you guys won’t stop your uranium enrichment program?”I’ve never heard the Russians be that concerned about that. Story #2:Senate Bill Violates Separation of Powers
RUSH:”The Senate voted overwhelmingly today to end the Bush administration’s ability to unilaterally fill US attorney vacancies as a backlash to attorney general Alberto Gonzales firing of eight US attorneys.”Hey, anybody ever heard of separation of powers?Who is it that’s taking power?What branch is taking power from what branch now?All we’ve heard during the Bush administration is how they’re trying to usurp all this power from the judiciary, usurp all this power from the legislative branch. What the Senate did today, by a 92-4 vote, was pass a bill that canceled the justice department-authored provision in the Patriot Act that had allowed the attorney general to appoint US attorneys without Senate confirmation.”Democrats say the Bush administration abused that authority when it fired the eight prosecutors and proposed replacing them with White House loyalists.”I tell you, folks, this is a serious transgression of the separation of powers.White House loyalists?You think this is unique, that presidents put like-minded people in these jobs as US attorneys?This is all the result of Gonzales not resigning, by the way.This is all the result of Bush calling Gonzales today and saying: “We support you, buddy. Hang in there,” and the White House started firing back, mounted a counterattack on all of this. So the Senate vote was 92-4. That’s enough to override any kind of a presidential veto.
Story #3: Obsession Over Creator of the Hillary 1984 Ad

RUSH: By the way, in the San Francisco Chronicle today, they are obsessing out there over who put this anti-Hillary ad on YouTube, the one that has the remake of the ’84 Apple Computer ad in the ’84 Super Bowl that has a woman throw a sledgehammer at a big TV screen of Hillary Clinton mounting her clichs.”Just who is ParkRidge47 — the mystery figure who introduced an Internet political attack ad that has stirred the press and political junkies tuned into the early presidential campaign — and what does the videomaker have against Democratic front-runner Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton?”The story here is by Carla Marinucci.”The political question of the week is the identity of the anonymous person who reworked the classic 1984 ad introducing the Apple Macintosh computer to the world into a biting attack piece against Clinton — and posted it on the popular YouTube Web site. … Analysts have said the video is representative of the multiplying power and democracy of the Internet and is a harbinger of a brave new era of unauthorized ‘viral’ political ads made by individuals working independently of campaigns and consultants.” I will bet you they are concerned. You know how proprietary these people are.Media was this way when we came along.”Who do these interlopers think they are?Who is this new media, talk radio and the blogs?Who do these people think they are?”The campaign people are going to be out there saying, “Who do these people on YouTube think they are making their own commercials.We gotta track these people down and find out who they are and put ’em out of business.”This is not going to sit well, and it isn’t sitting well.”The ad was first placed on the YouTube site on March 5 by an anonymous poster signed ParkRidge47, a signature that appears to be a clever jab at the New York senator, who was born in Chicago in 1947 and raised in nearby Park Ridge, Ill. After the ad received more than 100,000 hits in two days…” By the way, I looked at the counter on this ad.Before the show yesterday, it was at 120,000 hits.At show time it was at 420 or 450,000 hits.After the show it was back down to the hundred thousands.Now, how can that be?Who’s turning down the Odometer on the hits on this piece on YouTube?How does it go from 450,000 to 120,000 in three hours?That’s the time frame I checked it.Now, the piece goes on here to suggest that this is actually Republicans doing this.”Chris Finnie, a Santa Cruz-based Democratic operative, said the widespread coverage given to the mashup in GOP circles suggests the ad could have come from a Republican operative and smacks of ‘Swift Boat’ tactics…”Boy, these people never get over it.They just never, never get over it.As I said yesterday, what leads me to believe this is a Democrat ad is they don’t really go after Hillary on substance, they just go after clichs and so forth.But it’s clearly somebody who doesn’t like Mrs. Clinton and somebody who has not drank the Kool-Aid that the Clinton, Inc., is offering.This is somebody out there who’s clearly — and, by the way, a Republican pushing Obama?That would be strange. Story #4: Mrs. Bill Clinton Attacks Obama on War

RUSH:Meanwhile, Clinton and Obama are sparring on the war.That’s the Washington Post headline, but that’s a misleading headline.What’s happening here is that the Clinton team is attacking.Mrs. Bill Clinton’s camp is attacking.Yet the Washington Post refers to this as “Clinton-Obama Camps Spar on War — Clinton strategist Mark Penn and Obama strategist David Axelrod engaged in a pointed and occasionally heated exchange during a public forum at Harvard University over the issue that has become the central point of dispute between the two,” and that’s the war.”Penn, responding to a question about Clinton’s vote for the resolution, used the opportunity to attack Obama, arguing that he had said in 2004 that he was not sure whether he would have voted against the resolution had he been in the Senate.’Obama said he didn’t know exactly how he would have voted in Congress because he didn’t have the full intelligence,’ Penn said.”So basically here the Hillary camp is out there attacking.

The Washington Post says that both camps are sparring.Rick Klein in the Boston Globe says, “Obama’s Record Shows Caution, Nuance on Iraq.”Let me summarize this for you.Obama said that he wouldn’t re-up funding for the war, and then he did re-up funding for the war.That’s nuance.See, with Kerry it’s a “flip-flop.”For Obama it is a “nuance,” and, by the way, we’re talking here about the “magic negro.”Barack Obama, the “magic negro,” so proclaimed yesterday by David Ehrenstein in the Los Angeles Times.So the Hillary camp is out there pressing Obama for clarity on the war, which is rich.Last week it was the New York Sun that quoted Bill Clinton questioning Obama’s position on Iraq.Mark Penn, the Clinton pollster, criticized Obama for not detailing his position on the war and voting for Iraq appropriations.So they’re going out of their way out there in both camps to portray each other as nuanced and all over the place on the war in Iraq.All of this is gonna be rendered moot when the surge works and Baghdad is rendered peaceful.

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Story #1:Man Gets Probation for Dead Deer Sex

RUSH: I have a lot of stuff in the Stack of Stuff we didn’t get to yet, and that’s because there is no program in America — no long-form radio program — that deals with breaking news any better than this one.I’ll give you an example.I have mounds of stacks of stuff here, stuff that we worked diligently on overnight and all morning long preparing this show.Then this Edwards thing happens, and we go wall-to-wall with current news, but that means there’s other stuff in the stack that we haven’t gotten to, such as this: “A 20-year-old man received probation after he was convicted of having sexual contact with a dead deer. The sentence also requires Bryan James Hathaway to be evaluated as a sex offender and treated at the Institute for Psychological and Sexual Health in Duluth, Minn. The state believes that particular place is the best to provide treatment for the individual, Assistant District Attorney Jim Boughner said. Hathaway’s probation will be served at the same time as a nine-month jail sentence he received in February for violating his extended supervision. He was found guilty in April 2005 of felony mistreatment of an animal after he killed a horse with the intention of having sex with it.”Somehow, somebody got there in the nick of time.So apparently he was unrequited and made the move on the deer.“He was sentenced to 18 months in jail and two years of extended supervision on that charge as well as six years of probation for taking and driving a vehicle without the owner’s consent,” which means he stole it.”Hathaway pleaded no contest earlier this month to misdemeanor mistreatment of an animal for the incident involving the deer. He was sentenced Tuesday in Douglas County Circuit Court. ‘The type of behavior is disturbing,’ Judge Michael Lucci said. ‘It’s disturbing to the public. It’s disturbing to the court'”Really?Everybody?The State of Washington, remember Enumclaw?Guy out there snuck into the horse barn, but at least that horse was alive.In this case the deer was dead. Well, no, we don’t know that the horse in Enumclaw, Washington, consented.The law out there says that it’s not a crime to have sex with the horse unless you can prove the horse didn’t enjoy it.I’m not making that up.I don’t know how you ask.Story #2:Ugly Criminals Get Harsher Sentences

RUSH: We on this program are on the cutting edge of so many things — the Uglo-American, for example, and the plight that they face, and banning the ugly from the streets in daytime to ensure economic recovery.We took the lead on this way, way back in the late eighties, and now look at this: “Good looks could help guilty defendants dodge justice, researchers say.Ugly defendants are more likely to be found guilty than attractive ones.They reported that in an experiment jurors were more likely to convict suspects deemed ugly than those seen as attractive. It is thought that the principle applies elsewhere in life, with beauty being associated with kindness, intelligence and sporting ability.” That doesn’t have anything to do with it. “‘Attractive defendants are, it seems, rated less harshly than homely defendants, so perhaps justice isn’t blind after all. ‘People who are physically attractive are assumed to be clever, successful and have more friends – it is tragic in a way. It is interesting that being an unattractive black defendant only had an impact on sentencing and not on a juror’s verdict of guilt,’ Dr Taylor told the British Psychological Society’s annual conference in York. However, it is a positive finding that neither black nor white participants showed a bias towards their own ethnic group,'” when looking at ugly members of both ethnic groups.Interesting.Of course, every time you get one of these ugly stories, there’s a very logical question.Who decides who’s ugly or not?I’ve always said it’s a valid question, but the answer is simple.The ugly know who they are.They have to look in the mirror, too.This ought to help em’ out now when they start preparing their defenses.You say to the lawyer, “Look, I’m already — you saw that report.We’re in trouble here because I’m ugly, and you’re going to have to find a way to overcome this, and it can’t totally be overcome with wardrobe.”This notion that ugly people, beauty is associated with kindness, intelligence, and sporting ability.It may be, but that’s not the allure of beauty.In fact, most guys look at beautiful woman as probably an idiot.Well, not an idiot, but a dunce because they haven’t had to use anything but their looks to grab attention.This is not a put down.Talking about guys.I’m not making a judgment on women.I’m telling you what guys think.It may be borne of experience.I wouldn’t know.
Story #3:Letter Proves Plame Suggested Joe
RUSH: “If the Democratic controlled Congress is so hot to process a crime that has not been committed by trying to solicit perjury, why don’t they go ahead and prosecute the one that has been committed by Valerie Plame, who has now been caught lying to the US Senate as revealed by her recent house testimony?” This is an interesting question.The first answer I’d offer is that it’s Democrats that run the committees. Christopher Bond, senator from Missouri, is a member of the Senate intelligence committee. He said (paraphrased), “You know, we never heard anything about this junior underling that, phone call from Cheney’s office, and somebody else walking by suggesting Valerie Plame’s husband.”There’s a letter.Christopher Hitchens mentioned it. There’s a letter you can get that shows that Valerie Plame suggested her husband to go on that trip to Niger.It’s up to Democrats to do this.They run the House and the Senate, and I don’t think there’s going to be any interest on the part of Democrats to process Valerie Plame or put her through any kind of a perjury claim. You never know.The justice department is not going to do anything. It’s partisan politics.It’s the way it is.You have somebody who has told two different stories before two different committees (Gasp!) and nothing’s done, and then you got eight people haven’t done anything wrong. Rove has not lied, and he’s going to be subpoenaed for the purposes of trying to trick ’em into perjury. There’s no question.
Story #4:Pelosi Breaks Pledge to End Open Votes
RUSH:Another story. It’s in the Politico, no less, a left-leaning website that publishes a newspaper now and then, two or three times a week.It’s these guys from the Washington Post that left the dead tree paper, went over to the Internet, and started this Politico website.They are out saying to Nancy Pelosi, the honeymoon’s over.Steny Hoyer, who is second in command in the House for the Democrats, has decided that the House is going to continue to hold open votes rather than have a definite closed period for votes.This is something they excoriated the Republicans for doing.The Republicans always held the votes open longer than scheduled in order to round up the votes to whip the votes into place.Democrats screamed, “You can’t do that!That’s violation of the way the House operates,” which is not surprising. I’m just surprised anybody’s surprised about this.Story #5: Democrats Can’t Pass Any Legislation; Code Pink, Anti-War Kooks Freak Out

RUSH: Democrats can’t get anything done legislatively.There are stories are all over the Stack of Stuff today about how Democrats can’t come together on anything to do with Iraq. Code Pink is showing up at more congressional offices to protest the lack of things being done.

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Story #1:A Third of American Households Won’t Read This

RUSH: We keep hearing, “We’ve gotta spread the Internet. We gotta get it to the urban communities.We gotta get the Internet out there.It’s not fair.It’s just not fair so many people have the Internet, so many people don’t,” just like the old days, long-distance phone service, rural phone service.We had to have a tax on everybody’s phone bill to get it out there.Get this.”A little under one-third, about 29% of American households have no Internet access, and they don’t plan to get it, and they don’t want any.Most of the households see little use for it in their lives, this according to a survey released on Friday.Park Associates in Dallas said 29% of US households, or 31 million homes, don’t have Internet access.They don’t intend to subscribe to an Internet service over the nexttwo months, they have no need,” they see no need, a third of American households.That’s not insignificant.

Story #2:Gay Cops Told Not to Sway Hips

RUSH: Have you seen this story out of the Philippines?”Gay Cops Told Not to Sway Hips — Philippine police were on the defensive on Friday after gay cops were warned they could be sacked for swinging their hips or engaging in flamboyant behavior.Chief superintendent Samuel Pagdilao said: ‘The Philippine national police does not have a policy that discriminates against gays and lesbians.In short, all its policies are issued for everybody regardless of sex or creed.’But, he warned being a uniformed service, there are rules of conduct that apply to everybody for which violations may result in being fired or other sorts of discipline.”They can’t swish, can’t sway.It’s: Don’t ask; don’t sway.
Story #3:Will Sharia Law Rule in Minnesota?
RUSH: This is from the Wall Street Journal yesterday by Katherine Kersten, and the title of this is “Sharia in Minnesota?”Let me summarize this.In Minnesota, there are those who follow Sharia law (Islamic law) and are seeking special accommodation for these particular religious beliefs.Like this judge in Germany last week, honest to gosh, said that a Muslim man can beat his wife because it’s in the Koran.A Muslim man living in Germany can beat his wife because it’s in the Koran.Now, multiculturalism has run amok because it’s Germany, and Sharia law is not the law, or the law of the Koran is not the law in Germany, but this is total capitulation.This is being done out of fear, and in Minnesota, the same sort of thing is in the process of developing.They’re seeking special accommodation for their religious beliefs, the Sharia Muslims, and what I find funny you ask, “Why don’t they talk about Mahmoud and his religion?” They don’t talk about any religion other than Christianity in this country. Liberals look at evangelical Christians and so-called Christian right or any of these people who want to live what they hope is a godly life in public, and say, “Why, they’re a threat to the republic! Why, these people are dangerous. Why, even some Republicans want to get them out of the party. They say, ‘We’ve gotta fix this abortion problem. We’re never going to win an elections. We’ve got to shut up these hicks that live in the South. All these Christian right people are destroying our party!'”So we can have liberals criticize religious people in this country left and right if they’re Christian, but in Minnesota if Sharia law is going to be the law, and you don’t dare criticize it because it’s discriminatory, and in Germany, if an Islamic man wants to beat his wife up, it’s okay.So you ask, “Why doesn’t anybody explore what Mahmoud’s foreign policy might actually be based on in terms of his religion?” They’re afraid.It’s just simple fear.They’re afraid of being critical. Look at the Dutch cartoon scandal. After there were protests and riots all over the world about the publishing of those cartoons, the world cowered in fear.So there’s your answer, short and simple. Story #4:No Intelligent Motive for Hagel Bush Bash
RUSH: Snerdley and I were just talking about this. We can’t figure it out here.We can’t figure what the political upside for Chuck Hagel is in all this rap that he’s gotten into, now talking about the president might be impeached or could be impeachable. I just can’t figure it out, unless he’s running for the Democrat nomination.I don’t know what Chuck Hagel is up to.I’m one of the brainiest political analysts out there, and this is senseless.I cannot detect an intelligent motive for this.
Story #5: Nobody Shows for Immigration Anniversary
RUSH: Oh, did you see turnout waslow at theone year anniversary of all those millions of people protesting for illegal immigration? Nobody showed up. Story #6:Will the NYTimes Print on Panda Poop?

RUSH:One of the other interesting things on one of the Discovery shows last night, Planet Earth, had to do with pandas.They’re not plentiful, and one of the reasons is their diet.Panda eat bamboo.Now, we didn’t dictate that, God did.God designed pandas. Pandas eat bamboo.The problem is that bamboo is not all that rich in nutrients and they have to eat tons of it in order to get the proper nutrition.That’s one of the reasons that there’s a shortage of panda bears out there.Also the fact that Ron Popeil came along and started selling the bamboo steamer several years ago and that created a shortage of bamboo for the bears that eat this stuff.It’s nothing to do with us.This is in the Discovery show Planet Earth, and there’s just not enough bamboo out there.They eat bamboo shoots, but they have to eat so much of it and there’s not that much of it to be found.I have found a companion story about panda bears in the Washington Post today.It’s actually an AP story.It’s out of Beijing.Let me just read the headline to you.”Panda Poop to do Double Duty in China — There’s a new Chinese saying: When life hands you panda poop, make paper. Researchers at a giant panda reserve in southern China are looking for paper mills to process their surplus of fiber-rich panda excrement into high quality paper. Liao Jun, a researcher at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base in Sichuan province, said the idea came to them after a visit to Thailand last year where they found paper made from elephant dung. They thought panda poop would produce an even finer quality paper, he said.”They hope to have a product line available next year.This is going to put even more strains on bamboo because what do you think is the first step in the process of creating panda poop?So you might well soon be going to your office and supply store and picking up a new ream of paper and it’s going to be paper made from panda poop.In fact, my hope one day is the New York Times decides to print its daily edition on paper made of panda poop, and then I can run around saying, “I don’t need to read that crap.”The New York Times?I don’t need to read that crap.(interruption) Mr. Snerdley’s question is, “Who is it that decides what’s the right number for any species?”Well, look, putting on my science hat, the science hat would say you need a certain number to keep the species going.But the real answer is if the species can’t get going and if they can’t keep going, Darwin, natural selection, survival of the fittest.If they can’t keep going, it’s their problem.Now, we have stewardship over the planet.We find these animals that are cuddly and lovable and we make cartoon characters out of them, and we want the species to survive, like the condor.You know, we tried to save the California condor.The thing would drink antifreeze dripping out of cars and it woulddie.We went to great efforts to save the California condor.Like this new leopard that’s been discovered, first ever footage of this leopard that lives only in Russia, and I think, I don’t remember specifically, I think they said there’s 11 pairs plus the cubs, and it’s tough because they live in Russia where there’s not a whole lot of food in the wintertime, and they don’t move, they stay there, and there’s not a whole lot to be found.So the question would be, “Well, if they’re too stupid to move, then it’s too bad.”If they’re too stupid, like birds migrate, other birds migrate, migration is a big part of this thing as well.I think the correct number of a species is determined by humans who project their own attitudes on life toward these various species and so forth, but we do, we decide this, Mr. Snerdley, our scientists decide this, our animal warming experts, our animal rights experts.

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Story #1:50% Say They Won’t Vote for Mrs. Bill Clinton

RUSH:I just got a new Harris poll here, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s not good for the campaign of Mrs. Bill Clinton.It’s in The Hill newspaper today. “Half of voting-age Americans say they would not vote for [Mrs. Bill Clinton] if she became the Democratic nominee for president in 2008, according to a Harris Interactive poll released Tuesday. More than one in five Democrats that participated in the survey said they would not vote for [Mrs. Bill] Clinton. Overall, 36 percent say they would vote for [Mrs. Bill Clinton] and 11 percent are unsure… Forty-eight percent of Independent voters also said that they would choose another candidate over [Mrs. Bill] Clinton, the poll, which surveyed 2,223 potential voters, states. Fifty-six percent of men said that they would not vote for [Mrs. Bill] Clinton, while 45 percent of women said that she would not” vote for Mrs. Bill Clinton.” In addition, “69 percent of those 62 and older said that they would not vote for Mrs. Bill Clinton.” I wonder what that group has against her, 69% of those 62 and older.I wonder what they would have against her.She’s about that age, 60, something like that.I’m sure it’s the ex-wife-reminder factor. “Nearly half of the respondents said that they dislike [Mrs. Bill] Clinton’s political opinions and [Mrs. Bill] Clinton as a person. Fifty-two percent of people also said that ‘she does not appear to connect with people on a personal level.'” Now, I don’t know if they actually said that or if that was one of these multiple choice things you got in a poll.I don’t know how many people run around talking about people that don’t “connect with people on a personal level.”We in broadcasting do because that’s a objective, to go out there and connect with the audience, but I don’t know how many average, ordinary Americans out there return around and start assessing that about people.It’s just another way of saying she’s phony or that she’s plastic.Story #2: Worms Live Longer Eating Isotope Steaks, Chicken

RUSH: This headline’s intriguing.See if you can guess what this is about: “Worms Live Longer on Fortified Steak and Chicken.”It’s a new diet plan.I kid you not.No, for humans. They inject you with worms that eat what you eat.That’s simplifying it.This is from LiveScience.com: “Experiments with worms suggest humans might one day be able to eat themselves to a longer and healthier life.The new approach differs from previous studies which extended life in non-human animals by keeping food consumption to a bare minimum, a technique called caloric restriction.Researchers led by Mikhail Shchepinov, formerly of Oxford University, fed nematode worms, Caenorhabditis elegans, bits of steak and chicken reinforced with variations of certain atoms, called ‘isotopes,’ of elements like hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen.Isotopes have the same number of protons as their natural counterparts but different numbers of neutrons. Carbon, for example, usually has 6 protons and 6 neutrons. An isotope of carbon, called C13, has 6 protons and 7 neutrons. “Worms on the specialized diet lived about 10 percent longer on average. Assuming people will one day routinely live to 100, a similar approach in humans could add an extra 10 years to a person’s life, the researchers say.The researchers think eating isotope-reinforced foods reduces molecular damage incurred by rouge [sic–rogue] molecules that roam the body called ‘free radicals,’ which have highly reactive, unpaired electrons. Many scientists think free-radical damage is one of the reasons why organisms age.According to Shchepinov, replacing atoms in chemical bonds susceptible to attack with their natural isotopes strengthens those bonds, making them harder to break.’Because these bonds are so much more stable, it should be possible to slow the process of oxidation and aging,’ Shchepinov told the science magazine Chemistry & Industry, where the research was first reported.The researchers suggest adding isotopes to animal feed so humans can benefit indirectly when eating animal products like steaks and chicken fillets. Isotopes could also be used in foods of pets or of soldiers, to provide added protection against radiation.” Worms live longer eating these fortified steaks and chicken fillets that have these isotopes in there. They’re working on doing this in humans, but I if they can control the worms to eat what you eat, that would be a hell of a diet.
Story #3:ADULT Stem Cells Regenerate Liver Tissue
RUSH:”Germany [sic] scientists have, for the first time, used adult bone marrow stem cells to regenerate healthy human liver tissue. Heinrich-Heine University researchers in Dusseldorf used the stem cells,” again, these are adult bone marrow stem cells, “to help quickly regenerate liver tissue in cancer patients unable to undergo surgery because removing the cancerous tissue would leave too little liver to support the body. ‘Our study suggests that liver stem cells harvested from the patient’s own bone marrow can further augment and accelerate the liver’s natural capacity to regenerate itself,’ said Dr. Gunther Furst, a professor of radiology and co-author of the investigation.” Well, hubba hubba.More success here withADULT stem cells.

Story #4: UK Judge Says Drunk Women Can Consent to Sex

RUSH: Now, good news out there, boys, in case you missed this.This is news from the UK: “A drunken woman can still consent to sex,” according to the UK court of appeal.I’m starting to really dig the evolution here of feminism.First this German judge says it’s okay for an Islamic guy to beat the hell out of his wife because it’s in the Koran.Even though Sharia law and Islamic law are not the cultural norm of Germany, this guy can still beat the crap out of his wife and get away with it because it’s his religion.You think of the possibilities here. Now in the UK, “Three senior judges were giving reasons for clearing a 25-year-old man of raping a student, aged 19, after both had been drinking heavily. Sir Igor Judge, sitting with Lady Justice Hallett and Mrs. Justice Gloster, said sex would amount to rape if the complainant had lost her capacity to choose as a result of drink.’However, where the complainant has voluntarily consumed even substantial quantities of alcohol, but nevertheless remains capable of choosing whether or not to have intercourse, and in drink agrees to do so, this would not be rape,’ he said.The judges could not set a level of alcohol consumption that would negate consent, they explained.Otherwise, ‘provisions intended to protect women from sexual assaults might very well be conflated into a system which would provide patronising interference with the right of autonomous adults to make personal decisions for themselves’.”What these judges are saying is, “Hey, you’re adults, 19 and on up, you’re adults.You’re out there consuming adult beverages with some guy, and if you consent, and even though you’ve been consuming adult beverage, if you consent, then you can’t come around later and say you were raped or taken advantage of.Gotta accept responsibility for what you’re doing, including swallowing the adult beverages.”That’s what they’re saying.”Benjamin Bree, a university-educated computer software engineer from Southampton ‘of excellent previous character’, was told after an appeal hearing earlier this month that his rape conviction would be quashed. He had served nearly five months of a five-year sentence.Criticising the way that Judge Jarvis had summed up the case, the Court of Appeal said the jury’s verdict could not be regarded as safe.Yesterday, the court decided not to order a re-trial.”Mr. Bree, who was in tears after the ruling, was advised by his lawyers not to speak to reporters. He was convicted at Bournemouth Crown Court last October of raping a university student who shared a flat with his brother Michael, also a student at Bournemouth university. Michael Bree and his girlfriend, Holly, spent an evening in February last year drinking with Mr. Bree and the complainant, identified as M.She drank two pints of cider and, over the evening, between four and six vodkas. Mr. Bree, who had been drinking earlier in the day, drank two pints of lager and then he too moved on to vodka and Red Bull.The girls walked back to her flat, letting themselves in. But both girls were badly affected by drink. Holly was sick in the kitchen and M was sick in the shower. Mr. Bree helped her wash her hair.M’s next memory, she said, was finding herself on the bed. Mr. Bree was having sex with her. She told the jury that she had not consented.After Mr. Bree was arrested, he appeared shocked and upset. His case was that, although M may have become less inhibited because she was drunk, she was lucid enough to consent to sex and had done so. Mr. Bree told the police that she seemed keen on sex.”The court of appeal found in his favor yesterday, overturning a previous verdict.Sum total, drunk women can consent to sex in England.Yes, this is in England.The way I read it, what these judges are saying, “Hey, if you’re going to be responsible to take the first drink, we gotta hold you responsible for that, too.I mean, there are consequences to actions.”Very odd.This is taking away the victim status of a woman.That’s profound. I don’t care where you go in American culture today, women are victims of everything.They’re victims of having been born, should have been aborted.After they have to undergo the humanity and the degradation of being born, then they grow up a second class victims of everything, predatory males, motherhood, you name it, glass ceiling.It’s all over the place out there that they’re victims.Now, this court of appeal in the UK is trying to bring some alternate thinking to this.

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Story #1:Knut’s Fame Kills Bystander Panda — Link One | Link Two
RUSH: Knut the polar bear over there, the little polar bear cub in the Berlin Zoo, had an accident over there yesterday. This polar bear’s drawn more visitors than the zoo’s ever had and they had so many they couldn’t fit them all in to where Knut is, so some of them went over there to the panda cage. There’s a 22-year-old panda in there, and the panda died.He was just not used to fame.All that fame, all that attention, you wish this would happen — well, never mind.But the point is they’re now blaming Knut for this. “He’s a disruption. He’s played a partial role in the death of a panda!”

That’s what is saying here in Der Spiegel, and then there’s a blog about this on the UK Guardian. He was partly responsible for the death of the panda because he’s so popular. He sent these people that couldn’t see him over to see the panda. “The panda said, “What’s this?” and died.The panda died! That’s what they said. The panda died because people were looking at it.In fact, if you read the story, you’re really not sure why the panda died, and you’re really not sure what this little polar bear has anything to do with it, but the story is still out there.
Story #2:San Francisco Bans Plastic Bags

RUSH: “The San Francisco City Council voted yesterday to become the first US city to ban plastic bags from large supermarkets to help promote recycling.”One of these guys said it “could save 450,000 gallons of oil a year by banning the bags and remove the need to send 1400 tons of debris now sent annually to landfills.” The mayor, Gavin Newsom, said, “That’s sensible,” and chances are good he’s going to sign it, said one of his legislative aides.The city has given grocery stores six months to get rid of them.I don’t know what they’re going to use.”The city’s department of the environment said San Francisco uses 181 million plastic grocery bags annually.Plans dating back a decade to encourage recycling of the bags have largely failed, with shoppers returning just 1% of the bags.”They think that will save 450,000 gallons of oil a year, because they claim that the petroleum industry manufactures these bags. They’re a petroleum product.I don’t know if that’s still true anymore, but I know it once was. Do you remember when you used to go to grocery store back in the good old days and get a good paper bag, a solid paper bag, a bunch of paper bags? When I used to go to the store, that’s what they used.You go in there and you put ’em out in the trunk of the car, the back seat or whatever, and you drive off and everything is hunky-dory and fine, then you can reuse the bags for whatever at home if you need to. They went to these plastic bags and everybody remembers the reason for this, because we had to “save the trees.” We had to save the trees. Paper bags were killing trees, and they weren’t easy to recycle, even though trees are a renewable resource. You just plant a bunch of them.I just remember a couple times — it’s been a long time since I’ve been in a grocery store, but when I used to go to grocery stores back in these days when the plastic bags came out, you had an option. I’d say, “Please, I want a paper bag,” and these snarky checkout people would look at me like I was some kind of devil that wanted to destroy the planet, like I kicked little cats around or something! (Continue to Story #3)
Story #3:Prediction: Compact Flourescent Lightbulbs Will Become the “New Plastic Bags”

RUSH:Now, keep that story about the shopping bags in mind, and here’s the next one.This is from Reuters.”Mercury in Energy-Saving Bulbs Worries Scientists.”(Gasp!)”There’s an old joke about the number of people it takes to change a lightbulb, but because the newer energy efficient kinds contain amounts of the mercury, the hard part is getting rid of them when they burn out.Mercury is poisonous.But it’s also a necessary part of the most compact fluorescent bulbs, the kind that environmentalist wackos and some governments are pushing as a way to cut energy use.With an estimated 150 million fluorescent bulbs sold in the US last year, with Wal-Mart alone hoping to sell 100 million of them this year, some scientists and environmentalists are worried that most rending up in garbage dumps.Mercury is probably best known for its effects on the nervous system. “The Mad Hatter in the book Alice in Wonderland was based on Nineteenth Century Hat Makers who were continually exposed to the toxin,” which is something I did not know ’til I read this story.At any rate, we have the environmental wackos once again at cross purposes.They care about the environment and they end up destroying it.Now, I just want you to remember this San Francisco business about getting rid of the plastic bags, because remember, they were the lifesavers. They were revolutionary. They would recycle. Why, this was one of the greatest inventions to come down the pike! Now? “Nope, gotta ban ’em.”These compact fluorescent bulbs are going to be the next plastic bag.I don’t know how long it’s going to take, but at some point we are going to hear from scientists that we’ve got to stop using these compact fluorescents because the mercury in them is destroying the environment and creating personal risks to our children, who play in landfills and dumps, and they encounter the mercury and may end up like the Mad Hatter.
Story #4:Stalinist Democrats Block Swift Boat Supporter

RUSH:I don’t know if you’ve heard about this, folks.I intended to talk about this, but I just learned something that sort of disappoints me.”As one of the GOP’s most prominent national fundraisers, Sam Fox should have an easy road to an appealing diplomatic post. But Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass.,” who served in Vietnam, “and other Democrats are raising concerns about Fox’s nomination to be ambassador to Belgium because of a $50,000 contribution Fox made in 2004 to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.Many Democrats blame the group for sinking,” the presidential hopes of John Kerry, who served in Vietnam. Of course, Kerry’s pathetic, dryball, dull personality and absolutely abhorrent politics would have nothing to do with him losing the election. No! It had to be the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. A vote on Sam Fox was scheduled for today on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Kerry’s Vietnam crew mates on Tuesday sent a letter urging committee members to oppose Fox’s nomination.” He’s 77-years-old out of St. Louis. He’s the national chairman of the Jewish Republican Coalition, “and has donated well over $1 million to Republican candidates and causes since the 1990s…” John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, “grilled Fox about the Swift Boat contribution during the Feb. 27 hearing, asking him why he gave money to a group that was ‘smearing and spreading lies’ and had been condemned by members of both political parties.” Anyway, the White House has pulled Sam Fox’s nomination.This was free political speech.Do you think we have free political speech in this country?Go out there and try it. So he contributes 50 grand to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, and the Democrats in the Senate hold up his nomination.”At the end of the hearing last month, Obama told Fox he found his testimony ‘somewhat unsatisfying.”I would have preferred you saying, you know, ‘In retrospect looking back, contributing to the Swift Boat campaign was a mistake and I wish I hadn’t done it,'” and Fox didn’t say it. He didn’t grovel to these guys.This is another example of the Stalinist tactics of the Democrats.So anyway, the White House — I don’t know exactly why yet or what the full reason is, but — they’ve pulled his nomination.Sam Fox will not now get a vote on the ambassadorial post to Belgium.
Story #5: Politico: Reverend Jackson toVote forObama

RUSH: ThePolitico.com has just posted on a blog that the Reverend Jackson has decided (this is just a report) to vote for the “Magic Negro.”That would be Barack Obama.

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Story #1: NY Times:The Great Depression Returns
RUSH: Have you seen the story in the New York Times? It’s a story by David Cay Johnston, and the headline of the story:”Income Gap is Widening,” and it’s a sob story.It’s a three handkerchief story about how the income gap is widening and the concentration of wealth in this country has never been in fewer hands than it is now.In fact, “The top 1 percent of Americans — those with incomes more than $348,000 in 2005 — received their largest share of national income since 1928.”What do you mean, received?Somebody up there deciding who earns what?The federal government, somebody decides, “Okay, your income is going to be this.”Has anybody at the New York Times ever heard of the concept of earning income?At any rate, “The top 1 percent of Americans — those with incomes more than $348,000 in 2005 — received their largest share of national income since 1928.”That date, that year resonate with any of you people?Why, we were on the verge of a depression, folks.We were on the verge of a Great Depression.They traced this back to 1928, 1929.What is the conclusion we are supposed to draw from the emphasis on 1928 about W’s economic policies?

Story #2: Dilapidated Democrat Judge HangsOn

RUSH:There’sthis Democrat judge inSouth Dakota. Now, the Democrats are out there saying that the US attorney imbroglio is just about politics.They’re trying to criminalize it.There’s a story today, AP has it, a judge in South Dakota, an aging judge cannot perform his work load anymore. He’s a Democrat, he’s a federal judge, and other judges in the courthouse are picking up the slack for this guy so he won’t have to retire and let Bush appoint his replacement.So you got a Democrat judge who’s not able to work a full load any more hanging on trying to make it ’til 2008 when hopefully for him the Democrats win the White House and he can quit and have a Democrat appoint his successor.Now, you tell me that that’s not political.Probably a couple of US Supreme Court justices are doing the same thing.Just trying to gut it out and hold on as long as they can, don’t to want retire while Bush would have the opportunity to replace them.

These guys, they’re purely political.They’re out there charging the Republicans politics as criminal.It’s breathtaking to behold.These guys, the Democrat Party, I’m going to tell you something, folks.The way they conduct themselves, going after Republicans is a way of life for them.It’s even pathological to the point they believe all the lies they tell.They actually got themselves believing the election results in November were to set a date to get out of Iraq, they believe it. They’ve told themselves this so much they believe it.They spend every waking hour plotting against the Republicans how to advance their agenda.Republicans don’t do this.They don’t look at government this way.The libs do.You know, government is their house; government’s their home; government is their religion; it’s their everything. The days that they’re not working on the floor of the House or the Senate or whatever, they’re coordinating with their associates all over the country to make this as unified as they can, this constant, never-ending approach.It’s just who they are and what they do.The Republicans know it, they can see it coming.But they don’t do anything about it because it’s not in them to act this way.They don’t sit around and scheme about holding onto their power.Hell, there’s not enough party discipline in the Republican Party to pull it off even if they wanted to.By the way, one of the judges that’s helping this dilapidated judge hang on is a close friend of Tom Puff Daschle.So Tom’s talking to the guy. (doing Daschle impression) “It would really be helpful, we’re all concerned that he might quit, and if you could just pick up the slack from the dilapidated judge in our party, can’t work as much, it would really help, be real helpful so we won’t be as concerned, Tim, because we don’t want to lose this judge seat.”So the friend of Puff’s, taken over some of the dilapidated judge’s case load.(Laughing.)But, there’s no politics in that.
Story #3: Offended SeaWorld CustomerResigns Because of Rush
RUSH:Here’s an AP story out of Saratoga Springs, New York.The name involved in this story might ring a bell.”An administrator at an upstate college has resigned after her complaints about a patriotic display at a Florida tourist attraction hit the talk radio airwaves. Hilal Isler, who’s a Turkish-American Muslim, says the series of events that led to her resignation began when she and her husband visited SeaWorld in Orlando earlier this month.Isler says the driver of a tourist attraction bus made insulting comments about Muslims, then ridiculed the couple when they complained.Isler sent an e-mail detailing the encounter to the Orlando Sentinel, which published a story on the incident on March 16th. It had quotes from Isler complaining about a patriotic display staged during their visit to SeaWorld.” The “patriotic display” involved the flag, the American flag, and people at Sea World were standing up and applauding it.”The story caught the attention of syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh. Since then, officials at Skidmore say Isler has received upsetting e-mails and other messages from around the country. She resigned last week after just three months in her position as director of Skidmore’s student diversity programs. The bus driver has since been fired.”Well, we knew that.That was in the original story.These Turkish Muslims had gone to SeaWorld to see Shamu and so forth and they also saw the American flag and they flipped out.We did read the story.Apparently she’s been pressured now to split the scene and has resigned from Skidmore College as the head of diversity for students.I laugh.
Story #4: GenericRepublican Still Beats Democrats in ’08 Poll

RUSH: TIME Magazine, TIME.com, has Jay Carney writing in Washington.”Poll: A Surprising G.O.P. Edge for ’08” (Gasp!)”Could things be any worse for George W. Bush and his beleaguered party? In the new TIME poll, the President’s job approval rating continues to wallow near his all-time lows, at 33%, while his disapproval rating breaks the 60% barrier for the third consecutive survey.”It goes on and talks about all this polling data that he’s got and how bad it is for Bush out there, and then said, “It’s hard to know exactly why respondents who are generally unhappy towards — and in many cases fed up with — the GOP might still prefer a Republican for president over a Democrat. Much of it has to do with the individual candidates involved. In Clinton’s case, as TIME pollster Mark Schulman points out, ‘with Hillary the Democratic front-runner, most voters have made up their minds about her, both pro and con. “She may have limited upward potential against Republicans. The emerging anti-Hillaries, Obama and Edwards, suffer from low awareness at this point.'” Oh, no, no, no, not true for Edwards.His fundraising skyrocketed out there since the press conference last week.”Another GOP advantage in these match-ups is the way the party’s top two candidates are viewed by the public. ‘Giuliani and McCain are not traditional Republicans,’ says Schulman. ‘Rather they both have an independent streak that plays well in certain traditional Democratic bastions, such as the Northeast and California, the left and right coasts.’ … Democrats also may have a residual disadvantage going into 2008 — a long-standing disposition among voters to view Republicans as stronger on issues involving national security.” Jay Carney is surprised about this.The subtext of this is that despite all this polling data they’ve got about how Bush is supposedly hated and despised, same poll projects Republicans as the preference over Democrats generically in the ’08 presidential race because Republicans are perceived to be stronger on national security. Of course the Drive-Bys can’t believe this.Why, they’ve done their job, they’ve got that approval rating down to 33%, they think they’ve got half or more of the American people hating the war in Iraq and wanting out of there, and now this?It’s right in front of their face, and here the Democrats have voted to de-fund the war and to pull the troops out starting in March of 2008, and they’re scratching their heads over why it might be that Democrats are not trusted in the area of national security?
Story #5: Illinois Decides to Leave Kids Behind

RUSH: Here’s a story out of Chicago.This is just sad. “Almost 300,000 reading and math tests taken by Illinois students in 2006 weren’t counted because the state relaxed a rule under the federal No Child Left Behind Act, allowing some schools to dodge a warning they were failing.” (Gasp!)The left the children behind!The kids weren’t doing well, so they didn’t count the tests. “The tests most likely to be discounted were low-income and minority students, The Chicago Tribune reported Wednesday. Almost one in four black students and one in five low-income students didn’t have their scores counted.According to federal guidelines, a school’s progress under the law is evaluated on tests taken by students enrolled for a ‘full academic year,’ which each state defines.”It could be 180 days, 185, whatever it is. “Illinois changed its rule so that students must be enrolled May 1 of the previous school year to have their tests counted. Before last year, the state counted the tests of students enrolled by Oct. 1 of the school year.The change meant that 283,000 tests were not counted, letting 53 schools dodge a warning list of underperforming schools. Schools that make the list can face sanctions, such as offering students the chance to transfer to other schools.”So they’re admitting their school sucks. They’re not teaching minority kids.They’re not teaching poor kids.They’re not doing well on tests, found a loophole to discount the tests.This, folks, is what these educators do to keep minority and poor kids uneducated, and it is criminal.It is racism, and you can demonstrate it by virtue of the numbers. Look at who’s tests are thrown out.Why do they score badly on the tests in the first place?Yet these are the people that won’t let us close these schools.”Oh, no, no, no, we gotta keep these schools open, diversity, teachers union requirements,” or what have you.It is no wonder that parents of black kids and minority and poor kids are fed up with the public school system.But I also think there’s a little conspiracy.I think one of the objectives of liberals running the public education system is to keep kids dumbed down, they grow up as adults dumbed down, and therefore more easily made dependent.This a serious matter.
Story #6: Rudy’s Wife in Cabinet Meetings?

RUSH: Tell me I did not see that.I did see that?I couldn’t possibly.I have to be hallucinating here.Well, I saw it, I didn’t believe it, but I have seen it.MSNBC just ran a graphic saying that Rudy Giuliani says he wants his wife to sit in on cabinet meetings.Let’s wait for the quote.This is MSNBC, all right?You know, these things can just get blown and distorted.MSNBC is in the throes of depression right now because the Gonzales hearings fell apart, and they’re looking at anything to make themselves feel better here.
Story #7:NAGs Want Piece of Fatherhood Initiative

RUSH: The NOW gang, not only have they endorsed Hillary, the NAGs, is our favorite acronym for them here, the National Association of Gals, they’re upset over something called the Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Initiative. “The Bush administration doles out up to $50 million annually to fund its programs to build job skills and help fathers connect better with their children. But the National Organization for Women says the effort is illegal because it’s only about men. NOW and Legal Momentum, another advocacy group, filed complaints yesterday with the Department of Health and Human Services alleging sex discrimination in the initiative that is funding about 100 programs this year.” Now, of course, the NAGs love WIC. What is WIC? The Women Infants and Children program. Yeah, no men are involved in the WIC program, but here’s something called the Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Initiative, and the NAGs, they’re fit to be tied over this. NAGs are flexing their muscles, feeling their oats out there.

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Story #1: Brownstein’s Black Clouds for Democrats

RUSH: The LA Times. This is from Ron Brownstein, who’s now an opinion columnist. By the way, Brownstein’s wife works in the McCain campaign. I had a list the other day, and I don’t have it in front of me, of the number of media people whose spouses work for elected officials or on presidential candidates campaigns and so forth, and I remember that Brownstein’s wife I think works with McCain. At any rate, Brownstein’s piece today, “Warning Signs for the Democrats — There’s a black cloud in the majority party’s silver lining. … for all these indications of possibility, Democrats face two brightly blinking yellow lights. The first is that approval ratings for Congress are declining again, less than three months after the Democrats took control.

The new majority faces a genuine conundrum. After six years of Republican dereliction, tough oversight of the Bush Administration is not only justified but imperative. And Bush’s refusal to negotiate with the Democrats on issues from strategy in Iraq to testimony on the U.S. attorneys controversy leaves them with little choice but to confront him in headline-grabbing collisions, like the congressional efforts to impose a time limit on the war. But as McInturff notes, these repeated skirmishes are exposing the Democratic majority to a dangerous dynamic.”

I mentioned this on the air the other day. These people are doing nothing but making it look like they can’t legislate. They’re keeping the country in total chaos and tumult. That’s the dangerous dynamic that Brownstein refers to here. He says that, “Conflicts are proliferating while the initiatives they promised voters last year, such as a higher minimum wage, are stalled. If they can’t revive that agenda, even amid the fireworks with Bush on other fronts, congressional Democrats are asking for trouble. Relentless argument and sparse achievement isn’t an ideal formula for success.”
Story #2: Nostrilitus Waxman’s Letter to Condi Rice

RUSH: This is a letter from Henry Waxman of the House oversight and Government Reform Committee to Condoleezza Rice. “Dear Madam Secretary. On March 12th, I sent you a letter renewing as formal request of the committee prior letter requests that I sent you between 2003 and 2006. These requests sought information on the claim that Iraq sought uranium from Niger. White House treatment of classified information, the appointment of Ambassador Jones as special coordinator for Iraq and other subjects. My March 12th letter is attached. The March 12th letter requested a response by March 23rd to several of the inquiries, but the committee received no response from you. I now request your appearance before the committee at a hearing on Wednesday, April 18th, at ten a.m., Rayburn House office building. At this hearing, you will be asked to provide testimony and respond to questions on the subjects outlined in the March 12th letter and the original request letters.

“I understand that being secretary of state there are significant demands on your time. If April 18th is an inconvenient date the committee staff is available to discuss an alternative date in April for your testimony.” A trip to Niger, trying to defend Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson, dragging Condoleezza Rice — Waxman is an evil hack. But this is the kind of stuff that Brownstein’s writing about. Look, you guys keep doing this and you don’t accomplish anything legislatively — which they can’t because they don’t have the majority numbers — then you are in dangerous territory, you are asking for trouble. There’s another thing that Brownstein references here in this piece, and that is the presidential weakness that I discussed yesterday that essentially could be a problem for Democrats. Bush is not weak when it comes to Iraq, and he’s forcing them to walk the plank of defeat. While there was all kind of giddiness after the vote in both the House and the Senate, now reality is starting to set in with some of them.
Story #3: Drive-Bys Stunned by ’08 Polls
Story #4: Congressional Approval in Free Fall

RUSH: The Democrats and the Drive-By Media are in a tizzy over this latest poll, the two latest polls. One of them is the Pew poll that shows that Congress’ approval rating is plummeting now after three months of Democrat control, but there’s an even more worrisome poll out there, and that is that Hillary’s beaten by everybody, including Barack. McCain, Giuliani. Giuliani beats Obama by one point, and they don’t understand this. They think they’ve got the ’08 election already sewed up for one Democrat, at least one Democrat, and they don’t understand this. Of course the bottom line is when you get down to voting for president, you’re voting for somebody to protect the country, national security. The Democrats have just sewn up the fact that they do not get any credit whatsoever for that.
Story #5: Iraq Surrender Bill Could Die in Conference

RUSH: Again in the LA Times, Iraq: It may be a tough road to a Senate-House compromise. It seems that the Democrats’ surrender legislation isn’t in the bag yet. “Keith Ellison, a freshman congressman from Minnesota said yesterday he would oppose any bill that did not retain the House’s firm timelines.” Jerrold Nadler of New York, who had urged his colleagues on the Out of Iraq Caucus to back the bill, cautioned that softening the pullout deadlines would risk defections. He said, “If we substantially weaken the timelines, I have a real problem with that, but restrictive deadlines could cause support to evaporate in the Senate,” like Ben Nelson from yesterday, Mark Pryor of Arkansas, as well as Gordon Smith of Oregon and Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, they provided the margin of victory, but some of them are saying,”Ifwe go to conference and you put a dead-certain date to get out of there in this bill,we are going to not vote for it.” So it’s not going swimmingly out there for the Democrats.

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Story #1:Feinstein Scandal Bigger Than William Jefferson (D-LA)

RUSH: By the way, we do have more onDianne Feinsteinresigning from the MILCON committee, the subcommittee in the Senate. This is a scandal that’s every bit as big — if not larger than — Congressman William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana). It’s going nowhere, and it was started by a bunch of leftists, alternative paper publishers out on the Left Coast, in the northern Bay Area, and it’s just garnering no interest whatever.Story #2:Rudy Backtracks on Judi in Cabinet

RUSH:Last Thursday, Rudy Giuliani and his wife, Judith — by the way, there’s a huge hit piece on Judith Giuliani today in the New York Post. Apparently she used to work for an outfit that did testing on dogs and then killed them or some such thing for people medicine or something. I just scanned the story. Basically, I just chalked it up to yet another hit piece on Giuliani, which I predicted. These things are going to come now as he has assumed front-runner status in the Republican primary field. But last Thursday night he was on Good Morning America with his wife, and he said that his wife Judith would attend and sit in on cabinet meetings, especially if the subject matter interested her. I first saw reference to this on TV during the middle of the program. I said, “Tell me I didn’t see that,” and they assured me on the other side of the glass that I had indeed seen that, because they did, too.I didn’t quite know what to say about this. It just stunned me, ladies and gentlemen. People do not want another Hillary Clinton. I said, “Rudy, if you’re going to do that, put her on the ballot so people can vote for her to be a co-president.” Well, Giuliani says she won’t be a cabinet member now. “He said Friday his wife will not be a member of his cabinet or attend most high-level meetings. He sought to clarify his previous statements, suggesting she would play a significant role in his administration. In the interview released last Thursday, he said he’d be open to his…” because he’s getting all these questions, and he said, “he would be open to his wife attending cabinet meetings on issues in which she’s interested. He said, ‘If she wanted to, yeah, if they were relevant to something she was interested in, I mean that would be something I’d be very, very comfortable with,'” he told this to Barbara Walters.It was on 20/20.”Late on Friday, the next day, the Giuliani campaign issued a statement in which Rudy suggested that would not be the case.”He said, ‘Obviously she’s not going to be a cabinet member or attend most cabinet meetings if any, but she will pursue a campaign to educating Americans opposite preventing illness and promoting overall health.'” Judith Giuliani used to be a nurse. Now, “In his statement the former mayor sought to play down his own remarks, suggesting any discussion of a policy role for his wife was merely prompted by the questioning. ‘Judith and I got a good laugh after we heard that she would be a member of the cabinet, especially after she made it clear in the interview with Barbara Walters that she’s not particularly interested in politics or policy. Like most couples, we rely on each other and support each other, but we have different interests. My interest is politics and policy. Judith is a nurse. Her interest is in educating people on how to stay healthy.’ In the interview with Walters, which aired Friday night, Giuliani described his wife as a close advisor who has as much involvement in his campaign ‘as she wants to have.'” So, anyway, the disavowal and the, “No, no, no, no! That’s not what we said!” statement was issued on Friday.Story #3:Escaped Bank Robber Holding “Guests”
RUSH:Just looking at the Fox News Channel. A bank robber convict in Ohio has escaped. They say, “He’s holding hostages.” No, he’s not! There aren’t any hostages there! They’re detainees! They’re guests! What is this “hostage” word? Everybody is throwing the hostage word around. The British people –there aren’t any hostages in Iran, they’re guests. They’re being fed. We can’t call them hostages, folks. It might infuriate the Iranians. Dianne Feinstein says you can’t call them that. What do you mean, “hostages”? Why, that might really upset the balance here! We gotta work on this diplomatically behind the scenes!Bush called them hostages, and you can’t do that.I assume this conflicted bank robber tookhostages in Ohio, but we’re just going to make this guy even angrier than he already is, if we refer to his detainees out there as hostages.

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Story #1:Prepare for ExactlyNine (9)Hurricanes

RUSH: Well, it’s Panic City again. The 2007 Atlantic hurricane season, according to the experts at Colorado State University (that’s the team that’s headed and founded by William Gray) will have17 tropical storms. Nine will strengthen into hurricanes. They don’t know where they’re going to hit, of course. Well, I don’t know. Maybe they do and they’re just holding back on us, but I remember last year:the prediction came out, and nothing happened. Then they revised the prediction. That was wrong. They revised the prediction again.

Supposedly El Nio is gone or is waning, and the Sahara dust storms — which do affect a lot of our climate — might have had an impact on the down hurricane season last year. Both of those elements are said to be “less problematic” this year. The good thing about El Nio in the hurricane regard is it creates upper level winds right across the Atlantic Basin, and just rips the tops off those hurricanes when they form, and when you rip the top off a hurricane, you pretty much destroy it. That’s what happened, they think. They’re not sure, but that’s what they think last year.

Anyway, 17 tropical storms, nine of which will become hurricanes, and I’m just wondering if on June 1st, the traditional opening of hurricane season, we’ll have Drive-By Media camera crews on the beaches in south Florida (and of course we know we will in New Orleans), scanning the skies looking for hurricanes that might form anywhere near 15 or 2,000 miles away, and it will be time to scare everybody. It’s something that happens every year, and yet it will be treated as something unprecedented. So just get ready for it.

Story #2:NY Times Digs Up Baghdad Ringers

RUSH: John McCain came in at $12.5 million in raised campaign funds, and the Drive-Bys are all over him. Now they’re trying to sandbag his report out of Baghdad that he was able to walk around in the security zone unharmed. So the same Drive-By Media that he considered his base is trying to destroy him. The New York Times even found a couple ringers that supposedly run market shops in Baghdad: “Who’s he kidding? They haven’t increased security detail! We’re not safe here. McCain’s crazy!” All over the place now McCain is nuts. He’s blown it. The American people don’t want to go to war in Iraq anymore, blah, blah, blah. Story #3:Shooting at CNN: Women, Minorities Hardest Hit

RUSH:Shots fired in the CNN headquarters building in Atlanta.It’s a big building;there’s a big complex in there, a hotel inside, anda large atrium.When you go in there, you’re not necessarily at CNN, but here’s what we know. We know that there are three people involved.Two are injured, but there has to be three people if the gunman fired and then somebody fired, because the gunman is among the wounded. I’ll tell you, CNN is genuinely now a Drive-By Media location, not just a Drive-By Media outlet.I’m just wondering if as early as tonight we’ll see a special on CNN, “Why Do They Hate Us?”

CNN has shown video of American soldiers being shot –sniper video from Al-Qaeda in Iraq.I wonder if we’ll get similar treatment of this episode inside the CNN headquarters.We’ll just have to wait and see. But both victims are black, according to the latest reports that we have, and one of them is a woman, and thus: “CNN Shooting: Women and Minorities Hardest Hit.” That’s a predictable, perfunctory Drive-By Media headline on virtually every event that happens in the country. Anyway, Turner Broadcast security says that one of their officers shot the suspect at the CNN Center, which is cool. I’m just surprised that their security people are armed at CNN. Story #4:Brits Drop Holocaust Teaching, Appease Muslims

RUSH:Well, Winston Churchill is having a scotch in his grave right now asking the question: “How did 15 British sailors and Marines give up without firing a shot?” Churchill probably cannot believe this.You know, they pretty mothballed their navy. Great Britain, I’ll tell you, it’s gone PC in ways you wouldn’t believe.If you people haven’t heard, this I want you to sit down.This is from the UK Daily Mail: “Schools are dropping the Holocaust from history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils,” according to a government study. The study “found that some teachers are reluctant to cover the atrocity of the Holocaust for fear of upsetting students whose beliefs include Holocaust denial.There is also resistance to tackling the Eleventh Century crusades where Christians fought Muslim armies for control of Jerusalem because lessons often contradict what is taught in local mosques.The findings have prompted claims that some schools are using histories as a vehicle for promoting political correctness.”

Political correctness?It’s worse than that! The Brits are not teaching the Holocaust because there are Muslim students in there who are Holocaust deniers, and they don’t want them to be offended!They’re worried that they’re going to start blowing up the schools or something, I guess. (interruption) Yes, there is a “consensus” on the Holocaust, but the Brits are willing to say, “To hell with consensus.”The Holocaust is not “consensus.” It’s fact.Look, you wonder what’s happened to the Brits? It’s political correctness is running amok, and “conflict resolution.” Does anybody think that 15 United States Marines would just sit there and allow themselves to be taken when they had not invaded Iranian waters and then in two days, start apologizing on Iranian TV?Do you think 15 United States Marines would do this?No. Way.

Semper fi. No way.But all you have to know is the story I just told you.They’re not teaching the Holocaust might offend Muslim students who don’t believe it.

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Story #1:Two Americas:
Elizabeth EdwardsonHer”Gun-Toting, Rabid, Rabid Republican” Neighbor

RUSH:Have you heard the latest about Elizabeth Edwards?This is an AP story, “Elizabeth Edwards says she is scared of the ‘rabid, rabid Republican’ who owns property across the street from her Orange County home,” the 28,000-square-foot mansion, “and she doesn’t want her kids going near the gun-toting neighbor. [She] particularly recalls the time neighbor Monty Johnson brought out a gun while chasing workers investigating a right of way near his property. The Edwards family has yet to meet Johnson in person.’I wouldn’t be nice to him, anyway,’ Edwards said in an interview. ‘I don’t want my kids anywhere near some guy who, when he doesn’t like somebody, the first thing he does is pull a gun out. It scares the business out of me.’… Edwards views Johnson as a ‘rabid, rabid Republican’ who refuses to clean up his ‘slummy’ property just to spite her family, whose lavish 28,000-square-foot estate is nearby on 102 wooded acres.”Johnson, 55, acknowledges his Republican roots. But he takes offense to the suggestion he has purposefully left his property, including an old garage he leases for use as a car shop, in dilapidated condition.Johnson said he has lived his entire life on the property, which he said his family purchased before the Great Depression. He said he’s spent a lot of money to try and fix up the 42-acre tract.’I have to budget. I have to live within my means,’ Johnson said. ‘I don’t have millions of dollars to fix the place.'”Monte Johnson put a “Go Giuliani” sign on his fence. He “posted a ‘Go Rudy Giuliani 2008′ sign on a fence just 100 feet from the entrance to the Edwards’ driveway, has criticized Edwards for the scale of their nearby home [while they’re] still putting the final touches on the property, which they purchased in 2003.’I thought he was supposed to be for the poor people,’ Johnson said. ‘But does he ever socialize with any poor people? He doesn’t speak to me.'” Now, to speak of a neighbor this way, “a gun-toting, rabid, rabid Republican” with “slummy property.”I guess there are two Americas. You know, John Edwards out there saying there are two Americas.There’s one America that fears its less wealthy neighbors because they’re different, and the other America does not.This happens all the time. In Marin County, they don’t want people like Monty Johnson living next to them.Marin says, “Habitat for Humanity? We don’t want it anywhere near here! Don’t put it anywhere near us. We’re all for the poor but don’t put it anywhere near here.” Disney doesn’t want poor people building subdivision, homeless, whatever it is, nearby out in Orange County. Now John Edwards doesn’t like this “rabid, rabid Republican” with the Giuliani sign living across the street from her.Gun-toting Republican!
Story #2: Candy Ass Edwards Is Still Afraid of Fox
RUSH: John Edwards, the Breck Girl, is back. He’s a total candy ass.He wants to be leader of the free world, and he can’t even appear on a network that might oppose him!He has dropped out of another Fox News debate.”The Edwards campaign said it will not attend the September 23rd debate in Detroit hosted by Fox News and the Congressional Black Caucus Institute, but officials added that Edwards is looking forward to a different debate hosted by the institute and CNN in South Carolina in January of 2008.” So he’s canceling the Fox News Channel to appear on CNN?See, what Edwards doesn’t get here is that everybody knows that he’s other media outlets are just as agenda-oriented as they think Fox is!

So here’s Edwards, seeking the highest office in the land to become the leader of the free world, and it appears he doesn’t have the guts to go on Fox.Now, I think what he’s doing is fundraising among the kook base who hate Fox News and all of that, but at the same time, he’s creating this impression here. He’s leaving the door wide open for another Democrat to agree to this debate, while saying, “I’m not afraid of this challenge. I’m not afraid of Fox News. I’ll be glad to go to a debate hostsed at Fox News.” These debates, the candidates star in the debates! All you’re going to get is questions.I don’t think this looks good. Twice he’s done this now?We’ll see.The effects of this are not going to show immediately, by the way.These are the kind of things people hear, learn and remember over the passage of time.
Story #3:Michigan Democrat: An iPod for Every Child

RUSH:The Detroit News in an editorial over the weekend: “We have come to the conclusion that the crisis Michigan faces is not a shortage of revenue, but an excess of idiocy. Facing a budget deficit that has passed the $1 billion mark, House Democrats Thursday offered a spending plan that would buy a MP3 player or iPod for every school child in Michigan.No cost estimate was attached to their hare-brained idea to ‘invest’ in education. Details, we are promised, will follow.” What in the world could possibly be the educational value of this?They’re saying, “Well, we gotta make sure everybody’s got a phone! We gotta make sure everybody has wired Internet — broadband. We gotta make sure. We gotta make sure. We gotta make sure!”Why don’t you just cut to the chase in Michigan and make sure everybody gets a pair of Air Jordans?Let’s just cut to the chase and get to what’s really, really important when it comes to education.
Story #4: There Never Was a Clinton Juggernaut

RUSH: By the way, folks, I thought money corrupted politicians.McCain-Feingold.McCain’s out there saying, “Good people come to Washington, and we get corrupted by all the money,” and so we had to come up with this new plan to “take the money out of politics” which actually put more money into politics.Still, the amount of money we spend on “politics” is less than what we spend on potato chips in this country, and a whole bunch of other things.Nevertheless, despite this being told all over the place for years and years and years and years that money corrupted politicians, why is it is that the media are now judging a candidate’s success and viability on how much money they can raise?You remember the obsession last week with the fundraising totals? Some of them are still obsessed, “How do they raise all this money when they’re so low in the polls?”Obama, I finally pointed out earlier than last week and the rest of the Drive-Bys caught up with me, Obama raised far more primary money than Hillary has, and he’s got twice as many donors.But Hillary does have the largest pot of money, regardless where it came from.So if money corrupts politicians, does this mean that Hillary is the most corrupt politician in America, since she raised the most, followed by Obama?They can’t even get their narrative straight.The liberal propagandists can’t even get their narrative straight from year to year because they think you’re not going to remember that they once said that money corrupts politicians.Now, now it’s the greatest measure of success we can come up with! “Look at all the money these guys raised,” and they’re dazzled by it.Newsweek magazine (I found this story on PMSNBC’s website): “The End of Inevitability; the Clinton Camp Presses Donors to Give Only to Hillary, Then the Strategy Backfired.”Have you heard this?It’s in the April 16th issue by Richard Wolffe.”There’s a turncoat inside Hillary Clinton’s money machine. Over the past several years, Leonore Blitz has helped raise about $250,000 for Clinton’s Senate races, and she signed up early to help the new presidential campaign. But in recent weeks the Manhattan marketing consultant [that would be Leonore Blitz] has secretly attended finance meetings and fund-raisers for Clinton’s archrival, Barack Obama. Under intense pressure from the Clinton team to pick sides, Blitz — who bundled more than $1 million for John Kerry in 2004 — felt deeply conflicted. Clinton operatives have warned donors not to contribute to other campaigns, and put a price on disloyalty: early supporters will be valued and latecomers scorned. But now Blitz is coming out of the shadows, ready to test the rules. ‘I have been a lifelong advocate of women and minorities’ participating and running for political office,’ she told NEWSWEEK last week. ‘Therefore, I’m supporting both Clinton and Obama.’The Clinton campaign denies that it has strong-armed anyone, saying the warnings were made in jest.”Yeah, Hillary is such a funny babe! You know, she’s such a jokester.When’s the last time you laughed when a Clinton said anything — I mean laughing with them, uproariously and in a jocular fashion?Terry McAuliffe, the Punk, said, “If you don’t give now, you’re going to get screwed later,” but “We were just joking,” he said.But the question is… “What happened to the Clinton juggernaut?” By the way, this is one of the Drive-Bys’ faith words and they use it generally to describe conservatives, but now they’re asking, “What happened to the Clinton juggernaut?” People are openly defying them, like Leonore Blitz here.It’s a fascinating little story.Then Clarisse Feldman, the American Thinker: “America’s Fun Couple: The Clintons — Cybercast News Service [had a story:] ‘More than six years after the Clintons left the White House, nearly half of the respondents in a new poll – 45 percent – worry that if they return, they could bring “high levels of corruption” with them. A Zogby International poll released Thursday in Washington highlights in particular concerns about former President Bill Clinton’s ability to “behave honestly in the White House” if his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) is elected president in 2008. “‘The poll results indicate that scandals which dogged the Clinton administration remain relevant to a significant number of voters. “The 45 percent figure would likely be even higher,” said Tom Fitton, “president of conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, if elected officials and the media were more willing to ask tough questions about numerous ethical quandaries that surrounded the Clinton administration and the then-first lady’s role in those issues.”‘And from the always risible Editor& Publisher comes news that Bill has ordered his presidential library staff to work on a secret two year vetting of himself: ‘The team conducted a painstaking reexamination of all the well-worn issues from Clinton’s presidency, poring over trial transcripts, internal White House documents, notes, and public and private correspondence, searching for any overlooked information that could be used to give new life to old embarrassments. Perhaps more important, the researchers covered Clinton’s postpresidential history too, with a muckraker’s eye, including the rumors about his private life that inevitably trail him.'”Well, the old Clinton juggernaut!What happened to it here?We have people looking into this.The problem is, 45% of the American people think that they’re not going to get rid of the ethical problems and don’t want them brought back to the White House. There is no Clinton juggernaut is the point, and there hasn’t been a Clinton juggernaut.It was one of these things that’s a Drive-By Media creation.For crying out loud, folks, take a look since he left office at the candidates Bill Clinton has endorsed; and the vast, vast, vast majority of them lose.He’s a juggernaut within his own chorus, but other than that… Story #5: New Castrati All the Rage in the UK

RUSH:This is from the Belfast Telegram at Telegram.com, obviously a UK paper from Belfast, Northern Ireland.It’s a story written by Julia Stuart, by the way. “What does it take for a healthy man to choose to have his testicles removed? Roger Davies is one of a surprising number who have found salvation in castration. Like many sensitive teenagers, Roger Davies felt different from his peers. He wasn’t into sport and abhorred the aggression he saw in other boys. When, at the age of 22, he still hadn’t grown out of his sense of isolation, he took radical action: he travelled to America and underwent castration. ‘I’m really happy with who I am now,’ says the 25-year-old cleaner and caterer from Southport. ‘I don’t have any desire to be accepted as a woman or change genders. I just didn’t like my masculinity.’ Roger is not the only British eunuch.”No kidding! (Laughing.)Ha-ha! “He knows around a dozen other men who have also had the operation, and estimates that there are hundreds of others in the UK. According to a Channel 4 documentary to be shown tonight [this is published April 3rd], every year thousands of men across Europe and the US seek out castration.” Hey, folks, I’ve been on the cutting edge of this one.We came up with the term here, “the New Castrati.”Well, I didn’t come up with the term, actually.I don’t even remember who it was.The title of an article is about the New Castrati.Can you believe this?”I feel threatened by my masculinity and I no longer feel threatened by my masculinity.”I would think every feminist reading this story would just be ecstatic, saying, “How do we get more guys to do this?” and they’re on the way, apparently.Thousands are doing this?There’s a medical term for this.It’s “a bilateral orchidectomy.”Hesays, “I started to resent my testicles.I didn’t like the way they made me feel.It wasn’t me.The feeling escalated with puberty.I really hated the urges to have sex. I didn’t like the idea of going bald or having facial hair, either.”So the New Castrati.I’ll tell you, I’m sorry, folks, but this is probably more widespread in this country than we know.And if you want to debate what’s causing it, but I’ll tell you right now the umbrella under which all other reasons would reside would be liberalism, including in there feminism and the pressure to care about something, the pressure to stand up and be somebody.(sniveling) “Eh, I don’t want to, Mr. Limbaugh. I’m part of the New Castrati.”Story #6: Crawford Peace House in Financial Scandal

RUSH:Have you heard about the financial crisis at the Crawford Peace House?This is Cindy Sheehan’s place in Crawford, Texas, near Bush’s property, where all these left-wing, New Castrati, renegade anti-war protesters gathered.”With allegations of money mismanagement, threats of court action and some members leaving, a group that has sponsored war protests in President Bush’s adopted hometown has been anything but peaceful. The Crawford Peace House recently lost its corporate charter with the state, and a former member who now has rights to the name is threatening legal action because the group continues operating.Sara L. Oliver and some others are calling for a state investigation as to why only $14,700 is now in its bank account, saying tens of thousands donated during Cindy Sheehan’s 2005 war protest are unaccounted for.’There are people who have said, “Don’t say anything because you’ll hurt the peace movement,”‘ Oliver said. ‘But if the peace movement isn’t pure and transparent and holy as it can be at its heart, then it’s just like George Bush: lying, thieving, conniving, backstabbing bastards.'” It seems this group is using the Air America textbook, folks.This is hilarious. “John Wolf, who co-founded the Crawford Peace House in 2003 in a two-bedroom, one-bathroom white-clapboard house just across the railroad tracks from downtown, denied allegations of wrongdoing. He said the claims were by only a few people and would not hurt the work of the Crawford Peace House, which is planning a fourth anniversary celebration Sunday.He said the Peace House has an accountant and has kept diligent records, which soon will be posted in its Web site. He said most of the $285,000 raised in 2005 was spent on food, van and bus rentals, gas and a large tent…” (Laughing.)Food? They spent nothing on peace.

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Story #1: Judge Rules Against Jose Padilla

RUSH: A judge has rejected the argument of Jos Padilla.I’ve heard some people pronounce his name Padill-a. It looks like it would be Padilla to me.Anyway, the judge has rejected the fact that he was tortured.”Jos Padilla claimed that he was forced to stand in painful stress positions, that he was given LSD or some other drugs as a truth serum, that he was subjected to loud noises and noxious odors and forced to endure sleep deprivation, extreme heat and cold and harsh lights.”Why, that doesn’t sound so bad. That sounds like your average college hippie party back in the 1960s. You’ve got LSD there. You got other drugs, truth serum, loud noises, noxious odors.It’s all there!

Story #2: Smoking, Coffee Protect Against Parkinson’s

RUSH: Well, looky here!This is from Reuters, their health and science editor.”People from families prone to Parkinson’s who drink coffee or smoke are less likely to develop the disease, researchers said on Monday in a finding that reinforces earlier observations and offers potential paths to treatment.” I remember when I first heard that nicotine might have positive effects on Parkinson’s disease, I just chuckled, because that’s a classic illustration.They’ve kept us in tumult and chaos over tobacco and nicotine. “It’s going to kill us! It’s going to cause cancer!”Then for a while coffee was going to raise your blood pressure and lead to a heart attack. Eggs? Cholesterol is going to kill and destroy you and so forth.It’s just everything.Oat bran was supposed to be as healthy as you can possibly be.”Eat bran muffins, oat bran muffins!” It turned out that that turned out to be false.Now what are we supposed to do?

We have Parkinson’s disease sufferers who are being told “that a new finding reinforces earlier observations that people who drink coffee or smoke are less likely to develop the disease.The researchers doubt that smoking and caffeine protect from Parkinson’s, but they say the information offers clues about how environment works with genes to cause disease.Dr. William Scott of the University of Miami School of medicine who led the study said the findings point clearly to dopamine, which is a message carrying chemical in the brain that falls to low levels in Parkinson’s.’Dopamine’s important because both smoking and drinking caffeine affect dopamine in the brain,'” meaning they elevate levels.Dopamine is powerful stuff, folks.If the drug dealers ever figure out a way to make it, you can forget it.(interruption) Well, smoking and drinking coffee, if you’re worried about getting Parkinson’s, it may not hurt you.It may have some beneficial levels because you keep your dopamine up which is what falls when you get Parkinson’s decedent.On the other hand if you’re worried about getting lung cancer 50 years after you start, or whatever they say coffee is going to do, it’s a balancing thing.

What? (interruption) There’s nothing in here about embryonic stem cells and smoke and a cup of coffee.What are you throwing embryonic stem cells in here?Well, I know, I know, I know, I know. Embryonic stem cells are supposed to hold –even though there’s no evidence it does anything yet. They’ve had no success here. Cord blood and adult stem cells are showing a lot of success, but not embryonic, but I know that’s the big key.So maybe if we get embryonic stem cell research going and then get people to start smoking and drinking coffee, we’ll lick the disease, or at least limit its impact.Now, “Other researchers had noted that both smoking and drinking coffee seemed to reduce the risk of Parkinson’s, but no one had tracked it in families prone to Parkinson’s,” and of course if you get Parkinson’s. It’s too late.This is not something that’s going to change it, but it might reduce the risk, if you think that you’re going to get it.”When the disease runs in families, the study suggests that certain genes are causing it.We need to consider these environmental associations while looking for genes that are involved in Parkinson’s.”Anyway, for what it’s worth, it’s your life. Do what you want. Take all this stuff, take all this research.Every day there’s a different study that comes out and says, “This is going to kill you,” or “This is going to save you,” and your head’s probably swimming now.

Story #3: La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel Dittos!

RUSH:La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel dittos, ladies and gentlemen!That’s the cigar that I am puffing on, hosting the program today amidst billowing clouds of fragment aromatic smoke, first- and secondhand.You should smell it.Even people that hate cigars love this one. They love to smell it.They’re tempted to take a puff, it smells so good.

Story #4: Dems Subpoena Gonzales Documents

RUSH: The House Judiciary Committee, by the way, “has served a subpoena to the attorney general, Alberto Gonzales, seeking documents related to the firings of US attorneys,” and this is totally unnecessary because Gonzales is willing to appear.They just don’t want him to appear.They’re trying to delay his appearance.He’s been wanting to get up there since before they went on vacation.The subpoena is for documents that I’m sure he wasn’t prepared to take up with him, but it’s relentless.They can’t get any legislation passed, folks.This is just going to continue with the harassment of the administration by the Democrats in Washington.

Story #5: Goodell Suspends Pacman, Henry

RUSH: For you NFL fans: “Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones of the Tennessee Titans has been suspended for the entire 2007 football season because of off-the-field activities.Chris Henry, a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals received an eight-game suspension.Both of these players were suspended for numerous violations of the NFL’s personal conduct policy.Pacman Jones’ off field conduct has included ten incidents where he was interviewed by the police.The most recent took place during an NBA All-Star weekend in Vegas.Police there recommended felony and misdemeanor charges against Pacman Jones after a fight and a shooting at a strip club paralyzed one man.” This is one of the security guys at this nightclub.”Both the Titans and the Cincinnati Bengals said they supported the suspensions.The new commissioner, Roger Goodell, said, ‘It’s a privilege to represent the NFL, not a right.These players and all members of our league have to make the right choices and decisions in their conduct on a consistent basis.'”

Ooh, baby! Full season suspension for off-the-field behavior!

Story #6: Violence Against Border Agents Up

RUSH: From CBS: “Along the desert stretch where Arizona and Mexico meet, there’s more flying in the air than just dust. There are rocks flying back and forth toward the border agents, CBS News correspondent Kelly Cobiella reports. It’s part of a nightly bombardment of Border Patrol vehicles and agents all along the southwestern border. Chris Van Wagenen, a senior patrol agent, says ‘it’s mostly going to be smugglers, guides, gangbangers basically. People who make money off of this. ‘This’ means smuggling people and drugs into the U.S. It’s gotten a lot harder to cross the border, and smugglers are reacting to more fences and more agents with more violence. ‘They believe, almost like a terrorist, ‘we’re going to intimidate you and hurt you until you back off,’ Van Wagenen says.” So violence against agents in Yuma, Arizona, up to 154 instances in the first six months of this fiscal year, which starts, as many of you know, on September 1st. Now, where is this on the news? Where is this story on the news? It’s nowhere.
Story #7: Sweeney Wants Union Rights for Guest Workers

RUSH: Speaking of the whole immigration problem, in the Los Angeles Times today, we shared with you that President Bush is going to come up with a new plan by August. John Sweeney, president of the AFL-CIO, has written a column in the LA Times today, and he’s dumping all over this concept of guest workers. He doesn’t like this whole notion of guest workers, and this is a change for the labor unions. The labor unions have been backing this all along. The reason they backed it was that it allowed all these guest workers to come in here and eventual what it did was lead to higher wages. It would affect the minimum wage eventually and lead to higher union salaries, and it would lead to further opportunities for these workers to finally unionize. You know, unions have been losing membership dramatically for years and so these guest workers represented a pool of potential new union members. But Sweeney has now come out against the guest worker programs. He wants new permanent union workers! He wants them to be led in and join the union, essentially. “Foreign workers should enjoy the same rights and protections as US workers, including freedom to form unions and bargain for a better life.” So he wants illegals to be able to form their own unions when they get here, or join one of his. Same difference.

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Story #1: Andy McCarthy on Drive-By Hypocrisy

RUSH: Andy McCarthy (clearing throat) excuse me, I always clear my throat when National Review is mentioned because it makes me think of Mr. Buckley.Andy McCarthy writing — I think it’s at The Corner at National Review — might even be a piece.I’m not sure, but, anyway, last paragraph is great.A lot of people have made this point.I just want to read it here.It’s well constructed.”The lamest part of this controversy, though, had to be watching Imus faves David Gregory and Craig Crawford on MSNBC’s ‘Hardball’ last night, explaining how Imus is ‘schizophrenic.’ They and all their NBC pals would regularly appear on the program, but they only spoke to the Dr. Jekyll Imus; Mr. Hyde only came out once they were off the air — and while they kinda, sorta knew there was this low-brow schtick going on, they were removed from it and, gee, didn’t realize how offensive itmust have beento some people.” Now remember who these are: the Craig Crawfords and the Gregorys and the Jonathan Alters. These are liberals.These are the arbiters of what’s right and wrong when it comes to race, when it comes to justice and injustice, when it comes to bigotry.They are the condemners.Liberals hate discrimination, they despise it, and they will not be accused of it, and yet they sat there and listened to it and laughed at it as they heard it.As they heard bigotry, as they heard discrimination, as they heard the, quote, unquote, powerless being made fun of, they chuckled at all of this.And that’s the lamest part of this controversy, to listen to these people act like they had no clue.
Story #2:Wonkette Whines About Elite Imus Club

RUSH: Along these lines as the previous story, Ana Marie Cox, who had a blog — I guess still does, Wonkette, and TIME Magazine said, that’s our girl, uh, that’s our woman, uh, that’s our babe, uh, that’s our gal, uh, that’s our female, uh, that’s our feminist, covering my bases here.So they gave her an essayist position in TIME Magazine, and she’s going public on why she will no longer appear on the Imus show.I have to share this, I have to read this to you.She begins, “As the invites kept coming, I found myself succumbing to the clubhouse mentality that Imus both inspires and cultivates. Sure, I cringed at his and his crew’s race-baiting… but I told myself that going on the show meant something beyond inflating my precious ego.I’m embarrassed to admit that it took Imus’ saying something so devastatingly crass to make me realize that there just was no reason beyond ego to play along. I did the show almost solely to earn my media-elite merit badge.” There it is.Credit Ana Marie Cox for honesty.She went on that show because she wanted in the clique.She was a blogger, and she goes to TIME, big step up, not full-fledged member of the clique, though, wanted to be a merit badge wearing media elite member and going on that show was her way to do it.I don’t know if she never got her jollies in high school, maybe wasn’t part of the big clique in high school, but let’s face it, folks, that desire never leaves. A lot of people, as they grow up, everybody wants to be in a big clique, and in Washington, the big clique is the media elite.The politicians and the bureaucrats come and go, but the media elite, they’re there, and they define the social structure of the town and a number of other things.That’s the club you want to be in, and that’s why so many Republicans will go on these television shows and trash their party.They want to be accepted into the club, too, they want their merit badge.But here you have it, Ana Marie Cox, perhaps speaking for others indirectly as she admits her own reason for going on the show and ignoring what it was that she heard that she found just crass and devastating at each and every turn.

Story #3:Pelosi Should Negotiate with Suicide Bomber
RUSH:A suicide bombing today at the Iraqi parliament building.I think Nancy Pelosi should go over there and have peace talks with the suicide bombers, at least the family members of the suicide bombers and work her magic with the suicide bombers in Iraq, just as she worked her magic with Bashar Assad and wants to work her magic with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Story #4:Biden: Send Troops to Darfur Now

RUSH: Joe Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Democrat presidential candidate, said yesterday, “We need to use military force to end the suffering in Darfur.I would use force now.American force now,” at a hearing before his committee.”I think it’s not only time not to take force off the table, I think it’s time to put force on the table and use it.”Okay, predicted this.They’ll take us anywhere where we have no national interests at stake.They’ll put American lives on the line in Darfur or wherever when there are no national interests at stake, but the suffering that’s going on in Iraq, no way, we got it get the military out of there because, you see, we — in their view — are the ones causing it.

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Story #1: Shocker! Bush and Cheney Pay Taxes RUSH: Look at this headline: “With April 15th Nearing…” This story was published on April 13th, on Friday. “With April 15th Nearing, Bushes and Cheneys Do Their Taxes, Too.” What the hell is behind that headline?As though Bush and Cheney would normally be expected not to do their taxes and not to pay their taxes? Hey, Bush and Cheney going to pay their taxes, too!Cheney, by the way, paid too much.He had an overpayment in there. He is going to apply it to next year’s return.Story #2: The New Dating Scene Is All About the Mind? RUSH: As many of you people know, I am single.I’m not prowling, but I’m single, and I run across these stories during show prep about dating and theory and so forth, like Drudge has some story up there that chocolate is far more heartwarming and exciting and thrilling and satisfying than kissing.These things pop up here every now and then, but the Washington Post today has a story: “In the New Dating Scene…” The New Dating scene: capital N, capital D, capital S. “In the New Dating Scene, the Attraction Is a Beautiful Mind”Ha!How many times have we all heard this?The attraction is the personality. The attraction is the mind.Here’s one little excerpt.In this story, “Instead of dinner and a movie, the new dating scene says, catch a debate on modern feminism or join a late night museum crawl.”Now, in my mind, you can get both of those at the feminism lecture.You can get the lecture on modern feminism and a late night museum crawl together. They’re the same thing, because both are antiques.Anyway, I just wanted to throw that out.Story #3: More than 30 Dead at Virginia Tech UniversityRUSH:[12:32 EST] Look at this: at least 21 people dead at Virginia Tech, 19 of them in one dormitory.The gunman is now also dead.This is the second shooting incident I think in a year, at Virginia Tech.Beyond that, I don’t think anybody knows what it was that spurred this.But, of course, we’ll keep a sharp eye out and when this is explained, if it is, we will pass it on to you.[1:32 EST] ABC News is now saying 29 are dead at Virginia Tech, and the death toll is expected to rise.The suspect is dead as well.One thing I saw, when I had a chance to glance at the screen was that the shooter was looking for his girlfriend. He couldn’t find her, and was just lining everybody up and opening fire.It’s senseless.At this point, nobody can make any sense of this.It’s just utterly shocking.So we’ll have to wait, and find out what it was that was behind this.[1:57 EST] ABC now says 32 dead at Virginia Tech.There were two periods of shooting, and they kept classes open, apparently, but total confusion here as to what this is all about.Story #4: San Francisco Hostile to Black PeopleRUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m holding here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers an editorial from the San Francisco Chronicle from yesterday, and I have the story in the paper from last week that precedes this editorial.I never got to it, but it is a story about how black people are leaving San Francisco. It’s an inhospitable climate.They’re leaving out there.The newspaper decided to editorialize on this yesterday, and the summation that I would give you on this is, is that it’s notable because it’s saying in this San Francisco Chronicle editorial that San Francisco has an attitude problem with blacks and that they’re not open-minded — the population isn’t, not the blacks.”San Francisco officials are putting together a task force to develop a strategy to preserve the city’s rapidly declining African-American population, and possibly attract new African-American residents. This is a laudable goal, but at this late date — San Francisco’s black population has dropped from about 13.4 percent of the city to 6.5 percent over the last 25 years — is there anything the city can really do? “If so, are other San Franciscans likely to be as enthusiastic as are their officials? The mere fact that city officials feel the need to put together a ‘task force’ to stem the bleeding of African-American residents to other communities reveals how far this ship has already sailed past the horizon. San Francisco likes to bill itself as a diverse city, but the numbers — 53 percent white and 33.5 percent Asian, mostly Chinese — expose its relative homogeneity in comparison with other cities, such as Los Angeles or New York. San Francisco has the lowest proportion of black residents of any large city in the United States — even lower than Seattle or San Diego. Demographers have also noted that the African Americans who move out of San Francisco tend to be more upwardly mobile — so that the few black residents who are left constitute a poorer underclass. Certainly the isolation of these residents … underscores San Francisco’s uneasy feelings toward them. “It’s this last point that truly underscores the difficulty city officials will have if they are serious about [this task force]. Yes, housing is expensive in San Francisco — as it is [everywhere]. It’s also true that San Francisco, and the [Left] Coast in general, lacks the rich troves of African-American history that cities in the South, and east of the Mississippi, have to offer. It doesn’t help that when San Francisco bulldozed the Fillmore District in the 1950s, it destroyed not only a vibrant community, but also the city’s chance to create a repository for its own African-American history. That event, in fact, points to the real problem — San Francisco’s attitude.”So here you have the San Francisco Chronicle editorializing about black flight from the city as an attitudinal problem in the city of San Francisco among the people who live there.Now, this is a liberal Mecca, folks!San Francisco is a liberal Mecca.They pride themselves on all things liberal:diversity, tolerance, open-minded, and yet it’s the upwardly mobile black citizens who are fleeing the city in droves.Story #5: This One Sounds Like a ParodyRUSH: Let’s go to the Right Coast here.Well, Bradenton, Florida, is on the left coast of Florida, but let’s go east.”Five years ago, Arlene Sweeting — noted activist, radio host and unabashed free thinker — opened a tiny cafe near McKechnie Field.In time, Fogartyville Cafe became something more than a hole-in-the-wall joint that served tofu, organic coffee and ‘No War’ bumper stickers.It became a refuge for aging hippies, would-be radicals and part-time poets, a liberal landmark in a decidedly conservative city.But now, as Sweeting and co-owner Dave Beaton prepare to sell the cafe — to focus, in part, on a small radio station in Sarasota — the community that Fogartyville fostered is trying to save it.’We have to,’ said Billy Johnson, a stained glass maker … ‘We cannot let this place close. It’s too important.’Alas, though, the task of saving Fogartyville is bigger than it seems,” because Arlene and her pal have already moved on to their radio station and so forth.You know, when I read this in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune — it goes on to list all the things they could do to maybe save the Fogartyville Cafe — I thought I was reading Scott Ott at ScrappleFace or something from The Onion.I thought I was reading a parody.”Perhaps the regulars could start a co-op. Nah, they decided, there aren’t enough of them. Perhaps Fogartyville could be rented out. ‘That’s an idea,’ said another regular, Karen Fraley.Maybe they could lobby an investment firm for the cash. ‘Only if they promise to think like us,’ Tomsik said.” Liberal landmarks are falling by the wayside in several places.Story #6: Women May Be Able to Grow Own SpermRUSH:Did you see this story over the weekend in the UK Telegraph? The headline says it all:”Women May be Able to Grow Own Sperm.” This is filed under the category: Men, What Are They Good For?Absolutely Nothing. “Women could one day grow their own sperm, says a scientist who today claims to have turned bone marrow into early-stage sperm cells. His team is now studying how to grow fully fledged sperm from bone marrow as a means to restore fertility in young men who have undergone cancer treatments. It could be five years before trials start. Along with cloning, this could mark the second technique that makes men redundant,” or unnecessary. Grow their own sperm.(ahem) No, I’m just thinking of all kinds of lines about growing your own sperm, but I’m going to stay away from it.

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Story #1: Democrat Candidates Kiss Sharpton’s Ring

RUSH: Everything you need to know for 2008 is encapsulated in this little blurb from ABC News’ The Note: “The Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network begins its annual convention at the Sheraton New York Hotel. Every 2008 Democrat presidential candidate is expected to address the convention over the next four days.” Can I give you a similar headline that would cause havoc? “The Reverend David Duke’s Whatever Whatever organization begins its annual convention at the Sheraton New York Hotel, and every 2008 Republican presidential candidate is expected to address it.” Can you imagine the fur that would fly if that happened? But yet every Democrat is making tracks to Sharpton’s gig.

Story #2: Reid Warns Against Rush to Gun Control

RUSH:Here’s that headline I was talking about: “Reid Warns Against Rush on Gun Control.” I thought, “Oh, no! The guy’s responding to me,” but no. “After the worst mass shooting in US history, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid cautioned Tuesday against a ‘rush to judgment’ on stricter gun control. A leading House supporter of restrictions on firearms conceded passage of legislation would be difficult. ‘I think we ought to be thinking about the families and the victims and not speculate about future legislative battles that might lie ahead,’ said [Dingy Harry], a view expressed by other Democratic leaders the day after the shootings…” Ha, ha, ha!

Dianne Feinstein, though, said, “‘I believe this will reignite the dormant effort to pass commonsense gun regulations in this nation.’ [She was] a leader in the failed drive to renew a ban on certain types of assault weapons that expired in 2004.” Why would she care about this? Her husband doesn’t have an interest in a gun company, does he? Obviously not.

Story #3: Thomas Sowell: A Gutless Lynch Mob

RUSH: Thomas Sowell has a great column today. The lynch mob — the professors and the administration at Duke University — now many of them are trying to say, “We never tried to railroad those boys! We never meant to!” It’s one thing to be a member of a lynch mob and you don’t admit it when the lynch mob is proved wrong, but I’ll tell you what: the administration on that campus and some of those professors — the 88 that signed that letter — they’re a disgrace.

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Story #1: In Your Face: Bush Says Gonzales Stays

RUSH: Arlen Specter was on television yesterday, “Gonzales botched the justice department! Gonzales has to go! He’s making the administration look bad!” Bush said, “I loved the guy. I thought the testimony was great. He’s staying.” It was just an in-your-face — not just to Senator Specter, but to all these wannabes out there who are trying to tell the administration what to do so it will make their campaigns in 2008 a little easier.
Story #2: Drive-Bys Discover “Sleeping Giant” Immigration Issue

RUSH: You know what I saw on MSNBC this morning? I was sitting here — diligently working on show prep — and I see this graphic at the bottom of the screen: “Will illegal immigration be the sleeping giant issue of 2008?” I said, “What are they, two or three years late on this? What tuned them into this at the NBC newsroom?” And what do they mean “sleeping giant issue”? People like me have been warning about this for two years!

So I started scouring the print pages of Washington newspapers, and, lo and behold, there’s a story in the Washington Times about how the Democrats are in jeopardy on illegal immigration. It’s an indication how things end up on broadcast news. Generally, the New York Times is what directs the daily broadcast of news on networks; I’ve never known them to pay much attention to the Washington Times, but it’s out there. So anyway, that’s why MSNBC said, “Oh, my gosh! What have we missed?” If it’s going to present problems for the Democrats, then the Drive-Bys have to get on it and fix it. But I have been telling you by the saliency of this issue for both parties for over two years, and now all of a sudden MSNBC is out there acting like have some kind of a scoop.
Story #3: Catch 22: Stop Mentally Ill from Buying Guns
RUSH: Barack Obama, Democrat presidential candidate, said Thursday of last week that laws should be strengthened to prevent the mentally ill from buying guns. Well, that leads me to a question, Barack: Who is to say who is mentally ill? Isn’t that discriminatory? How discriminatory can we get to sit there and say, “You’re mentally ill. You’re mentally ill.” Who gets the right to do that? I mean, I think Alec Baldwin is a nutcase. Should he not have a gun? Who gets to say this?

So Obama says stop the mentally ill from buying guns, but my question is, are we moving into a Preparation H society? Because the Virginia Tech episode shows that everybody is trying to protect their rear end. You have the administration down there blaming the law, and you have the lawmakers blaming the guns — rather than looking at the real problems. The real problems are the excesses of trial lawyers, million-dollar lawsuits, the tyranny of the ACLU and political correctness, and the ineptness of bureaucracies to actually function. But in addition to this list of real problems we have the doublespeak of liberals — and Obama just epitomized it.

We can’t allow gun sales to crazy people. Well, okay, great! I’m all for it! Except we can’t reveal who’s crazy. We can’t reveal who’s mentally ill because it’s discrimination to say somebody’s mentally ill. We couldn’t even keep homeless people who can’t take care of themselves in places where they were being cared for because they didn’t know they were being incarcerated. It was a violation of their rights. We had to set them free. Now, if this isn’t one of the great catch-22s of all kind, I don’t know what it is. We can’t allow gun sales to crazy people, and we can’t reveal who’s crazy. Is it any wonder these liberals want the easy way out, a bumper sticker, a talking point, a fundraiser? Are you as amazed as I am that they could kick kids out of Duke University for nothing other than an accusation that fit a template, but they couldn’t remove a ticking time bomb from Virginia Tech?
Story #4: Citizens Stop Crime with Guns Across Fruited Plain

RUSH: Speaking of guns, I don’t know if you people saw this over the weekend, but here’s a great story: “Miss America 1944 stopped a robbery by shooting out the tires of the getaway car and then held the robbers, at her house, at gunpoint while she called the sheriff.”

What was the great equalizer here? Her gun!

“An Oakland, California pizzeria owner stopped a robbery. Armed with a pistol, joined by two other men, Hicks tried to rob Piedra inside the popular pizzeria at 89th Avenue and International Boulevard in Oakland. Fearful the assailants might hurt him his wife and his three children all of whom were inside the restaurant, he pulled out his 9mm semiautomatic pistol and opened fire. He killed Hicks,” which is the lead criminal. Now, the liberals have written about these two stories. These two stories are detailed in, I think, the UK Times or some UK paper, and they started out with their stories as though they are indictments of America and how we’ve lost it: “It’s the OK Corral out there with guns being used to defend people who are being robbed, attempted robbery, maybe even murder, attempted murder!”
Story #5: School Bus Nagin Knocks Philadelphia

RUSH: New Orleans Mayor “School Bus” Ray Nagin “criticized the cleanliness of Philadelphia after a visit to the city last week. He said, ‘Let me tell you something. You ought to go to Philly and you’ll appreciate how clean New Orleans is.’ Nagin said this Saturday to a crowd of New Orleans residents concerned about the city’s recovery from Hurricane Katrina.” The fact is he has apologized now. He apologized on Sunday for these remarks. He said he thought he was in Philadelphia, but he was in Camden, New Jersey. (I’m just kidding about this, folks! I’m just kidding about Camden, New Jersey.) But I’ll tell you what, Mayor Nagin: if you think Philadelphia is dirty now, wait ’til Sheryl Crow gets her way with the one square of toilet paper per bathroom visit policy.
Story #6: Bloomberg Proposes Manhattan “Entry Fee”

RUSH: I have a special note to me here: “Saying that he would not spend his final term in office ‘pretending that all is fine,’ Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg made a series of Earth Day proposals … to improve the environment of New York City, including charging a new congestion fee to drivers who come into parts of Manhattan during peak hours during weekdays. The $8 congestion fee was one of 127 initiatives included in a sweeping plan by the mayor to help the city of currently 8.2 million people cope with an expected surge in population that he said is sure to put a strain on its transportation, housing and energy systems…. A key objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2030…” Well, I know they’ve been floating this plan around for 20 years, but now they have somebody who’s going to do it. “The proposal that is sure to attract the most attention, and possibly objections, is one to impose the $8 fee on car drivers, and $21 for truck operators, to drive in Manhattan south of 86th Street.”

Well, that’s all the tunnels and the 59th Street Bridge. The only way you’re exempt here is coming in through the Bronx, coming in through Harlem or the George Washington Bridge. So guess what’s going to happen to those arteries? I happen to use the George Washington Bridge; I go into my private airport up there. This place is going to become a toilet!

Now, in Manhattan, you already pay a fee for driving in there. When you leave, they’re happy to wave good-bye to you. But you have to pay to get in there, on almost all the bridges and the tunnels, and they call that — for those of you that may be young — “a toll.” You people know that that have driven in there. They also charge you if you put your car in a parking garage, and the tax, if you park? The best way to do that is get a space by the month, but the parking tax, if you leave your car on the street and you get towed, you pay a huge fine to go get your car — if you can find it. If you drive into Manhattan for the purpose of working, you pay a state income tax. Hell, if you fly in to Manhattan to work you pay a state and city income tax, even if you don’t live there! Trust me on this, folks. Oh, ho-ho-ho. Trust me. So what’s one more tax?

But my question is, eight bucks plus all the tolls to get into Manhattan? What is it that illegal aliens pay to get into the country? Of course, the reflexive answer is zero. But that’s not true in every case. In some cases, the illegal immigrants have to pay the coyote, the smuggler, to get them in. Eight dollars every time? You go in there to work, and you work lower 86th during peak hours, that’s five days if you go in. That’s 40 bucks. That’s a significant amount of money. We could see the creation here (the free market’s the free market) of urban coyotes — people willing to smuggle people into Manhattan. Giant vans with New York City workers from outside the city going in there. It could be a lucrative, lucrative business.

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Story #1: Panic Over Arctic Fossil Footprints

RUSH: This is incredible. Svalbard, Norway, coal mine 7. “Fossils of a hippopotamus-like creature on an Arctic island show the climate was once like that of Florida [up in the North Pole], giving clues to risks from modern global warming…” How in the world do you get that? We’re talking something 55 million years ago! “Fossil footprints of a pantodont, a plant-eating creature weighing about 400 kg (880 lb), add to evidence of sequoia-type trees and crocodile-like beasts in the Arctic millions of years ago when greenhouse gas concentrations in the air were high.” Well, fine. There might have been greenhouse gas concentrations, but there weren’t any massive amounts of humanity producing them. All this does is illustrate that the Earth’s climate is this massively complex and constantly changing and that there’s nothing we can do about it.

In fact, let me just throw this out there. The Arctic Circle could have been the lost continent of Atlantis; you never know. All these shifts — it may have always been cold at the North Pole, it’s just that what is now the North Pole could’ve somewhere in the tropics and moved up there. We’re talking about 55 million years ago! The idea that this story somehow gives an indication of the ‘threat’ that we face (and are causing) from global warming is irresponsible.
Story #2: New Planet Will Replace Earth (If There’s No Oil)

RUSH: You know, we have this new planet that’s been discovered now. Oh, ho, ho! Yes, folks! But you have to understand the context of this story: we are destroying our planet! Stephen Hawking and others are saying it could be doomsday for us if we don’t find another planet to colonize — and fast — because we’re destroying ours. We have nuclear arsenals waiting out there to be ticked off. We have global warming. We have polar bears dying, stranded on ice floes. We got all these horrible things happening out there — and all of a sudden here comes this new discovery: this planet. It is, as they say in the story here: “In galactic terms, it’s relative nearby, 120 trillion miles away. But the star that it closely orbits is known as a red dwarf. It’s much smaller and dimmer and cooler than our sun.” Very good!

But until they learn whether or not there’s oil on that planet, it’s a meaningless discovery. Because if we discover oil, it means we will destroy that planet when we get there, too; you know how Big Oil is. In fact, when the first colonizers arrive thinking, “Oh, wow! We’ve just saved ourselves and we’ve saves our civilization,” they’re going to see oil derricks. It’ll be all over the new planet, and they’ll be depressed. I read this and I just started chuckling because I know the mind-set behind this story: “There’s hope for civilization! There’s hope for humanity! We have destroyed earth but we may have a new utopia that we could go to and not make the same mistakes, Mr. Limbaugh, and then we could all live in peace and harmony. There will be no war! We could start over!” But there’s always a bugaboo in these things. If there’s oil on this planet, the libs will not go there. Been there, done that. We ought to go and do a movie about this. You know, a space movie — colonizing this new planet but Big Oil gets there first. Ha, ha!
Story #3: Idiots Catch Big Break in Columbus, Ohio
RUSH: This is from the Columbus, Ohio, Dispatch. The headline says it all: “Senate Passes Bill to Remove ‘Insane,’ ‘Idiot’ from State Law.” “A bill removing words such as idiot, lunatic and insane from the pages of the Ohio Revised Code got final approval from the Senate yesterday. Ohio law refers to an idiot nine times. The word lunatic appears six times, while more than 50 instances of the term insane can be found in decades-old laws written to describe people suffering from a mental illness. House Bill 53, which passed 32-0,” what a great, politically correct vote that was, “will remove those words and others, replacing them with inoffensive phrases. Gov. Ted Strickland will sign the bill, a spokesman said. The changes will make Ohio law more sensitive and ‘help to reduce the stigma of mental illness,’ said Sen. Robert F. Spada, R-North Royalton. Removing the words from state law does not change the Ohio Constitution…” The words will stay there. Ha! “Article 5, Section 6 is titled ‘Idiots or insane persons.'” They actually have a section in the Ohio constitution dealing with “idiots or insane persons”! “The section includes this sentence: ‘No idiot, or insane person, shall be entitled to the privileges of an elector.’ Another section of the constitution, on public institutions, uses the phrase ‘insane, blind, and deaf and dumb.'” So in Ohio, the idiots have caught a break.
Story #4: Tune in to Bill Moyers Special for Laughs

RUSH: By the way, folks, if you’re not doing anything tonight and you want to watch something funny (while at the same time maddening), tune in to PBS. (After all, you’re paying for it.) PBS is going to run — ha, ha — a Bill Moyers special. You get to watch the media condemn themselves for falling for Bush’s supposed lies about the Iraq war. It’s Bill Moyers talking to a number of journalists, including Dan Rather, about how they didn’t dig deep enough and fell prey to the lies that Bush told about intelligence and weapons of mass destruction. They think they ended up facilitating the war, and it’s time to beat themselves up. This is the most introspective bunch of people I’ve ever seen! I have never seen a business — maybe Hollywood — that spends so much time talking about itself!

Now, Moyers is upset because, apparently, a bunch of people have been reporting on this and calling Moyers a liberal, and he’s all offended that he’s been accused of bias. He says conservatives smeared his show for a bias that didn’t exist. Well, I’m not going to watch it; I have other things to do. I will be out and about here in the Big Apple, but it will be a learning experience for you to listen to these people analyze themselves. They’ll end up saying, “This is why we’re on such a tear now because we have to make up for the mistakes of going along with lies that led to 3,000-plus American deaths, and who knows what kind of untold carnage in the nation of Iraq,” and so forth and so on. Of course, it’s being given great reviews by TV writers and critics all over the country who’ve been “fortunate enough,” quote, unquote, to see preview copies the special — paid for by you, by the way.
Story #5: We Need SDI: Subpoena Defense Initiative

RUSH: Well, this has been a long, protracted battle: Henry Waxman has been sending letters demanding that Condoleezza Rice show up before Congress. She’s been ignoring the letters and so forth, so now they’re going the subpoena route. I tell you, folks, we need a new SDI: Subpoena Defense Initiative. That’s become the primary weapon in the Democrats’ arsenal. They’re just trying to distract everybody; they’re trying to get rid of Cheney and they’re trying to get rid of Bush. But they’re just getting nothing done and — I’m telling you — this is not going to help them. All this stuff is going to catch up with them at some point.

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Story #1: EIB NorCom Dittocam is Slimming

RUSH: I have to admit, some of you people hurt my feelings yesterday. Toward the end of the show I started looking at some of the e-mails I had in the subscriber mailbox. There must have been ten of these (and they were worded differently, so I don’t suspect a campaign). They said, “You know what? You have been saying you’re losing all this weight and, frankly, I don’t believe you because I look at you in the Dittocam and you don’t look that different, but now that you’re in New York something’s really happened because now you do look like you’ve lost a lot of weight. You might want to change cameras down at the Southern Command.” So now I’m wondering if those of you who sent me those notes yesterday are watching today and thinking that I’ve put the weight back on. What, Snerdley? “Well you did go off the diet”? Look, you’re not going to gain 50 pounds in one meal, I don’t care who you are. It can’t be done.
Story #2: Did Saudis Violate Rights of Terrorists?

RUSH: Did you hear about the Saudis? They have arrested over 170 suspected terrorists — including foreign-trained pilots — involved in a plot against their oil fields. The terrorists allegedly planned to use commercial airliners to smash into the oil facilities and disrupt the entire global economy. A spokesman said that all remained in the plot was to set the zero hour; they were ready to go.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, there are some serious questions that we need to ask about this, about how the Saudis did this. First off, was there a legal seizure and search involved here in capturing these people? (These are questions I would love to ask; I wish this had happened yesterday so the Democrat candidates at the press conference last night could have been asked these questions.) Were any of the civil rights of the Islamofascists violated? Was torture used? We have to know these things. We have to know whether or not the Saudis were violating the Geneva Conventions in thwarting this attack on their oil fields. How did they get to these guys? What did they do? Did they break into their homes? Did they violate the Fourth Amendment? Did they violate the UN Charter? Did they violate the Geneva Conventions? And, of course, if they used torture on them, folks, we may have to let these people go. These are just people that are trying to be heard, and we don’t know if the Saudis are telling the truth. The Saudis could arrest anybody and say, “Yep, they planned to do this. They were down to everything but the zero hour. All they had to do was determine the time,” and everybody is going “Yay, yay!” but we don’t know if any of this is really true.

Yeah, the Saudi royal family has some problems over there. They might have staged this whole thing just to shore up support among a wavering population. You never know. But, I mean, do they have their own version of Club Gitmo over there? What’s going to happen to these prisoners now? Will they be given proper legal defense counsel? Do you think they’ll be beheaded? That’s uncivilized. That violates the UN; that violates the US Constitution; it violates the Geneva Conventions. The next thing you’re going to tell me is they’re going to have them stand on their heads in underwear.

You know, the world has to start paying attention to these guys. I’ve this learned from watching the civil rights activists and the liberals in this country. I’m just telling you; we know how to run a resort for these jihadists who get caught and need a break from it all. So I hope these guys — wherever they are, if they still have their heads — get good lawyers. I hope they each get a clean cell, a new Koran, a prayer rug, unlimited contact with Amnesty International and any other lawyer that wants to go over there. I hope they’re allowed to face Mecca and pray five times a day, and I hope maybe some of them will get a shot on Larry King Live. Well, we have to be fair.
Story #3: French Bash Themselves More Than We Do
RUSH: Here’s a story from Reuters: “The French dislike themselves even more than the Americans dislike them, according to an opinion poll published on Friday. The survey of six nations, carried out for the International Herald Tribune daily and France 24 TV station, said 44 percent of French people thought badly of themselves against 38 percent of U.S. respondents who had a negative view of the French.” Frankly, I can’t blame the French for this; they’re just being honest with themselves.
Story #4: Volcanic Eruptions Caused Global Warming

RUSH: Volcanoes are being blamed for prehistoric global warming now. “Scientists believe they have solved the mystery of what caused the most rapid global warming in known geologic history, a cataclysmic temperature spike 55 million years ago driven by concentrations of greenhouse gases hundreds of times greater than today. The culprit, the researchers reported Thursday in the journal Science, was a series of volcanic eruptions that set off a chain reaction releasing massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. The eruptions occurred on the rift between two continental plates as Greenland and Europe separated. In 10,000 years — a blip in Earth’s history — the polar seas turned into tropical baths, deep-sea microorganisms went extinct, and mammals migrated poleward as their habitats warmed.”

Now, all of this was caused by volcanoes. But something also happened: it got cool after this. After this massive baking — 55 years ago — it got cool again. How did this happen? Did we do anything to cause either of these? We didn’t.
Story #5: To Find New Planet, Hang a Left at Uranus

RUSH: Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention something, folks. You know that new planet that they discovered out there? By that little red star? Well, people who think that Earth is lost and that the experiment of society and civilization here is gone — they look at this new planet as an opportunity to start fresh, to go to a place where there’s no racism; there’s no bigotry; there’s no environmental destruction, no oil derricks, no this or that. I forgot to tell you how to get there when I was talking about it. In galactic terms, it’s just a hop, skip and trip away. It’s 120 trillion miles. Now, I don’t know how many light years that is, but a lot of people want to start making plans to go colonize this new planet since we’ve blown it here on Earth.

Here’s what you do. You blast off from Earth and then you head out to the outer reaches of our solar system and when you get to Uranus, hang a hard left. The gravitational pull of Uranus as you make that hard left will take you right out to this new pristine paradise — ha, ha! — just waiting for you to get there and start anew, with no political parties and no countries, just one mass of humanity all getting along without any oil whatsoever. As I say, I haven’t calculated the light years, but make sure you go to the bathroom first.
Story #6: Fortune Tellers Shut Down, Didn’t See It Coming
RUSH: In Philadelphia they’ve shut down 16 psychics, 16 fortunetellers. “Alerted to a forgotten state ban, Philadelphia authorities have closed at least 16 storefront fortunetellers. One of the fortunetellers has alleged discrimination. ‘What we do is entertainment,’ said the owner of his fortune telling business on Walnut Street. ‘Shouldn’t they being cracking down on rapes and murders and not palm readers?’ City officials, however, said that most psychics were con artists who prey on vulnerable people, and that the Philadelphia fortunetellers didn’t see it coming.” Psychics didn’t see it coming? Ha, ha! Sorry, that might be racist in some places; I don’t know. If it is, I apologize.
Story #7: Swedes Mad About Comfort Shopping Ad

RUSH: “A group of local politicians in northern Sweden have lodged a complaint to the Swedish Consumer Agency after viewing an advert that promotes shopping. The three-member consumer delegation discussed the advertisement for clothing chain KappAhl at a meeting on March 23rd. The three people took exception to the ad on the basis that it fosters the development of retail therapy. ‘It’s an ad where a young girl is really depressed because her boyfriend has just broken up with her. Goldie Hawn, who is an actress, encourages her to indulge in some comfort shopping. We think that because there are so many people with shopping problems it’s not a good idea to encourage people to practice comfort shopping,’ Micael Melander told financial news site Dina Pengar.

“The politician was then asked whether the group’s stance was not simply critical of advertising in general. After all, is not the point of marketing to get people to shop? ‘Yes, maybe so. I’ll have to think about that. It was so obvious in this particular ad. I didn’t take this matter up myself; it came in as one of our cases,’ he said. According to Dina Pengar, all three members of the delegation took exception to the message of the advert and supported the decision to report it to the Swedish Consumer Agency.” So a bunch of politicians in Sweden came down on Goldie Hawn — for comfort shopping — and you think things are screwed up here?
Story #8: You Can’t Stop It: Kids Using iPods to Cheat

RUSH: You know, there’s a new way that students are cheating out there at Duke University. Well, actually, is it at Duke? No. (Something else happened at Duke.) But anyway, they’re using iPods to cheat. They used to wear baseball caps in there and put the answers in the headband and so forth, but now they’re using iPods to cheat and schools are trying to keep up with all this. I just want to tell the schools, “You’re not going to stop kids from cheating, no matter what you do.” Just like — remember back in the condom days? — the same school people would say, “Oh, we can’t stop kids from having sex! They’re going to do it.” That’s why we want to give them condoms and a pack of cigarettes for the morning table.”
Story #9: Fox: Suspect Tattooed, Making Gang Gestures

RUSH: There’s the funniest thing happening. Well, it’s not funny, but the way it’s being covered on Fox is funny. A couple bank robbers in East LA are being chased. The guy’s in some broken down rattletrap car with two flat tires, and the Fox News Channel headline graphics — one of them said, “Suspect is heavily tattooed.” Ha, ha! And the other headline said, “Suspect driving with two flats is making gang gestures out the window.” Ha, ha!

The views expressed by the host on this program not necessarily those of the staff, management, nor sponsors of this station.

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Story #1: Did Al-Qaeda in Iraq Leader Assume Room Temperature?

RUSH: Iraqi officials, by the way, are saying that the leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq was killed by Sunni tribesmen. The chief government spokesman said that the information hasn’t been confirmed. The US government is saying the same thing. The US government said, ‘We’d love for it to be true, but we don’t know. We can’t confirm.”

“The statement by spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh followed a welter of reports from other Iraqi officials that Abu Ayyub al-Masri had been killed. Iraqi officials have released similar reports in the past, only to acknowledge later they were inaccurate… ‘Preliminary reports said he was killed yesterday in Taji area in a battle involving a couple of insurgent groups, possibly some tribal people who have problems with Al-Qaeda. These reports have to be confirmed.'” This is the guy that succeeded Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. If it turns out to be true, obviously things are not well with Al-Qaeda in Iraq. This is hardly a sign of victory for them.
Story #2: NAALCP Will Hold Funeral for the “N-Word”

RUSH: Big story: the NAALCP “will hold a symbolic funeral for the ‘n-word’ at the organization’s annual convention in July as a part of its national Stop Campaign to end the prevalence of racist and sexist language, images and concepts in the media. … Holding symbolic funerals to demonstrate the end of a racially discriminatory practice is common practice for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People when they begin a campaign. In the 1960s, the NAACP held a funeral for the segregationist Jim Crow policies in the South, and most recently held a funeral for voter apathy. … The NAACP’s campaign calls on young people to stand up against anyone who argues that words are not hurtful, and calls for increased diversity in the music and television industries.”

Well, we know what that means. It means it’s time to get a minority host at MSNBC — and as you know, we agree with the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton on this. We ran a poll on our own website about who should resign in order to make their slot available for the first minority host at MSNBC, and you people in our poll selected Chris Matthews 49-47% over Keith Olberdork (and Tucker Carlson was in there at 4%).
Story #3: Rupert Murdoch Bids for Dow Jones, WSJ
RUSH: Rupert Murdoch has offered $60 a share for control of Dow Jones. (That would be the Wall Street Journal, essentially, and all of their subsidiaries.) That comes out to a total of $5 billion.

Now, this is a fascinating thing. I’ll tell you why: this offer is really sweet. This offer is way north of what you would think an opening bid would be. My guess is that an offer of $5 billion — 60 bucks a share — is going to tempt the family that owns Dow Jones, Inc. But the fear that a lot of people have is that other media powerhouses — like Google or Bloomberg or maybe a Soros outfit — would now step in with bids. Of course, Murdoch probably has the same mission as the Wall Street Journal has, but you couldn’t say that about Google or Bloomberg or maybe even a Soros front group or what have you. I think that’s one of the reasons why this price is so north of what an opening bid would be — to keep others from getting in on this. We’ll have to wait and see, but this is big, and it could turn out to be even bigger.
Story #4: “Leaked Bush Memo ‘Aimed at Kerry,'” Headline Written Backwards by Drive-By Media

RUSH: Here’s a great example of Drive-By Media behavior. This is from the BBC. I want to read you the headline and I’m going to ask you what you think this story might be about. “Leaked Bush Memo ‘Aimed at Kerry.'” What’s that sound like to you, Mr. Snerdley? Why, it sounds to me like somebody came across a memo that Bush wrote that was aimed at destroying John Kerry, right? It’s the exact opposite.

“A civil servant who leaked a secret memo about George Bush wanted it to be seen by US presidential candidate John Kerry, the Old Bailey [which is a big courtroom in London] heard. David Keogh, 50, from Northampton, is said to have passed a highly sensitive document detailing talks between Mr. Bush and Tony Blair to Leo O’Connor. Mr. Keogh told jurors the contents of the memo had preyed on his mind. Mr. Keogh and Mr. O’Connor, 44, also of Northampton, deny three charges under the Official Secrets Act. ‘The main person in my mind was John Kerry, I wanted John Kerry to get this memo.’ He admitted that he had ‘unfavorable’ views on Mr. Bush, but did not think the publication of the document would have any damaging effects to Britain’s defense or international relations.” So that’s a local story from the UK, but this headline: “Leaked Bush Memo ‘Aimed at Kerry.'” It was just the other way around!
Story #5: Gov’t Has Biggest Tax Receipt Month Ever

RUSH: This is from First Trust Portfolios. “The U.S. Treasury Department reported a gusher of tax revenue last week. Tuesday alone, the Treasury received $48.7 billion from individual taxpayers as their final tax payment for 2006, an all-time single-day record, and one-third higher than the same day last year.” I don’t know about that; I guess it could be. But anyway, “Based on information available through Friday, we estimate federal receipts at about $390 billion in April. This would be the largest tax take for any month in American history, up 25% versus last April, and up 18% versus the previous record high in April 2001. With incomes and profits growing rapidly, the U.S. budget deficit will fall to about $145 billion during the twelve months ending in April. To put this in perspective, the deficit was $455 billion as recently as three years ago (the twelve months through April 2004),” and they’re projecting it to be $145 billion at the end of this year.

And not one “thank-you”! Not one “thank-you” from the government! They never thank us for what we pay. You ever get a thank-you note from the government? I don’t. I just get another bill.
Story #6: Breck Girl: I’ll Raise Taxes More Than Clinton

RUSH: John Edwards has called for tax increases beyond tax cut repeal. Yes! Remember when Bill Clinton said to a Houston fundraising audience (about his ’93 tax increase), “You know, there are people in this room still mad at me, at that budget, because you think I raised your taxes too much. It might surprise you to know that I think I raised them too much, too.” I’ll never forget that story. There was one Reuters reporter in there that heard it and didn’t think it was any big deal, and all the other reporters knew it was a stock speech so they were out eating. It took two days for that to get reported! But anyway, John Edwards has come out and said, (paraphrased) “That tax increase was chump change compared to what I’m going to do. Not only are the tax cuts going to sunset, I’m going to raise taxes even more than Clinton did.” Now, why would anybody do this, given this gusher of tax revenue that’s pouring in now?

Well, we all know that it happen ain’t tax increases that did that, mama — it is tax cuts that brought this about. You have to understand: with the Democrats and taxes, it’s more about total control than it is the money. They’re not going to get the money one way or the other. If they have to borrow it for their programs, they’re going to get it. It’s not whether tax cuts or tax increases create more revenue, it’s about controlling us. It’s about controlling those who create wealth and what they do with it. And I know you people get frustrated with me: “Rush, why don’t you support this tax reform plan or that one?” Well, I do; I support them. But if you think that members of the House of Representatives and the Senate (I don’t care which party) are going to vote to give up the single greatest power they have — the social architecture they can create with the tax code — then you do not understand the reason they seek the job in the first place. It is about power. It is about control. If there’s anything intellectually honest that people in politics ought to admit to, it’s that if you need money to run the government and if you need things for a rainy day, tax cuts are the way to produce it and to produce a great economy. But none of this registers. Certainly not with the libs.
Story #7: Teachers LeavingTeachingin Droves

This is from the Contra Costa Times in California. “Stephan Goyne entered teaching as a ‘fight the good fight’ kind of guy, taking a job in East Oakland right out of college. ‘I come from a family of teachers. It wasn’t even a question of whether to do that,’ Goyne said. ‘The question was whether to do elementary, middle or high school.'”

“But after six years in the trenches — transferred from campus to campus, forbidden from organizing field trips and ordered to teach math only after lunch — Goyne left the profession. Now he works in real estate and runs a Brazilian jiujitsu studio in Oakland.’That last year, I had enough of it,’ said Goyne. ‘The biggest skill you’re applying is crowd control. You’re not really having a say in the curriculum or what goes into it.'”

Get this.”Nearly 22 percent of California teachers leave teaching after four years, according to the Public Policy Institute of California. With this type of exodus, the Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning projects a 33,000-teacher shortage in California by 2015.” Well, there will probably be that many fewer students by 2015 because of global warming. But what does this all add up to? It adds up to, if you take this guy’s word for it, they’re no longer teaching people how to think; they’re not teaching people how to comparatively analyze, how to gather, process information. They’re indoctrinating. The teachers can’t teach math except after lunch? The guy says he can’t teach math ’til after lunch. I wonder why that is? Well, because you probably have a bigger excuse for all the failures because after they’ve eaten they don’t have as much energy to slow it down, not paying as much attention, you’ve got an excuse for the failing and falling math scores. I bet science came after lunch, too. Anyway, it’s a harbinger of things to come. “‘We have bureaucratic-ed ourselves to death,’ Kerr said. ‘Teachers are feeling like they’re not able to use the knowledge they have. Teacher and poet Paula Gocker, an Ed Fund teacher of the year, left El Cerrito High School in the West Contra Costa school district after she was ordered to teach using more excerpts rather than whole books. ‘I knew I couldn’t be culpable in that kind of education,’ Gocker said. She took a job teaching English at San Rafael High School, where she said her expertise is more valued and she has more input. ‘If teaching is going to attract bright and creative people, they need to see they’re teaching people, not just shoveling in curriculum.'”They’re being told to indoctrinate these little skulls full of mush.

Story #8: SUV Tries to Drown Woman, Fails
From Richmond Township, Michigan — we’re sensitive to Michigan news because we’re heading up there on Thursday. “A badly hurt woman spent two days inside her partially submerged sport utility vehicle before a passing motorist spotted the wreck in a pond, authorities said. Jennifer Bova, 21, was airlifted to a hospital Friday after a state trooper found her seriously injured inside the 1991 Chevrolet Suburban.” I tell you, these SUVs, we haven’t had much news about them lately, but I’m telling you, they’re still on the warpath out there, now trying to drown a woman. It just didn’t know to go into deeper water. Luckily, everything came out okay.

Story #9: Newspaper Circulation Down El Tube-os

RUSH: Have you seen local American newspaper circulation numbers? Plummeting. Down the el tube-os.
Story #10: UK Shocker: Prehistoric Man Had Sex for Fun

RUSH: This is from the Sunday Times of London (I’m starting to notice that all the really good stuff is coming out of UK papers). Basically, according to a study, prehistoric man had sex for fun. Anthropologists actually believed that back in the stone age sex was only for reproduction. Honest to God, that’s what they thought and that’s why this story is a shocker.

“He may have come down from the trees, but prehistoric man did not stop swinging. New research into stone age humans has argued that, far from having intercourse simply to reproduce, they had sex for fun. Practices ranging from bondage to group sex, transvestism and the use of sex toys were widespread in primitive societies as a way of building up cultural ties.” Is there anybody in the world who would believe that throughout the history of human civilization — be it stone age, the Cro-Magnon era, whatever — that sex is simply perfunctory? There’s nothing new about it! All the debauchery that you think is out there in the country today — all of the perversion, whatever you think is crumbling — it’s all been done before, and it was done back during the Ward and June days when nobody saw it. What? I don’t have time for a question Snerdley. What? I don’t know; I haven’t read the story to know what the prehistoric sex toys were! Dinosaur bones? What do I know? Well, one thing we know for sure, folks, and that is this: stone age sex toys were cordless, and in that sense you may have to use your imagination.

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Story #1: Joan Baez Banned from Walter Reed

RUSH: Did you see where well-known communist sympathizer Joan Baez was refused permission to sing for the troops at Walter Reed Army Hospital — and she can’t figure out why? Ha, ha! She can’t figure it out! Gee, why wouldn’t the troops want her to show up at Walter Reed?
Story #2: McGreevey Mulling Episcopal Priesthood?

RUSH: I kid you not! From the Newark Star-Ledger: “McGreevey Mulling Episcopal Priesthood — Former Gov. James E. McGreevey has started the process to become a priest in his newly adopted Episcopal faith and hopes to begin a three-year seminary program in the fall.” Okay. To each his own, out there.
Story #3: Heart Attack Fatalities Fall Dramatically
RUSH: Yeah, things are so rotten in this country: “Heart Attacks Plummet in Just Six Years — Study shows improved treatments, anti-cholesterol drugs are working.” Ah, what a country.
Story #4: Left-Handed Women Have 40% Higher Death Risk

RUSH: “Left-Handed Women Face Higher Risk of Death.” Yep, that’s what it says here. This is from the UK: “Left-handed women are at a higher risk of dying, particularly from cancer and circulatory diseases… Dr. MadeK. Ramadhani and colleagues from University Medical Centre Utrecht write: ‘Left-handers are reported to be under-represented in the older age groups, although such findings are still much debated.’… The researchers followed 12,178 middle-aged Dutch women for nearly 13 years, 252 of whom died.” Only 252 out of 12,000 died over 13 years? That’s not much. “When left-handed women were statistically compared with other women, the left-handers had 40 per cent more chance of dying from any cause, a 70 per cent higher risk of dying from cancer, and a 30 per cent higher risk of dying from diseases of the circulatory system…. The study could not pinpoint the mechanism for the increased risk, but suggested genetics and environmental factors may be involved.” Wow. Genetics and environmental factors. Left-handed women.

Now, who could possibly have anything against left-handed women? I mean, why in the world would somebody write a story that says left-handed women face death much earlier than others simply because they’re left-handed? Who would do this? What in the world would anybody possibly have against left-handed women?
Story #5: Can FDA Keep Food Supply Safe?

RUSH: I’m watching Fox right now, and they have this little story: “Can the FDA keep our food supply safe?” No, it can’t! We’re going to die, folks, do you understand? We are going to die! “Can the FDA keep the food supply safe?” Gee whiz! Look at the life expectancy.
Story #6: Not a Parody: NBA Refs Are Racists

RUSH: Now, normally upon hearing this next story, you would think that I’m doing a parody. I assure you, my good friends, I am not. “An academic study of NBA officiating found that white referees called fouls at a greater rate against black players than against white players, The New York Times reported in Wednesday’s editions. The study by a University of Pennsylvania assistant professor and Cornell graduate student also found that black officials called fouls more frequently against white players than black, but noted that that tendency was not as pronounced” among the black refs as it was among the white refs. “Justin Wolfers, an assistant professor of business and public policy at Penn’s Wharton School, and Joseph Price, a Cornell graduate student in economics, said the difference in calls ‘is large enough that the probability of a team winning is noticeably affected by the racial composition of the refereeing crew.'”

It’s time for the Justice Brothers! I mean, if there was ever something made to order for the Justice Brothers, the Reverend Jackson and Reverend Sharpton, it is this controversy. “The study, conducted over a 13-season span through 2004, found that the racial makeup of a three-man officiating crew affected calls by up to 4-1/2 percent.” What is it they always say about sports? “Hey, you know, the refs, it’s a human factor. You can’t do anything about it.” Oh, ho-ho-ho-ho! Not so fast! “The NBA strongly criticized the study, which was based on information from publicly available box scores, which show only the referees’ names and contain no information about which official made a call.” Now, that’s absurd! Names from box scores? These graduate guys are looking at names and they’re assuming they know which ones are black or white? That’s a no-no — and then, they don’t even know which refs made what calls? How can this be?

“‘The study that is cited in the New York Times article is wrong,’ president of league and basketball operations Joel Litvin told The Associated Press on Tuesday night. ‘The fact is there is no evidence of racial bias in foul calls made by NBA officials and that is based on a study conducted by our experts…” Ha, ha! Well, sure, they’re going to do a study that says there is this. But anyway, their “experts who looked at data that was far more robust and current than the data relied upon by” the professors, the graduate students and so forth. The NBA has an observer, just like we have at this program. We have an official observer of the program. “The NBA has an observer at each game and closely monitors its officials, who are required to file reports after each game they work and are expected to be able to explain each potentially controversial call they have made.”

You know, there’s a solution to this. Look, folks: this is not going to go away, once this hits. Wait until those libs at ESPN and Sports Illustrated get hold of this: “Oh, there are not enough black referees!” Just get some Asians. Well, you couldn’t have the Asians ref a game in which Yao Ming is playing with the Houston Rockets, but just go get some Asians. See, we look for the liberal solutions for these problems. We just want to help.
Story #7: Hate Crimes Are Thought Crimes

RUSH: You’ve heard of hate crimes legislation. Hate crimes legislation is actually thought crimes legislation. Well, there’s a bill out — I think the Washington legislature is going to vote on it tomorrow — and a lot of people are up in arms about this because the proponents of this have created a whole bunch of categories of different kinds of sexual orientation and gender identity. The bill is HR-1592, and it creates special classes of victims based solely on behavioral identification with a group of people, and they call this “victim ranking,” and if the legislation passes, “it will allow greater punishment for a crime committed against a grown man than for the same violent crime committed against a child. It would make a new protected class based on sexual behavior equal with race, color, religion and national origin,” which, of course, has been tried in so many states, and in some places it has succeeded. I’m surprised they’re just now getting around to this in the state of Washington, but they are.

You can sum this up. Two guys are running around and they decide to rob and beat up some guy, let’s just say, and it’s later learned that the guy is gay. Well, there’s going to be a greater penalty for the crime, even though there are already stiff penalties, if the victim is a member of these new created victim classes that are all based on sexual orientation and gender identity. “There are 25 different sexual orientations and behaviors that are recognized in this legislation.” Twenty-five different ones? Man, am I missing out! Twenty-five different sexual behaviors and sexual orientations, and of course the gay activists out there say, “Well, you know, gender is fluid.” (Don’t think liquid, Rio Linda. We’re not going there.) “Sexual orientation and gender identity are impossible to verify or precisely define,” according to these people, which is why “gender identity is inadequately defined in this piece of legislation, and sexual orientation is left out altogether.”

This is a great example of how the left just never goes away. They just are constantly out there creating new breeds of victims, new classes of victims, and establishing the whole concept that there are thought crimes. When you hear the word “hate crimes legislation,” think thought crimes — and who is it that’s behind this? It’s the left, and who is it that wants to suppress dissent and penalize certain speech and certain thoughts? And now that thoughts can be an indicator in the severity of a crime and so forth, these people are claiming to be the guarantors of the First Amendment. These are the people who claim to have civil rights as their number one concern — when in fact it’s just the opposite.

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Story #1: Mexico Loses More Mexicans to U.S. than Death

RUSH: Now, try this story. This is from the Associated Press. The story says, “Mexico has lost more people to migration to the United States than to death since the year 2000, according to a government report released yesterday.” The only problem with this is — they’re not lost! Everybody knows where they are. If you want them back, come get ’em!

But anyway, the statistic is amazing. “Mexico has lost more people to migration to the United States than death since 2000… Immigration to the US has increased drastically since 1970 when 800,000 Mexicans lived north of the border. Today, there are about 11 million” (give or take), “Mexicans living in the US, both legally and illegally, the report found. The study also showed more and more Mexicans traveling illegally” — oh, really? We didn’t know that! The AP has it, folks: “More and more Mexicans traveling illegally to the United States.” It’s amazing what you can learn when you tune in to the Drive-By Media!
Story #2: Recycled Psychobabble: Kids Turning into Loners

RUSH: Try this headline (UK again, the Telegraph): “Modern life ‘has turned children into loners.’ Children are struggling to make friends at school because they spend too long playing computer games and listening to MP3 players, according to teachers. An increase in ‘solitary pastimes’ has damaged children’s social skills and fuelled feelings of loneliness among a generation of young people, they say.” According to the charity, a rise in solitary activities has meant doom and gloom for these people, because they’re turning into loners. They don’t play games anymore like hopscotch, tag, and football. Of course not, they’ve been banned, haven’t they? You can hurt yourself playing hopscotch! Tag, it’s unfair to call somebody “it,” and football — why — they haven’t banned it.

So what do we have here? And, by the way, don’t we always get this story shortly after some lunatic goes on a shooting spree? I’ll never forget when John Hinckley shot President Reagan: “Yeah, was a loner. Never said much to anybody.” It surprised everybody; “Why, his parents said he never, ever got into trouble. He was all quiet and reserved, always kept to himself.” This is nothing new; it’s just another one of these recycled stories. Just like every year, Reuters recycles the pay inequity between men and women, and they calculate what women earn in the home and are not paid for. This story gets recycled every time some wacko goes on a shooting spree.

By the way, if you have a kid that never gets into trouble, get a straitjacket, because that — I’m telling you, folks — it’s not normal to not get in trouble. But to say that this is new? I’ve heard these complaints about television: “Kids today are a bunch of fat slobs because they’re watching television.” Only recently have they added video games and iPods to this. Just recycled psychobabble is all this is. There’s always going to be loners! Not everybody is going to be a Bill Clinton — some people are going to be spending time alone. They just do it. It’s who they are, for whatever reason. Some of them are sick, some of them aren’t, some of them prefer it, and some of them think other people are absolutely a waste of time. But to say that there’s some deep-rooted psychological problem? The only deep-rooted psychological problem you need to worry about is if your kid never gets into trouble. Find a way for the kid to get into trouble and enjoy it. Go through the hell. It’s a natural thing.
Story #3: “Experts” Say Nations Have Means to Tackle Warming
RUSH: Where is this from? The French News Agency. “Experts” — they always have that word in every Drive-By story — “say nations have means to tackle global warming. Nations have the money and the technology to save the world from the worst ravages of global warming, but they must start acting immediately to succeed.” Gasp! “The options laid out covered simple measures by switching to energy efficient light bulbs and adjusting the thermostat in the office.”

I read a story, by the way, in the local paper here that says malls and so forth are using cooling towers. We have a drought where we live, folks, and so they’re going to make people at the mall and these public places turn the thermostat to 78 degrees. I also saw that the water restrictions were guaranteed to cause your grass to die on one of these promos for the local news — and, of course, then came the scare headline: “Why Current Water Restrictions Might Become Permanent.” Now the “experts” have a means to tackle global warming. All this is? Tax increases. When they say they have the “means to tackle global warming,” what they mean is nations have taxes that they can levy under the guise of global warming.
Story #4: Idiots Ban Power Lines, Will Complain About Blackouts

RUSH: “East Coast lawmakers banded together yesterday in a bid to short-circuit a federal decision making it easier to build major power lines.” Now, why would somebody want to stand in the way of this? We need energy, for crying out loud! “From New York to Virginia, there is a prospect of new high voltage line construction after the Energy Department last week proposed a ‘national interest electric transformation corridor.’ A 2005 law gives the government new authority to approve line construction even if state officials object.” (A little federalism there.) “Various projects up and down the East Coast have met fierce local resistance… Yesterday, some lawmakers said they try to use the annual federal spending bill for water and energy to bar the government from going forward with the plan… The law establishing the electricity corridor is designed to relieve bottlenecks in the national power grid, decreasing the threat of blackouts like the one that swept from Ohio to New York City in 2003.”

Now, when I read this kind of story, it convinces me that we have our share of blithering idiots in this country. We had all these people that were fried, that were roasted, that were mad as hell after that blackout — and nobody could figure out what had happened and how it could have been stopped and why wasn’t power restored quickly. It was a week long I think in some parts of the country; maybe more. So now it’s going to happen again, and these same blithering idiots who are stopping progress here with power lines (for who knows why) are going to be the first ones to bellyache and whine and moan about the next blackout! And then they’re probably going to end up in a poll: “A majority of Americans think power lines are dangerous.” Then we don’t do it because a majority of ignorant idiots think we shouldn’t have power lines.
Story #5: Washington on Edge over DC Madam

RUSH: Well, as you know, all of Washington is going into this weekend with bated breath because the DC madam is going to name some names tonight on ABC. That network is sex obsessed! They gave us the Foley story, and now they’re giving us the DC madam story and people are worried that their name might be on the list. I don’t know the whole list, but there are some prominent names that are supposed to be released this week. But I think everybody misunderstands people that use these escort services. What? Ha, ha –they’re all laughing on the other side because they think I’m heading for trouble again here! But everybody does misunderstand what this is about. When they call an escort service — a madam or Heidi Fleiss — to send a girl over, they’re not paying for the sex, folks. These people that are doing this are not paying for the sex; they’re paying for the women to leave.

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Story #1 and #2:
Mr. Clinton Calls for Decrease in Troops;
Mrs. Clinton Says She Supports Troops

RUSH: A couple interesting headlines here. This is from the Philadelphia Inquirer: “Former President Clinton Calls for Cuts in US Forces in Iraq; says President Bush should draw down a very ‘substantial number.'” Next headline: “Senator Mrs. Bill Clinton Says She Supports Funding the Troops.” Must have been some signals crossed there during the pillow talk.
Story #3: Algore Admits: It’s a Religion

RUSH: I would say (about my Nobel Peace Prize nomination) that I have done more for peace and liberty and freedom in this country than Algore’s global warming thing — which is not about peace or freedom at all. I’m not even going to get to it today, but he’s admitted — by the way, here’s another See, I Told You So — that global warming is “spiritual,” that we need to reorganize our spiritual lives to deal with this global warming problem. I told you people it was a religion! Algore is now admitting that it is! But you’re not going to have more freedom and liberty if these activists in global warming get everything they want, folks. Mark my words.

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Story #1: Starbucks Customer Offended by Anti-God Cup

RUSH: A lighthearted little story here. “A southwest Ohio woman who loves Starbucks coffee has decided to drop the Starbucks habit because she was offended by a religious-related statement the company printed on the side of a cup. Michelle Incanno, of Springboro, said she got an unexpected jolt when she saw the statement on a cup of coffee she bought last week. Printed on the cup was: ‘Why in moments of crisis do we ask God for strength and help? As cognitive beings, why would we ask something that may well be a figment of our imaginations for guidance? Why not search inside ourselves for the power to overcome? After all, we are strong enough to cause most of the catastrophes we need to endure.'” This is on the side of the cup! I’ve never been to a Starbucks, and my instincts have proven right: they’re proselytizing. Now they’re ripping God. Now they’re ripping religious people.

“The statement is attributed to Bill Schell, a Starbucks customer from London, Ontario, and was included on the cup as part of an effort by the company to collect different viewpoints and spur discussion.” Yeah, we’re going to have ‘dialogue’ everywhere. Dialogue is worthless if it’s two ignoramuses talking to each other. Dialogue is worthless if it’s two idiots or one intelligent person trying to talk to an idiot. That’s why I’m dropping the Channel 13 thing. “But dialogue! For the sake of dialogue, Mr. Limbaugh, we must have dialogue!”

So Michelle Incanno, who is Catholic, said, “As someone who loves God, I was so offended by that. I don’t think there needs to be religious dialogue on it. I just want coffee.” Now, the company chooses about 30 new quotes every few months, according to Tricia Moriarty, the spokeswoman for Seattle-based Starbucks. “By the end of 2007…” that would be this year for those of you who watch Channel 13 Sacramento, “…nearly 300 quotes will have been printed since the program began in January 2005.” Ha, ha! “We’re strong enough to overcome the catastrophes we cause. Why turn to a figment of your imagination?”
Story #2: Big Oil Steers Money to DEMOCRATS

RUSH: All right: a little lesson here in Drive-By Media coverage as it relates to the way they cover news about Republicans and Democrats. Story here from the Houston Chronicle, written by Bennett Roth of the Houston Chronicle Washington bureau. The headline: “Houston-area firms steering PAC money to Democrats — PAC money is steered toward party that heads key committees.” Well, pretty boring, right? This is standard day-by-day stuff in politics, is it not? Let’s read further. “Several large Houston-area companies in the Republican-leaning energy industry…” hmm “…and other sectors have been shifting federal campaign contributions to Democrats, who are flexing their new power in Congress as they draft legislation on energy and the environment. Political action committees for companies including…” whoa! “…ConocoPhillips, BP Corp. and Continental Airlines gave a significantly higher percentage of their contributions to Democrats in the first quarter of 2007.”

Well, now, wait just a second here! Are we to now believe that ConocoPhillips, British Petroleum, and other Big Oil companies are companies in the energy industry? Why, I guess so! Why, when Big Oil gives money to Democrats, they are “Houston-area firms,” leading energy industry firms steering PAC money to Democrats. Now, can you imagine if this story was about these Big Oil companies giving money to Republicans? Do you know how this story would be rewritten? Do you know how the headline would be different? “Big Oil Firms Continue to Enrich Republicans,” whatever, whatever. It would be an entirely different thing! So now that Big Oil is lavishing cash on the Democrats, they’re just “firms” and “energy industries;” they’re not Big Oil.
Story #3: Fathers Parenting Makes Kids Obese
RUSH: Folks, try this next story. “Fathers Responsible for Fat Children, Study. Fathers who play less of a role in child rearing are more likely to have overweight or obese offspring, Australian researchers said. … The study found that a mother’s parenting style had little impact on whether a child was overweight or obese.” Now, give me a break and cut me some slack! This is the exact kind of thing that I’m talking about! Men are bad again. Women aren’t having any effect on this. All these fat slobs out there in the kid population are because of fathers. The headline ought to read, “Lack of Fathering Responsible for Fat Children.”
Story #4: Democrats Scold Colombian President
RUSH: Washington Post editorial. It’s from Sunday. “Columbian President lvaro Uribe may be the most popular democratic leader in the world. Last week, as he visited Washington, a poll showed his approval rating at 80.4 percent — extraordinary for a politician who has been in office nearly five years. Colombians can easily explain this: Since his first election in 2002, Mr. Uribe has rescued their country from near-failed-state status, doubling the size of the army and extending the government’s control to large areas that for decades were ruled by guerrillas and drug traffickers. The murder rate has dropped by nearly half and kidnappings by 75 percent. For the first time thugs guilty of massacres and other human rights crimes are being brought to justice, and the political system is being purged of their allies. With more secure conditions for investment, the free-market economy is booming.

“In a region where populist demagogues are on the offensive, Mr. Uribe stands out as a defender of liberal democracy, not to mention a staunch ally of the United States. So it was remarkable to see the treatment that the Colombian president received in Washington. After a meeting with the Democratic congressional leadership, Mr. Uribe was publicly scolded by House Majority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), whose statement made no mention of the ‘friendship’ she recently offered Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. Human Rights Watch, which has joined the Democratic campaign against Mr. Uribe, claimed that ‘today Colombia presents the worst human rights and humanitarian crisis in the Western hemisphere’ — never mind Venezuela or Cuba or Haiti. Former vice president Al Gore, who has advocated direct U.S. negotiations with the regimes of Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, recently canceled a meeting with Mr. Uribe because, Mr. Gore said, he found the Colombian’s record ‘deeply troubling.’ What could explain this backlash?”

Well, before telling you what the Washington Post thinks, I can tell you: they are dangerous radicals in the Democrat Party, and they let it be known who their friends are. This guy has brought free market reforms, reductions in the murder rate. Kidnappings in Central and South America are a huge problem; he cut them by 75%. The drug traffickers ran Colombia; he’s cleaned it up. They hate him. Now, the Washington Post says, “Democrats claim to be concerned — far more so than Colombians, apparently — with ‘revelations’ that the influence of right-wing paramilitary groups extended deep into the military and Congress. In fact this has been well-known for years; what’s new is that investigations by Colombia’s Supreme Court and attorney general have resulted in the jailing and prosecution of politicians and security officials. Many of those implicated come from Mr. Uribe’s Conservative Party, and his former intelligence chief is under investigation. But the president himself has not been charged with wrongdoing. On the contrary: His initiative to demobilize 30,000 right-wing paramilitary fighters last year paved the way for the current investigations, which he and his government have supported and funded. … Perhaps Mr. Uribe is being punished by Democrats, too, because he has remained an ally of George W. Bush even as his neighbor, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, portrays the U.S. president as ‘the devil.’ Whatever the reasons, the Democratic campaign is badly misguided. If the Democrats succeed in wounding Mr. Uribe or thwarting his attempt to consolidate a democracy that builds its economy through free trade, the United States may have to live without any Latin American allies.”

It’s amazing. The Democrats don’t even hide it anymore — they don’t even hide the fact of their love and respect for dictators and socialists and so forth. A free market guy comes along and they totally disrespected him. All because the guy is a conservative.
Story #5: College Prof Sends Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation, Threatened with Firing

RUSH: This story appeared on NewsMax.com yesterday. “A tenured college professor is set to be fired for simply sending out an e-mail to colleagues containing George Washington’s ‘Thanksgiving Day Proclamation of 1789.’ Already professor Walter Kehowski at Glendale Community College in Arizona has been placed on forced administrative leave and the school’s chief has recommended his termination. ‘It simply boggles the mind that a professor could find himself facing termination simply for e-mailing the Thanksgiving address of our first president,’ said Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). On Nov. 22, 2006, the day before Thanksgiving, Kehowski, a professor in mathematics in the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) sent the e-mail containing Washington’s message to all MCCCD employees, using a district-wide service designated for ‘announcements.’

“Within weeks, five MCCCD employees filed harassment charges against Kehowski, claiming his message was ‘hostile’ and ‘derogatory.’ They complaining employees also cited the fact that the e-mail contained a link to Pat Buchanan’s Web site, where Kehowski had found Washington’s proclamation. Buchanan, a conservative commentator, had also posted to his Web site criticisms of immigration policies. On Jan. 3, 2007, MCCCD found that Kehowski was guilty of violating policies limiting e-mail usage to messages that ‘support education, research, scholarly communication, administration, and other MCCCD business.'” Do you know what’s in that address? The word God. God is in Washington’s Thanksgiving proclamation repeatedly; he thanks God over and over for the inspiration of the United States of America. Now, the story says this tenured professor is facing termination for sending this thing out (that five people protested).

Now, why in the world would this professor have any fear about sending this out? He’s an educator. This is part of history. Five malcontents — five liberals — feel threatened by it because it challenges their cocoonish little world view, so they want to get him fired. They don’t just want to not have to hear him, they want him fired. That is intended to make sure nobody else tries to pull a stunt like this: pointing out what the first president of the country ever said in his first Thanksgiving proclamation.

This is why there are people all over this country — I myself am not one of them — who want to say things but they pause: “Will this get me in trouble?” It’s just like the stories we heard about the way it was in the Soviet Union — people in their own homes afraid to say anything for fear that the state was listening by bugging their apartments and homes. So people shut up. They gave up freedom, freedom of speech, what have you, in order not to get in trouble. I’m telling you, this is happening throughout our society today. It’s not that the state is listening, though, but people are nevertheless experiencing the same fears because these leftists — these Stalinists — are out there doing everything they can to punish and squelch anything they don’t want to hear. If this is true, this is just mind-boggling.
Story #6: Pelosi Gets Millions to Help Husband, Home District

RUSH: “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi used her clout to get lawmakers to back a San Francisco redevelopment project near her multimillion-dollar rental properties, disclosure documents reveal. Pelosi got House members to authorize $25 million to improve the Embarcadero port area, clearing the way for cruise-ship-dock development and other improvements to aid the neighborhood’s comeback.” One of the things that’s noteworthy about this is that her husband, Paul, owns four commercial real estate properties near the Embarcadero, which is home to many restaurants and hotels. Nancy Pelosi. This is in the New York Post. I wonder if the Drive-Bys will consider this as the appearance of impropriety, hmm?

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Story #1: Hurricane Andrea Mitchell Off Carolina

RUSH: I just want to know, has anybody seen an Al Gore or Laurie David press conference yet on Subtropical Storm Andrea Mitchell? It has formed off of the Georgia, north Florida coast and is heading southwest. It may not hit land per se. Some of the models say it won’t, but it’s up there near Jacksonville with 45 miles per hour sustained winds. This is made to order for the global warming nuts, is it not?

Anyway, during the break I went and looked out the window and there’s a playground right across the street from the EIB building here and all these kids are out there playing lacrosse, they’re playing soccer, they’re doing a number of other things. You look at the sky, and it looks like it’s going to rain. I said to Snerdley, “There are no clouds out there; that is smoke.” Then CNN happens to do a story on global warming and Tropical Storm Andrea Mitchell. There was a little map of where the tropical storm was and there are no clouds here. It is total, total smoke.
Story #2: Pro-Divorce Billboard Taken Down
RUSH: Now, get this story from Chicago (one of my favorite towns, by the way). “The city of Chicago has taken down a racy billboard,” it says here, “that proclaimed ‘Life is short. Get a divorce.’ The billboard featured photos of a scantily clad woman and a shirtless man and was an ad for Chicago divorce attorney Corri Fetman.” Ha, ha! “The display drew criticism from some residents in the Rush Street neighborhood and from other lawyers, who say the ad sullies their profession.” That’s not possible. “The billboard was removed a week after it went up after Ald. Burton Natarus determined it didn’t have a proper permit. Fetman says her billboard was no threat to people in happy marriages and says it was taken down without due process. Her law partner, Kelly Garland, added that even people who dislike the billboard should worry about what its removal means for free speech.”

What in the world is happening to us, folks? People cannot laugh anymore? “Well, Rush, it wasn’t the message — it was the scantily clad women on the billboard.” Rush Street area. So what? What is happening to us? I’ve told you all week: everybody is just getting tighter and tighter wound, sitting around afraid to say or do anything out of fear they might offend somebody. This is absurd! This is patently, patently absurd! Everybody here just needs to lighten up.
Story #3: TV Ratings Down Because Shows Suck
RUSH: You know, the television networks — I have this story in the stack here — say that two and a half million fewer people are watching primetime television this season than last. They’re all trying to figure it out: “Why is this happening?” They’re chalking it up to the early Daylight Savings Time. Early Daylight Savings Time, my rear end! Try, “the shows suck,” maybe.

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Story #1: Gores Reunite, Nothing Happens

RUSH: How about this headline in the New York Observer: “Gore Supporters Reunite,” comma, “Nothing Happens.” Ha, ha, ha!
Story #2: Rush for Peace Mugs Are Here

RUSH: Ever since I said yesterday that we received our first shipments of the Nobel Peace Prize mugs in honor of my nomination, people have been going, “Where’s mine? Where’s mine?” Well, I get mine first! You have to understand: I’m the grand pooh-bah. I get mine first. That means that yours are on the way, shipped at the same time.

I do want to apologize, however, for how long this has taken. I personally find it outrageous that it would take two months to get some mugs printed up, but we had all kinds of problems (like the color wasn’t right on a bunch of them), and so I apologize. But they’re manufactured now and they look good and they’re on the way to those of you who have become new subscribers to the Limbaugh Letter, the website — Rush 24/7 — or both. Again, it’s ridiculous for something like this to take two months, but it’s done now and it’s out there.
Story #3: Great News for the Democrats: Wal-Mart Takes it in the Shorts
RUSH: Great, great, news here, folks, for the Democrats. The headline says it all: “Wal-Mart Sales Decline Is Worst in 28 Years — Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. posted its worst monthly same-store sales results in at least 28 years, tallying a 3.5 percent decline in April due to this year’s early Easter as well as generally challenging economic conditions for consumers.” Ha, ha! Right! Wal-Mart: taking it in the shorts! Yes! Oh, the Democrats are going to love this! Wal-Mart biting the dust like this, 3.5 percent sales decline, the biggest sales decline in 28 years? This is news made to order for the Democrats. Can a recession be far behind? They’ll be happy. This may be a reprieve for mom-and-pop stores threatened by Wal-Mart’s existence.
Story #4: Missing Vulture Found

RUSH: A missing vulture has been found in the Netherlands. “The great Dutch scavenger hunt is over. Five days after thermals and gusty winds swept Abu the white-back vulture away from the private bird of prey breeding center where he lives, a police officer found him Wednesday and falconers coaxed him back into captivity. Abu is normally kept in an enclosure at the center in the southern Netherlands, but disappeared into the clouds last Friday while being trained for a flying demonstration.” He was discovered 80 miles away and a “policeman took a photo of him with his mobile phone and sent it to us and then we could see it was Abu… Catching him was easy,” said a staff member at the center. “They had food and he saw that and walked straight up to them.” So the white-backed vulture that’s been missing has been found!
Story #5: “Nappy Roots Day” Raises Hackles

RUSH: Dan Riehl has a blog, “Riehl World View.” There’s an amazing entry on his blog today. Well, first, have we bought insurance from the Justice Brothers? Because we’re going to have to use a word here that could get me in trouble. I mean, I know they’re official sponsors of the program, but I don’t know if we can do this. You know what? We can give them a few free commercials. That would be buying insurance from them (because I’ve got to read this).

“Democrat Rep John Yarmuth from Kentucky currently has an item on his website which, in part, praises the performance of “Nappy Roots.” a Kentucky-based rap group that, in 2002, then Kentucky Governor Democrat Paul E. Patton honored by declaring ‘Nappy Roots’ Day an official state holiday in Kentucky.”

This is incredible!

Following Lisa Tanner’s moving rendition of the Star Spangled Banner,” this is from the website “stellar performances from the Louisville Dems and Nappy Roots, and inspirational speeches from dozens of local officials, John Yarmuth and Barack Obama took the stage to thunderous applause.” Of course, when Imus made his comments, Obama said he didn’t just “cross the line,” he “fed into some of the worst stereotypes that my two young daughters have to deal with today in America.” Yet Obama was there with John Yarmuth celebrating this rap group called “Nappy Roots.” They actually had “Nappy Roots Day” — an official state holiday — in the state of Kentucky! So when a Democrat honored a group called “Nappy Roots” with a state holiday, Obama showed up and praised them. Interesting.

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Story #1: Rape Isn’t Rape If Sex Obtained By Fraud

RUSH: Here’s a story the Kennedys are going to love. “A Hampden County, Massachusetts man who allegedly tricked his brother’s girlfriend into having sex with him by impersonating his sibling in the middle of the night cannot be convicted of rape[.]” This is in the Boston Globe today. This is the kind of thing the Kennedy’s will cut out of the paper and frame and put on all of their walls in the bedrooms and so forth. Anyway, this decision came from the state’s highest court yesterday. It’s “a controversial ruling that affirms the court’s long-held view that sex obtained through fraud is no crime.”

Oh, man!

“The Supreme Judicial Court unanimously ruled that a judge should have dismissed the rape charge against Alvin Suliveres, of Westfield, because Massachusetts law has for two centuries defined rape as sexual intercourse by force and against one’s will and that it is not rape when consent is obtained through fraud.” Oh, don’t you just love these liberal meccas? It’s not rape when consent is obtained through fraud!

“The unusual case dates to a night in January 2005. The woman had been living with her boyfriend, Duane Suliveres…in the basement of his father’s home.” His brother, Alvin, had been staying in another room for several months. “At 3 a.m., the woman later told authorities, she was awakened by the sound of the door opening in the dark room and said, ‘Duane, why are you home so early?’ but heard no response. Then, she said, she felt someone who she thought was her boyfriend get into bed, remove her clothes, and climb on top of her and had sex with her for about ten minutes. After he got up, he opened the door” and she saw it was Alvin Suliveres. “After Hampton County prosecutors presented their case, Suliveres’ trial lawyer asked Superior Court Judge Tina Page to acquit his client for lack of evidence.” The judge refused. The case went to the jury which couldn’t reach a verdict. Oh, Lord, folks.
Story #2: Murderer’s Pizza Delivered After Execution

RUSH: We love to focus on heart-warming stories here on Open Line Friday, and this is from Nashville. “Convicted murderer put to death in Nashville yesterday got his last meal wish after he died.” Now, you might be wondering how can this be? How can somebody have a last meal wish granted once they’ve been executed? Well, here are the details. “Phillip Workman had turned down the usual final meal of his choice traditionally offered to the condemned. He instead asked that a vegetarian pizza be given to a homeless person. Prison officials refused, but news accounts of his request touched a nerve with the public. Nashville’s Union Rescue Mission received 170 pizzas. Listeners to a radio station in Minnesota also reportedly orders pizzas sent to an organization for troubled youth.”

Such a nice murderer! Never thinking of himself, even in his last moments. In fact, he sends vegetarian pizzas to the homeless in a final act of selflessness right before being cooked. You just gotta love these heart-warming stories. By the way, I got an e-mail from somebody that said, “You know this guy that died in Nashville that refused his last meal and instead wanted the prison authorities to send a vegetarian pizza over to the homeless? That really wasn’t that thoughtful, Rush. If he really cared about the homeless, he would have ordered pepperoni pizza, because the homeless need protein.”

I have to admit that’s probably true.

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Story #1: Nouvelle Ton? Sarkozy Taps Anti-US Socialist

RUSH: Try this from the UK Times Online today: “Shock as Sarkozy Woo’s Anti-US Left-Winger.” This is the new president of France. Remember how after he won everybody was going gaga? “He’s America’s best friend! He’s going to talk about reformatting the 35-hour work week! He’s going to promote incentives and free market economics,” and so forth. Well, the story says this: “Nicolas Sarkozy, the right-wing reformer who becomes French President on Wednesday, upset both the United States and his opponents yesterday by offering the job of Foreign Minister to a Socialist veteran with anti-American credentials. Hubert Vdrine, 59 — a former senior aide to the late President Mitterrand — who served as Foreign Minister from 1997 to 2002, was considering the proposal yesterday. The prospect of Mr. Vdrine running foreign policy has infuriated the beleaguered Socialists and amazed the diplomatic world because he is the architect of a doctrine for containing what he called the abusive ‘steamroller’ of American power. His views on ‘the hyperpower’ — the term that he coined in the 1990s — would appear to conflict with Mr. Sarkozy’s pro-Atlantic views.
“Mr. Sarkozy approached. Mr Vdrine and other figures from the Left as part of his scheme to forge a slimmed-down government that will be politically inclusive and not limited to his Gaullist Union for a Popular Movement.” Now, what’s wrong with this? When you hear the story, does it ring any bells? Does it seem like, “Oh, my! We’ve been through this before”? This sort of reminds me of George W. Bush and the “new tone” after the horrible Florida aftermath. Well, after the French election, they had riots all over the place. The socialists were out there burning cars. Sarkozy was getting threats, and on and on. So what we have here is this guy appointing an anti-American as his foreign minister. He may as well be another Dominique de Villepin, only worse. What’s Sarkozy trying to do? He’s trying to appease the people who lost! He’s trying to appease the left — and the left is not going to accept a non-leftist trying to appease them. They want power. They want control.

I’ll tell you, though: I don’t know anything about this Sarkozy guy — and, after all, we are talking about France, so there’s a caveat to everything. If it weren’t for France, we would not have won the Revolutionary War, and ever since then, they’ve been on a downward spin. That’s a long time ago, folks, when the French were reliable. So this new guy gets elected, and he goes out just like the Republicans in Congress. “Well, let’s make friends with the Democrats. Well, let’s make friends with the socialists.” They lost. They’re tearing down the country. They’re burning it up. They’re exploding cars, and we have to have a new tone? It never works. It puzzles me why it is — with so much experience under our belts — that leaders don’t ever learn this lesson about not being able to appease leftists by being nice to them. Everything’s a blood war to them. They don’t want to like us, and that’s also the case in France as well. History repeats itself.
Story #2: Photo of Gasoline for $4.53 Wasn’t Accurate

RUSH: How many of you saw over the weekend this picture on Drudge about gasoline being four bucks a gallon? It was all over the place, but it was a misleading picture. If you didn’t know the details of the story, you would get the wrong idea about it. It’s a picture of this guy in San Francisco that we told you about last week. He’s fed up with Shell because he’s not making any money. He’s a big-time gasoline/oil company guy who owns this station in San Francisco, and he’s raised the price to $4.53 on his high test gasoline. But right across the street, it’s $3.75 and $3.87. They didn’t give you the picture right across the street over the weekend. They’ve now done it, but it was an effort to totally mislead people if they didn’t know the story about this poor guy who’s upset with Shell Oil because they’re running independents and others out of business. He raised the price because they’re closing him down at the end of the month anyway. Right across the street and around the corner, it was as much as 80 cents a gallon cheaper. So if you were caught in by this trap I wanted to pass this on to you — because you’ve been had.
Story #3: Former SecTres Snow Eyes Chrysler
RUSH: Snerdley was talking to me during the break. He said, “Why would anybody buy Chrysler?” You know, DaimlerChrysler is getting rid of Chrysler, and a private investment company bought them, and Snerdley said, “Why? They have all those union contracts, the legacy, the health care… Why would anybody buy them?”

I couldn’t tell you, but obviously they’re buying them because they think they’re going to make money doing it one way or the other. Either they’re going to flip it down the road or they’re going to make money operating it. Now, the name of the — I bet you don’t know this, Snerdley — of the private investment company that bought Chrysler is named Cerberus. Do you know who their chairman is? Does the name John Snow ring a bell? Yes: John Snow, the former treasury secretary. He succeeded in business, but he couldn’t succeed in monkey business (which is the government). I think he also was a member of the Augusta National Golf Club.
Story #4: Governor of Oregon to Live on $3 a Day for Food

RUSH: Governor Ted Kulongoski, Democrat (is there any doubt?) Oregon, is going to illustrate the plight of food stamp recipients by living on three dollars a day for food. Where to start with this? How inane. It’s going to accomplish nothing. It also misses the point, and that is he should be showing people who live on food stamps that they don’t have to anymore by inspiring them to do otherwise. Regardless, I don’t think he’s going to be on it long enough to gain weight. Well, you look at a lot of food stamp recipients and they do have a weight problem. This is absurd, anyway. The Department of Agriculture is out there advertising for more food stamp applicants like it’s not a bad deal. Three bucks a day? Give me a break!
Story #5: Iraq Tribal Leader: Tell Dems to Lay Off Bush

RUSH: Story in the New York Sun today: “As Surge Begins to Take Hold in Baghdad, Tribal Leaders Turn on Al-Qaeda.” The dateline of this story is Abu Ghraib. “In the aftermath of America’s recent troop surge in Iraq, tribal leaders throughout Iraq are turning on Al-Qaeda, and American military commanders are trying to exploit the new development by bringing tribe members into the Iraqi Security Forces.” Now, that’s interesting, but listen to the nut of the story: “Despite the rising antipathy,” that would be “anger” for those of you who watch Channel 13 in Sacramento, “toward Al-Qaeda, the tribal sheiks in the Sunni regions in particular are very clear that their new alliance with the Americans is merely a tactical one. Sheik Hussein summed it up: ‘We would like America, a friend, to rebuild the country. This is what we want, what the tribes want. But to stay here as a military force indefinitely is unacceptable.’ For Sheik Hussein, however, the process of a speedy exit is also unacceptable. At a luncheon at a home of one of his cousins,” he told the reporter on this story, Eli Lake of the New York Sun, “‘Please, tell the Democrats for now to stop pressuring Bush.'” So an Iraqi cleric, aware of the damage the Democrats are doing to the future of Iraq, has asked a reporter from the New York Sun to go tell the Democrats to lighten up on Bush for now.

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Story #1:Porn Star Endorses Mrs. Bill Clinton

RUSH: : I tell you, the Clintons get support from all over the place. Jenna Jameson is the most recent famous American to come out and endorse Hillary Clinton. Jenna Jameson has been called the world’s most famous porn star, is the author of the New York Times best-seller “How to Make Love Like a Porn Star,” talked about Hillary Clinton in an interview with PR.com on May 17th. That’s today. This is the 17th, correct.

Question: “Who’s your favorite Democrat front-runner for 2008, Obama, Hillary, or John Edwards?”

Jenna Jameson, the world’s most famous porn star, said, “I love Hillary. I think that in some ways she’s pretty conservative for a democrat [sic], but I would love to have a woman in office. I think that it would be a step in the right direction for our country, and there would be less focus on war and more focus on bettering society.”

Well, “Do you find the climate of the adult industry changes when there’s a Republican administration versus Democrat?”

“Oh, absolutely,” she said. Jenna Jameson, the world’s most famous porn star who has endorsed Hillary, said “the Clinton administration was the best years for the adult industry, and I wish that Clinton would run again.”

(Laughing.) I love that.
Story #2:EIB Best Wishes to Bo Diddley After Stroke

RUSH: We received some bad news about Bo Diddley. He was performing somewhere I think in Colorado, and suffered a stroke. He is in the hospital. He’s in intensive care in Omaha. I don’t have the story right in front of me, I think it’s in Creighton hospital. The stroke affected the left side of his brain, which is speech and speech recognition. He’s 78 years old. He’s always been a big friend of the show, and I’m sorry to see that, but we played the bump here and I wanted to acknowledge that.

Story #3:School Dinner Served in Hoboken
RUSH:I have said over and over again, ladies and gentlemen, don’t doubt me. Do not doubt me. Mere moments ago I referenced a story in the stack about school dinners. The upstart Snerdley on the IFB, “It’s a joke, right, it’s a joke?” Here’s the story. It’s from NewJersey.com, NJ.com. The Jersey Journal. It’s from Hoboken, Mr. Snerdley, your old stomping grounds. “The Community Foodbank of New Jersey, in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club of Hudson County, has opened a Kids Cafe – the second such meal program in Hudson County and 10th in New Jersey – on Jefferson Street in the Mile Square City. Beginning today…” This was this past Monday, “‘it will serve free meals five evenings a week to local low-income children active in the after-school programs with which it is partnered. Following the after-school program activities, parents can allow children to stay and have dinner,’ said Meara Nigro, the Foodbank’s director of communications. The program, under the auspices of America’s Second Harvest, a national food bank network, was designed to combat hunger during the summer months when school lunch programs are unavailable and children are more susceptible to malnutrition.”

That’s what it says! I’m just reading it to you. Malnutrition sets in in New Jersey in the summertime when the schools aren’t open. Big problem out there. “Participating children are typically between the ages of 6 and 12, Nigro said. A core focus of the program is to provide meals that are both nutritious and culturally diverse.” Culturally diverse free meals. Well, you can imagine what a culturally diverse meal is. One night eat Chinese; the next night you eat Italian; the next night you eat hummus; next night you eat couscous; next night fried goat’s eyes; next night steamed sea lion claws; the next night frozen raccoon. Who knows? It’s all kinds of different meals. That’s starting in Hoboken.
Story #4:Food in Harlem v. Upper East Side

RUSH: The New York Post has a story today about grocery stores, Bodegas, Storefronts, and what the difference is in the food in Harlem versus the Upper East Side. Of course, in the grocery stores, the Bodegas in Harlem it’s all dangerously high in fat, calories, fried stuff, and on the Upper East Side, it’s much, much healthier. I need to print out this graphic with the details so that I can read it, but they attribute the difference to not as much interest in the health of African-Americans on the part of food business.

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Story #1: Daily Drive-By Doom & Gloom Produces Gloomy People in Drive-By Doom & Gloom Poll

RUSH: I talked about this last week; how prescient am I? This is what I mean when I say you are on the cutting edge of societal evolution. “Poll: American satisfaction at new low.” It’s an AP story: “It’s gloomy out there. Men and women, whites and minorities…” Ha, ha! It’s not “women and minorities,” it’s “whites and minorities”! Anyway, “Only 25 percent of those surveyed say things in the U.S. are going in the right direction, according to an AP-Ipsos poll this month. That is about the lowest level of satisfaction detected since the survey started in December 2003. Rarely have longer-running polls found such a rate since the even gloomier days of 1992 ahead of the first President Bush’s re-election loss to Democrat Bill Clinton.” They blame the gloom on public discontent with the war in Iraq and President Bush. “It is striking for how widespread the mood is among different groups of people,” and they break it down here. “Nine percent faulted the economy, 8 percent a loss of moral values and 5 percent gasoline prices. ‘We need to get out of war, get our economy back up, quit spending money outside of America and bring it here,’ said Democrat Lisa Pollard, 45, an insurance company analyst in Arlington, Texas.”

Let me tell you something, folks. I’d be gloomy too if I was stuck at home talking to a pollster on a land line. If that was my life, waiting for the phone to ring so a pollster could ask me questions… Who are these people talking to? Doesn’t matter, I guess. This is their poll. They are creating this poll to create this news and, by the way, who’s responsible? The media routinely peppers us with all of this doom and gloom and chaos. It’s no wonder that everybody out there is gloomy. So here you have the lying Associated Press telling us that you and I are unhappy with our country.
Story #2: Get Ready for Gas Tax Hike

RUSH: Well, try this headline: “Frozen federal tax on gasoline leading to more toll roads, higher state fuel taxes.” AP again. “A cash crunch is fast approaching for the government trust fund that pays to build and repair highways and bridges. The federal tax on a gallon of gas has not risen in 14 years and Congress is reluctant to increase it. People are demanding more fuel-efficient vehicles, which means fewer dollars for the fund.” People are getting more miles per gallon with those little lawn mowers they’re driving out there! “States are looking for other places for road-building money,” and they’re talking about raising the gas tax.

You just aren’t driving enough now! People bought these new cars that got more mileage and the state realized, “Hey, we’re getting short-shrifted here on our tax revenue.” It’s like when people quit smoking. If everybody that smokes actually quit smoking, do you realize what panic there would be in state capitols and so forth? I just want you to get ready, folks. This idea that there’s a shortage of money anywhere is absurd. $2.9 trillion budget. We’re not short of money anywhere, but the idea here that the gas tax now is not enough to fund road and bridge repair and building and so forth…

Of course, when this tax goes up — and it will — then Democrats are going to raise taxes all over the place. The budget they submitted — the $2.9 trillion budget — is the largest tax increase in American history. It’s not just on the rich! They’re going to go out and tax other income levels and they’re going to raise the rate on capital gains. If they get in power in the White House this is what they’re going to try to do. So for those of you wringing your hands over the price of gasoline, prepare yourselves for down the road when the gasoline tax goes up. And that will be your government, once again, profiting without one penny of investment.
Story #3: First ChiComs Poison Our Pets, Now Us!
RUSH: “Tainted apples” and “toxic mushrooms” were among the “107 Chinese food imports detained at US ports last month,” it was reported yesterday. “The US Food and Drug Administration detained the imports along with more than 1,000 Chinese shipments of tainted dietary…” what are the Chinese doing? First they poison our pets, and now they’re poisoning us! “China for years has flooded the US with products unfit for human consumption,” and only a fraction of the products are believed to have been detected. “Consumer advocates and members of Congress are to renew their concerns during high level trade talks with China in Washington this week.”

Yeah, you know what’s going to come out of that? Zilch, zero, nada. If we need cheap labor, if we need cheap food, to hell if it’s contaminated! Nah, I’m just kidding.
Story #4: Indonesian Bitten by Our Fish Forefather

RUSH: Oh, they’ve discovered over there in Indonesia a couple of new fish species they thought died out 65 million years ago. Wait until you hear this about this! The fish that these expert scientists think were us before we climbed out of the primordial soup onto the beaches and assumed our rightful place as the dominate creatures on the planet — those fish that had limb-like fins? Well, they found a couple of them, and they haven’t evolved!
Story #5: Gay Flamingos Pick Up Chick

RUSH: I want you to listen to this headline from the French News Agency: “Gay flamingos pick up chick.” “A pair of gay flamingos have adopted an abandoned chick, becoming parents after being together for six years, a British conversation organization said Monday. Carlos and Fernando had been desperate to start a family.” We are talking about two birds here! Anyway, Carlos and Fernando, the gay flamingos, “had been desperate to start a family, even chasing after other flamingos and their nests to take over their eggs at the wild foul and wetlands trust in Slimbridge near Bristol, but their egg sitting prowess” — that would be Carlos and Fernando, the two gay flamingos – “made them the top choice for taking an unhatched egg under their wings when one of the greater flamingo nests was abandoned.”

Now, what’s the meaning of that? These gay birds are better than the hetero birds! The hetero birds abandon their kids, and here come the gay birds, rolling in to take over. I mean, look at the way this story is written. We’re talking two birds, here! Do they want a medal, or what? “The couple, together for six years, can feed chicks by producing milk in their throats.” Gay flamingos are not uncommon it says here. You know, we’re writing about these animals like they’re people.
Story #6: Hef Bunnies Endangered by Pussycats

RUSH: I didn’t know this, but they named some rabbits after Hugh Hefner some time ago in Big Pine Key, Florida. And the population of the Hefner rabbit has dwindled by about 50% in the past two years. You know who’s wiping ’em out? Pussycats!

The actual name for the Hef rabbit is “Sylvilagus palustris hefneri.” Where am I reading this? AP. “The medium-sized dark brown cottontail Hef bunny with a grayish white belly was put on the federal endangered species list when the population in the Florida keys was estimated at 200.” And stray cats are wiping these things out! “Wildlife officials plan to begin a program next week to trap” these feral pussycats and stray pussycats, hoping “that keeping a predator away will mean that the population of the Hef bunnies will grow.” Not making this up.
Story #7: Los Angeles Gang Members Unionize

RUSH: I don’t know if illegals are going to join the unions, but I have to tell you who is: LA gang members. This from the LA Times. The gang bangers out there are finding a home in unions as the unions are out there seeking new members. “Shortly after his release from prison four years ago, Julio Silva entered the apprenticeship program at the ironworkers union, Local 433 in La Palma. To his alarm he learned that ironworkers called all first-year apprentices ‘punk.’ He had been an East LA gang member, a drug user, and a car burglar in and out of jail. In that world, a ‘punk’ was that world’s prison sex slave. But Silva tried not to let it bother him. The more he worked at his new job, the more his skills improved. Ironwork became the one legal thing he had done well. It also paid $29 an hour plus” — do you see where this is going?

Where do you think it’s going, Mr. Snerdley? You tell me, where is this story from the LA Times headed? Yes, only the unions can help gang bangers! Why, we may have found a worthwhile social redemption organization to save LA from the gangs, and that’s the unions. This guy Silva learned more in the union than he ever learned in prison or in the gang? Can he learn not to let this punk insult bother him? “Ironwork became the one legal thing he had done well.” Wait ’til he learns how to make guns! I’m just joking, couldn’t resist. “After Silva’s first year on the job, the ironworkers simply called him ‘Julio.’ They dropped the ‘punk.’ ‘I never thought my history would allow me to have something more than $3 an hour,’ said Julio Silva, who’s 37. ‘I don’t see this happening nowhere else but in the union. It’s given me the best opportunity of my life.’ Silva is among a large and growing number of southern California gang bangers who have joined building trade unions over the last decade as construction work as boomed.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa, what’s this? I thought it was illegal immigrants who were joining the construction trade! Now it’s gang bangers! “These good-paying jobs were once reserved for those with family connections as fathers recruited sons, but today, beset by nonunion competition and an aging membership, unions have stepped up recruitment in minority enclaves where many young men have criminal pasts. Now home boy recruits home boy. No one exactly knows how many gang members are in the building trades because the unions have stopped asking about recruits’ backgrounds. Some unions even would allow a man to remain a member while in prison.” Well, that’s not unprecedented. But I like living, so I’m not going to make any further comments about union guys in prison.

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Story #1: Drive-Bys Love Hurricane Forecast

RUSH: Oh, wow. What a day for the Drive-By Media. The National Hurricane Center has released its forecast: 13 to seven named storms, five big mamas. They want you to think five Katrinas, and the media is just as excited as they can be because now they get to scare us with these predictions.

And here’s a headline from Randolph E. Schmid, the AP science writer. “Coasts brace for busy hurricane season.” Now, let me ask you. I live on the coast. Do I look braced here today? Am I holding onto the flagpole? Am I tensed up? Or are any of you on the other side of the glass tensed up? No. Is anybody out on the beach, scouring the horizon looking for the first big mama killer hurricane? No! (Actually, it would be better if people did get braced instead of waiting for FEMA to come in after the fact. It would be a lot better if people started taking some responsibility in advance.)

You know, we live in Florida for a reason. There are a series of reasons, actually. And every day they pummel us — it’s either a hurricane or a drought that’s going to wipe us out. Media, just shut up! Just shut up! Things are normal! There are droughts! Hurricanes happen! There are things we can do to compensate for it! These things don’t mean the end of the world.

Story #2: Train Kills Man Trying to Kill Woman

RUSH: Listen to this story. This is from AP (the headline alone is funny): “Train Kills Man Trying to Kill Woman.” It’s from Los Angeles. “A man trying to kill his girlfriend by stopping a car in front of an approaching train was himself killed Monday when the train hit the vehicle and launched it into him as he tried to flee, police said. The girlfriend survived. The man drove the car in front of a group of other vehicles stopped at a railroad crossing in the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Sunland, Officer Mike Lopez said. The driver, who was seen arguing with his girlfriend, parked the car on the tracks and jumped out, leaving her behind, Lopez said. A northbound commuter train hit the rear of the car, hurling it into the man. The girlfriend was taken to the hospital, where she was in stable condition, Lopez said. ‘She gets hit by a train and lives. He gets hit by his own car and he dies,’ Lopez said.” I know we’re not supposed to laugh at this stuff, but I mean this is… the headline alone.

Story #3: Pelosi to Visit Greenland Glacier

RUSH: Nancy Pelosi, in the meantime, is flying off to Greenland to look at glaciers. Now, we talked about this yesterday. I asked you a question and I’m going to ask you again: During the Clinton administration, does anybody remember the hysteria on global warming that we are hearing every day now during the Bush administration? It’s sort of like homelessness. When the Democrats are in the White House, we don’t have a homeless problem. When a Republican’s in the White House, we have plastic-bags-in-grocery-stores problems and we have homelessness. Everything is a crisis! Global warming is just a pure political issue, so what is Pelosi doing flying off to visit glaciers in Greenland?

Story #4: New French President Battles Muslims

RUSH: So why do the elites want to bring in all this cheap, uneducated labor? Because it’s easier to control; easier to make dependent; and easier to get the votes. Pure and simple. And I’m sorry, but all you have to do is take a look at France to find out where this is headed. France’s new immigration minister “ruled out [the possibility] of legalizing undocumented immigrants en masse.” He said yesterday that government policy would be firm and pragmatic: “We have to put aside massive legalization. It doesn’t work. It penalizes, even immigrants.” He said this on the radio yesterday. He said he would meet shortly with officials from the hotel and restaurant industries which rely heavily on immigrants, and Sarkozy, the new president, “has said that he wants to ensure that those who join families in France can speak French and that relatives can support the newcomers.”

Now, even France has seen what uncontrolled immigration leads to! And there’s a piece here in the Toronto Sun by a woman named Rachel Marsden. “As new French President Nicolas Sarkozy took office, Islamic terrorists reportedly threatened a ‘fierce battle at the heart of Sarkozy’s capital.’ Finally, a sign that France is on the right track. Sarkozy says he won’t tolerate Muslims ‘killing sheep in their bathtubs’ and having a bunch of wives.” It seems that “53% of the country had enough sense to vote for this guy.” This was part of his campaign, and he’s out there making no bones about the fact that France can’t continue as it was — not just with the immigration policy, but with the whole social welfare structure with and the 35-hour work week/you-can’t-fire-anybody. And this guy won big in his election. It’s good, but this won’t last because I can see the lawsuits coming now.

Story #5:English-Only Tests, Judge Rules

Of all places, Santa Cruz, California. “More than 10,000 native Spanish speakers in Santa Cruz County will have to continue to take standardized tests in English, a San Francisco Judge ruled Monday. Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer dismissed part of a lawsuit brought by eight school districts that demanded students be allowed to take the test in Spanish.” This is exactly the kind of thing that does not promote assimilation. It’s just the opposite. “The lawsuit claims that testing students only in English does not accurately measure their abilities because they get many questions wrong simply because they don’t understand English, which makes it harder to do word problems in math or show mastery of grammar. Twenty-three schools in the county are under sanctions of No Child Left Behind because of low scores on standardized tests, including more than a dozen in Watsonville. Each of those schools, which could eventually be taken over by the state or a charter school organization, is in trouble due to the performance of non-native English speakers.”

So what do we have? We’re not even talking about the education of these kids. No, no. We’re talking about a bunch of bureaucrats being able to take the easy road, continue to get their money passing “No Child Left Behind” and its restrictions, or its requirements, and the easiest way to do well, “Let ’em take the test in their native language.” It’s not going to help them assimilate; it’s not going to help them progress; it’s not going to help them learn America, and it’s not going to help them learn. But that doesn’t seem to be the concern. This is the problem with the elites, and it’s the problem with bureaucrats, and it’s the problem with people in government. They claim to have the best interests of people at heart. They don’t. It’s their best interests that are first and foremost that drive things like this.

Story #6: Halliburton Chairman Defends Move to Dubai

RUSH: This is the French News Agency. “Halliburton Chairman Defends Move to Dubai.” Here’s the lead. “The head of US oil services giant Halliburton, whose decision to relocate from Texas to Dubai set off a political firestorm in the Unites States, defended the move on Tuesday as a reaction to a shift in the company’s business focus to the Middle East.” What firestorm? Political or otherwise? I seem to have missed it. What political firestorm was there? We reported it when it happened. Nobody called here and cared about it. I thought it was cool. I love Halliburton, Dubai, those two words in the same sentence. The only thing that could make it better would be Halliburton and Dubai ports deal. But what firestorm? Might have been a firestorm in some newsroom. Doesn’t mean there was a firestorm in the country or a political firestorm. By the way, if there was — and I may have missed it; I don’t know how, because I don’t miss stuff — but if there were some elected officials in Washington upset that Halliburton was going over there, can they blame ’em? There were a few Democrats, wasn’t a firestorm. Democrats, for a day, less than a whole news cycle, were bellyaching about it. I remember saying, “Hell, if I’m Halliburton’s CEO, why the hell not get outta here? I’ve been a target of the Democrat Party, I’ve been a target of the Drive-By Media ever since George Bush was elected. Our business is over there, and look what they’re trying to do to the oil business in this country anyway.” They’re in the oil services business. You go to where the action is. There’s so much missing in news today. No professionalism. It’s pure hackery. There’s no curiosity, there’s no intellectual honesty anymore. It’s just striking.

Story #7: Meteorologist: Little Ice Age Receding

RUSH: Boy, I’m lucky I just found this story. I meant to give you the details of this earlier when I alluded to it at the beginning of the program. By the way, welcome back, RushLimbaugh.com, talent on loan from God. This is from the Wisconsin Energy Cooperative News, and it’s about a guy named Reid Bryson, he’s 86, still goes to work every day. He’s a climate scientist, has a Ph.D. in meteorology, granted in the history of American education, held the 30th Ph.D. in meteorology. “Bryson is a believer in climate change, in that he’s as quick as anyone to acknowledge that Earth’s climate has done nothing but change throughout the planet’s existence. In fact, he took that knowledge a big step further, earlier than probably anyone else. Almost 40 years ago, Bryson stood before the American Association for the Advancement of Science and presented a paper saying human activity could alter climate. ‘I was laughed off the platform for saying that.'” I can’t read the whole thing to you because I don’t have the time to do it. It’s the WisconsinEnergyCooperativeNewsMagazine.com, WECNmagazine.com, and let me just summarize for you.

He points out that here that we’re finding evidence of civilization where the glaciers that are melting are melting, where they once stood. In Switzerland, for example, they’re finding silver mines under the glaciers. As the glacier retreats there, they’re finding the mine shafts and the mining tools stacked up and waiting, waiting for the mine workers to return as the winter snows melted but it seems that one year, those winter snows didn’t actually melt. Then year upon year passed and the snows grew deeper and finally they had a glacier there. It was the little ice age, they came to learn. Now the little ice age is ending, the glaciers are retreating, and evidence of civilization is emerging where we’ve known nothing but ice in our lifetimes. They’re also finding water management structures built by man where glaciers are retreating. In other words, yeah, it’s warmer, and as this guy points out all that’s happening here is we’re getting back to normal. There used to be less ice than now, we’re just getting back to normal. There are constant cycles on the planet. These glaciers, that was global cooling, a little ice age, it was much, much warmer, and before all this so-called talk about could she footprints and industrialization and so forth.

We’ve been there before. We’ve been warmer than we are now. We did it without SUVs and the industrial revolution. It’s a funky little source here, the Wisconsin Energy Cooperative News and the 86-year-old Reid Bryson, but I wanted to pass it on to you because once again this is something people have no historical perspective. I think the global warming crowd is pure politics. We never heard about this when Democrats are in office, just like we never hear about homelessness when Democrats are in office. It’s a purely political issue to advance liberalism, big government, and all that. Beyond that, one of the things that is troubling is if there were just a rudimentary understanding of science at the basic Junior High level, every citizen who had that would be able to debunk the global warming claims. I know there’s some psychology involved here, but we know the earth’s been much colder and much hotter than it is today, long before the current crop of people and their reasons for the warming now were ever around. I don’t know that a hundred thousand years ago, billions, did the people alive back then blame themselves for these changes? Hell no. They didn’t have that kind of vanity, didn’t have that kind of time. So it’s purely political. A little total, 100 percent political hoax, made all that much easier to accomplish by virtue of the fact that basic science education is so inept.

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Story #1: Female Sharks Can Fertilize Themselves

RUSH: Did you see this story? Everybody’s making a big deal about this and I don’t understand why. Female sharks can fertilize themselves. I’ve known this. We’ve all known this for a long time. Hillary had Chelsea. I don’t understand what the big deal is. The feminazis are going to be pleased with this. They’ve always been searching for a way to get this done without men, sperm banks, and — (Laughing.) I just slapped myself. I don’t regret saying it.

Story #2: More Gloom & Doom: Air Traffic System in Crisis!

RUSH: Get this. This is right along the lines of the things we opened up with yesterday. Here’s a story. This is from the Christian Science Monitor. “As summer begins, trouble in the US airways.” Is this not a regular story? You can go to the calendar and every year, the week before Memorial Day, we’re going to get a spate of stories about it’s going to be a scorching summer, hurricane season is going to wipe us all out, and airline travel in the summertime is going to be worse than ever.

Well, I’ll tell you why. “With airplanes packed with more passengers than ever before, forecasters predicting severe hurricane and thunderstorm seasons, and airline employee morale at what experts say is a record low, this summer could become one of the most chaotic. Some analysts are predicting it could even rival the summer of 2000, which was laden with work slowdowns, record flight delays, and passenger frustration. ‘All of the pieces are in place,’ says Kevin Mitchell, chairman of the Business Travel Coalition in Radnor, Pa. ‘There’s so much dissatisfaction, and so many employees are burned out. They’re working longer hours for less pay in a system that is jammed to the hilt.'” Why, folks, it’s beyond horrible. This is catastrophic. We may not survive the summer. What with the hurricanes, the thunderstorms, and now the air traffic system about to fall apart before our very eyes. Meanwhile, have a good day.

Story #3: Moody Blues to Play Radio City Music Hall

RUSH: Doing show prep today, I find out that the Moody Blues are going to be at Radio City Music Hall on August 9th. I was out in Vail some years ago and went to bed one night after all the festivities at night. I turned on the local PBS station. I don’t know why, just happened to pop up as I was channel surfing around and the Moody Blues are in concert at the Royal Albert Hall. I still had my hearing. I was riveted to it. It was fabulous. I played those guys’ records as a struggling young disc jockey, star of the future. In fact, my first big gig, my first really big radio station in Pittsburgh, the number one song was “Knights in White Satin.” In the music rotation there, you played the number one tune every 58 minutes, regardless. I watched that concert on PBS, and I went out and bought the CD of it, and I listened to it all the time. Now they’re going to be at Radio City Music Hall on August 9th. I’ve gotta call in chips with people that have power at that building to get me August tickets. I haven’t looked up what day of the week that is, but it doesn’t matter, Moody Blues. I hope they do the same show that they did at the Royal Albert Hall.

Story #4: Stoned Phillips Will Be Next CNN Hire

RUSH: I know who’s going to be the next hire at CNN. Stoned Phillips. Stoned Phillips was blown out at NBC. Well, that’s what CNN does, they go hire the retreads the networks don’t want and think they’ve hired stars. That’s what John Roberts is. John Roberts used to be the weekend anchor guy when Rather was there. When he didn’t get the Rather gig, he said, “My days are numbered here at CBS,” and so he’s over now at CNN. If MSNBC hires you, you’re finished.

Story #5: Rasmussen: Only 26% Favor Senate Immigration Bill

RUSH: Big news from the Rasmussen poll people, “just 26% favor the Senate immigration plan.” A national telephone survey conducted Monday and Tuesday night shows that just 26% of the American voters favor passage of this boondoggle. 48% are opposed. 26% are not sure. That adds up to 74% don’t like the Senate immigration plan.

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Story #1: Mood Music Played to Make Sharks Mate

RUSH: We have more shark news here today. Now, given the news yesterday, that female sharks can fertilize themselves, this next story is a bit puzzling. “Scientists desperate for reluctant sharks to mate plan to pipe the romantic music of Mozart, Beethoven and Puccini into their north-west England aquarium tank.” What, Mr. Snerdley? How can you call this Mozart, Beethoven and Puccini porn? This is not shark porn. This is romance!

“Display supervisor Carey Duckhouse” — somebody named “Duckhouse” runs the shark tank — “says 20-year-old male brown shark Bloodnose has spurned the advances of 15-year-old Lucy since they were introduced a year ago at the Blackpool Sea Life Center. She says other sharks have also turned out to be cold fish. ‘We want to play them the kind of soft and emotional music that inspires powerful emotions in humans,’ she said. ‘We hope it’s going to put them in a passionate frame of mind and get them mating.'”

What a bunch of idiots! These are sharks! Have you ever tried playing music for your pets? They’re clueless! This ongoing effort to humanize animals is hilarious to me. I just had to mention this.
Story #2: Federal Gas Taxes Fund Seatbelt Roadblocks

RUSH: From TheNewspaper.com — although, I’m not quite sure what TheNewspaper.com is. Our show prep knows no bounds, folks. “Federal Gas Taxes Fund Seatbelt Roadblocks. More than 30 million dollars in federal gas tax funding” is being spent setting up roadblocks to ticket motorists who neglect or choose not to wear a seat belt. You heard me right. “More than $30 million in federal gas tax dollars will be spent between now and June 3 to encourage local and state police to set up ticketing roadblocks under a program called ‘Click it or Ticket.’ Orchestrated by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, Click it or Ticket offers local law enforcement officers overtime pay to stop and search motorists at random locations. Officers will then issue an expensive citation to anyone who neglects or chooses not to wear a seatbelt.”

Alright, now, what’s the point of this? You might be saying, “Rush, why are you sharing this with me?” Well, because we’ve had some stories in the last couple of days where the states and the feds are crying: “Oh, no! We’re running out of roads and highways! We might have to raise gas taxes! Oh, it’s so horrible!” Well, here we are in the midst of rising gasoline prices — and anger in the public over it — and the feds and the states are lamenting that they’re losing money, and yet we find out that they are going to spend $30 million from the gas tax fund to set up roadblocks to make sure that you are wearing a seat belt. $30 million — how in the world can anybody be short of money? This is the kind of nickel-and-dime garbage that happens every day that eats up the money. I mean, if this is important, why not go out and get a corporate sponsor to fund this and benefit from the publicity and the goodwill? Why does the government have to do all this stuff? Next time you hear somebody in the federal or state government say they are running out of money, remember these stories — because there’s no way we can be running out of money. They’re spending it frivolously, and it’s stuff like this going to cause them to have to raise taxes.
Story #3: SF Chronicle Dumps All over Nancy Pelosi
RUSH: The San Francisco Chronicle today is dumping all over Nancy Pelosi: “Why Pelosi never stood a chance with funding bill.” They refer to this as her “most significant setback.” Well, if this is her “most significant” setback, that means that there were others — and the reality is the Democrats haven’t done squat.

You know, the Republicans have this 30-second TV commercial they’re running against Pelosi, and I didn’t think it would be possible. I would think you’d need a 30-minute commercial to chronicle all of the boondoggles that have been in the Democrat House led by Nancy Pelosi. How can you put it all in there in 30 seconds? They had six things they were going to do, and none of them have gotten done. I marvel. I know brevity is the soul of wit, but there is no way you can chronicle her failures in 30 seconds. You need ten of those — 20 of those to even get close.
Story #4: 70% of Terrorists in Iraq Come Through Syria

RUSH: Here’s a story from the AP: “Seventy percent of insurgents fighting in Iraq come from Gulf countries via Syria where they are provided with forged passports,” according to an Iraqi intelligence officer. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait — I’m confused here. I thought it was a civil war over there! I guess it can’t be a civil war if 70% of Iraqi insurgents are coming from other Gulf states.
Story #5: Global Warming? It’s Freezing Out There!

RUSH: A little global warming news today, ladies and gentlemen; both hemispheres of the world are reporting unusual cold and snow. Can I share some headlines with you? “Colorado mountains under Memorial Day snow advisory, up to eight inches expected.” And Denver had one of the snowiest winters on record. “California seawater temperatures unusually cold.” “Family stranded in Oregon snow found okay.” “Highways closed, motorists stranded as snow buries China.” “A taste of winter, freezing rain, snow hits parts of Canada.” “Heavy snow forecast for Wyoming mountains.” “Winter arrives early as Australia’s snow season off to promising start.” “South Africa sets cold weather records as snow and ice continue.” “First snow in parts of South Africa in 33 years leaves poor out in cold.” “Twenty-one killed as South African cold snap persists.” “Homeless bear the brunt of the South African big chill.” Cold affects South African vegetable trade.”

It’s freezing out there! I saw that forecast for Colorado over the Memorial Day weekend, and twenty-one dead in South African cold snap? What global warming?
Story #6: Cold Sea Temps Make Worse Hurricanes?

RUSH: Oh, by the way, New York Times today has a story on a bunch of idiot scientists out there who say they’ve gone back, studied all kinds of stuff from thousands of years ago, and you know what? They found that some of the worst hurricanes happened when sea surface temperatures were cold. Yep — rising sea surface temperatures are not an indication of the number of storms coming or their violence. Now, why would they put that out, assuming this is true (and, of course, these are scientists — who are infallible — so it is true)? Well, they’re putting it out because everything’s tied to global warming one way or the other. So even if the sea surface temperatures are not as hot this year as everybody expects them to be, it doesn’t mean anything because global warming is the culprit and we can still have killer hurricanes. “You could still die” is the point of this story.

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Story #1: The Design-a-Vagina Craze

RUSH: We have to get to the “designer vagina” story that is out there. You haven’t heard about this yet, Dawn? Oh, ho, ho! Now Snerdley walks in here. Snerdley, have you heard about this “designer vagina” thing? I call it “design-a-vagina” surgery. It’s a cosmetic surgery that poses problems to both men and women. I’ll explain it later.
Story #2: France Pays Immigrants to Go Home

RUSH: Did you see that the French are going to pay immigrants to go home? “New French President Nicolas Sarkozy made immigration a central issue of his campaign. Now, his new minister for immigration and national identity says its time to start paying immigrants to leave the country. France is home to over 5 million immigrants — and the new conservative-led government doesn’t plan on making things any more comfortable for them. While the new regime in Paris is determined to curb illegal immigration, is also looking to encourage legal migrants to reconsider their decision to stay in France.” This is from the German magazine, Der Spiegel. “Under the scheme, Paris will provide each family with a nest egg of $8,000 for when they go back to their country of origin. A similar scheme, which was introduced in 2005 and 2006, was taken up by around 3,000 families.” So they are dealing with 5 million immigrants now. Can you imagine if we had a minister of national identity like they have in France? Ha, ha! Can you imagine the hell that would pop up?
Story #3: Drive-By Hysteria: 747 with Engine Out
RUSH: Panic and crisis in the Drive-By Media: a 747 on the way to China had to return to Dulles International Airport in Washington. One of the four engines is out, and it’s is panic central! They can fly on two engines — it’s not good, don’t misunderstand — but the flight crews on these airplanes are highly trained and capable of handling these kind of things. Besides, you can land on three engines. You can even land on two engines! But anyway, the plane has landed safely. Drat! — from the Drive-Bys’ standpoint. They love crisis, panic, and chaos.
Story #4: Study: Drive-Bys Focus on Democrats
RUSH: This is an AP story by David Bauder. “By a wide margin, the news media concentrated on Democratic presidential contenders more than Republicans during the first three months of 2007, according to a study. Campaign stories in newspapers, on television, online and on the radio focused on Democrats 61 percent of the time and on Republicans 24 percent, said the Project for Excellence in Journalism, which regularly monitors 48 different outlets to gauge coverage trends. But don’t look to political bias as the most obvious explanation.” Conservative radio talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity “talked about Democrats 75 percent of the time and Republicans 13 percent.”

Wait a minute! Forget these numbers — do you realize what is happening here? The Drive-Bys are comparing themselves to me in order to show that they aren’t bias! Well, well, well! But there is a big difference, Mr. Bauder: we conservatives look at Democrat candidates critically — and we look at some of the Republican candidates critically. The Drive-By Media looks at Democrat candidates fawningly. They hardly offer any criticism, and any criticism they do offer to the Democrats usually comes in the form of advice. So there’s a huge difference.
Story #5: Obama Not Taking Shots from Media

RUSH: Speaking of Democrat presidential candidates, this is from the Missouri Valley Times, and it’s by Todd Dorman. “You get the distinct feeling hanging around Barack Obama’s presidential campaign that his heady rock-star period is ending. For a few months after he joined the race in February, it looked like the U.S. senator from Illinois could do no wrong. His crowds were in the thousands and his fund-raising was in the tens of millions. Hillary Clinton, we were told, was shaking in her pants suit at Obama’s meteoric rise. It had to come to an end, of course. The political media that built him up is now taking shots. He misspoke about the death toll from a Kansas” — he thinks that the media is taking shots at Obama? The only shots that Obama is getting are coming from the Chicago Tribune and the LA Times where they question whether he is black enough (or, as was the case yesterday, whether he is too black). Besides, he didn’t take any shots over this Kansas thing. He did misspeak about the death toll from the tornado and it was mentioned — but not in the front pages. The media didn’t run stories about what an idiot he is, as they would if Bush made such a faux pas.

The story also says that Obama’s campaign “was accused of driving gas-guzzling vehicles and his staff took fire for covering up some racy paintings before a fund-raiser at an art gallery. A Kansas City TV station reported that some people were snoozing during one of his speeches. And that was just last week.” See, this is the difference. Obama is not getting criticized or taking heat. These are not “hits.” These are perfunctory mentions that had a lifespan of less than two hours.
Story #6: McCain Being McCain, Slams Obama

RUSH: So Senator McCain has come out and just slammed Obama. “McCain being McCain,” —
this is from The Politico — “he just can’t help himself and goes the next step in the statement kicker: ‘By the way, Senator Obama, it’s a “flak” jacket, not a “flack” jacket.'” The spelling with a “c” is how Obama spells it, and that’s wrong — there is no “c” in “flack.” And then a McCain aide said this about Obama after this vote: “Barack Obama wouldn’t know the difference between RPG and a bong.” Now, I know those of you in Rio Linda know what a bong is, but you may not know what a RPG is. It’s a rocket propelled grenade.

Well, this is pretty hot and heavy going into the Memorial Day weekend! A McCain staffer saying “Obama wouldn’t know the difference between RPG and a bong”? This is getting interesting. But don’t you think it is possible that that McCain aide said that Obama wouldn’t know a difference between RPG and a “bomb”? Rather than a “bong”? Just speculating.

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Story #1: Fat Chance! Louisiana Wants Money Back

RUSH: Tonight, School Bus Ray Nagin, mayor of New Orleans, is going to give a state of the city speech, and on the eve of this the state of Louisiana says they want thousands of state and local government workers to send back $10 million in unemployment pay that they received while still collecting regular pay after Hurricane Katrina. State audit found lax control (no kidding) by a state agency — in this case it was the state Department of Labor. “Lax control by the state Department of Labor was the main reason the 5,439 ineligible workers were able to collect up to $258 a week.” And with this, of course, they went to Vegas and they played the lottery and did any number of things. Administrative workers with the city of New Orleans got the most money with 2,233 of them wrongfully collecting $4.3 million. There were about 1,600 state workers, many with the state Department of Health and Hospitals, who got $2.7 million. So now they want the money back. Ha, ha! Fat chance! I remember when this all happened; some said they were entitled to the money in the first place.
Story #2: Laptops Causing Slouching Crisis

RUSH: In today’s installment of “It’s a crisis! It’s chaos! It’s tumult! And we’re all going to die!,” this from the UK: “Booming sales of laptops have led to a surge in the number of computer users with back and muscle problems, experts have warned.” It’s those backpacks out there that the kids carry these little laptops around in; they’re destroying their spines, ladies and gentlemen. They’re going to end up being crooked out there — they’re going to stoop shouldered and not going to grow up and have good posture. They may be wounded and damaged for life, ladies and gentlemen, because of laptops!

“Girls as young as 12 are being diagnosed with nerve damage caused by slouching over screens, a group of leading chiropractors said. Millions of others are at risk of ‘irretrievable damage’ to their spines, necks and shoulders because of poor posture when using laptops,” and when carrying them around. So, you know, we’ve had the evil backpack and we’ve had cell phones, all of these things are going to wipe us out. Now after you take the laptop out of the backpack you are going to die because degeneration in the joints is occurring. It never ends! You can make book: this kind of stuff is going to show up every now and then in the press because the nanny state fed by the Drive-By Media.
Story #3: New Aquatic Insect Species Found in Thailand
RUSH: I’ll tell you, it’s amazing what we don’t know out there versus what we think we know. Some of you might think that we are destroying species on this planet left and right because of our profligate ways. Well, a “US entomologist has just discovered several new aquatic insect species in Thailand. Some of the bugs pack quite a powerful bite,” ladies and gentlemen. We’re finding new species all over the places, yet it’s Panic City out there. What a bunch of lies. It’s all a hoax.
Story #4: Nature Works: Stuck Whales Free Themselves

RUSH: You know those two whales that were stuck out there in the Sacramento River, up there in the delta? All that effort was made to try to get those two whales back 70 miles down the delta to the Pacific Ocean. Well, I get in here this morning and I’m feverishly doing show prep (getting ready for today’s excursion into broadcast excellence), and they have cameras posted by the Golden Gate Bridge. Apparently, the whales slipped out of there last night and made their way back to the ocean! Nature works once again, despite our best efforts to control it.
“Two lost whales seen just before sunset nearing their ocean home, after a two-week sojourn through inland waterways may have slipped back into the Pacific overnight.” Ha, ha! They had the cameras out there trying to find the whales coming back through the Golden Gate Bridge, but they couldn’t find them! The whales, they think, gave them the slip overnight. Here we did everything we could to befriend these whales, and they didn’t even stop to give us a couple of flippers good-bye! They didn’t even give us a couple bangs of tail.
Story #5: Drive-Bys Focus on Ginsburg Dissent
RUSH: Then there was a Supreme Court decision yesterday and the New York Times and the Washington Post write about this in curious ways. For example, the Washington Post’s headline is: “Over Ginsburg’s Dissent, Court Limits Bias Suits.” She was in the minority, her side lost, and yet the perspective is, “Over Ginsburg’s Dissent, Court Limits Bias Suits.” The New York Times headline was: “Justices Limit Discrimination Suits Over Pay.”

Anyway, here’s the Post: “A Supreme Court once again split by the thinnest of margins ruled yesterday that workers may not sue their employers over unequal pay caused by discrimination alleged to have occurred years earlier. The court ruled 5 to 4 that Lilly Ledbetter, the lone female supervisor at a tire plant in Gadsden, Ala., did not file her lawsuit against Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. in the timely manner specified by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. … The decision moved Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to read a dissent from the bench, a usually rare practice that she has now employed twice in the past six weeks to criticize the majority for opinions that she said undermine women’s rights. Speaking for the three other dissenting justices, Ginsburg’s voice was as precise and emotionless as if she were reading a banking decision, but the words were stinging. ‘In our view, the court does not comprehend, or is indifferent to, the insidious way in which women can be victims of pay discrimination,’ she said.”

This is classic — and this is important, by the way. It’s important because of the way this is being covered. “Over Ginsburg’s Dissent, Court Limits Bias Suits”? Why is this important? Because the New York Times and the Washington Post are taking the dissent in this opinion and amplifying it. They’re not reporting what the decision was. They spend most of their time praising and quoting Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Now, they only do this with the liberals on the court. Ginsburg, in her statement, in her dissent that she read from the bench, called on Congress to change the law, which is extraordinary not because of her position on the law but because of her activism. The law allows 180 days to make a claim. That’s a six months; that’s half a year. Not 19 years. This woman waited 19 years to file her complaint, and the law is clear: you have 180 days. But Ruth Bader Ginsburg dissents, and that’s the whole focus of the story.

This is a lawless Gang of Four on the Supreme Court in the minority here. Four justices were prepared to amend the law right there and then extend it to 19 years. Do you understand what that would have meant? If this had gone through as Ruth Bader Ginsburg wanted, you could have gone back 19 years in your life, and if you’ve been discriminated against on pay basis, or think you have, you can file suit. This woman wanted the law to be changed from the bench — not via Congress — with a Supreme Court decision (which, my friends, is what we’ve been warning you about with activist liberal judges). This is striking, and none of this being reported the way I just imparted it to you. It’s all being reported as, “What a great activist. What a great sensitive woman she is, caring for human rights. This is the kind of people we need.”
Story #6: Blogger Digs Up Great Tony Blair Quote
RUSH: Lorie Byrd, a blogger who works on the Internet, found this quote from Tony Blair on another blog. He said, “I was stopped by somebody the other week who said that it was not surprising there was so much terrorism in the world when we invaded their countries” — meaning Afghanistan and Iraq. This guy said to Tony Blair, “No wonder Muslims feel angry,” and Tony Blair said to him, “‘Tell me exactly what they feel angry about. We removed two utterly brutal and dictatorial regimes, the Taliban and Saddam. We replaced them with a UN-supervised democrat process. And the only reason it’s difficult still is because other Muslims are using terrorism to try to destroy the fledgling democracy in Iraq and in doing so are killing fellow Muslims. Why aren’t they angry about the people doing the killing?’ The odd thing about the conversation is, I could tell…” this is Tony Blair talking “…I could tell it was the first time the man I was talking to had heard this argument.”

“It’s no wonder this guy had never heard such a concept when you consider the state of the BBC these days and other international reporting on terrorism,” said another blogger. The second thing is, they always call Tony Blair Bush’s “lap dog.” He’s nobody’s lap dog. He is so eloquent and articulate when he talks about the war in Iraq; he is able to succinctly, briefly convey important truths in an understandable way. Some idiot comes up to him and says, “No wonder Muslims hate us, we invaded their countries”? Good grief! And he’s not alone. There are all kinds of idiots in this country and around the world who have themselves believing the same thing.

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Story #1: Freed Whales: Ambassadors for the Ocean

RUSH: The Los Angeles Times, “Once-wayward humpbacks appear to be home free.” Now, we had this story yesterday, of course. The whales in the Sacramento Delta, the San Joaquin Delta gave the rescuers the slip! They got out of there under cover of darkness. Yesterday morning I’m sitting here doing show prep, and they have cameras trained out there by the Golden Gate Bridge, trying to find the whales. Nobody knows where they went, but they got out.

The thing about this story that I just have to share with you is a quote from some person named Trevor Spradlin: “We’re still holding our breath a little bit, but we’re just so pleased.” Trevor Spradlin is a “marine mammal biologist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries, the federal agency that helped lead the rescue effort.” But, of course, that’s the agency that was befuddled and outsmarted by nature and the whales. Anyway, listen to this guy’s quote: “Armed with photos of the pair’s distinctive tails, experts should be able to pick out the wayward duo as they migrate up the coast. ‘In the meantime,’ said Trevor Spradlin, ‘these whales have been fantastic ambassadors for the ocean.'” Ha, ha! Fantastic ambassadors for the ocean? What? Ha, ha! They’re a couple of animals! They ended up in the wrong place! They found their way out and now they’re ‘great ambassadors for the ocean’? Ha, ah! You know, I marvel. I just continue to marvel at the way people look at things.
Story #2: Pelosi Upset with Fellow Traveler Chavez

RUSH: By the way, Nancy Pelosi is upset with fellow traveler Hugo Chavez for shutting down that opposition TV station. “The speaker called on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to reconsider a shutdown of the country’s most watched TV station saying the move suppresses free speech.” Hey, Madam Speaker, what Hugo Chavez is doing by shutting down the TV station is no different than what you want to do with the Fairness Doctrine here in this country! What a day when your fellow traveler gets out of line like this. I just wish she would have said as much when she went to visit Bashar Assad. She’s embarrassed! Hugo Chavez has embarrassed her and that makes the Democrats look bad, otherwise, why would she care?
Story #3: Musician Canned for Focus on Wrong Organ
RUSH: What do you think this headline is about? “Musician canned for focus on wrong organ.”
Story #4: Finger Length Can Predict Your Kid’s Smarts

RUSH: Because of the headline of the story here — “Finger Length May Foretell Academic Potential” — I almost didn’t do this, folks. It’s rife with potential danger. “The length of children’s fingers may hint at their natural abilities in math and language, a new study suggests. In a study of 75 children between the ages of 6 and 7 years old, researchers found that finger length correlated with how well the children performed on standardized tests of math and verbal skills. Specifically, boys whose index fingers were short compared with their ring fingers tended to excel at numbers and girls with index and ring fingers of similar length tended to do better on the verbal portion of the test. The findings are reported in the British Journal of Psychology. A number of studies have now found that ‘digit ratio,’ or the length of the index finger compared with the ring finger, is connected to cognitive performance, some personality traits, athletic prowess and the risk of certain medical conditions.”

Seventy-five kids they studied — that’s what disappointed me about the story. I thought it was going to talk about the overall length of fingers, like Clinton’s finger. You ever see Clinton’s finger? Oh, man! But it doesn’t talk about that, it just says the length of the index finger is related to the ring finger. Middle finger not calculated here in this survey. I don’t know. I think this is all bogus. I had a woman tell me in Kansas City once to look at somebody’s feet and if the second toe is longer than the big toe, then they come from refined stock. If the second toe is shorter than the big toe, then they come from peasant stock. And she believed it! It had me looking at women’s feet for about a year, you know, just out of curiosity.
Story #5: NFL Announces Team Function Adult Beverage Ban

RUSH: Wow, listen to this. The National Football League has just announced that clubs, NFL teams, “may no longer serve alcohol at team functions or on buses or flights, extending a ban that until now applied only in locker rooms. NFL owners and executives were told Thursday by commissioner Roger Goodell that the rule pertains not only to players but to owners, coaches and guests.” No adult beverages at team functions? Well, that could be a game! No adult beverages in the luxury suites up there where the owners are, and buses and team flights? Man, oh, man, oh, man. These guys better go to a baseball locker room. I better not say any more.
Story #6: Martha Burk Back from Obscurity

RUSH: I had a story in the stack yesterday but didn’t get to it. Martha Burk is back from obscurity. (Well, she never left.) She tried to get Augusta National to be forced to admit female members, and now she’s back and was doing something over there on C-SPAN — talking about the woman vote and how abortion is still all that matters to women. You know, if I’m a woman in this country and I listen to these groups make me into a monolith… The idea that women as a bloc think alike politically is ridiculous. And to reduce the female vote to something that simplistic is insulting, if you ask me.

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Story #1: Sunni Iraqis Turn on Al-Qaeda

RUSH: We keep seeing more and more of these types of stories; the Washington Post has it today: “Sunni Insurgents Battle in Baghdad. Residents of western neighborhood join group’s fight against Al-Qaeda in Iraq.” Al-Qaeda, in this story, gets its own roadside bomb. “Problems arose on Tuesday when the Islamic army, a powerful Sunni insurgent group posted a statement in a local mosque criticizing Al-Qaeda in Iraq for killing dozens of other Sunnis in Fallujah and Baghdad late Wednesday afternoon according to residents reached by phone who would not be quoted by name for security reasons.” (You’ll notice there’s a whole lot of that going on in the media — a bunch of people who won’t give their names.) “An armed group scrawled graffiti on a school wall reading ‘down with Al-Qaeda, long live the honest resistance.’ When Al-Qaeda and Iraq members came to wipe away the writing, a roadside bomb exploded, killing three.” I’ve been wondering: “Why haven’t we made our own roadside bomb?” Well, apparently it’s happening now because a roadside bomb wiped out three Al-Qaeda members. Anyway, more and more of these kinds of stories — Sunnis turning on Al-Qaeda — and yet the liberals are still out there talking about civil war, with the Sunnis versus the Shi’a. Guess the Iraqis are getting more and more fed up with Al-Qaeda.
Story #2: Drive-Bys Panic over Start of Terrorcane Season
RUSH: I have five stories here — the details of which are irrelevant. What I want is to read the headlines to you. It’s the fear, crisis, “we’re doomed” type of stories; the standard daily template of the Drive-By Media. “Lake Okeechobee: 79 Years Later, Fears of Another Deluge;” “Galveston: Where the Nation’s Deadliest Disaster Hit, Only One Way Out;” “New York City: Dreading a Once-a-Century Storm That Washes Out Lower Manhattan;” “The Outer Banks: 75% of These Islands Could Be Gone;” “Miami: America’s Playground Risks Another Disaster.” All of these stories came out last night for today because today is the traditional beginning of hurricane season — not because nature says it is, but because we just decided to say hurricane season starts on June 1. The only thing they haven’t done that I thought they would do was send the cameras out to the beaches, scanning the horizons. But regardless, I think we need to come up with a new name for hurricane season; ‘hurricane season’ doesn’t cut it. I think we need to call it ‘terrorcane season’ or ‘horrorcane season’ because that’s how it’s being marketed.
Story #3: GM Bounces Back After EIB Advertising
RUSH: I just got a news flash, ladies and gentlemen. “General Motors and Toyota bounced back from a weak April showing, reporting solid gains in US vehicle sales for May.” Well, what did General Motors do in May that they weren’t doing in April and March and February? That’s right, Snerdley! They were advertising on the EIB Network. In fact, we just had a GM spot for the SRX Crossover. They made us give it up, folks; they took it away from us, and there were long faces here when they did that. We understand, though. We can’t put too many miles on it, but they’re going to come across with a new vehicle soon for us to start driving around in. Anyway, congratulations, General Motors! I knew that that would be the case. Advertising here never fails. What, Mr. Snerdley? Well, you don’t drive in New York! You take the subway! You take the PATH train! You know, when General Motors starts selling subway cars or PATH trains, then we’ll get you one.
Story #4: Musician Canned for Focus on Wrong Organ

RUSH: This is from yesterday, but I didn’t get to it. We put this on the website yesterday, but I didn’t have a chance to get the details. It’s from the Boston Globe, but the story is out of New Franken, Wisconsin. “Musician Canned for Focus on Wrong Organ.” Now, what do you think that’s about? Well, we’ll find out if it’s about his flute.

“A Catholic priest has removed his church’s organist and choir director from her duties saying her sale of sex toys was not ‘consistent with Church teachings.’ Linette Servais, 50, played the organ and sung with the choir for 35 years. Much of her work as choir director and organist was done without pay. When her parish priest asked to meet with her, she thought it was to say thank you. Instead, she was told to quit her sales job with company known as Pure Romance or she would lose her position in the church. Pure Romance in Loveland, Ohio, is a $60 million per year business that sells spa products and sex toys at homes parties attended by women. It has 15,000 consultants like Servais.” You know, I think we’ve gotten samples from this bunch over the years, but I don’t remember what. So she got fired from the church organ for dealing with…sex toys.

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Story #1: EIB Southern Command Gets Max U.S. Rainfall

RUSH: We set the record for 24-hour rainfall around the country on Saturday. There’s this website out there called WeatherStreet.com, and it actually listed the EIB Southern Command, Florida, as getting 6.64 inches.
Story #2: Murder in US vs. Murder in Iraq

RUSH: I just saw, posted on the Drudge Report, that the federal government has released the new murder statistics. You have to run estimates here to get the numbers because the story does not list the numbers. They just list the percentage increase in recent years. Anyway, the bottom line is that the estimates for the murders in America today are 16,185 every year, and rapes, 92,837. Doesn’t that sort of put in perspective, ladies and gentlemen, what’s happening in Iraq and the way news is reported concerning both?
Story #3: ChiComs, Socialist Helmut Schmidt on Global Warming
RUSH: I read this next story, and I am stunned at the role reversals that are happening in the global socioeconomic sphere. “Two days before the G8 summit, China laid out a climate change plan that stresses economic growth over tough emissions standards, and warned wealthy countries not to interfere with the growth of emerging economies.”

The ChiComs have basically said, “Screw you! We are not going to pay any attention to your worldwide emissions standards because we have a growing economy here and we’re going to keep it up. Furthermore, if you’re worried about it, you pay for it! You pay for whatever emissions damage we do.”

I love this: a bunch of communists teaching the rest of the world about economic growth! Meanwhile, we have people like Algore and the rest of the Democrat Party running around wanting to clamp down on economic growth — penalize it in a punitive way and bring it to a screeching halt — all on the basis of furthering a hoax.

“Meanwhile,” as this G8 summit’s about to begin, “former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt…” I don’t know how many of you people remember Helmut Schmidt, but above all things that you need to know about Helmut Schmidt is: he is a bona fide socialist. He “called for an end to the ‘hysteria’ over global warming in the lead-up to the [G8] summit. The topic is ‘hysterical, overheated, and that is especially because of the media,’ Schmidt told Germany’s Bild daily.” So you have the ChiComs, an “emerging” — what would you call them? I mean, the free market’s taken over there in ways that they really can’t rein in. They need economic growth. They need prosperity. They need automobiles. They need fuel. They’re not interested in slowing their economy down. They’re not interested in damaging it. Here you have a bona fide socialist former chancellor of Germany saying this whole thing is “hysteria” brought on by the media, a bunch of lies — and then you have Americans led by the likes of Algore and others who sound more like they ought to be running countries like China. It’s amazing.
Story #4: Congressman William Jefferson (D-LA) Indicted

RUSH: Big news just posted on the Drudge Report: “Sources tell CBS News that Congressman William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana) has been indicted on more than a dozen counts involving public corruption. Congressman William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana) has been the subject of an ongoing probe in which FBI agents allegedly found more than $90,000 in cash in his freezer. The justice department is expected to unveil the charges later today.” Indicted on more than a dozen counts involving public corruption: Congressman William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana).

People have been wondering where the hell this has been for the longest time. The big question out there now — if this actually happens — is: Who is going to replace Congressman William Jefferson on the Democrat-run Homeland Security Committee? Queen Bee Nancy Pelosi took him off Ways and Means, but put him over there on the Homeland Security Committee. Will there be a need to replace him just because he’s been indicted? That doesn’t mean anything! That’s just allegations, and that’s not anything that’s been proven yet. Innocence, of course, is the cornerstone of our judicial system, and it’s not clear that Congressman William Jefferson will even have to step down, especially in light of this news.

But in light of the “crisis” that is ongoing in New Orleans, can we afford to strip them of their highest ranking representative in the US Congress? I mean, would taking their most powerful congressman away from them not lead to an even further ratcheting up of the of the death toll in New Orleans? They already feel like they’re not cared about, and now here comes the Bush administration indicting their highest ranking congressman! I’ll bet they blame Alberto Gonzales for trying to deflect attention from the US attorney controversy he finds himself involved in. They’ll say, “Why now? Why, they’ve had all this information for years on Congressman William Jefferson. Why are they indicting him now? Gonzales is behind this! And, of course, Bush flees the country the day before this indictment is handed down! Yes, Bush still hates New Orleans. He’s still trying to turn it into a Republican stronghold, or eliminate Louisiana from the ranks of Democrat states.”

Do you want to make a bet that there will be some discussion about whether or not he should step down under indictment because New Orleans might not be able to take it? Can they take another attack from the Bush administration? Or it could go the other way. Pelosi could say, “This is something we don’t need because I want to keep talking about the ‘culture of corruption.’ I can’t do that with a guy in my party that’s been indicted 16 different counts.” So they’re probably huddling right now. Of course, the Congressional Black Caucus is going to have a say in this as will the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton, which will then cause the presidential candidates on the Democrat side to have to weigh in on this.

It could be fun.
Story #5: Katrina Death Toll Still Rising

RUSH: I saw this over the weekend (I’m constantly, feverishly working and preparing this program for you, ladies and gentlemen): “Is Killer Storm Still Taking A Toll?” This is an AP story about how people are still dying in New Orleans because of Hurricane Katrina. They’re still trying to milk the Hurricane Katrina story for all it’s worth. Now it’s Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome killing off people in New Orleans — but only in New Orleans, not anywhere else. I have searched the media, ladies and gentlemen, to find confirmation of rumors that Katrina demolished towns in Mississippi and Alabama, but I can’t find those stories. We know it happened. Churches are still sending relief missions to Gulfport, Mississippi, but it’s just amazing how only in New Orleans is there suffering. Now, the AP also ran the same story later under a different headline. The first headline was, “Is Killer Storm Still Taking a Toll?” Then the headline was, “Experts: Katrina Death Toll Still Rising.”

Do you know what this means? It’s perfect!

It means people dying five to ten years from now in New Orleans will still be Bush’s victims.
Story #6: Dem Congress Keeps Pork Under Wraps
RUSH: Speaking of the Democrats, “After promising unprecedented openness regarding Congress’ pork barrel practices, House Democrats are moving in the opposite direction as they draw up spending bills for the upcoming budget year. Democrats are sidestepping rules approved their first day in power in January to clearly identify ‘earmarks’ — lawmakers’ requests for specific projects and contracts for their states. Rather than including specific pet projects, grants and contracts in legislation as it is being written, Democrats are following an order by the House Appropriations Committee chairman to keep the bills free of such earmarks until it is too late for critics to effectively challenge them. Rep. David Obey, D-Wis., says those requests for dams, community grants and research contracts for favored universities or hospitals will be added to spending measures in the fall. That is when House and Senate negotiators assemble final bills. Such requests total billions of dollars.”

It’s one of the reasons that people speculate that Republicans were thrown out: because they were engaged in all this pork. The Democrats, of course, promised to fix it. But as I told you back then, they’re not going to fix this. They’re the authors of this kind of behavior in the House! They ran it for 40 years. They’re going to say they’re going to make these changes, but they’re not. I also have a couple stories from the Drive-By Media on how they really haven’t accomplished anything — the Democrats — in the House of Representatives. So we have a couple of obligatory stories from the Drive-Bys being somewhat critical of Democrats, but they’re staying on the wire services. You will not see these stories picked up in any of the primary Democrat house organs, the cable news channels that are slavish to Democrats, or the New York Times and Washington Post.
Story #7: The B-i-itch Mowed Me Down

RUSH: Have you read this story about this woman who drove through a festival in Washington, DC and injured a bunch of people? She later was said to have been smoking crack most of the day. Have you heard about that? Did you happen to hear where she worked? Yes, she was a temp at the offices of Marion Barry! So we’ve gone from “the bitch set me up” to “that bitch mowed me down.” B-i-itch. Sorry. It’s summertime. The youngsters, the crumb crunchers, are out of school.
Story #8: Spotted Owl in Trouble Again; Bush to Blame
RUSH: Here’s more typical liberalism. How many years did we spend talking about the spotted owl on this program? They tried to shut down the timber industry in northern California and Oregon because of the spotted owl. They also said the spotted owl could only live in “native, old-growth forests,” which is bogus because we keep finding them nesting in the Kmart signs in various shopping malls.

Well, guess what, folks? Now all of a sudden spotted owl is threatened again. “To save the northern spotted owl, federal authorities have listed the bird under the Endangered Species Act, set aside 7 million acres of forest for owl habitat, and imposed stiff fines on those who harm the chocolate-colored football-sized raptors. But the spotted owl population is still in deep peril nearly 15 years after President Clinton brokered a compact to protect its old-growth habitat. So the government has hit on another approach to saving an icon of the Pacific Northwest: shooting its cousins.”

So they’re going to go out and shoot its cousins!

“Under a proposal controversial in scientific and environmental circles, federal wildlife agents in Oregon, Washington and Northern California would be allowed to use shotguns to kill hundreds of barred owls.” Now, the barred owl is more aggressive and it’s larger, and it is not native to the Northwest — so it’s an interloper. It has also “stymied recovery efforts of the meeker spotted owl” in the last 20 years. “The barred owls muscle the spotted owls from their habitat and eat them — or, very occasionally, according to wildlife biologists, mate with them. The rare hybrid offspring, informally known as a ‘sparred owl,’ has a ‘very strange hoot,’ as one wildlife biologist put it, ‘sort of like a spotted owl being strangled.’ Critics say the shooting proposal (‘suppression,’ as it is known in government parlance) is an example of the Bush administration altering scientific findings to accommodate commercial interests — in this case, the logging industry.”

Let me read that again: “When the barred owl mates with the spotted owl, it has a very strange hoot sort of like a spotted owl being strangled.” That’s what it says! I’m just reporting the news here on the EIB Network. “Officials in charge of the recovery plan sharply dispute the notion that the final report was a bow to industry pressure to open more Northwest forests to timber harvesting. In this owl-versus-owl saga, they say, it is abundantly clear that the spotted owls need help, fast.”

Notice there’s no attempt at diplomacy here. There’s no attempt to get these two different species of owl together and see if they can co-exist. Actually, folks, if you have the spotted owl, smaller and meeker, and you have the barred owl horning in on its territory and all of a sudden mating now and then the spotted owl producing a strange hoot, it sounds like there’s rape going on here (hence the “strangled” hoot). The noise made by the barred owl could come from raping the spotted owl. But the bottom line here is that to protect nature, we have to kill other parts of nature — because the barred owl is an interloper.

You might be saying, “So what’s the big deal in shutting down the timber industry? Tough for the owls!” But “environmental scientists say evolutionary argument hardly applies here: Human interference — decades of clear-cuts and other widespread logging — first caused the spotted owl’s decline. The barred owls, which are native to the East Coast and began arriving here in significant numbers about two decades ago, are simply more adapted to the human-altered environment.”

Look, if we weren’t around here and weren’t noticing this, would there be a problem? All you have here are these barred owls from the Northwest kicking owl butt out there, so we have to go out and protect the spotted owl. I’m telling you: these owls do not need native, old growth, pristine trees. They’ve been spotted in Kmart signs and all over the place. This is one of the biggest environmentalist wacko hoaxes that come down the pike in I-don’t-know how long.
Story #9: Big News Out of South Africa

RUSH: Big news out of South Africa: there’s a big strike going on in the public sector unions, and these South African workers who are striking over pay and benefits are complaining that it’s so hard to be on strike, they no longer have the energy for sex. “Monroe Mkalipi, regional chairman of the powerful COSATU federations of trade unions, complained that work conditions are so tough that workers can’t perform in the bedroom. ‘The harshness that we have in all our workplaces is so severe to such a point that when you get home at night it becomes a problem expanding our families,’ he said. Public sector workers are negotiating with the…” I’m sorry. It’s not being on strike that’s the problem. It’s being at work. Why haven’t our unions thought of this? This is something that would be interesting to see the AFL-CIO try.

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Story #1: 4th JFK Suspect Surrenders, Drive-Bys Yawn

RUSH: Well, the fourth suspect in the JFK bomb plot has surrendered. I’m sure the libs will say, “See? If he gave up, he didn’t really mean it! It’s not that bad. These people don’t surrender; they kill themselves. He’s got nothing to hide. It was not real threat.” Mark my words.
Story #2: Danny Glover Campaigns for Breck Girl; Venezuelans Tell Glover to Reconsider Chavez Cash

RUSH: Recently we reported the news to you that the Hollywood actor Danny Glover had been given nearly $18 million by Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez to make an anti-American, anti-Western imperialist movie about some guy down in Haiti or somewhere, and Glover is all excited about it. Well, two stories here about Danny Glover in the news. “Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards returns to his native state this week, as he and actor Danny Glover hold campaign events Wednesday in Florence and Lee counties. Edwards, a Seneca native and former U.S. senator from North Carolina, will be joined by Glover as the two speak to a group of Florence County Democrats at 11:30 a.m. The pair then will take a walking tour of Bishopville,” South Carolina, along with a couple state representatives. So the Breck Girl is going to be fraternizing with a communist sympathizer. He thinks this is a good idea in South Carolina? Wow.

And then this about Glover himself. “Venezuelan filmmakers have written a letter to Danny Glover asking that he reconsider using their country’s funds for his film. The thesp-activist received an $18 million commitment from the Venezuelan state for his biopic ‘Toussaint.’ ‘With all due respect, we feel that you are taking part in an unethical venture,’ the letter reads. The filmmakers go on to say that $18 million could easily finance 36 Venezuelan pics. They point out that the proceeds, which the Venezuelan congress said came from a recent bond sale with Argentina, were assigned to Glover’s project and others without the benefit of any competition. …Glover is a regular visitor to Venezuela. He is among a number of high-profile U.S. supporters of Chavez who include crooner Harry Belafonte and Princeton U. scholar Cornel West.” Why in the world would Edwards want to go to South Carolina and fraternize with a communist sympathizer? Got me. We’ll see how this all works out.
Story #3: Bernard Shaw Bashes CNN, Fox
RUSH: Now to Bernard Shaw. This is from a story in the Chicago Sun-Times today by Robert Feder. “For two decades — until his retirement in 2001 — Bernard Shaw was the front-and-center face of CNN. As one of its original anchors, the Chicago native set the tone for serious, insightful journalism on television’s first 24-hour cable news operation. So it pains him deeply to see what has become of the proud brand he helped create. Asked what he now thinks of CNN, Shaw told WTTW-Channel 11’s John Callaway: ‘I try not to. I’m very, very disappointed with the way the news management at my favorite network has gone. CNN has fine women and men working there. Lou Dobbs, one of the leaders there. Unfortunately, Fox News is the ratings leader… on the cable side of the business, and what Fox puts on the air is not news.’ What Fox does, he said, is ‘commentary, personal analysis.'”

You libs are going to have to get over it and understand that you are wrong about this. Have you ever watched Fox in the daytime? Absurd. “Calling himself ‘very straitlaced [and] very old-fashioned,’ Shaw said: ‘When anchors are reporting the news, they should report the news and allow the viewers at home to decide what they think about issues. I don’t want to hear an anchor’s personal opinion about anything. Just report the news.'” Ha, ha! I’m telling you, these people live in a different world, in an alternative universe. He says that “CNN continues to ape many of the on-air mannerisms of the Fox News Network, and I don’t like that.” CNN is aping many of the on-air mannerisms of the Fox News Network? It’s the Fox News Channel, by the way, Bernard.

This story is an old story, but I’ll repeat it again in light of Bernard Shaw’s being upset with the supposed opinion that makes its way into the Fox News Channel. Remember the first Gulf War? The bombing started and Bernard Shaw — and I think the late John Holloman — were in the al-Rashid Hotel. They hid under the desks in the room and they finally got out of there and got back home. Somebody at the CIA or the defense department wanted to debrief them, and Bernard Shaw refused: “I’m not going to tell you what I saw over there. My journalistic principles will not allow me to choose sides in this conflict.” I said to myself, “Well, that’s cool. I mean, you’re an American, right? The freedom granted to you to do what you’re doing comes from this country. You don’t want to choose sides? You want to help your country win here?”

And remember that at the same time there was some bombed-out building and Saddam went out there and had this cheap, little painted white sign with red paint on it that said “Baby Milk Factory” — and of course, the Drive-Bys fell for that! They started beating up the United States for bombing a “baby milk factory” — but they don’t put their opinions on anything, do they? Nope, you won’t find any opinion on CNN. You won’t find any opinion on PMSNBC. You won’t find any opinion on ABC, CBS, NBC, will you? You won’t find any opinion from the news anchors, will you? You won’t find any opinion in the way they select stories that will air and the way they eliminate others, will you? You won’t find any opinion, will you? Oh, no, no, no!
Story #4: Obama: “Quiet Riot” Among Blacks

RUSH: From Hampton, Virginia: “Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama said [today] that the Bush administration has done nothing to defuse a ‘quiet riot’ among blacks that threatens to erupt just as riots in Los Angeles did 15 years ago. The first-term Illinois senator said that with black people from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast still displaced 20 months after Hurricane Katrina, frustration and resentments are building explosively as they did before the 1992 riots,” and, of course, this cannot be helped any by the fact that now Congressman William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana) has been indicted.

“All the hurricane did was to pull the curtain back for all the world to see” — how incompetent almost all Democrat politicians are. No, he didn’t say that. I’m added that last part. Obama’s attack on “Bush prompted ovation after ovation from the nearly 8,000 people gathered in Hampton University’s Convocation Center, particularly when he denounced the Iraq war and noted that he had opposed it from the outset. ‘This administration was colorblind in its incompetence,’ Obama said … ‘but the poverty and the hopelessness was there long before the hurricane.'” So Obama says a “quiet riot” is out there waiting to erupt, and it’s Bush’s fault — just like the riots in South Central Los Angeles 15 years ago. Is this sort of like stoking a fire? The “quiet riot” that’s going on out there, Mr. Obama, is immigration. I think he’s just trying to manufacture a “quiet riot” here to prove he’s “down with the struggle.”

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Story #1: New Species Discovered, Already Threatened
RUSH: Scientists have discovered 24 new species of wildlife in the South American Highlands of Suriname, including a frog with fluorescent purple markings. Conservationists have now warned that these creatures “are threatened by illegal gold mining.” Threatened? We just discovered them! They seem to be doing fine! My question about this frog is: I wonder how it tastes? You know, fry this thing up, put a little lemon on it — you never know. Purple frog, haven’t had one of those.
Story #2: Democrats See Opportunity in Senator Thomas Death

RUSH: We have the death of Senator Craig Thomas from Wyoming, a Republican. And right on cue, today’s Roll Call has a quote from a Democrat operative in Wyoming on Monday’s passing of the Senator. Quote, “The party, of course, sees this as a big opportunity but it’s too early to know how it’s going to play out.” These people on the Democrat side have lost all their humanity! The guy passes away and, “This is a huge opportunity.” Of course, this stuff is really not new; the stock market was plummeting back in the dot-com burst and Gephardt was easily counting up the number of seats per 100-point drop in the market that the Democrats would pick up. Remember when Tim Johnson fell ill? Remember all the compassion from our side? It was the Drive-Bys that began worrying about the Democrat majority when Tim Johnson had the cerebral hemorrhage or stroke: “Oh no, razor thin margin, what if Lieberman changes parties, oh, no, oh, no!” They began to look at it politically without any compassion whatsoever for Tim Johnson. We here at the EIB Network, of course, offered plenty.
Story #3: Thick Arctic Ice Blamed for Low Whale Count
RUSH: Get this. The headline: “Thick Arctic ice blamed for Piedras Blancas low gray whale count.” This is out of San Luis Obispo. “Thick Arctic ice may be the reason for a precipitous drop in this spring’s two-month gray whale count at Point Piedras Blancas. Only 115 gray whale calves were counted this year by scientists at Point Piedras Blancas, down dramatically from the 285 counted last year. It’s the fourth-lowest count in the 14-year history of the cetacean census.” Now, how can this be? There’s thick arctic ice, thick! Does this mean that global warming would be better for the whales if the thick ice would become thin? It is a moral dilemma!
Story #4: NY Times Buries No Child Left Behind Success
RUSH: The New York Times has done it again. On Sunday they buried the JFK terror plot story on page 30 (depending on the paper; I had the international edition and the story was on page 30, but it was on page 37 in the New York edition). Well, they’ve done it again: “New Study Finds Gains Since No Child Left Behind — Student achievement has increased and test score gaps between white students and black and Hispanic students have narrowed in many states since President Bush signed the No Child Left Behind law in 2002, according to a new survey of state scores in reading and math. But the study, released yesterday by the Center on Education Policy, an independent Washington group that closely monitors the law, cautioned that ‘it is difficult if not impossible to determine the extent to which these trends in test results have occurred because of N.C.L.B.'” The news is great, but… Yeah, the news, but… They have “buts” throughout the story. But the interesting thing is: Where was the story in the New York Times? The story was on page C-15, right before the sports pages — and we all know that none of those wimp sissies who read the New York Times give a damn about sports because it’s too macho, so we know that they’re never going to see this.
Story #5: Democrats Court Christian Conservatives

RUSH: Yesterday we had an extensive discussion on this program about that Democrat forum on CNN Monday night where they made their appeal to those of you who are Christian voters in America. I appropriately said, “What’s this? They normally hate you people. They resent the hell out of you. Now all of a sudden they’re out there courting you?” You know, to them, we have no room for religion in politics — separation of church and state and all that — but here come the libs trying to court you. This has been picked up on twice today.

Ruth Marcus in the Washington Post: “The Democrats’ Leap of Faith — You know it’s a different kind of candidate forum when Hillary Clinton allows that she sometimes prays. …When Barack Obama muses on the nature of good vs. evil. When John Edwards recounts that he ‘strayed away from the Lord’ in adulthood, only to find that ‘my faith came roaring back’ after the death of his 16-year-old son. This is not Michael Dukakis’s Democratic Party. Instead, as was shown by Monday night’s forum on faith, sponsored by CNN and the liberal evangelical group Sojourners, it is a party on a mission: to make inroads into Republicans’ ability to attract and, more important, turn out religious voters. ‘The biggest thing is that it happened,’ Mara Vanderslice, a Democratic consultant who headed John Kerry’s 2004 efforts to connect with religious voters, said of the event. ‘Think how far we’ve come from just a couple of years ago, when Republicans claimed religion and religious Americans.’ Why sweat the God gap? Voters who attend worship at least once a week account for 40 percent of the electorate, according to exit polls, and they tilt heavily toward the GOP.”

Forty percent of the electorate. What’s amazing about this to me is the Republicans — the blue-blood country club Republicans — are embarrassed of these people. I’m sure you remember me telling stories of many northeastern dinner parties where these country club blue-blood Republicans would up to me (this is in the early nineties): “What you going to do about those Christian voters, what are you going to do about them?” “What do you mean, what am I going to do about them?” “They’re destroying the party, all this abortion garbage. We gotta get abortion out of the party. It’s killing us. It’s going to destroy the Republican Party.” But that’s only the reason the Republican Party was winning all those elections! What was happening was these northeastern guys were getting henpecked by their wives and they just didn’t want to put up with it — plus they were a little embarrassed themselves to be in the same party as a moral majority and these kinds of things. So while the country club blue-blood moderate Republicans have been trying to drive these people out of the party, the Democrats are out there now making a big play for them.

Ruth Marcus says here, “For the 2008 campaign, the Democrats have the advantage of — you might say they are blessed with — three front-running candidates for whom religion isn’t a matter of conversion on the road to Des Moines.” Well, I think that’s a little debatable. I think these people don’t have a consistent track record of reaching out to religious voters. None of them do. Hillary doesn’t. Edwards doesn’t. Who else is in that mix-up? Well, we don’t know about Obama; he’s only been around the national scene for two years. I mean, these guys are not known for running around talking about God and participating in prayer breakfasts and that kind of thing.

Then in the Christian Science Monitor today, Linda Feldmann writes, “Can the religious left sway the ’08 race? — Democrat presidential candidates speaking openly about faith competing for values voters.” She refers to this thing on CNN Monday night as an intimate discussion of faith, but there was nothing intimate about it — that was the whole point, that was what was observable. When Mrs. Clinton said, “Yeah, I pray, and I have faith,” she didn’t say in what or in who.
Story #6: Discarded Drugs Found in Bull Sharks

RUSH: “Sharks in one Florida river are getting a dose of human medicine, and now scientists want to know if it’s a prescription for trouble. Scientists recently found traces of prescription antidepressants, cholesterol-lowering drugs and synthetic estrogens in the blood of young bull sharks in the Caloosahatchee River on Florida’s southwest Gulf Coast. This summer, they’ll study the issue more widely. On Friday, scientists with Mote Marine Laboratory fished for bull sharks as part of research to find out what drugs the sharks encounter most and whether the doses are large enough to alter how they behave and reproduce. The sharks come into contact with treated wastewater which includes traces of the medications previously identified as the cholesterol-reducer Lipitor, various antidepressants such as Prozac, Zoloft and Celexa. The Caloosahatchee receives treated wastewater from several sewer plants and passes…” Well, isn’t this interesting: prescription drugs in sharks. It would be interesting to know how it does affect their behavior and whether or not they’ll be as aggressive or will calm down a bit.
Story #7: Honda Discontinues Accord Hybrid Sedan

RUSH: Honda is discontinuing its Accord hybrid sedan. “With gas prices reaching record highs and increasing public interest in environmentally friendly technologies, you’d think…” this is the AP “…you’d think that any car labeled as a hybrid would sell easily.” No, we wouldn’t! It’s you people in the Drive-By Media who think all this stuff amongst yourselves! “Honda Motor Company on Tuesday announced it will discontinue the hybrid version of its Accord sedan citing disappointing sales. Analysts said that despite the Accord’s superior performance compared with some of its higher volume competitors, it just doesn’t fit with the current consumer demands for the smallest, cheapest hybrids with eye-popping fuel economy.” So nothing against Honda, obviously, but I cannot say that I’m disappointed in this because when I see things like this, it rewards my faith in the overall informed intelligence of the American people: they’re not buying into this ridiculous hype.
Story #8: More Turbulence to Hit Hillary Campaign

RUSH: All right, folks. I just had some little birds telling me… Well, let’s put it this way: more turbulence is about to hit the Hillary campaign. Somebody is leaking more campaign documents of hers (like the skip-Iowa document because she can’t win), but this time the leaks are to the New York Times — and might hit as early as tomorrow. Somebody is sabotaging, or trying to sabotage, the Hillary campaign. We’re keeping a sharp eye here.

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Story #1: Fox Must Keep Apologizing to John Conyers

RUSH: You may be aware of the hurt feelings of John Conyers, the esteemed congressman from Michigan. The other day the Fox News Channel was doing a story on the indictment of Congressman William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana), and they rolled tape of Conyers! (Ha, ha!) Conyers, of course, got very upset about this. He couldn’t believe they would make such an error — and of course the underlying “offense” that congressman Conyers felt was that Fox doesn’t know the difference between Congressman William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana) and Conyers because they’re both black and the old saw that “they all look alike.” So Conyers was playing on that and demanded an apology, and Fox has apologized — twice. But that’s not nearly enough! I think Fox needs to apologize every day for awhile, and maybe even do an apology tour. I haven’t seen the Fox apology today, but Snerdley said he saw it yesterday. What time did you see it? It was during the show that’s on now? Well, regardless, I want to apologize to Congressman Conyers on behalf of the Fox News Channel, since they have not apologized today. I think that this is something that the Fox News people should continually apologize for, every day, and roll correct tape this time of Congressman William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana) when reporting on the Conyers story so as not to leave any confusion about this. This is a horrible thing that happened. In fact, I don’t think Conyers has accepted the apology. Fox sent somebody to his office to apologize, but I don’t know if he actually accepted.
Story #2: Cat Invasion Blamed on Global Warming
RUSH: Global warming news: “Droves of cats and kittens are swarming into animal shelters nationwide, and global warming is to blame, according to one pet adoption group.” This is from LiveScience.com. “Several shelters operated by a national adoption organization called Pets Across America reported a 30 percent increase in intakes of cats and kittens from 2005 to 2006, and other shelters across the nation have reported similar spikes of stray, owned and feral cats. The cause of this feline flood is an extended cat breeding season thanks to the world’s warming temperatures, according to the group, which is one of the country’s oldest and largest animal welfare organizations. ‘Cats are typically warm-weather, spring-time breeders,’ said the group’s president, Kathy Warnick. ‘However, states that typically experience primarily longer and colder winters are now seeing shorter, warmer winters, leading to year-round breeding.'” Honest to God, this is what she says! Honest! It amazes me that this movement has so many asinine, irresponsible, laughable claims are made in the name of global warming and there are still intelligent people who buy into this. Global warming should have been discredited long ago, but we’re not going to give up on discrediting it, folks — just like we’re not going to give up on killing the immigration bill.
Story #3: Cheney Criticized for Taking Action
RUSH: You want to talk about a non-story? Here’s the Washington Post today. “Vice President Cheney told Justice Department officials that he disagreed with their objections to a secret surveillance program during a high-level White House meeting in March 2004, a former senior Justice official told senators yesterday. The meeting came one day before White House officials tried to get approval for the same program from then-Attorney General John D. Ashcroft, who lay recovering from surgery in a hospital, according to former deputy attorney general James B. Comey. Comey’s disclosures, made in response to written questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee, indicate that Cheney and his aides were more closely involved than previously known in a fierce internal battle over the legality of the warrantless surveillance program. The program allowed the National Security Agency to monitor phone calls and e-mails between the United States and overseas.” At least they got it right this time in describing what the program was. It was not “spying on Americans” — it never was. “Comey said that Cheney’s office later blocked the promotion of a senior Justice Department lawyer, Patrick Philbin, because of his role in raising concerns about the surveillance.”

Now, this is being reported as a crime. So what? He’s vice president! You know, I think he also urged the military to win in Iraq. Well, let’s impeach him! He was in favor of a program to help nab the kind of suspects that were nabbed in the JFK terrorist plot put on page 30 of the New York Times this past Sunday. So what? He’s vice president! If there’s somebody standing in the way of the program he wants, get rid of them. He’s vice president! He’s supported victory in the war, too. Wow, what a bad, bad man: Dick Cheney!
Story #4: Hurricane Surge May Be Nothing New

RUSH: “Hurricane Surge May Be Nothing New, Study Says — Surge in major Atlantic hurricanes over the last decade often cited as evidence of increasing global warming may not be a surge at all but a return to normal storm patterns. Using nearly three centuries of hurricane history recorded in organic storm debris encased in coral reefs, researchers found that the frequency of major hurricanes today was about the same as it was during the extended periods from the mid-1700s to the mid-1900s. There were periods that were just as active as we see…” Really? Why is this even news? There is not one weather occurrence happening on the planet today that has not happened before. Not one! There is not one temperature on this planet that has not been reached somewhere else on the planet sometime before. Besides, we didn’t have any thermometers way back when, and therefore we didn’t have records. At any rate, Max Mayfield said last year, “This is not global warming,” and William Gray said, “This is not global warming. This is a normal cycle.” But now we have a study that can back up what the experts have already said.
Story #5: Feel Good Overtures to Iran Don’t Work
RUSH: I guess that little outreach program we have with Iran is not working, ladies and gentlemen. “ABC News is reporting that Iran has been caught ‘red-handed’ shipping weapons into Afghanistan. NATO officials say that they caught Iran red-handed shipping heavy arms, C4 explosives, and advanced roadside bombs to the Taliban for use against NATO forces in what the officials say is a dramatic escalation of Iran’s proxy war against it United States and Great Britain. ‘It is inconceivable that it is anyone other than the Iranian government that’s doing this,’ said former White House counterterrorism official Richard Clarke, an ABC News consultant.” Well, if Richard Clarke said it, then it’s gotta be true! “Secretary of Defense Robert Gates stopped short earlier this week of blaming Iran…” Of course he did, because we’re trying to make buds with them. We’re trying to make nice with them. He says the US “didn’t have evidence of the involvement of the Iranian government in support of the Taliban, but an analysis by a senior coalition official concludes that there is clear evidence of Iran’s involvement.”

So those feel-good overtures — hmm, must not have worked. This is an act of war, and they’re doing the same thing in Iraq and telling us what they’re going to do. Once again earlier this week Ahmadinejad came out and said the time is running out on Israel, that the “clock is ticking,” that their days are numbered. And everybody who hears him say this just says, “Ah, he’s just some little crackpot over there. Don’t worry about it, Rush! Nothing’s going to happen!” Sure. Okay. Fine.
Story #6: Rob Lowe Kills Iowa State Bird

RUSH: Did you hear about this? Rob Lowe was in West Des Moines, Iowa playing golf, and he hit a bird in mid-flight. He was hitting an approach shot on the fourth hole when his ball hit a goldfinch. Now, the goldfinch is the state bird of Iowa. He killed the state bird of Iowa — and he broke out in laughter and applause! He and his golf buddies started clapping and applauding: “Unbelievable… Who comes here and kills the state bird? Only me.” Ha, ha, ha. He also said, “I got my first birdie.” Hey, this is a sensitive, Hollywood guy who cares about animals and the environment.
Story #7: California Will Pay People to Drive Hybrids

RUSH: Try this. The state assembly in California is going to vote — probably today, maybe tomorrow — on a piece of legislation that’s been written by Assemblyman Ira Ruskin, who is a Democrat from Redwood City, which is over there in the Bay Area. “The measure would require buyers of gas guzzlers, which emit high levels of greenhouse gases, to pay a surcharge of up to $2,500. The revenue would be used to reward buyers of more fuel-efficient models with rebates of up to $2,500. The measure, Assembly Bill 493, would take effect in the 2011 model year. ‘This will change many people’s behavior and, more importantly, change the automakers’ behavior to make cleaner cars for everybody, which is what they should have been doing all along,’ said Dan Kalb, policy director for the Union of Concerned Scientists, a public health lobby that is sponsoring the legislation.” It’s a bunch of libs! “‘This will penalize large families and the working men and women of California who depend on larger vehicles for their way of life,’ said Charles Territo, spokesman for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, which represents Detroit automakers and Toyota, among others.” So, the liberals are who they are: “We have to take things away from people.” In this case, you go out and buy a Hummer — or some big mama like that — and they’re going to charge you 2,500 additional bucks and give it to people who buy these little lawn mowers with a couple of seats on them.
Story #8: PMSNBC Has No Idea What “Gut Check” Means
RUSH: I saw something on PMSNBC the other day; they’re doing a promotion called “Gut Check America.” On their website it says, “What keeps you up at night? Gut Check America is your chance to tell us what really matters in our country and to help determine what topics MSNBC.com covers.”

Now, this is a further effort by the Drive-Bys to keep us all scared and upset. It has seeped from feminist rhetoric and the chick-ification of the newsrooms into, “What keeps you up at night?” I have something for those of you at MSNBC.com. You need to come up with a new name for this. “Gut check” means facing your fears head on — not allowing them to keep you up at night, covering your head in the bed sheets or cowering in the corner quaking and quivering at the shadows in fear. If you are being kept up at night, it’s because you failed your gut check or you’re not having the gut check! I mean, the Drive-Bys wouldn’t know a gut check if it hit them in the stomach. You ought to see their graphic here — they have some metrosexual guy holding a flag with their graphic above him: “Stand and Be Counted: What Keeps You Up at Night?”

But I guess, you know, they have to call it “gut check” because if they said just, “What keeps you up at night?” the answer would be, “It ain’t MSNBC!” Ha, ha! Actually, since it’s not a gut check, what they ought to say is, “Are you wetting yourself at night? Tell us why. Are you so scared you are soiling yourself? Tell us all about it here at MSNBC.com.”
Story #9: Brazile: William Jefferson (D-LA) Should Resign

RUSH: Democrat strategerist Donna Brazile has urged Congressman William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana) to resign — this via an interview that aired yesterday on National Public Radio. She said, “I personally hope that he would do what’s best for his family and his constituents and put his legal case before everything else and allow somebody else to step up and represent that district. If there’s one congressional district in America that needs a full-time lawmaker focused and committed on the recovery of the Gulf coast, it’s the second congressional district of Louisiana,” which is the district of Congressman William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana). She said that she believes the pressure on Congressman William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana) to step down now will come from two sources: his colleagues on the Democrat side of Congress, and also from the people back home in New Orleans. I don’t know if that’s going to happen; we got a call from New Orleans the other day and the guy said that people down there are saying it’s a conspiracy against Congressman William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana). But don’t you know that Nancy Pelosi would love it if they could get some people in New Orleans to start demanding that he resign? It’d take her off the hook.
Story #10: Putin Tells Bush Where to Put His Missile Shield

RUSH: It could well be that Dingy Harry’s trying to light a fire under President Bush with this immigration defeat. Actually, right now, Bush is over there at the G8; he’s trying to deal with Putin and the missile shield business. But Putin told him where he can put his missile shield earlier today.

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Story #1:The Sopranos Keep Their Options Open

RUSH: I didn’t see it. I just got busy last night. I just didn’t see it. I’ve got it Tivo’d. I’ve been reading all about it, and it seems like people are livid and angry over the ending to this thing. I’ll tell you (interruption). Snerdley just said on the IFB that it was great. From what I’ve read, it sounds to me like it’s what we all should have expected. They never tie up loose ends on this show, why should they when it’s over? I told you last week, they gotta keep some of these characters around for something that might come up down the road later anyway.

Story #2:Bridge Built by Blind Man Collapses
RUSH: Try this headline: (This story is worth it just for the headline.) “Two Jailed After Bridge Built By Blind Man Collapses.” You heard right. “A Chinese court has jailed two officials after they let a blind contractor build a bridge which collapsed during construction and injured 12 people.” I shouldn’t laugh about this but (Laughing.)
Story #3:Breck Girl’s Terror Strategy: Peace Corps
RUSH:Did you hear about what the Breck Girl is going to do to fight Islamic terrorism? Peace Corps. Don’t we already have a Peace Corps? Didn’t JFK do this? Isn’t the Peace Corps still around? I know we got Clinton’s volunteers for freedom or whatever, he did his own. He had AmeriCorps. He had the sense to call it something else. The Breck Girl is out there saying this. I mean, really, folks. This is from a press release: “Senator Edwards outlining a new national security strategy that includes the creation of a 10,000-person civilian peace corps to stem the tide of terrorism in weak and unstable countries.” So we’re going to send a bunch of little lily-livered, linguini-spined liberal kids over to Middle East countries where terrorists are being born and (interruption). I know” America to Capture the Peace Act.
Story #4:Ohio School Serves Students Gin

RUSH: This is in Akron, Ohio: “Ohio charter school that emphasizes African history and culture served gin to sixth graders at a graduation ceremony. State educational officials said they plan to investigate it. Did you hear about this? “Four students were given a teaspoon of gin mixed with water on Tuesday in a ceremony modeled on a Ghanian rite of passage event.” No, no lime garnish, and there’s not even sparkling water. I mean, gin just with water. “The ritual was intended…” this is the truth now “…the ritual was intended to teach truthfulness.”The students were blindfolded, giving them the uncertain feeling that goes with moving from one stage of life to another, he said. Each student was given a teaspoon of water and a teaspoon of the gin-water mix, and then asked to identify which contained water. The students recognized that the gin wasn’t water and spit it out before swallowing, Whitaker said. The point is to teach the children to be honest, he said.”

Yep, “‘this is part of an ancestral African tradition,’ said Candie Nelson, whose 13-year-old son participated in the ritual. She had no objection to it. ‘It’s not like you’re drinking hundred proof alcohol here.'” This is an ancestral tradition designed to teach people to be honest. Man. Do you remember how they taught you to be honest when you were in sixth grade? George Washington and the cherry tree. But I guess that won’t work anymore, got to have gin in the sixth grade.
Story #5: The NAALCP Hits Hard Times; Goes Pro-Life?
RUSH: The nation’s largest organization representing black Americans,” the NAALCP — that would be the National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People, “is cutting staff and closing…” By the way, this is not a story that you will see in the Drive-By Media. This comes from the website LifeNews.com. The NAALCP “is cutting staff and closing down some of its regional locations in the face of declining donations. The moves come on the heels of a flip-flop on abortion and some black leaders saying abortion is distracting from civil rights issues. The NAACP took an official position in favor of abortion in early 2004, a stance it quietly rescinded months later after significant backlash.” They’ve flip-flopped on this.

“A poll conducted by Black Enterprise Magazine found that 60% of African Americans disapproved of the decision. Then, last year,” the Justice Brothers, “the Revs. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Joseph Lowery kicked off a three day event in Dallas and said abortion has been used too much to block discussion of issues like voting rights and affirmative action. Now, the NAACP is cutting its staff of 119 down to 70 and with close some of the offices around the nation that it operates.” So they have rescinded their official position in early 2004, being in favor of abortion. So I guess we’re to assume from this that blacks are opposed abortion; is that right? Is that what we’re to assume from this? Because this is not written very well, I’m not sure I get what their current position is, pro-life or pro-choice. I don’t know what it is. But it doesn’t seem to make any difference. I know the NAALCP is losing money, but 90% of the black vote and the presidential race goes to Democrats and we all know what their position is on abortion. So that’s not going to affect the way they vote. It’s just affecting the NAALCP’s coffers.
Story #6: They’re Searching for Two (2) Mosquitoes

RUSH: Be on the lookout out there, ladies and gentlemen. This is from LaCrosse, Wisconsin. The headline here pretty much says it all: “Health Officials are Looking for Two Dangerous Mosquitoes — Local health officials will monitor Monroe County and other parts of southwestern Wisconsin this summer for two dangerous types of mosquitoes that can carry both West Nile virus and encephalitis.” These are armed and dangerous mosquitoes. When I saw the headline, I actually thought, “Two mosquitoes that they’re looking for?” Two? Not two “types.” You have to read the story to get to the nuts and bolts of it.
Story #7:Vitamin D Cuts Cancer, But Sun Doesn’t?

RUSH: How many of you people out there take lots of vitamins? This is another one of these health stories that just has your head swimming. “Study released recently concludes that increased Vitamin D intake reduces the risk of developing cancer. The findings are the latest in a growing body of evidence suggesting that current dietary guidelines for Vitamin D may be too low.” Now, your body makes Vitamin D when you are in the sunlight, ladies and gentlemen, but we’ve been told you can’t go outside. The sun is dangerous. The sun is going to kill us. The sun has nothing to do with global warming, but it can cause cancer. The sun has nothing to do with the temperature. The sun has nothing to do with the climate, but, boy, sunscreen? If you don’t use that, you could sunburn really bad, get various forms of skin cancer and so forth. So the medical community, aided by the Drive-By Media, has scared us to death over the sun. Now, maybe not being in the sun outside in the fresh air is what causes cancer, not a lack of Vitamin D. It’s just so confusing. I fully expect someday for them to say that being out in the fresh air because it isn’t fresh anymore, poses a health hazard. Somebody will start marketing fresh air pills. Do you realize that would be like the bottled water scam? Just get some capsules, gel capsules, and put nothing in them, and sell fresh air.

“Swallow this.”

I’m catching all kinds of flak now from the health nuts. “Dear Rush. Are you saying you don’t think the sun causes skin cancer? I think you know not what you say. My dad has skin cancer, and up until he retired at 70 he worked outside as a lineman for a public service company and as an electrician. Now he constantly has to go to the doctor to have biopsies done, mostly on his face and arms and neck.” No, I’m not saying that the sun doesn’t cause cancer. I’m saying that we have created a scare climate about the sun and people are afraid to go out in it at all unless they’re all covered up. Some people have sensitivities to it and so forth, but I’m just saying the sun is where we get Vitamin D. Keep all this in context. People are out there taking supplements. Now I’m going to hear from the supplement/vitamin crowd thinking I’m hurting their business, you know, just like the compact fluorescent guys. They’ve been on my case now for months.
Story #8:Study: The Death Penalty Deters

RUSH: Listen to the way this story starts out here in the Associated Press: “Anti-death penalty forces have gained momentum in the past few years, with a moratorium in Illinois, court disputes over lethal injection in more than a half-dozen states and progress toward outright abolishment in New Jersey. The steady drumbeat of DNA exonerations — pointing out flaws in the justice system — has weighed against capital punishment. The moral opposition is loud, too, echoed in Europe and the rest of the industrialized world, where all but a few countries banned executions years ago.” But, “What gets little notice, however, is a series of academic studies over the last half-dozen years that claim to settle a once hotly debated argument — whether the death penalty acts as a deterrent to murder. The analyses say yes. They count between three and 18 lives that would be saved by the execution of each convicted killer.” What did that study say? Yes, I know you’re asking me that, folks, and you heard right.

The scientists “count between three and 18 lives that would be saved by the execution of each convicted killer. The reports have horrified death penalty opponents and several scientists, who vigorously question the data and its implications. So far, the studies have had little impact on public policy,” because nobody knows about them! “‘Science does really draw a conclusion. It did. There is no question about it,’ said Naci Mocan, an economics professor at the University of Colorado at Denver. ‘The conclusion is there is a deterrent effect.’ A 2003 study he co-authored, and a 2006 study that re-examined the data, found that each execution results in five fewer homicides, and commuting a death sentence means five more homicides. ‘The results are robust, they don’t really go away,’ he said. ‘I oppose the death penalty. But my results show that the death penalty (deters) — what am I going to do, hide them?'” You don’t have to hide them, Naci, the Drive-By Media will do that for you. I’ve always thought it’s a bogus argument anyway. Whether it deters or not is not the point. Capital punishment is a form of punishment. The word is punishment. Whether it deters or not — you know it does deter, because that killer can’t kill again. I haven’t read the whole story. I don’t know how they arrived at these numbers. But this guy is a death penalty opponent. He’s out there making the case here that it does actually deter other bad guys from running out there killing people.

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Story #1: Bill Clinton: We Should Live in Huts

RUSH: Have you heard about Bill Clinton’s latest idea for global warming? Sod roofs, ladies and gentlemen. Thatch roofs like they have in the Third World. This is after we got Sheryl Crow and her one square of toilet paper per bathroom visit. Clinton is out making speeches to college students encouraging homeowners to skip the tar and the shingles and lay sod roofs. Well, what do you do in a drought? You gotta water the sod roof. If you don’t water the sod — this is absurd. Can you imagine in the United States of America in 2007 an ex-president is suggesting we put dirt and grass on the house? His reason is you put tar up there and shingles, that absorbs all kinds of heat in there, makes the house hotter, air-conditioning bills go up. So what you do is you put the sod roof, keeps the temperature in the house a little cooler right below the roof. Heck with that. Just put a tin roof up there and paint it white. Sod grass. I mean, that much roof, yeah, let’s all live in huts.

Story #2: “Campaign Fatigue” Covers for Democrats

RUSH: There’s a new disease the Drive-By Media is fearful of. It’s called “campaign fatigue.” I’m not kidding. I’m not kidding. We have details and a cure. Here’s the story from Reuters, and the authorette here, Ellen Wulfhorst: “Inundated with politics long before the 2008 presidential election, U.S. voters are in danger of suffering wearying bouts of the uniquely American affliction of ‘campaign fatigue’ in coming months. Experts say voters who follow the news closely are most at risk of the condition striking this year earlier than ever.” Folks (whispering), we have to be scared of getting campaign fatigue. All this is, is a cover that the Democrats are looking bad. There’s big news. I forget this poll. I have it in the stack here. Hillary Clinton cleans the clock of every Democrat contender but loses to every Republican — well, the top tier Republicans. She loses even to McCain, and it’s is not good news for the Democrats. This is all about… Campaign fatigue? This is trying to protect the Democrats. I’ve got the cure for this: turn off the television and just listen to me, and you will not get campaign fatigue. You’ll be more informed, and you’ll be more entertained and you’ll have a better outlook on life if you just turn off the TV.

Story #3: Dingy Harry’s Moment of Silence Digs Bush
RUSH: Dingy Harry Reid just informed Mitch McConnell that he’s going to go to the Senate floor at 2:15, ask for a moment of silence for the 3500 soldier deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, that was the original scheduled time for the president to address the press in the hall outside the Senate floor. He’s already done that, so the president must have gotten wind what was going to happen. He’s addressing the press about his meeting with Republican senators on the amnesty bill, the infiltration bill. So Dingy Harry has a moment of silence. This is simply to dig President Bush on the day that he came up to Capitol Hill in order to try to get Republican senators to change their minds on the amnesty bill.

Story #4: Tony Blair’s Version of “Drive-By Media”

RUSH: Tony Blair has just lashed out at the British media. “Britain’s media is like a feral beast that tears people and reputations to shreds.” He said this today in his parting shot at journalists after a decade in power. Most people think of feral as a wild cat. And it is. But what it actually means is a feral organism. You can have a feral pig. You can have a feral anything. A feral organism is one that has escaped from domestication. So we’ve domesticated cats, we’ve domesticated dogs. When you’ve got a feral dog, it’s a dog that’s escaped domestication. It’s gone back to its normal eat-anything-it-can-find mode, terrorize you and anything else it can do. But Blair accused the media of sensationalizing facts, breeding cynicism, and attacking public figures. “The fear of missing out means today’s media, more than ever before, hunts in a pack. In these modes it is like a feral beast, just tearing people and reputations to bits.” He made this speech at Reuters headquarters in London.

Journalists are “increasingly and to a dangerous agree driven by impact,” and this is driving down standards and doing a disservice to the public. Even he’s calling the Drive-By Media. He’s nailing it here. Great picture he’s painting: they hunt in a pack; they’re driven by impact, meaning they want destruction. They want to see Paris Hilton crack up. By the way, Paris Hilton, big story, no celebrities are rallying to her cause. Like Jodie Foster rallied to Mel Gibson’s cause. No celebrities and they’re puzzled out there, can’t figure it out, celebrities usually hang together. Can’t fool me on this. There’s nothing to protect. She’s a celebutard. There’s no celeb. She’s famous because she’s famous. Hasn’t done anything. There’s nothing to circle the wagons around here. Anyway, Tony Blair said, “The damage saps the country’s confidence and self-belief … it reduces our capacity to take the right decisions.” He said many newspapers have become “viewspapers” with opinion overtaking fact, that it was rare to find balance. That’s Tony Blair’s parting shot.

Story #5: Appeals Court Rules for Terrorists

RUSH: I’m sure you’ve heard here about the terrorist that’s been in jail here in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals basically said: Ah, ah, ah! You can’t hold this guy without charging him! “The Bush administration cannot use new anti-terrorism laws to keep US residents locked up indefinitely without charging them. A divided federal appeals court said on Monday, ruling a harsh rebuke of one of the central tools the administration believes it has to combat terror.” The headline of this story is: “Setback for Bush on Enemy Combatants.” It’s not a setback for Bush. It’s a setback for us! “It’s a 2-1 decision from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals…” You know, this story makes the case for keeping Club Gitmo open. This is why we should not close the place and move all these terrorists to the United States, and that’s what the people that want to close Club Gitmo want to do — and note who they are. They are all a bunch of liberals who want access to these people as clients. We are holding these people to keep ’em off the battlefield, not to try them for some crime yet to be committed. The courts used to understand this. Today, they don’t, and I have to tell you, after 9/11, I never thought the courts would drag this war into court, but that’s what’s been done. They say it’s a ruling against Bush, but it’s a ruling against us. Let me tell you about this guy al-Marri. He was lawfully in the United States on a student visa plotting to kill Americans.

The Fourth Circuit, and specifically a Clinton nominee and a Bush appointee, Roger Gregory — a black judge blocked by Republicans as being too liberal, but that Bush appointed him after Clinton left office. Clinton gave him a recess appointment and Bush, as part of the new tone to try to show the Democrats, “Hey, I’m willing to work with you. I’ll send President Clinton’s judge back up there!” Of course the Republicans passed him. So we have two Clinton appointees, and they’re the two to one in this ruling. Meanwhile, there are vacancies all over the Fourth Circuit, and they’re not being filled — and this used to be one of the most conservative circuits in the country. What the circuit court did yesterday essentially was rule that if you are in the US legally, in essence, and have managed to get some kind of legal stats then you have to be tried in the civilian system. Now, think about that. The most dangerous enemies we have are people who managed to evade detection by our immigration bureaucracy; they operate from within our country, within our borders to destroy us. This alone should be considered another blow to the amnesty bill. Keep these people in a military prison. Keep these people out at Club Gitmo or wherever.

Bring ’em in here, and this court says basically they are — well, anyway, this guy was entitled to it anyway because he was lawfully in the US on a student visa. To give blanket amnesty to more than 12 million people who were here after a 24-hour phony security check. Nobody believes a 24-hour security check’s going to be real. The result will be any terrorist found here being tried in a civilian rather than military court, if they are caught at all and if they are tried. Now, the judges — these two judges, the Clinton appointee and Roger Gregory — just overturned 200 years of law and policy on their heads. Of course, it’s being said about them, “Well, they’re upholding the Constitution.” Here’s the history of Roger Gregory. Jesse Helms had opposed Roger Gregory and stopped his confirmation, under Clinton. Clinton then recessed appointed him. Bush, after he was inaugurated him, gave Roger Gregory a full appointment — the new tone — and these appointments make a difference. This is an absolute disaster, and he’s the first black on this court. That’s how the libs and the media see it. There are several vacancies on the Fourth Circuit. It used to be the most reliably conservative of all these circuits — and, see, our old buddy Lindsey Grahamnesty? You might remember this. One of the Bush nominees for the Fourth Circuit was blocked by Lindsey Grahamnesty, former general counsel of the Army, because Grahamnesty was punishing him for his views on detaining and interrogating terrorists at Gitmo. Remember that? Lindsey Graham, doing a John McCain, was trying to get noticed and applauded by the left-wing Drive-By Media and so forth, and our own guys blocking our own judges from getting on these courts.

Story #6: Mel Martinez: Debate in Spanish

RUSH: You will not believe this next story: “Saying presidential debates have been ‘geared’ in the past to black Americans, Sen. Mel Martinez, Florida Republican, argues that a U.S. presidential debate in Spanish would only help educate ‘what has become the largest minority group in our country.’ One day after voting to make English the official language of the country, the former Housing and Urban Development secretary who in 2005 became the first Cuban-American in the Senate, was asked on C-SPAN’s ‘Washington Journal’ program for his thoughts on such a debate, proposed last week by the Spanish-language media giant Univision. ‘I think it’s a great thing,’ Mr. Martinez said. ‘When I came to this country, I didn’t speak [English] but learned it, and I think it’s important immigrants to this country learn the language of this country, which is English. ‘However, having said that, I think it’s a way of allowing people to know that the issues that they care about are being highlighted. We’ve had presidential debates geared to the African-American community of our country. I think one could be geared to the Spanish-Americans of our country.'”

Oh, now they’re “Spanish-Americans.” Next thing you know, they’re going to be calling them “Illegal Americans.” You wait. It’s gotta be the case. (laughing) There’s somebody is going to call ’em “Illegal Americans” or “Undocumented Americans,” or some such thing. You wait. I predict it as one of the things they’re going to do to move it forward. Anyway… “As for the presidential candidates who don’t speak Spanish, Mr. Martinez suggested ‘interpreters’ and ‘technology’ could play roles in any debate.” This is the guy that’s head of the Republican National Committee! I have a better idea, a better idea than having a presidential debate in Spanish. I think what we ought to do is hold a presidential debate, maybe two, in Mexico. Actually have the debates in Mexico. Have it in Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, or you could do Mexico City. That way future residents of America can actually participate and make up their mind which president would be more friendly to them when they decide to cross the border. If we’re going to do this, go all the way, go down there and have the debates. Have sign language interpreters and closed-captioning. There are any number of ways to make it work.

Story #7: ChiComs Say To Hell with Ethanol

RUSH: The UK Times Online: “Food Price Rises Force a Cut in Biofuels.” I just love this. “China’s communist rulers,” the ChiComs, “announced a moratorium on the production of ethanol from corn and other food crops yesterday at the very time that Western leaders are rushing to embrace alternative food-based fuel technology. Beijing’s move underlines concerns that ethanol production is driving up rapidly the costs of corn and grain. It appears to reflect a growing reality about food-based alternative fuel: it is far more expensive both economically and environmentally, than Western politicians are likely to admit.” So once again the liberals out there push something — biofuels — and it’s wrong. Whatever they end up telling us, it is wrong, ladies and gentlemen. The thing that gets me is, it’s the ChiComs — the ChiComs! — who are figured this out. They’re communists, and they’re saying, “To hell with this.”

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Story #1: Immigrants Know How to Carpool

RUSH: Get this. “More people than ever are driving alone to work as the nation’s commuters balk at carpools and mass transit.” I know what you’re saying: “Rush, the Democrats have declared defeat, they’re raising the white flag, it’s Flag Day, and you’re talking about the way people drive to and from work.” Stick with me on this, folks. You know that I never, ever waste your time. “Regardless of fuel prices, housing and work patterns make it hard for suburban commuters to change their gas-guzzling ways,” despite all the efforts of liberals and the government to get us to carpool in the HOV lanes. We ain’t doing it! We’re going solo! We like our freedom! We don’t want back seat drivers; we don’t want to have a bunch of chitchat in the car. We just want to get where we’re going in our own time, in our own way.

However, there is a great caveat here: “Carpooling is most popular in the West, driven in part by immigrants.” Yes, the only people doing it right! The only people behaving responsibly are immigrants! “Seven of the top 10 metro areas for carpooling are in California. Most are in the center of the state, where a lot of immigrant farm workers share rides.” Ha, ha! So here they’re doing another thing Americans won’t do. They do the jobs Americans won’t do and they do the carpooling Americans won’t do. They are virtuous. They’re carpooling because eight of them together can only afford one car.
Story #2: Obese Men with Heart Disease Live Longer

RUSH: I love stories that disapprove all of the previous myths that we’ve been showered with. “Among men with symptoms of heart disease, those who are obese tend to live longer than their normal-weight counterparts, a new study suggests. Researchers found that among nearly 6,900 male veterans assessed for symptoms of heart disease, those who were obese were less likely to die over the next 7.5 years compared with normal-weight men.” So obesity now helps with heart disease! What’s the AMA going to say? What are all the politically correct friends of ours going to say?
Story #3: Executions of Cell Phone Users Up in N. Korea
RUSH: Let me just give you the headline from this one. This is an Associated Press story I found in the Jerusalem Post. “‘Executions of Cell Phone Users Up in N. Korea’ — North Korea has increased its public executions against cell phone users and those who circulate outside information in the communist country, a South Korean government think tank said Thursday.” They execute you for using a cell phone over there! Well, yeah, because that could lead to insubordination and insulation. That could lead to subversion or any number of things. It could lead to the truth getting into the country! You want to talk about a bunch of “mind-numbed robots”? That’s what citizens of North Korea are in the current state.
Story #4: Dubai Buys Barneys: The Terrorists Win!

RUSH: As you know, ladies and gentlemen, some of my all-time favorite news stories are those that contain the word “Dubai.” If the news story also contains the words “ports deal,” well, then I’m close to nirvana. This story doesn’t contain “ports deal,” but guess what? You know the big, big, big clothing outfit store in Manhattan — Barneys — where all the New York effete elites go? Dubai’s going to buy it! Ha, ha! Barneys says that the Dubai government is near a deal to buy them in New York. Barneys — yes! Barneys is where, you know, the Upper West Side crowd goes to have lunch and buy clothes. This means that if we continue to go buy suits at Barneys, the terrorists win. I don’t know, folks, but everything is hitting me as funny today.
Story #5: Judge Rules Scooter Libby Will Go to Jail
RUSH: Judge Reggie Walton has made his ruling. Scooter Libby will go to jail while his case is appealed. It’s sad, it’s unfortunate, and it also complicates the whole process of a pardon if there was even one being considered. Well, maybe not. He may actually only serve some time, but overall this is perhaps detrimental to him.
Story #6: Mexican Leftists Plan to Legalize Prostitution

RUSH: This is a Reuters story: “Mexico City’s Leftist Lawmakers…” I saw that and I did a double-take. Leftist lawmakers actually identified! Well, I guess they’re proud of them, but that’s not the story. “Mexico City’s leftist lawmakers plan to legalize prostitution, the latest step toward making the sprawling capital the most liberal in Latin America, following laws allowing abortion and same-sex unions.” Ah, but Snerdley, I don’t think this is why Mexicans are trying to get in here. They’ve been coming before this happened. Well, yeah, it’s excellent point you make: we’re told by the amnesty bill supporters that these people are entrepreneurs and big conservatives coming into our country, just waiting to sign up with the GOP! They can’t wait to go out there and start reading about Ronald Reagan and listening to Rush Limbaugh and so forth — and yet they legalized prostitution.
Story #7: Supreme Court Rules on Union Dues

RUSH: There was a big Supreme Court ruling today, folks, and it was unanimous, by the way. Not good for Big Labor. “In a unanimous ruling on Thursday, the US Supreme Court said labor unions may not spend union dues for political purposes without first getting consent from the people who paid those dues. The ruling stems from a case in Washington State, where even teachers who were not active members of the Washington Education Association were required to pay dues to cover the costs of collective bargaining. Some of the money was spent on political causes that some teachers did not support. The Washington Education Association said the case involved only a small number of union workers who decided not to be active members. But a conservative legal group hailed Thursday’s court ruling. ‘The WEA decision is a great moment for America’s workers,’ said Pacific Legal Foundation Attorney Timothy Sandefur. ‘It’s sad enough that American workers — most of whom are not union supporters — are often forced to hand over their earnings to unions against their will, but the Washington Education Association went even further and used the money to support political causes that the workers did not believe in,’ he said.” Unanimous! Even Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsburg voted for this! Unbelievable!
Story #8: Lawmakers Keep Gay Marriage Vote from People
RUSH: Well, your Democrat Party has shown its true colors again. The Democrats, if they had the opportunity, would take every issue away from the public vote and take it up to the courts with their judges. In Massachusetts, “lawmakers voted today to block a proposed constitutional amendment that would have let voters decide whether to ban gay marriage in the only state that currently allows it. The narrow vote was a victory for gay marriage advocates and a devastating blow to efforts to reverse the historic 2003 state court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage.” It’s not a “devastating blow” to anything other than democracy. The headline here should be: “Massachusetts Lawmakers Keep Gay Marriage Vote From People.” I could do their jobs better than they can with half my brain tied behind my back — and I don’t even do their jobs! Well, actually, I do do their jobs. These people are just more and more pathetic every living day.
Story #9: Clinton Makes $10M on Speeches About Rush
RUSH: Senator Hillary Clinton — Democrat, New York, running for president — reported that her husband, former President Bill Clinton — Democrat, Arkansas — made more than $10 million in paid speeches last year. The couple held two accounts, a regular bank account and a blind trust, “each valued at somewhere between five million and 25 million.” Don’t you love these ranges in the reporting requirements? (The forms do not require Congress members to report exact figures, only to note the range that they’re holdings fall within.)

So they came to Washington with nothing, and now they’ve turned their public offices into a fortune. I might add that Bill Clinton is making this $10 million in speeches by talking about me. In every speech he gives now, he references me and the human genome project and this little line of his that he has learned that we’re all 99.9% the same and that he ran into me in a restaurant in New York one night and was tempted to tell me, “Hey, Limbaugh, you and I are 99.9% the same, but I didn’t have the heart to tell the poor man because I think he would flee the restaurant in tears.” That’s his line. And it’s now in every speech that he gives.
Story #10: Flailing McCain Going Down the Drain

RUSH: John McCain, by the way, is plummeting in the polls. His fundraising is in bad, bad, bad, bad shape. But he says: “I’m guardedly optimistic — and I emphasize guardedly — we can get the [immigration] bill to the floor of the Senate just before the Fourth of July recess and pass it through the US Senate.” He also took a shot at Hillary Clinton — Democrat, New York — for including earmarks or narrowly targeted spending requests in the defense authorization bill. (And by the way, Mrs. Clinton is the earmark queen.) McCain said that Hillary Clinton had over $100 million in such funds attached to the bill and added, “We can’t do this earmarking and pork barreling if we’re ever going to be careful and serious stewards of the taxpayers’ dollars.” Ha! That has to make you laugh. “Serious stewards of the taxpayers’ dollars.” Senator McCain has never met a tax cut he liked.
Story #11: Sowell on Home Invaders and Guest Workers

RUSH: Thomas Sowell has a great column today, and it effectively makes the point here about the proper terms of usage for the illegal immigration debate or the amnesty bill. He said, “People who are pushing for a ‘guest worker’ program show not the slightest interest in what has been happening under guest-worker programs in Europe. Facts are apparently irrelevant. So is logic.” We want to turn to Europe for everything else, but yet we don’t want to turn to Europe for this — and here’s why: “Guests are people you invite to your home. Gate crashers are people who come without being invited. Home invaders are people who break in, despite doors that have been shut to keep them out. If the discussion of immigration laws respected either logic or honesty, we would be talking about a program to legalize home invaders instead of a guest-worker program. As for facts, guest workers from third-world countries have created centers of crime and violence in Europe, and some guest-worker communities have become breeding grounds for terrorists.

“Just as crime and violence in American inner cities have led not only to ‘white flight’ but also to a flight of the black, Hispanic, and Asian middle classes, so in Europe much of the native-born European population has fled from cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Brussels. Joel Kotkin’s classic book, The City, noted the ‘influx of immigrants’ who were ‘recruited to Europe during the labor shortages of the 1950s and 1960s’ who have become ‘an increasingly angry and sometimes violent element in what long had been remarkably peaceful urban areas.’ Another classic book — Our Culture: What’s Left of It by Theodore Dalrymple — found a similar pattern in France. Long before the Muslim riots in Paris which shocked France and the world, Dalrymple pointed out how immigrants in France had become a major source of crime and violence, not only in Paris but in other parts of the country.”

So there’s evidence that guest worker programs are actually home invader programs. It’s clear the programs don’t work and they cause problems, and yet the evidence is being ignored by the likes of Senator McCain, Senator Kennedy and Senator Grahamnesty and all the others who can’t wait to bring the bill back to the floor to try again.
Story #12: GOP Blocks Pelosi’s Secret Earmark Plans

RUSH: Here’s the story on the Pelosi earmarks. This is from Fox News. “Republicans claimed victory today in the battle the force Democrats to abandon plans to bypass early disclosures on thousands of requests…” The “earmarks.” Why don’t these people just say “earmarks” rather than call them “thousands of requests made by lawmakers for pet projects”? Call them “earmarks”! “The fight over these pet projects” — earmarks! — “for two days held up a budget bill that would fund the Homeland Security Department. Republican leaders then announced an agreement that would allow floor debates on earmarks. John Boehner praised the agreement reached between Republicans and Democrats to bring an end to secret slush funds for earmarks. Boehner said, ‘I think that we won this round.'” What’s happening here is that the Democrats ran on the culture of corruption — “Republicans are corrupt! There are earmarks and all this pork barrel projects!” — and they vowed to clean that all up. David Obey of Wisconsin got involved and said, “No, we’re not going to clean it up. We’re going to put these earmarks at the end of the budget process. We’re going to do all of these things after the bill is signed, after it’s passed.” Then the Republicans said, “Damn well we are not going to do that!” and Obey replied, “You do it or I’m going to demonize you and make you pay for it.” The Republicans then said, “Go ahead. You demonize us every day anyway! What’s new about that?” They just stuck it to them!

Now, listen to the San Francisco Chronicle treatment of this story before the Republicans claimed victory. “For the second straight day, minority House Republicans ground the House to a standstill Wednesday as they drove home their objections to a Democratic plan to deny a floor vote on lawmakers’ thousands of pet projects.” Ear marks! “Pet projects,” my shrinking rear end! “Public anger over the surging number of special member projects called earmarks — derided as pork barrel spending –…” Not “derided.” It is pork barrel spending! Nothing’s ever what it is when Democrats are doing it, is it? I’ll continue: “…was a factor in the Republicans’ loss of House control last November, GOP members concede, and now they say they’ve gotten religion on the need for openness in government. … Democrats argued Republicans were engaging” — and get this now – “in partisan attacks to try to embarrass Pelosi.” This was business as usual! The Democrats were just conducting business as usual! And now the Democrats are whining that the Republicans have tried to embarrass Pelosi! Now, this story’s from yesterday, before the Republicans claimed victory. So if the Democrats started whining about this, then that means the Republicans had the goods on what Obey and the Democrats were trying to do.

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Story #1: Seligmann Testimony Nails Nifong

RUSH: I was watching Fox this morning, and they had live coverage of the trial of Mike Nifong in North Carolina. This is the hearing about Nifong being disbarred — it’s over his law license. He’s saying, “Yeah, I made some ethical mistakes,” but he’s just trying to limit the damage here. He’s trying to prevent himself from being disbarred by making some admissions to things here, like saying his comments that he made were improper and so forth. But he’s not the story today as far as I’m concerned. I watched Reade Seligmann, who’s one of the three lacrosse players who was falsely accused and harassed by students at Duke and the 88 professors and all kinds of malcontents in the courtroom when those guys had their court appearance. His testimony… When these guys had their press conference, I was blown away with their composure and their maturity.

Reade Seligmann’s testimony today was heart-wrenching. He broke down. He started crying when he started describing the phone call to his mother to tell her that he had been accused of rape — that he had been picked in a lineup. His mother had a camera on her, and she was crying, too. It was terrible, listening to this story. But even before he broke down and started crying, he was just remarkably composed and mature and truthful and said, “We volunteered DNA first thing out of the box because we knew we didn’t do this, and that’s the fastest way to prove it,” — and of course the DNA results were held back and nobody was informed them until they were leaked. They spent some time in this trial yesterday pointing out that, “Oh, there was no conspiracy here. That’s was an unfortunate mistake that happened.” But there are no coincidences, folks. This was the second time I’ve seen public speaking from these lacrosse players, and they are just profoundly impressive. They have obviously been raised very well, and they’re quality people that just exuded composure and class.

Of course, when you have the truth and passion on your side you can be a pretty good speaker. When you know your subject and when you know what you’re saying is the truth, it gets rid of a lot of the nerves and tension that some people face when they get up to speak publicly. I mean, this thing was heartwarming. At the same time, when Nifong started his testimony, they had a camera cut to the families, and I think one of the other lacrosse players — well, Seligmann and Colin Finnerty. The looks on their faces and their parents’ faces could have killed when Nifong was up speaking. I remember telling Snerdley yesterday, “You know what? I knew this trial was going to start. I think so much time has gone by, so much passion has dissolved here, and legal communities tend to stick together, I’ll bet he gets some kind of slap on the face but not much,” and I have totally changed my thinking on that now after what I saw today, with him admitting impropriety and unethical behavior and mistakes in his statements. Now he knows he could have the entire book thrown at him over this and is trying to limit that. I don’t know how long this is going to go, but if you have a chance to see some of this over the weekend or tonight, you should see Seligmann’s testimony.
Story #2: Clintons Invested in Wal-Mart, Big Oil

RUSH: During the break at the top of the hour, I went back to Snerdley’s office (as I always do, just to make sure to keep his morale up and get his mind right. Open Line Friday is tough for him.) Anyway, he had C-SPAN on, and they cut away to a Clinton speech — and who was Clinton giving a speech to? Yeah, the “Women and Families Consortium,” or some such liberal group. The sound was not up, so I don’t know what Clinton was saying, but I can guess. He’s probably talking to some liberal group that wants as much control over families and women and their, quote, unquote, issues as possible. I’m sure he’s telling them what they all want to hear, about how “We all have to work together, you know? People out there want to destroy you, but you’re doing God’s work. You’re doing the Lord’s work and you’re hanging in for people disadvantaged and so forth, the downtrodden, the hungry, and the thirsty, and you’re doing the right thing, and don’t be talked out of it,” blah, blah, blah. And I’m sitting there saying, “There’s no way this guy and Hillary would live their lives the way they are encouraging these people to tell us to live our lives.” Then I stumbled across this story from the Associated Press.

“Hoping to avoid any possible conflict of interest, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband, the former president, liquidated a blind trust valued at $5 million to $25 million in April after learning that it included such investments as oil and drug companies and military contractors, her presidential campaign confirmed. ‘As a presidential candidate, Senator Clinton was required to make her assets public. As a result, she had to dissolve her blind trust,’ Howard Wolfson, a senior Clinton adviser, said late Thursday. ‘Upon its dissolution, she and the president chose to go above and beyond what was required of them and liquidate their assets in order to avoid even the hint of a conflict of interest.'” Would you like to hear what the investments were, ladies and gentlemen? Here we go: “several pharmaceutical companies,” Big Drug, “including Abbott Labs, Amgen, Genentech, Novartis, Pfizer and Wyeth, with assets in each company ranging from $100,001 to $250,000, The New York Times reported in Friday editions. Other assets included BP Amoco,” Big Oil, “Chevron Corp., ” Big Oil, ” Exxon Mobil Corp.,” Big Oil, ” Raytheon,” Big Defense contracts, “and Wal-Mart Stores Inc.”

So every industry and company that they demonize, they are invested in! (Or they were.) They have liquidated it, and I don’t believe this notion that it was in the blind trust and therefore — well, they had to know what they were invested in. “Blind trust” just means you don’t know how it’s doing, but they knew that this disclosure was coming up, and they were going to have to do this, and I don’t believe for a minute that the dissolution of the investments in these companies was for any highbrow reason of openness and sunshine and all that — it was to avoid charges of hypocrisy. I mean, here they are demonizing every one of these industries. In fact, during the health care attempt back in the early nineties, Mrs. Clinton was doing everything she could to trash these companies. I wondered back then if she was investing in pharmaceutical stocks and then selling short after driving the prices down, and I still don’t know. Who knows what’s been going on with any of that?

Anyway, according to these disclosure forms, their net worth is now approximately $50 million. They came to Washington with nothing. How does this happen? Clinton as president made 200 grand. Hillary as senator makes 60, 70, 80 — I don’t know. Clinton’s been out there doing speeches and they’ve written books and so forth, but we also know they have ties with some really strange people — like this Gupta guy — and they have ties with Dubai. In fact, Clinton was even helping Dubai lobby for the ports deal back when it happened! So this is just typical. These people, I’m telling you: everything they tell you is going to be wrong or is going to end up being in one degree or another a falsehood if you just sit around and wait. I mean, Wal-Mart, of all companies? She was acting embarrassed a while ago that she was on the Wal-Mart board! She was having to cover for that lately: “Well, that was in Arkansas a long time ago. I had to do that. I was in business down there. Wal-Mart was a big concern. But I left that board when I discovered that some practices that company was involved in were things I didn’t approve of.” How are you investing in Wal-Mart stocks, then? With some of their hard-earned cash that they have earned since the Clintons left the White House in January of 2001? There’s only one industry that they have not invested in — and that’s because they own it — and that’s Big Hypocrite.
Story #3: Judge Rules Canadian Can’t Have Girlfriend
RUSH: This is one of these headlines that really conflicts me. It was like that story on the divorce rate declining — that was a conflict for me. So here’s the story, and it’s from Peterborough, Ontario: “A judge has ruled that a 24-year-old Canadian man is not allowed to have a girlfriend for the next three years. The ruling came after Steven Cranley pleaded guilty on Tuesday to several charges stemming from an assault on a former girlfriend. Cranley, who has been diagnosed with a dependent personality disorder, attacked his girlfriend in an argument after their breakup. He tried to prevent her from phoning the police by cutting her phone cord and punched and kicked her. He finally stabbed himself with a butcher knife when police did arrive, puncturing his aorta. Doctors say Cranley has difficulty coping with rejection,” — You think? — “and runs a high risk to re-offend if he becomes involved in another intimate relationship. Justice Rhys Morgan said Cranley ‘cannot form a romantic relationship of an intimate nature with a female person’ for three years.” So no, he can’t casually date. Well, I guess he could casually date, he just “cannot form a romantic relationship of an intimate nature.” (And we know what “intimate” is a code word for.) I suppose he could go gay because it specifies female person here.

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Story #1: First Born Kids Win More Nobel Prizes

RUSH: Look at this headline: “Study Says Eldest Children Have Higher I.Q.s” Well, that’s me! I am a firstborn. Brian, are you a firstborn? Nope. I knew it. Dawn, you are? Well, that’s surprising — just kidding! What about you, Snerdley? You’re not the firstborn? Ha, ha. I may make this a requirement when I hire new staff members, because listen to this (here’s what really caught my attention in the story): “Firstborns have won more Nobel Prizes in science than younger siblings.” That gives me a leg up over Algore because he’s not the eldest in his family; he had an older sister. So I’m feeling a renewed optimism on the whole Nobel Peace Prize thing.
Story #2: Supreme Court Kills Part of McCain-Feingold
RUSH: The Supreme Court in the news today with a very smart decision (a 5-4 decision). Anthony Kennedy, by the way, on the majority side this time — they’re calling him a “conservative” now. Anyway, the ruling basically gets rid of the provision in the McCain-Feingold bill that prevents issue ads 30 days before a primary and 60 days before a general election. What was so odious about McCain-Feingold was if you mentioned an incumbent’s name, you couldn’t run the ad — even if you weren’t advocating. The bill always assumed that you were advocating for or against, and you couldn’t do it. The real way to look at McCain-Feingold is as the Incumbent Protection Act of… whenever it was passed.
Story #3: June 25th and No Hurricanes Yet!
RUSH: Have you seen on Drudge this story, “Where are all the hurricanes?” Here we are June 25th. Where are all the hurricanes? The very fact they’re doing a story entitled “Where are all the hurricanes?” so early in the season shows that hurricane season is nothing but a bunch of over-hyped weather reports. There never are a lot of storms in June, even though we say hurricane season begins June 1st. God didn’t say it; we say it. It’s just absurd! It’s like this news out of San Jos, where they’re going to warn the population that they might die from a hot, humid day — as if people don’t have the brains to understand it.
Story #4: Dubai Buys the QE2

RUSH: If the Chinese don’t get secrets from us, they’re going to end up getting them from Dubai, which just bought the QE2 and is going to turn it into a floating hotel. Oh, yeah! Dubai just bought the QE2.
Story #5: Liberalism Decimates Black Family

RUSH: Reuters story. Headline is this: “Dad’s Absence ‘Decimates’ Black Community.” Now, this is something about which we have spoken on this program countless times, and we have had black callers call us and confirm and tell us why this is the case. It’s the American welfare system; the American welfare system became the black father. The father wasn’t necessary. People could have as many kids as they wanted, and the AFDC, when it was in force, would pay for them and there was no need for the dad to stay home. I’ve had a number of female black callers say, “They destroyed our community, they destroyed our family,” and I’ve had others who haven’t called say the same thing. Now, the statistic here is that 56% of black children live in single parent families.

“For Chris Gardner, who was played by Will Smith in the movie ‘The Pursuit of Happyness,’ fatherhood is the greatest job in the world. ‘There’s no pay. There are no benefits. You don’t get time off. You don’t get a break,’ he said. ‘But once in a while you get to see your child shine and you say to yourself, “That’s my boy. That’s my girl.”‘ It is also a job that Gardner and others believe is increasingly in trouble in the United States, even as the country gives its annual Fathers Day salute on June 17.” Oh, I forgot about that. I forgot about the fact that a bunch of people want to wipe out Father’s Day, like TIME Magazine — remember that? “More than 19 million children — about one in four — were living in households where no father, biological or other, was present, according to a Census Bureau report in 2005. Phillip Jackson, executive director of the Chicago-based Black Star Project, which helps children in mainly minority schools said, ‘Father absence in the African American communities, across America, has hit those communities with the force of 100 hurricane Katrinas. It is literally decimating our communities and we have no adequate response to it.'”

Now, the story does not give a reason. The story just laments the fact: “Oh, how horrible. This is just bad, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, what are we going to do?” Well, it is patently obvious. The reason I’m bringing this up is because it goes back to what I was saying earlier. Most people who know what the answer is here would not dare say it. “You racist! How dare you think that!” — and all of the other criticisms that would come your way if you did explain why this is the case. The whole purpose would be to discredit you and to shut you up. But here’s the reason: Liberalism, folks, has destroyed the inner city black family while claiming to be the one that has compassion for all of these people. It is the policies and the laws and the attitudes of the liberal mind-set that has caused this — from feminism, to welfare, to the nanny state, to horrible public schools, lack of church and God, all these self-esteem pushers out there, political correctness, etc. These reporters… you read this story, and they never once figure it out. Of course, they’re liberals; why would they? The whole story is a mystery to them, but it is not a mystery – and damn you if you dare say it.

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Story #1: Florida Man with Headache Finds Bullet in Head

RUSH: I have to tell you about this story because it happened here in Florida. “Man With Headache Finds Bullet in Head,” is the headline. “A woman was arrested Tuesday after her husband woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible headache and later learned he had a bullet lodged in his head. St. Lucie County Sheriff’s deputies initially thought Michael Eugene Moylan had been hit by a stray bullet, but later realized the couple’s story did not match up, Sheriff Ken Mascara said.” Among other things, I am so glad I’m not named for eye makeup. At any rate, “April Moylan, 39, was arrested Tuesday and was in the process of being charged with attempted murder, Mascara said. Moylan, 45, woke up at 4:30 a.m. and thought he had suffered an aneurism or that his wife had elbowed him in his sleep, authorities said. … (ha!) April Moylan eventually told authorities she accidentally shot her husband. It was not immediately clear if she had an attorney.” He was a husband! That’s what he did to deserve it! Pure and simple, he was a husband.
Story #2: Hurricanes Cause Teens to Smoke
RUSH: This is a story from Beaumont, Texas. “Teenagers in a southeast Texas county were more likely to smoke cigarettes if they or their family members were affected by Hurricane Katrina or Rita.” So hurricanes cause smoking. Well, this is a study that links hurricanes to teenaged smoking. I kid you not.

“The study by the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston surveyed more than 5,100 middle school and high school students in Jefferson County six to nine months after the hurricanes made landfall. ‘The physical damage was easy to see, but the psychological damage from the hurricanes was pretty well hidden,’ said Alfred L. McAlister, a behavioral scientist and an author of the study. ‘The hurricanes had an emotional impact on the youth and we need to recognize that and give them the help they need. Otherwise, they use tobacco as a crutch and then they become addicted.'”

So, actually, global warming is responsible for kids smoking because it’s global warming that causes the hurricanes. Heh-heh.
Story #3: Burr, Grahamnesty Inundated with Phone Calls
RUSH: Lindsey Grahamnesty needs to be defeated in a primary and head out to LA and get with his buddies out there on the left. I mean, that’s where all the leftists are! But anyway, we were talking about Richard Burr. I have friends in North Carolina — well, a mistress, as you know — and she’s telling me that Burr’s office is being flooded, that it’s a total electronic meltdown there. He was one of the senators who voted for cloture and people are going to be watching him to see if he changes his mind. He’s just one of countless senators being inundated with calls, and even if those guys claim not to care about it, folks, ultimately, they do.

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Story #1: White House Declares Executive Privilege

RUSH: The White House is declaring executive privilege today over the Leahy subpoenas. That is huge! But what is going on with Senator Leahy trying to subpoena and harass the Bush administration? This is nothing more than harassment. You might say it’s politics, but you can’t convince me these people don’t viscerally hate George W. Bush. They’ve hated him since the Florida aftermath.
Story #2: Phoenix Overtakes Philly in Population

RUSH: I have an interesting story here from the Associated Press. “Phoenix has overtaken Philadelphia…” By the way, I’ve been predicting this. This little news story, I want you to listen up because it’s going to have electoral ramifications for the Democrats. “Phoenix has overtaken Philadelphia as the nation’s fifth largest city, underscoring decades of population losses in America’s big industrial centers. The nation’s population has nearly doubled since 1950 — adding about 150 million people. But of the 20 largest cities at mid-century, all but four have shrunk, some by a lot. Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Buffalo, NY, have all lost more than half their population in the past half-century. Philadelphia lost nearly a third of its residents, slipping to about 1.4 million people in 2006, according to estimates being released Thursday by the Census Bureau. Like many big cities in the Northeast and Midwest, Philadelphia has suffered through a decline in the nation’s manufacturing economy. City officials, however, have vowed to rebound. ‘Philadelphia is not going to disappear,’ said Gary Jastrzab, deputy executive director of the city planning commission. ‘We have a good quality of life here. We have major universities, major health facilities and a very active pharmaceutical industry.'”

Yeah, and every damn one of them is being targeted for the Democrats by destruction except the universities! So America’s big cities are getting smaller. Oh, how horrible! This is another one of these Drive-By Media stories that doesn’t dare — doesn’t dare, ladies and gentlemen — get anywhere near the truth of why it is happening. You may want to blame it on the manufacturing base shrinking or what have you, but you and I know the truth. These cities that we are talking about — Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Buffalo — they have been governed for the last 50 years by a bunch of Democrats, and they have created within these cities their own sub-welfare states. In addition to the federal and state welfare state, these cities tax their residents to create yet another one, so people have left these places in droves.

This is big — to lose half your population in a major American city in 50 years — and those who had the ability to leave got out. Those who can’t leave or for whom it hard to leave are the ones who are left, and so what you’re left behind with is an expanding welfare class that has trouble producing and contributing to anything — and then we wonder why inner city and city schools are in such bad shape. So while the Drive-By Media would never, ever tell the truth about this, this is what happens to places when liberals run the show. It’s pure and simple. Look at what’s happening in LA — in fact, some people are leaving whole states.
Story #3: New York State Losing More Residents
RUSH: All right, Snerdley was somewhat right on his anecdotal theory that New York City is losing population. This is the New York Sun, and it’s a story from April 20 of 2006: “New York State is losing more residents than any other state in the country, based on surveys taken between 2000,” — these are census numbers — “and 2004. The figures show that New York has replaced California as the net migration outflow leader, an average of 182,886 people leaving every year. That’s nearly double California’s average for the same period.” Now, the New York City metro region (not just the five boroughs) — the tri-state are — “also leads the country in migration outflow with an average of 211,014 people leaving every year. The number is higher than the state figure because many of those leaving the metro region resettle in other areas of New York, but despite the tremendous outflow, the overall city population at 8.2 million is growing due to increases in international immigration and a birth rate that is greater than the death rate.” So, New York City’s growing, but it ain’t the same city. But the point is, these places are run by liberals. Well, wait a minute. Bloomberg was a liberal Democrat, then he became a Republican, now he’s become an independent. When do you think he’ll say he’s a Midwesterner?

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Story #1: iPhone Debuts, But They’re Still Starving in Africa
RUSH: Everybody’s asking me if I’m going to get an iPhone. Well, I’m not going to stand in line for one, and I haven’t found anybody to pay to go stand in line. This has to be the biggest launch of a technogizmo that there has ever been. It just has to be. I bet they run out of them. I bet they don’t have enough of them made and distributed. I’ve been looking at it; I’m a technogeek and I love having the latest stuff, but I don’t use the phone. The problem with having a phone around is that people will call you. I use these portable devices for e-mail — very seldom do I surf the Web on these things — and I have a BlackBerry, and it’s got the EDGE network. I’ve never noticed it being particularly slow, but everybody talks about how slow it is. And do you know what’s happened today? The EDGE network from AT&T has mysteriously doubled in speed! Steve Jobs had even said, “Oh, don’t worry about the EDGE network. It’s going to be fine.”

Also, these phones also have Wi-Fi, which means if you have a wireless network anywhere in your office your home, or if you go to a coffee shop that has it, then it will take the place of the EDGE network. It looks pretty cool. At any rate, I must admit now I’m getting a little bit more excited about it than I was yesterday afternoon. Last night I read about all this stuff and today seeing the EDGE network is doubling in speed, I said, “Hmm.” And our technogeek here is going to go stand in line up in New York where he lives. I said, “If you have a chance, pick one up for me and I’ll reimburse you.” He said, “No, no, no. I’ll get it for you with all that you’ve paid me and all that I’ve overcharged you. I owe you this phone.” So things work out — just be patient.

And I got this sent to me today. It’s a cartoon. Let me zoom in on it for those of you watching on the Dittocam. You may not be able to read what’s in the voice bubble, but you can clearly see it’s a young, starving African baby, and he is reading something. The starving young African baby is reading a paper announcing the arrival of the iPhone, and the he’s asking himself, “Can you eat it?” So even today, with one of the greatest capitalistic moves in the history of technogizmos, we still have to relate it to the starving people of Africa, ladies and gentlemen! I marvel at how the liberals can turn anything into a statement on Africa. Yes, Mr. Snerdley, a question? Well, I don’t know if the folks at Cupertino will even see this. (Cupertino is the place in California where the Apple headquarters are.) They’ll probably come up with an edible iPhone. Maybe a sim card you can eat and we could ship them over to Africa. You know, a meal contained inside each iPhone. This may give Jobs an idea. You never know.

Story #2: Algore Clears Schedule, Could Run for President

RUSH: I just got a note from a friend who heard me say that Algore has canceled all his speaking engagements. Apparently, he’s cleared his calendar for the next six months. One of the places he was supposed to go give a speech at was Taipei, and the guy in Taipei said, “Well, we got hold of the Harry Walker agency,” which is a booking agency that Gore uses to do his speeches, “and they said he’s getting ready to prepare his presidential run, his announcement.” (Of course, Algore has been out there denying that he’s going to run.) And the first Live Earth concert is coming up on July 7th, and my friend said, “I predict that he’ll announce his candidacy on July 7th at the first Live Earth concert. Also, I hope it snows.”
Story #3: Poll: 52% Won’t Consider Voting for Mrs. Clinton
RUSH: “More than half of Americans say they wouldn’t consider voting for Sen. Hillary Clinton for president if she becomes the Democratic nominee, according to a new national poll made available to McClatchy Newspapers and NBC News. The Mason-Dixon Polling and Research study found that 52 percent of Americans wouldn’t consider voting for Clinton.” Former Massachusetts government Mitt Romney was second in the can’t-stand-’em category, with 46% saying they wouldn’t consider voting for him. “Clinton’s long been considered a politically polarizing figure,” it says here, “who would be a tough sell to some voters — especially many men — but also Clinton-haters of both genders.” “Clinton haters”? Anyway, Larry Harris, principal at Mason-Dixon said that the survey provides “a snapshot of the challenges that she faces” carrying a lot of baggage. I’m waiting for the first 2016 preference polls to be conducted by the Drive-By Media: “Who would you prefer — Chelsea Clinton or one of the Bush twins?”

That’s about how absurd all this gets. But remember, folks, the Clintons don’t need 50% of the vote to win elections. Bill never got 50% of the vote; he got 47% in 1992 because of Perot and he had 49% in ’96. They’ve shown that they can win the presidency without getting 50% of the vote, so this probably doesn’t scare them.
Story #4: Pelosi’s Cheap Thrill Attack on Republicans

RUSH: I was just sent this press release from the speaker of the House’s Office (that would be Nancy Pelosi’s office). “Pelosi, Reid discussed six months of Democrat accomplishments.” This is what we were watching in your office at the top of the hour, Snerdley. And what did it take? About 30 seconds for them to list their six months of accomplishments? She said, “We in the House, we don’t have to worry about Republicans requiring 60 votes like they do in the Senate.” Republicans don’t require 60 votes in the Senate! The Senate requires 60 votes! It’s the filibuster rule. I don’t know if she knows this. Well, obviously, she knows this. This was just one of these cheap-thrill attacks on Republicans. And I won’t bore you with what they say, because they really didn’t say anything.
Story #5: No Need to Live Right Until You Hit 55
RUSH: Here’s a story from Reuters. Ishani Ganguli is the author of this piece. “Late starters can benefit from healthy habits.” Get this. “Even in middle age, adopting a healthy lifestyle can lower the risk for heart disease and premature death within years of changing habits, researchers reported on Thursday.” Now, this is really good news for you young people out there because you can just keep partying on. You can do all the so-called unhealthy things in the world you want, and as long as when you get to be 50 to 55 you start living right, you’ll be fine. “Middle-aged adults who began eating five or more fruits and vegetables every day, exercising for at least 2 1/2 hours a week, keeping weight down and not smoking decreased their risk of heart disease by 35 percent and risk of death by 40 percent in the four years after they started. ‘The adopters of a healthy lifestyle basically caught up. Within four years, their mortality rate and rate of heart attacks matched the people who had been doing these behaviors all along.'”

So we’ve all been a bunch of suckers! We don’t have to start living right when we’re young! We can abuse ourselves and we can poison ourselves! We can eat, drink, and be merry — as long as when we hit 55 we straighten up and fly right! I’m happy about this because this is exactly what I’ve done — ha, ha! So all you people who have been telling me for all these years that I am doing damage to myself, I have scientific research on my side that says I have not and you have been wasting your time.
Story #6: Cats “Sort Of” Domesticated Themselves

RUSH: Try this headline: “Scientists believe that cats sort of domesticated themselves.” I’ve always said that cats have staff and dogs have masters. Well, they start out by saying that my hunch is correct, that your cat decided to live with you — not the other way around. And the sad truth is it may not be their “final decision” because they might get mad at you and leave and go feral again. I know why my cat lives with me. My cat cannot open a can or a sack — that’s why my cat lives with me.

I love my little cat, as you well know. Punkin is her name. I was gone all last week on this golf trip, and every time I’m gone for a week like this, I come back knowing there’s going to be hell to pay. I know I’m going to get head butted at three o’clock in the morning. I know I’m going to have the cat pull my hair while I’m trying to sleep and so forth — but this time it didn’t happen. She just would not leave wherever I went! I was a little surprised by this — the cat becoming a little dependent. She’s not like a dog, you know, serving my whims and needs, but I think last night she believed that I was home for good and so I didn’t see her. She was probably out prowling the house for lizards or some such thing.

Anyway, this research says that cats have been basically domesticated for 12,000 years — but they did it themselves. “The findings, drawn from an analysis of nearly 1,000 cats around the world, suggest that the ancestors of today’s tabbies, Persians and Siamese wandered into Near Eastern settlements at the dawn of agriculture. They were looking for food, not friendship.” And what they ended up finding was these huge piles of grain, but the grain was attracting vermin, like rats and mice, and so the cats said, “Hmm, these humans are giving me an automatic food supply.” They didn’t care about the grain, but they ate the vermin and kept that population down and so they were adopted by the humans that loved what they were doing. Carlos A. Driscoll, the University of Oxford graduate student who did the work, says, “We think what happened is that cats sort of domesticated themselves.” Now, this is a science report, and I just find it fascinating that the words “sort of” are in a report on science.
Story #7: Feminism Made This Woman a Lesbo

RUSH: This is from the Times Online — a UK newspaper — and it’s in the life and style section. I want to tell you that the name of the writer of the story is Nicola Woolcock. “Sue Wilkinson, 53, a university professor, was married for 17 years before the relationship ended in divorce. She has now been with her female partner, Celia Kitzinger for the same length of time. The couple married in 2003 in Canada, where same-sex unions are legal. Last year they lost a High Court battle to have their marriage recognized in Britain. Ms. Wilkinson, Professor of Feminist and Health Studies at Loughborough University, said: ‘I was never unsure about my sexuality throughout my teens or 20s. I was a happy heterosexual and had no doubts. Then I changed, through political activity and feminism, spending time with women’s organisations. It opened my mind to the possibility of a lesbian identity.'” So this woman is admitting that feminism made her a lesbo! “Ms. Wilkinson met Ms. Kitzinger, also a university professor, through their work at the British Psychological Society. She added: ‘I’d had a very happy marriage and a very good relationship with men. My husband took it very badly.'”

I wonder why! I’ve warned you people about this. I’ll tell you when this came up — during the arguments that people don’t choose a gay lifestyle, I’ve always said, “I know a bunch of women who become feminists at some point in their life and then become lesbians. The politics of it, the ideology, the people they meet — they do, for whatever reason.” I don’t know how frequent it is, I don’t know how widespread it is, but this woman’s not saying “I was a latent homosexual all my life.” She’s saying, “I was happy, I was hetero, and I was in a 17 year marriage. Everything was fine when I was in my teens and twenties, but when I got into feminism, that’s when I became a lesbian.” I’m just repeating what’s here, folks! All I’m telling you is when it comes to the notion of choosing it, this woman is admitting that she did — or that she might have been influenced into it.

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Story #1: Exercise Grows New Brain Cells

RUSH: Look at this headline. This is from LiveScience.com. Actually, it was from last Thursday, but I just got around to seeing it. “Exercise grows new brain cells.” Well, it’s a good thing that my brain has more brain cells than I need (and more brain cells than the average brain.) Therefore, exercise — once again — not something I need to do.
Story #2: Stress About Obesity Causes Obesity
RUSH: “Obesity tied to chronic stress.” This was in the Washington Post yesterday; it’s about how a study on neurochemicals suggests ways to shrink fat or to grow it. “Scientists reported yesterday that they have uncovered a biological switch by which stress can promote obesity, a discovery that could help explain the world’s growing weight problem and lead to new ways to melt flab and manipulate fat for cosmetic purposes. In a series of experiments on mice, researchers showed that the neurochemical pathway they identified promotes fat growth in chronically stressed animals that eat the equivalent of a junk-food diet. The international team also showed that blocking those signals can prevent fat accumulation and shrink fat deposits.”

Well, as usual, ladies and gentlemen, you haven’t really heard what a story means until I tell you what it means. The premise here is that we’re so stressed, we’re so strung out, and we’re just wound so tight that that’s causing us to become obese. Well, what is the primary contributor to the stress that we feel in this country? I would submit to you that it’s the Drive-By Media. Yes, the Drive-Bys are always trying to stress us out over every little thing!

In fact, I have a story in the stack here today — here it is. “US consumers pay highest energy bills in decades. Kilowatts, gallons, they all add up. Energy is now sucking money out of Americans’ bank accounts at a record level,” blah, blah, blah. Who are we going to blame this on? We have panic or fear-related stories presented to us daily in the Drive-By Media. Therefore, the Drive-Bys are the ones making you obese because they’re the ones that are increasing stress in your life, for crying out loud! So if you want to lose weight, stop watching television and stop reading the Drive-By Media — and just listen here.
Story #3: Smoking Could Kill One Billion This Century
RUSH: I just found this during the break. “Smoking could kill one billion this century,” according to the World Health Organization. Now, we just had the story about the fact that stress is making us fat and how the Drive-By Media is the one creating the stress. “Smoking could kill one billion this century. One billion people will die of tobacco-related diseases this century unless governments in rich and poor countries alike get serious about preventing smoking, top World Health Organization (WHO) experts said on Monday. ‘Tobacco is a defective product. It kills half of its customers,’ Douglas Bettcher, head of the WHO’s Tobacco Free Initiative said.” Hell, I gained weight just reading this story, folks! I got so stressed out over this! Anyway, the bottom line here is: “One billion will die unless government steps in now.”
Story #4: Struggling McCain Cuts Staff, Salaries

RUSH: John McCain has to be steaming today. “John McCain’s campaign, trailing top Republican rivals in money and polls, is undergoing a significant reorganization with staff cuts in every department, officials with knowledge of the shake-up said Monday. Some 50 staffers or more are being let go, and senior aides will be subject to pay cuts.” Can you say “immigration,” anyone?
Story #5: Challenger to Lindsey Grahamnesty Emerges
RUSH: John Cina — he’s a Somerville, South Carolina, businessman. He has never sought public office before, but he’s starting his political career by going after Senator Lindsey Grahamnesty. He says he’s going to oppose Lindsey Grahamnesty in next year’s Republican primary: “I’m not a politician, I’m an everyday citizen, an hourly wage earner. We need to consider what’s best for the American people, what’s best for South Carolina. We’ve sent people up to Washington for a purpose, and they don’t do anything we want them to do.” He’s a self-described grassroots, right-wing conservative with unwavering principles. He most recently worked as an engineering representative, processing permits for cable TV and telephone companies with Synergetic Design in Florida and in South Carolina. Said he began planning his bid in January, announced his intentions at the Dorchester County Republican executive committee meeting, said he hasn’t met Graham but is not happy with his record. Some people are saying this is a long shot, and of course it is. He describes it as strictly grassroots. “What I need to do is get myself known and for people to find out who I am and where I’m coming from.” He’s amassed about $3.7 million, more than all but two of the many Republican senators up for reelection next year. So that is what’s happening in South Carolina.
Story #6: What’s the Key To a Good Marriage?

RUSH: The Drive-By Media, as you know, just recycles things. Every year in May we’re going to get all the hurricane stories. Every fall we’re going to get all the possible snow stories. Now get this. Do you know what the key to a good marriage is? This is from Associated Press. Let me just take a little informal survey here among the staff. Brian, according to the AP (and it’s actually the result of public opinion polls of married couples, who both failed and succeeded, by the Pew Research Center), what is the key to a good marriage today? No, that’s not it. Snerdley, what would you say, given that you’re an expert here? You want a hint? As a man, when you were married, what did you always hear most about in terms of complaints? No, not what your complaint was! Sigh. The complaint that you got! No. Come on! I can’t believe you guys! This is a no-brainer! Dawn, you want to take a stab at it from a female perspective? No. The key to a good marriage is… sharing housework. I kid you not.

“The percentage of Americans who consider children very important to a successful marriage has dropped sharply since 1990, and more now cite the sharing of household chores as pivotal, according to a sweeping new survey. The Pew Research Center Survey on Marriage and Parenting found that children had fallen to eighth out of nine on a list of factors that people associate with successful marriages. Well behind sharing household chores, good housing, adequate income, happy sexual relationship, and faithfulness. In 1990, in a world value survey, children ranked third in importance among the same items; 65% saying children were very important to a good marriage. Only 41% said so in the new Pew survey. Chore sharing was cited as very important by 62% of respondents, up from 47% in 1990.” I guess this is sort of on a par with “you left the toothpaste lid open” or “you didn’t lower the toilet seat.”

Housework, sharing the housework — it’s a clich. It’s an absolute clich! “Well, you never help me with the housework.” You know what all these surveys are? I’m going to tell you exactly what they are: What do men have to start doing to fix the marriages that they inherently break up simply by being in them?

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Story #1: Cloth Diapers Just as Bad for Environment

RUSH: What is a nappy? They bring it up in a British story from the environmental stack today. “The great real nappy myth.” I think they’re talking about diapers. They’re just as bad for the environment as disposables, admits the energy minister. You know, if you just wait long enough, liberals will be proven wrong on everything. They said, “Cloth diapers, you gotta use those. You can’t use these disposables. They’re destroying the environment.” So everybody went out and started using cloth, I suppose. (I’ve never been blessed with children so I don’t know about diapers and these kinds of things.) It’s just like how oat bran and coffee was going to kill us — and then make us healthy and so forth. They’re still trying to figure it all out.
Story #2: No Sign of Any Tropical Storm Activity Whatsoever

RUSH: The Drive-Bys are all in a panic. Not only did Scooter Libby have his prison sentence commuted, forecasters said that the tropics are clear and there’s no sign of any tropical storm activity whatsoever. So it’s bad news for the crisis-oriented media. Of course, there very rarely are storms in June, so it’s really not a story whatsoever.
Story #3: Great Britain Has Elected a Breck Girl-Type PM
RUSH: I guess you’ve heard what the new British prime minister said? Boy are we going to miss Tony Blair! This guy said (and I’m paraphrasing), “Don’t say terrorists are Muslims. Don’t say that, and we shouldn’t use the phrase ‘war on terror.'” So they’ve elected a Breck Girl — a John Edwards of their own — across the pond, I guess.
Story #4: UK Terrorists Defy Drive-By Profile
RUSH: A couple things about the UK terrorist attacks — one thwarted, the other one a near-miss. Everybody’s expressing surprise that highly educated, and very achievement-oriented people actually turned out to be the terrorists. The terrorist plot, by the way, was hatched in British hospitals, and the conventional wisdom is, if you listen to the Drive-Bys and American leftists, that these Islamofascists are just a bunch of poor nomads. “They’re a bunch of Bedouins, and they’ve been forced to live and eat desert sand all of their lives. They’re mired in poverty, and they have the indignity of having to be surrounding a nation filled with Jewish people, and it’s just too much, and they can’t take it anymore! So they’ve gone to blowing themselves up, and then they start blowing everybody else up that they can blow up, and they’re just a bunch of poor people and all they want is justice! All they want is freedom! All they want is a chance, economic prosperity. God, why do we deny everybody so much of what we have? Ahhh! Boo-hoo!” Then all of a sudden we find out that the conventional wisdom and the profile is dead wrong, and that these are the kind of people that the British have been seeking as immigrants. Now, it’s one thing to seek highly educated and skilled people for your immigrant population, but it’s another thing if you’re importing them from countries that are terrorist breeding grounds.

I knew something was up when I saw that the car that they loaded with all the explosives and the nails and stuff was a Mercedes. It was a small little Mercedes, but still it was a Mercedes. I mean, it wasn’t some thousand-year-old Volvo with a couple windows shattered out and duct tape holding the rear window together and a couple headlights missing — it was a Mercedes. So we find out that these people are all highly achieved. They are doctors. We found the same of Osama bin Laden and all of his buddies. His number two guy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, is a doctor. Bin Laden’s family is a typical Middle East oil sheikdom, business people, billionaire people, and what they’ve done is use the poor and the underclass in their countries. That’s where the breeding grounds of hate are taking place — you don’t see these wealthy elites blowing themselves up, except this case in Britain. Of course, you never know. When they were young, this is obviously when the hate was instilled in them. But the wealthy elites are fanning the hate and the frustrations into actions that help the elites carry forth on their ideology.

It’s like Lisa Myers on NBC. She was talking to Lester Holt on the Today show this morning, and Lisa Myers said (I’m paraphrasing), “You know, this greatly complicates the profile, the fact that these two are doctors. The breeding ground here was in this hospital that hatched the plan, a bunch of doctors. Most of the recent plots had been the work of so-called homegrown cells with ties to Pakistan, disaffected young British Muslims who in some cases went to Pakistan for terror training. Here you have a group of highly educated foreigners, the kind of people that this country actually encourages to come to Britain. So it makes it very tough, Lester.” It does indeed!

And, you know, had the immigration bill survived cloture, the terrorist actions in the UK over the weekend would have doomed the bill in the House because it’s obviously abundantly clear that the war on terror goes on, and the profile of people involved is highly different than what we think it is. I’m glad it doesn’t come to that, but it might have.
Story #5: Can We Shoot Bald Eagles Again? (Just Kidding)

RUSH: I see the bald eagle is no longer endangered. Does that mean we can start shooting them again? I’m just kidding. I would never shoot a bald eagle. In fact, I have some great pictures I took of bald eagles when I was up there fishing for salmon. So yes, the bald eagle no longer is endangered, but the bottom line is malaria victims still exist (thanks to Rachel Carson).
Story #6: Amnesia Drug Could Erase Bad Memories

RUSH: You know, I heard about this some time ago. It’s from LiveScience.com. “Researchers at Harvard and McGill University (in Montreal) are working on an amnesia drug that blocks or deletes bad memories. The technique seems to allow psychiatrists to disrupt the biochemical pathways that allow a memory to be recalled. In a new study, published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, the drug propranolol is used along with therapy to ‘dampen’ memories of trauma victims. They treated 19 accident or rape victims for ten days, during which the patients were asked to describe their memories of the traumatic event that had happened 10 years earlier. Some patients were given the drug, which is also used to treat amnesia, while others were given a placebo. A week later, they found that patients given the drug showed fewer signs of stress when recalling their trauma. Similar research led by Professor Joseph LeDoux has been carried out at New York University on rats; scientists were able to remove a specific memory from the brains of rats while leaving the rest of the animals’ memories intact.”

I’m not so sure I like this. I know it sounds nice to be able to block our so-called bad memories. But, I mean, some bad memories are not traumatic. And isn’t it our life experience that shapes us? “Yes, Mr. Limbaugh, but you must realize that unlike you, so many people have so much pain, and if they could go through the day without remembering their pain then it would free them up to enjoy their life more. You just don’t care, Mr. Limbaugh!” Well, look: with you liberals out there, nobody is going to be stress or trauma free. You’re trying to inculcate us with crisis and death around every corner every day — sometimes multiple times a day! For all the bad memories that you’re going to be able to wipe out you’re going to help us create new ones just by having to deal with you! I mean, sure, I would love to be able to retract from my brain all memory of the Clinton years. Actually, I wouldn’t. They were very traumatic, but they have shaped me. Life experiences shape us.

This is not good, folks; I’m telling you it’s not good. I know it sounds nice, sounds sweet, but you start tampering around this way, there will always be unintended consequences. But even beyond the unintended consequences, the idea that you can shield yourself from bad things that happen to you — from the memory of them — even if it could be done… you would not be a real person.
Story #7: LA Mayor Admits Spanish-Language TV Affair
RUSH: “Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who is in the midst of divorce proceedings with his wife, acknowledged he is in a relationship with a Spanish-language television reporter…” I met Mayor Villaraigosa one night when I was innocently minding my own business in New York at a restaurant, where approached our table — two times! — former President Clinton. The second time he brought with him Mayor Villaraigosa to distract me so he could chat up the woman I was with. Anyway, Villaraigosa said in a statement published in the LA Daily News, “‘It is true that I have a relationship with Ms. Mirthala Salinas. As I’ve said I take full responsibility for my actions, and I once again ask that people respect my family’s privacy. For my part, I intend to stay focused on my job, and to work as hard as I can every day…'”

I hope he gets the privacy he wants! What, Mr. Snerdley? Oh, oh. Well, he has to be working “as hard as I can.” Ha! “I want you to listen to me. I’ll tell you I did not have sex with that woman, sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky, not a single time. I never, ever asked anybody to lie. I gotta go back to work for the American people.” You’re right, Mr. Snerdley: it’s right out of the Clinton playbook. What gets me here is him asking for privacy. He’ll probably get it — I hope he does. And I certainly hope his family does. I know I have had many episodes in my sterling public career that I would have loved to have had privacy, and I just know damn well that if I’d ever brought it up, I would have gotten ten times the lack of privacy that I was already experiencing.

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Story #1: Warning: Memory Drug Could Cause You to Marry Spouse You Already Divorced

RUSH: On Tuesday on this program I discussed in some detail — and I think I was a little too lofty about this, a little too serious — the story about the memory drug. Apparently, they’re working on this drug that can wipe out traumatic memories. I got very deep, I think, in discussing nd opposing it, but now I’ve thought of a more practical way to explain why this would not be a good thing, and it’s very, very simple: you could end up marrying and divorcing the same person over and over again. Notice I didn’t say marry and divorce the same woman over and over — I said the same person, so it works for everyone. Ha! You should see Dawn’s face in there. Every time I bring stuff like this up, she gets a little grimace that eventually breaks out into a smile.
Story #2: Shocker: Big Government Nutrition Program Fails
RUSH: Let’s see. Would you believe it if I told you there’s a story here that says a federal program has failed? Ha! That’s not news, is it? Well, listen to this. This is from Panorama City, California. “The federal government will spend more than $1 billion this year on nutrition education — fresh carrots and celery snacks, videos of dancing fruit…” Well, they better be careful of that. It might inspire other things. Anyway, a billion this year “on nutrition education — fresh carrot and celery snacks, videos of dancing fruit, hundreds of hours of lively lessons about how great you will feel if you eat well. But an Associated Press review of scientific studies examining 57 such programs found mostly failure.” No! Say it ain’t so! Big Government programs fail? That’s right! “Just four showed any real success in changing the way children eat — or promise as weapons against childhood obesity. ‘Any person looking at the published literature about these programs would have to conclude that they are generally not working,’ said Dr. Tom Baranowski.” Well, that’s ok: let’s just increase the budget and get more programs. It’s like how the Soviet Union didn’t work because we didn’t “give it enough time” and they went into too much debt. If we’d just been a little bit more patient…

Back to the story. “Last year a major federal pilot program offering free fruits and vegetables to schoolchildren showed 5th graders became less willing to eat them than they had been at the start. Apparently they didn’t like the taste.” Why should that matter to liberals? Liberals want you to do what they think you ought to — whether you like it or not. Inmates running the asylum! If you really believe this stuff is good for kids, you force it down their throats! You inject them with a syringe with the nutrients if you have to! “In Pennsylvania, researchers gave prizes to schoolchildren who ate fruits and vegetables. That worked while the prizes were offered, but when the researchers came back seven months later the students had reverted to their original eating habits: soda and chips.” Really? How can we expect otherwise? Most kids learn what tastes good and what tastes nasty by their tenth birthdays. “‘If we don’t reach a child before they get to puberty, it’s gonna be very tough, very difficult to change their eating behavior,’ said Dr. Robert Trevino of the Social and Health Research Center in San Antonio.”

But, of course, this story would not be complete without the obligatory “women and minorities hardest hit” line — and this has it. “Poorer children are especially at risk, because unhealthy food is cheaper and more easily available. Parents are often working, leaving children unsupervised and with access to snacks. Low-income neighborhoods have fewer good supermarkets with fresh produce.” See how we hate the poor? See how we discriminate? If mom can’t find tomatoes in her local grocery store, nothing’s going to change! Now we’re even depriving poor neighborhoods of tomatoes! What a bunch of rotten evildoers we are! “Calorie burning has become the province of the wealthy,” said some guy named Zeitler. “I fear what we’re going to see is a divergence of healthy people and unhealthy people. Basically like everything else, it costs money to be healthy.” So now we’re even dividing people along health lines. We have racial barriers, we have sexual/gender barriers, we have ideological barriers, and now we’re going to have the healthy and unhealthy — all because a federal program didn’t work.
Story #3: CAIR Wages War Against Cal Thomas for Cancer Comment
RUSH: I want to talk about Cal Thomas here for just a second. Cal Thomas does audio commentary for a Washington, DC radio station, and recently he compared radical Islam to a slow, spreading cancer. So now the Council On American-Islamic Relations — or CAIR, with about 25 or 29,000 members — is waging war on Cal Thomas. All he did was dare to speak out against radical Islam! They’re trying to get all of their supporters to call the radio station and to complain about Cal Thomas.

Now, I read a reaction from Cal Thomas — and he’s not backing down, he’s not going to change his mind about what he said. This is good. CAIR is a group of 25,000 people, and to try to shut people down and get them fired is a little bit over the top — and what he said is an opinion! “Radical Islam, a slow spreading cancer, especially the aftermath of what went on over there in the UK.” And how many radical Islamists may be doctors in the National Health Service in Great Britain? Socialist medicine — they go out and they try to get doctors from countries around the world, many of them from Muslim countries. There’s not very much background checking going on from, what I understand, because they already think they got educated and highly skilled people and so forth. Must have people sitting on the edge of their chairs in the UK.
Story #4: Bill Clinton Mistaken for Bob Barker

RUSH: Speaking of Bob Barker, the Clintons were at some sort of Fourth of July parade yesterday or day before out there in Iowa, and apparently some old women that were there (because it’s something to do to get out of the house) saw Bill walking down the street and they started screaming, “It’s Bob Barker! It’s Bob Barker!” They thought Clinton was Bob Barker because of his white hair! Ha!
Story #5: Scientist Tests Husband’s DNA, Fidelity

RUSH: Lansing, Michigan. “A state forensics scientist who said she tested DNA in her husband’s underwear to find out whether he was cheating could be disciplined if investigators determine she violated the use of state equipment. Ann Chamberlain-Gordon of Okemos testified in a March 7 divorce hearing that she ran the test in September on the underwear of Charles Gordon Jr. Asked by his attorney what she found, she answered: ‘Another female. It wasn’t me.’ She also said during a May 25 hearing in Ingham County Family Court that she ran the test on her own time with chemicals that were set to be thrown away. Michigan State Police, which oversees the Lansing forensics lab where Chamberlain-Gordon works, started to investigate her after her husband’s attorney wrote to authorities and media outlets questioning how many times DNA tests have been improperly run. Investigators expect to decide by next week what they found. Her duties have not been restricted during the investigation, state police spokeswoman Shanon Akans said Tuesday. ‘We don’t know exactly what was or wasn’t done,’ Akans said.” So they’re still looking into this. She’ll get a pass. You know she’s going to get a pass! You know darn well! The indignity of all this… I mean, if you’re going to cheat, take some peroxide for the DNA — or do something.
Story #6: David Broder on Immigration: A Mob-Rule Moment

RUSH: David Broder has a piece in the Washington Post today about the defeat of the immigration bill, and I know he doesn’t write the headline, but the headline to the piece is: “A Mob-Rule Moment.” He says this. “Let a reporter who is not running for anything suggest that exactly the opposite may be true: A particularly virulent strain of populism has made official Washington altogether too responsive to public opinion.” And let me read to you the close of his piece. “The point is pretty basic. Politicians are wise to heed what people want. But they also have an obligation to weigh for themselves what the country needs.” That’s true, by the way. “In today’s Washington, the ‘wants’ of people count far more heavily than the nation’s needs.” That’s subjective, sir. “You can win elections by promising people what they want. But you win your place in history by doing what the country needs done.”

So, now, Mr. Broder is what he is — he’s a dean of the Washington punditocracy, but he’s also an inside-the-Beltway guy. And you people are just a bunch of rubes! You just don’t see what’s good for the country. Only the inside-the-Beltway people are educated and qualified enough to know what’s good for the country, and you people browbeated your poor senators until they caved. It did not make elitist Washington happy at all.
Story #7: Halperin Pans Bill and Hillary in Iowa

RUSH: TIME Magazine — Mark Halperin has been following the Hillary and Bill show in Iowa. (This is a guy who used to run the political unit at ABC News and was the lead writer for TheNote.com.) This is funny. The Clintons are out there saying that they’re running on change, that the American people want change. Halperin says, “Well, thanks to Bill Clinton’s eight years in office, Hillary Clinton is by association an established dynastic candidate rather than an emblem of change that Americans want from their next president. A strategerist for Barack Obama acknowledges that Clinton’s a wildly popular former president but notes that people are anxious to turn the page from the politics that we have now.” And then there’s this little ditty. “With the crowd duly warmed up, Hillary Clinton took the stage for 25 minutes dwelling on her biography and on her major issues: health care, environment, education,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. “She attacked the alleged corrupt practices and cronyism of the Bush White House just as her husband did 16 years ago, but the crowd seemed similarly ambivalent. About eight minutes into her speech some started to get distracted, holding audible conversations, even moving away from the stage rather than angling forward. The moment highlighted the risk of following the former president’s act. Bill Clinton sounds intimate, conversational, when he’s discussing energy policy. Hillary sounds like a policy wonk, when she talks about her mother’s childhood struggles.” So Clinton goes out there, warms up the crowd, and then Hillary takes the stage and everybody falls asleep! TIME Magazine reported it because they had to — there were witnesses.

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Story #1: It’s Terrorist Surveillance, Not Domestic Spying

RUSH: “A federal appeals court today ordered the dismissal of a lawsuit challenging President Bush’s domestic spying program…” It wasn’t a domestic spying program! “The two-to-one ruling by the sixth US Circuit Court of Appeals panel was not on the legality of the program itself. What the ruling did was vacate an order by a lower court in Detroit last August that the post-9/11 warrantless surveillance aimed at uncovering terrorist activity was unconstitutional, violating rights to privacy and free speech. The ACLU led the suit on behalf of other groups, including lawyers, journalists, and scholars, it says have been handicapped in doing their jobs by the government monitor.” It was not “domestic spying,” and the AP knows it by virtue of how they write it up in the third paragraph.
Story #2: Stupid Survey on Men and Women Talking

RUSH: You know, we love stories involving men and women on this program. It’s what makes the world go round. And there’s a new story out there. For the longest time there’s been the stereotype that women are the ones that just chatter away all the time, are motor mouths, and men that don’t chat that way. But it turns out, according to psychologists, that men talk just as much as women. “Sure, maybe guys talk more about cars and sports and the new iPhone, and women talk about their feelings, but at the end of the day, each sex uses an average 16,000 words a day, say researchers who studied the conversational habits of 396 men and women for six years. ‘I was a little surprised there wasn’t any gender influence, because this stereotype of women talking more is such a powerful, popular idea,’ said Richard Slatcher, a doctoral candidate in psychology at the University of Texas and one of the authors of the study. ‘But we were able to directly test the notion, and it’s totally unfounded.’ The study, results of which were published today in the journal Science, debunks an age-old assumption that women aren’t just the fairer sex, they’re the chattier one, too. Tony Bennett sang about it in ‘Girl Talk’ … The stereotype is so pervasive that even scientists have long assumed that women talk more, and they incorporated that assumption in psychological gender profiles.”

Now, wait! How can there be scientists making assumptions on these things? I guess they came to a… consensus! “The stereotype is so pervasive that even scientists…assumed” it was true. Scientists “assumed”! Ha! You know what the answer to this is — and it’s contained in the story. The reason the perception is that women talk more than men is that when men and women are talking together, the guy is not saying a word. So anecdotally, just to the vision, you see the woman chatting away and the guy looking for a way out of it, trying to sometimes fake being interested. “The lack of male desire to listen to women is why the myth has persisted. It might not just be men who are frustrated, because conversations about relationships are often emotionally charged and intense. They take on more importance as far as presumed word counts go than they deserve.”

So, there’s perception. I don’t know how you can come to a scientific conclusion on the whole population with 396 men and women as your sample and then say that you’ve come to an inalterable scientific conclusion. Now, in this story, it should be pointed out the only respondents were college age men and women. College age men and women. Look, I only went to college for one year, but that’s enough for me to know enough about what’s going on in college. Men probably are talking more in college than women are because that’s the begging stage. You do anything you can to get to where you want to go, and you think that requires a lot of talking. It’s just after you get there that the whole thing kind of turns around, because you don’t want to talk about where you’ve been. You want to go again, instead of having to talk about where you were.
Story #3: Lawsuit over Test Question on Gay Marriage
RUSH: Did you hear about this lawsuit? “A Boston man who failed the Massachusetts bar exam because he refused to answer a question about gay marriage” caused him to flunk the test. His name is Stephen Dunne. He’s 30. “He is suing the Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners and the state Supreme Judicial Court claiming the inappropriate test question violated his religious convictions and his First Amendment rights. Answering the question, he claims, would imply he endorsed gay marriage and parenting. The suit also challenges the constitutionality of the 2003 Massachusetts supreme judicial court ruling that made Massachusetts the nation’s first state to legalize same-sex marriage.” You want to hear the question? Here’s the question that he’s filed suit over and refused to answer, so he flunked the test. The question is this. By the way, he scored a 268.866 on the bar exam, a passing grade is 270, so refusing to answer this question was clearly a factor. Here’s the question. (laughing) The question is hilarious. You can’t blame the guy on this. I mean, I can’t even follow the stupid question.

“‘Yesterday, Jane got drunk and hit her spouse, Mary, with a baseball bat, breaking Mary’s leg when she learned that Mary was having an affair with Lisa. As a result, Mary decided to end her marriage with Jane in order to live in her house with Phillip, Charles, and Lisa. What are the rights of Mary and Jane?’ Dunne claims that the question was used as a screening device to identify and penalize him for refusing to subscribe to a liberal ideology based on secular humanism.” This is what he says in his lawsuit. “Homosexual conduct is inconsistent with Dunne’s Christian practices, beliefs, and values, which are protected by the First Amendment, the lawsuit states.” So, anyway, I know in Massachusetts I’m sure they think this is a relevant question. My question is, how does this happen in a happy and loving gay marriage? Why would Jane hit Mary with a baseball bat? I mean, that’s the question. If Jane is going to hit Mary with a baseball bat, why go for the legs? Why not choose a different target — and what are Lisa’s rights in all this? I mean, she’s got alienation of affections that she could pursue as well.
Story #4: Runaway Female Driver Leads Slow-Speed Chase

RUSH: We have a runaway female driver on I-5, heading into Bakersfield, California, right now on a steep incline. The cops have been giving chase for hours! She’s not violating the speed limit. They think she’s drunk. They’re not sure. I question that. I just saw… It’s kind of funny. You know, they throw these things out on a highway — they’re one lane wide — that have all kinds of nails in them designed to flatten the tires, and the driver just side steps it, just steers around it. At any rate, these things amaze me. This is not a high-speed chase. This is just a chase. It’s been going on since 11:30. It’s been going on for almost an hour and 20 minutes now.
Story #5: “Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History”

RUSH: I just saw the funniest thing. I went back to Snerdley’s office during the break, and he has two TVs in there. One of them had Fox on, and they were doing a wrap-up on this car chase near Bakersfield, and the other channel, he had the Teletubbies on. I said, “What the in the world are you doing watching the Teletubbies?”

He said, “That’s C-SPAN.”

“The Teletubbies? C-SPAN does a lot of wacky things but Teletubbies are not on C-SPAN.”

So he goes up there and starts changing channels and sure enough somebody had been tinkering with his tube back there because it wasn’t C-SPAN. It was some network showing the Teletubbies. So we found C-SPAN2, and when we found it, the former president of Planned Parenthood, some woman named Gloria Feldt, was wrapping up her comments, and the camera was focused tight on her, and that ended the event — and then the camera panned back and we found out on a graphic at the bottom of the screen that the program was the history of the women’s movement. Folks, we counted no more than 20 women. It looked like this conclave was taking place on somebody’s porch, and they had a little table set up with cheese and crackers and so forth, and then this woman shows up and smiles big as she can with a big T-shirt, and the T-shirt says, “Well behaved women rarely make history.” (Laughing.)

I said, “Where are those women? I want to meet them,” not the kind on this thing. Fourteen to twenty is what we counted. There were six speakers, and an audience of 14 to 20, and I looked at Snerdley and said, “How the hell does this get covered?” I didn’t see where it was. It looked like it was in a typical place, a typical house in Boston, but it was probably Washington or suburban Virginia or Maryland somewhere. I have no idea where it was. It took place in March. You know, nothing is going on in Washington right now, so everything on C-SPAN is reruns, highlights. But how does something like that get covered? Fourteen people, maybe 20, and we did see when they all stood up to go to the refreshment stand, there was one guy in there, and he was wearing the obligatory tweed jacket with the leather patches on the arms and unkempt hair, typical college professor type.

Story #6: Racial Discrimination Tied to Breast Cancer Link

RUSH: I don’t even know how to promote this next story. I don’t even know how to characterize this next story. About the best I can say is it just fits in the “everything-is-going-to-kill-us crisis; life is unfair; America sucks; Republicans are dangerous,” the whole bag of templates and action lines that the Drive-Bys use to manage the news. Get this. This is from Reuters: “Black women who feel like they have been victims of racial discrimination are more likely than their peers to develop breast cancer, according to a large study.” Now, let’s dissect this for a second. “Black women who feel…” They don’t necessarily have to have actually been victims of it. They just need to think they have, “are more likely than their peers,” i.e., black women who don’t think they’ve been discriminated against racially,” to develop breast cancer. (sigh) There’s no hope. If all a black woman has to do is think she’s been discriminated against, she can get that done by watching the news. Any day of the week, pick a news night. Pick a network. Watch a story. I guarantee you there will be a story about discrimination against some black woman. Yes, I think that happened to me. I am more likely now to get breast cancer.

“The study features 59,000 African-American women for six years. It found that those who reported more incidents of racial discrimination had a higher risk of breast cancer. The relationship was stronger among women younger than 50, researchers found. This finding is particularly interesting, they note, in light of the fact that unlike the case with older women, breast cancer is more common among young black women than young white women.” Well, they’re discriminated against right there! There is genetic racial discrimination going on right now. All they have to do is hear that, and then they “feel” that they’ve been victims of it, and bammo! They’re the pathway to breast cancer. “It’s possible that racial discrimination plays some role, according to the researchers, led by Dr. Teletia Taylor of Howard University in Washington. Women who said that they’d faced discrimination on the job, in housing, and from the police were 48% more likely to develop breast cancer than those who reported no incidents of major discrimination.” Well, these are scientists. These are researchers. They followed 59,000 African-American women for six years. How can we doubt this? How can you doubt this? By the same token, how can you believe it? Well, depending on who you are, it’s easy to believe it. I mean, this is made to order. This is made to order.

You have a built-in excuse for victimhood. You just have to think the wrong way. Remember, now, this is “feel like you’ve been discriminated,” not actually been, you just think so. Well, Mr. Snerdley, help me out. Folks, forgive me. I need to ask this question. What are the odds that most black people in this country, not all, obviously, most black people think they’re discriminated against every day anyway because they’re a minority and because black… Okay, Snerdley doesn’t think that most black people in America think they’re discriminated against every day. You don’t think they still think they’ve got an unfair, un-level playing field, that the deck is still stacked against them in housing, loans? Well, not the younger generation. Okay. Well, we’re not talking the real young ones here, but… No, this makes no sense. I don’t see the correlation. If you can just think anything and it’s going to give you a disease, could you not take the same tack, because this is all they’re saying is attitudinal. It’s not environmental. It’s attitudinal. Feelings are internal things, whether they’re true or not. So you have no immunity here. So therefore if you think you haven’t been discriminated against and if you go through life thinking you won’t be, does that conversely mean that your odds of getting breast cancer are less? (interruption) All right. So you’re telling me that what this survey actually means is that people who are pessimistic and full of doom and gloom are more susceptible to disease than people who are optimistic, upbeat, and happy? Well, that’s anecdotal, too. This is absurd. To hell with the political correctness! This is absolutely ridiculous. This is just irresponsibly ridiculous.

Story #7: Mayo Clinic: Optimistic People Live Longer
RUSH:Okay, Snerdley, we may have some backup for your point here. HR went and did some flash research, found a story from the Mayo Clinic in February of 2000. “An optimistic outlook on life could result in a longer and healthier life, said the Mayo Clinic in a 30-year patient study. The researchers found that the pessimistic group of patients had a 19% increase and a risk of death when comparing their expected lifespan with their actual life. The researchers said they couldn’t explain how a pessimistic style acts as a risk factor for early death. It could be through the mind. Optimists are less likely to develop depression and learned helplessness. It could be through the attitude toward medical care. Optimists might be more positive in seeking and receiving medical help with fewer tendencies to self-blame and catastrophic thinking.” Okay, I’ll accept that. I’ll accept that. My own theory on this is I think we all hear about situations where somebody is gravely injured and they’re in the hospital, not so much with a disease, a terminal disease, but they’re gravely injured, maybe even in a coma, and the doctor said, “We’ve done everything we can. It’s up to the will to live,” right? I think that’s what this means. Optimistic people obviously don’t want to die. They’re loving their life. Frank Sinatra didn’t want to die. I remember Frank Sinatra saying that. I attended a concert at the Super Bowl in 1987 in San Diego. It was the Redskins and the Denver Broncos, and they had a big Liza Minnelli, Frank Sinatra concert the night before. Sinatra was getting up there.

He went on and on and on. “I want to live forever.” Why wouldn’t he? The guy was chairman of the board! The guy ran everything. If there’s something to enjoy in your life, and you realize you only get one of them, and you want to do what you can to make it live, make it last as long as possible. Pessimists, depending on the degree of pessimism — I mean, I know a lot of pessimists who’ve lived a real long time, curmudgeons and so forth. So this is all anecdotal. But this still doesn’t square with the story that we had that if black females… Let me get the number here. I’m not going to make this up. “Black women who feel they’ve been victims of racial discrimination are more likely than their peers to develop breast cancer,” and it’s a huge percentage, and the explanation for this, really? Guess who’s filing this story away and preparing lawsuits right now? Well, John Edwards, after he loses this presidential race, but all of our trial lawyer buddies, because if you get so-called research, you know what you could do with this and a jury. You get so-called research that women who feel they’ve been victims of racial discrimination. Okay, so, a woman comes along, gets breast cancer, goes to a lawyer.

“I was racially discriminated against in the workplace, at the grocery store.”

“Oh, really? Now? Well, give us the details. When do you think you were discriminated against?”

They’ll take it to court, and guess who gets…? (interruption) Take black women out of the story and put who in? Women of…? (interruption) Okay, well, okay, you might have a point because that’s where this might be headed. Snerdley’s idea is take race out of this: Women who feel they have been victims are more likely than their peers to develop breast cancer. Bammo! Yep. First step. Liberalism is a very slow, incremental encroachment. Good thinking in there, Snerdley.
Story #8: Media Grapples with LA Mayor’s Infobabe Affair

RUSH: Let’s talk about the mayor of Los Angeles for just a second, Antonio Villaraigosa. By the way, his name is the combination of his name and his wife’s maiden name. His name is “Villar,” and her last name is “Raigosa.” So they combined it: “Villaraigosa.” He’s having this affair with the info babe at Telemundo. Did you know that this babe, the reporter, did the story on the breakup of his marriage for Telemundo? So of course now the Drive-Bys are wringing their hands and they’re asking themselves, “Is this a violation of journalistic ethics?” By the way, we should also point out that Mayor Villaraigosa is national cochairman of the Hillary Clinton for President campaign.

So this fits. Folks, look, it might be cool taking up TV time here with the question of whether or not the woman is having a violation of journalistic ethics by having an affair with the mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa — and I’m telling you, this is pure surface. This is just media introspection. There’s nothing serious about it. If they actually made something serious about this in terms of violating journalistic ethics then half of New York and DC news people would have to quit their jobs. It’s incestuous up there, the number of people doing this. Believe me. By the way, the Washington Post did a story on this, I should point out, and never once this the story mention that Villaraigosa is a Democrat. Never once.
Story #9: Mrs. Clinton’s Brother Nears Legal Settlement

RUSH: How about this headline one day after Hillary Clinton lectures Bush on ethics: “Clinton’s Brother Near Legal Settlement.” This is about Tony Rodham and the loans from the carnival clowns that he didn’t pay back. He got his pardon nevertheless.

Story #10: El Rushbo Corrects Obama on Hurricane Katrina

RUSH: “Barack Obama urged spectators at the Essence Music Festival to help change the course of American history by addressing the social ills brought to light by Hurricane Katrina. The Illinois senator reminded the crowd gathered Thursday that New Orleans was plagued by poverty, failing schools and high crime and murder rates for far too long before the catastrophic storm even hit.” Well, okay, let’s say that he’s factually correct. Senator Obama, who was running New Orleans all those years? Who was running Louisiana all of those years, Senator Obama? So can we add something to his litany here? He “reminded the crowd gathered Thursday that New Orleans was plagued by poverty, failing schools, high crime, and murder rates for far too long before the catastrophic storm even hit,” all brought to the citizens of New Orleans by Democrats. He didn’t say that of course. I’m adding that. So he’s using this because his campaign theme is, get this: change. Well, that’s unique. There hasn’t been a politician, I don’t think, that has ever run for office that hasn’t run on change. It’s brilliant for his team to come up with this, and he runs around and says, “You gotta do something. We’ve gotta do something.” Well, what have you done? Mrs. Clinton of course is trying to say she’s the candidate of change, too, but that’s not going to fly because she’s every bit as entrenched in the inside-the-Beltway culture as anybody could be.
Story #11: ChiComs Construct World’s Largest Public Toilet

RUSH:Have you heard about this China public restroom? It has a thousand stalls! “They’re flushed with pride in the southwestern [ChiCom] city where a recently opened porcelain palace features an Egyptian facade, soothing music, and more than 1,000 toilets spread out over 32,290 square feet. Automobiles for in Chongqing are preparing to submit an application to the Guinness World Records to have the free, four-story public bathroom listed as the world’s largest. ‘We are spreading toilet culture. People can listen to gentle music and watch TV,’ said Lu Xiaoqing, an official with the foreigner street tourist area where the bathroom’s located. ‘After they use the bathroom, they’ll be very, very happy.’ Some urinals are uniquely shaped, including ones inside open crocodile mouths and several that are topped by the bust of a woman resembling the Virgin Mary. There are also plans to build a supermarket nearby, which will sell toilet-related items.” That’s a pretty damn good capitalist marketing idea for a bunch of ChiComs: a four-story bathroom, 1,000 stalls, music and television. I don’t have to tell you what all else is going to go on in there is once this got started.
Story #12: Grandma in Cake Contest: This Story Is Just Not Nice

RUSH: You know, two Mondays ago Juan Williams was talking to previous Sunday about the immigration bill and why it would be good to do. It was just a “nice thing to do.” It’d just be a nice thing to do, to legalize these people. It would be a nice thing to do. Well, I kind of ridiculed that. You can’t make being nice a policy. (sigh) It has the potential to be hugely problematic, if you start trying to be nice to everybody. Some people don’t deserve it. You can be nice, but you don’t have to assassinate yourself or ruin your own life in the process of being nice.

But, now this story, this is definitely not nice, what happened to this woman. This is a 62-year-old grandmother, Jennifer Brown. This is in the UK. “She entered a cake bake competition, and she baked a Victoria sponge cake, and she won second place, and she was delighted when she heard that she had won second place — until she found out that she was the only entry. She was the only entry, and she comes in second!” Officials at her village little party, their fete, “apparently felt that her baking just wasn’t worthy of a first class ribbon. She said she was a little taken aback at the decision. It was the first year that the fete had held a cake competition. Judging by the way her cakes are usually wolfed down, she thought she was in with a chance.” Now, this is just not nice. It’s just not. A 62-year-old grandmother wants to help the community, enter the cake baking contest, the only one who does, get a second place ribbon.

It’s just not nice.

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Story #1: Breck Girl Proposes Radical “Reward” for Work

RUSH: All right. We move on to presidential politics. This is from The Politico: “Edwards,” the Breck Girl, “to Announce a Poverty Tour — John Edwards plans to announce today he’ll take a break from fundraising and campaigning in early voting states next week for a three-day, eight-state, twelve-city Road to One America tour, aimed at calling attention to poverty in the deep south, the Mississippi delta, Appalachia, and the Rust Belt. The campaign points out that none of the states he’ll visit has an early 2008 primary and says Edwards will not be doing rallies. Instead, TV viewers will see Edwards in coal country, Edwards in a factory, Edwards on a farm, Edwards in a struggling neighborhood, Edwards in a school, Edwards in a health care clinic. ‘It’s an effort to show the rest of the count how 37 million Americans live their lives in poverty every single day,’ said a [Breck Girl] aide. ‘It’s not only their workplaces. It’s their homes and the places they get health care.'” This “swing is reminiscent of John F. Kennedy’s repeated coal-country campaigning before the West Virginia primary of 1960.

“His overwhelming victory ended Catholicism as an issue in the campaign and brought national attention to Appalachian poverty. Twenty-eight years later, Massachusetts Gov. Michael S. Dukakis donned a hard hat and overalls for an hour-long tour of a West Virginia coal mine. … The former U.S. senator from North Carolina has a plan for ‘ending poverty in America within a generation’ that includes an increase in the minimum wage, investments in rural community colleges, creation of 1 million short-term ‘stepping stone’ jobs, and a program to encourage responsible fatherhood and fight teen pregnancy. … Edwards will start next Sunday, July 15, with a walking tour of the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans. The three-day tour will officially begin the next day in New Orleans with a town hall in conjunction with ABC’s ‘Good Morning America,’ where he’ll kick off the day’s theme of ‘Rewarding Work and Ending Poverty in America.'” Uh… “the day’s theme of ‘Rewarding Work and Ending Poverty in America'”? Ladies and gentlemen, I sit here dazzled, stunned speechless when I realize the brilliance of this little man, John Edwards. He comes up with solutions to problems; he doesn’t just complain, and he comes up with solutions to problems that nobody has ever thought of. Why has nobody thought of rewarding work before?

It’s so simple! What could we reward work with? Good idea, Mr. Snerdley! Excellent! A paycheck, money. Exactly! We could reward work with a check for every week worked, and we could call it a “pay check.” Yes! Wow, I’ll tell you what. You could get you one of these things if Edwards succeeds in this, because he’s going to finally reward work. As I say, it’s dazzlingly and blindingly brilliant. We will make the employer pay the worker a “paycheck”! Everybody who works will be rewarded for it, instead of taken advantage of and ignored and fired, laughed at, and made fun of. We need to dispense with all this campaigning and we need to make this man president right now so he can propose this legislation. There should be no debate in Congress. This is so brilliant, just have him sign the law. We need paychecks. We need to reward work! We’re a 231-year-old country, and it’s taken all of that time. With a paycheck, folks, you could afford a haircut! With a paycheck, you could afford — well, not a 28,000-square-foot mansion that you had to clear-cut a gazillion trees to build, but you could buy a tent.
Story #2: Yawn: Chuck Hagel Won’t Run as Independent
RUSH: Chuck Hagel was on NBC yesterday, saying he’s not going to run as an independent. He has no plan to run as an independent. Who cares? s anybody out there really going, “Whew!” or is anybody going, “Oh, no! Nooooo! Say it isn’t so, please!” No, it’s — yawn.
Story #3: Why Do Drive-Bys Want to Destroy Katie Couric?
RUSH: I don’t know if you people are following this, if you’ve seen this, but New York magazine has a story at a current issue that just destroys Katie Couric. It just destroys her. Some of the highlights of this are that had she known that she was going to have to do a traditional newscast rather than the new innovation she tried, she would have thought twice about taking it, and she’s not excited, and some days she wonders whether she did the right thing or not. She went over there and she found the ladies bathroom such a disgrace, she demanded it be renovated. There was an incident with a producer, Jerry Cipriano. She ended up slapping the guy around because he put a word in the script that she didn’t like. I don’t know if she slapped him around before or after the newscast, but it was regarded as playfully slapping him around, but on the arms. Now, I’ll tell you, if a male anchor had started slapping around a female producer, there wouldn’t have been any speculation as to whether or not it was “playful,” but the interesting thing to me is this. Why are the Drive-Bys trying to take her down? New York magazine is New York magazine, and the Associated Press has piled on here, too. Now, I know that there’s a characteristic in the Drive-By Media: they love to build people up just to tear ’em down. That’s part of journalism’s existing current formula, and destroying the powerful is all part of that, too.

But they’re not trying to take down Brian Williams. They’re not trying to take down Charlie Gibson. They both do the same thing: they read a TelePromTer for 20 minutes, and play Preparation H commercials for the other ten. That’s who’s watching the Nightly News these days. There are a lot of them, but that’s their demographic. So it’s interesting. I think some of it has to do with money. I think you have a lot of people inside CBS, and there have been some budget cuts over there to pay Katie her big-time bucks, and you still have some of the so-called Tiffany Network old guard, these dinosaurs walking around out there — Lesley Stahl, Bob Schieffer — and who knows what kind of arrows are being slung at Katie from inside the building? Still, even though they’re being slung, other Drive-By outlets are taking them and writing stories, and this one, I don’t know that it was intentionally devastating. It just couldn’t avoid being when you read it. How many what, Mr. Snerdley? Well, later on it was, yeah. Some of the same stuff was happening on the Today show. Maybe she’s just not a nice person. I might know a little bit about that, but I’m not going to say. The Drive-Bys generally don’t take themselves out. They circle the wagons and defend them, like they defended Rather after the fake National Guard story with the fake documents. But they clearly got Katie in the crosshairs here, and they’re trying to wipe her out.
Story #4: Idiotic Green Federal Building in San Francisco
RUSH: San Francisco Chronicle: “The View From Inside; Tower’s premiere: Futuristic Federal Building wins fans, foes among workers with its innovative features — When Nancy Pelosi and other dignitaries gather Monday to dedicate San Francisco’s Federal Building, the grand opening will be old news to people like Janis Olvarado and Anita Yeung. They’ve been working in the futuristic tower with its steel mesh sheath since March. They’ve dealt with eccentric temperature swings and unexpected glare. They’ve become acquainted with a neighborhood where there are more shopping carts than shops,” meaning the homeless live across the street. “By now it’s starting to feel like home — a home where every resident seems to have a different opinion about the provocative design and its environmental innovations. ‘It’s so futuristic, so politically correct, so green, I adore it. … It makes me want to come to work,’ said Olvarado…. ‘Everything is so gray. I just don’t find it appealing,’ countered Yeung, who works at the same agency. She has an umbrella propped above her computer to reduce the glare from the 13-foot-tall, south-facing window next to her cubicle.”

Get this: “The ceremony will stress the architectural emphasis on employee health and green design — such as natural ventilation that replaces air conditioning,” there’s no A/C in most of this building. “[T]he tower elevators stop only on every third floor, making employees use stairs,” for exercise and to reduce some of the power use. Now, there is a small little cab elevator for the disabled, and everybody is trying to sneak into it. The building is 13 stories and the elevator only goes to every third floor. “Elevators stalled and temperatures veered from one extreme to the other depending on the time of day. Another complaint: The floor-to-ceiling windows overloaded cubicles with sunlight … There also are changes along the plaza, where the mesh panels stop above a grass berm. Derelicts have scaled the berm at night, slid under the panels and dropped down into an area that will serve an about-to-open day care center.” So the homeless have found a way to sneak into this place, this future day care center, and spend the night — and it’s in a really rotten neighborhood. Sixth Street and United Nations Plaza are two of the diceyest locations in central San Francisco. It’s all for the green aspects.
Story #5: Why Not the Real Thing, Madonna?

RUSH: By the way, I read about Madonna and her performance over at Live Earth, and people are getting on her because of her huge carbon footprint. She has seven houses, 18 cars, a private jet, and so forth. But, you know, yip, yip, yahoo. Apparently she’s simulated sex with a guitar. Now, that’s not Madonna. That’s going soft. Simulated? Why not the real thing? This concert called for boldness. She could have done something to explain how the real thing was helping neutralize the carbon footprint or what have you. She’s getting old. She’s been at this a long time, and it’s tough to continue to cross the line. Simulating sex with a guitar? That’s just pure fakery. That’s not Madonna.

Story #6: Seasoned Citizen Jailed for Not Watering Lawn

RUSH: We here in south Florida, ladies and gentlemen, are under conditions of a drought. Actually, our reservoirs, the coastal areas where we live, we’re fine and dandy. We don’t really need to be under water restrictions anymore. Inland, they do, and the water management board is being inflexible here. “Well, we’re going to have restrictions or we’re not. You can’t change them every two months or so, depending on rainfall. So if we’re going to have restrictions, we’re gonna have restrictions,” meaning once a week you can water the lawn. It’s not necessary anymore because now you can’t stop it from growing, at least in the coastal areas because there’s been so much rain. But get this: “A seventy-year-old widow and a grandmother spent the morning in jail in Orem, Utah. She was arrested for refusing to give a policeman her name when he tried writing her a ticket for failing to water her yard. The women hasn’t watered her lawn in more than a year, and the condition of the yard violates a zoning order. She said she’s traumatized and shocked that she was hauled to jail just because she says she can’t afford to water the lawn.” Her name is Betty Perry. She said, “I never thought they would every do anything like that to a person that’s 70 years old. I never bothered anybody. I’ve never hurt anybody.” They’ve got pictures of her lawn. There is no lawn. So here’s a woman put in jail for not watering the lawn. That’s just not nice, to put a 70-year-old in jail.
Story #7: Middle America Volunteers the Most

RUSH: By the way, I’ve always said that you people are the people that make the country work. USA Today headline: “Middle America Volunteers Most — If you live in Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, or Austin, you’re more likely to volunteer in your community than if you live in other metro areas.” They rank the top 50 here, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Salt Lake, Austin, Omaha, Seattle, Portland, Kansas City. I’m looking for a blue city. Oh, there’s Pittsburgh, 13, and Bridgeport, Connecticut, 14. It’s amazing that you don’t find anybody on the coasts here in this list of who volunteers more. It’s middle America.

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Story #1: Sprint Cancels Annoying, Complaining Customers

RUSH: I’ll tell you, folks. I love this story. I absolutely love this story: “Sprint Cuts 1,000+ Customers For Excessive Complaining — Hundreds of cell phone customers are being given the boot, accused of being too high maintenance. Sprint-Nextel is disconnecting more than 1,000 subscribers on grounds the clients call customer service too often and make ‘unreasonable requests.'” It’s 1,200 that are being fired (laughing) 1,200 customers being canned. They’re going to “have to find a new carrier by the end of the month. A Sprint representative said the average customer calls customer service less than once a month, but the 1,200 clients getting the boot call 40-50 times as often,” and you know what’s happening. They’re complaining about everything. They’re whining and moaning about the bill. They’re whining about just everything. Sprint says it’s not worth it. It’s not worth having you people. I think this ought to happen in more industries, especially in the health care industry. The health care industry should say, “Get well on your own! You’re not even sick. We’ve got more important cases here than you. Get out.” It ought to happen in a whole bunch of places, because we’ve gotten to the point here where we’re just bending over and grabbing the ankles for everybody that whines and moans and complains. “The customer is always right,” is probably taken to an extreme here. I just love it.
Story #2: Liberals Salivate over ChiCom Execution
RUSH: Folks, I have to tell you, liberals today and some Democrats are no doubt salivating. Did you hear what the ChiComs did? The ChiComs executed the former head of its version of the FDA. They executed the guy today, because he approved untested medicine in exchange for cash. This is said to be “the strongest signal yet from Beijing that it is serious about tackling its product safety crisis. The execution of the former State Food and Drug Administration director Zheng Xiaoyu was confirmed by state television on the official Xinhua News Agency. During Zheng’s tenure from 1998 to 2005, his agency approved six medicines that turned out to be fake and the drug makers used falsified documents to apply for approvals, according to previous state media reports. One antibiotic caused the deaths of at least ten people.” I have not read the whole story because you only need to read the first three paragraphs of any story to get the guts of it. Do you happen to know how he was executed, Mr. Snerdley? I know you read the whole story. A single bullet at pointblank range? That’s the policy? I remember that now. The ChiComs make your family buy the bullet, and it’s a single bullet. So you know this has the libs salivating here.
Story #3: Global Warming: Heat Hits New York in Summer!
RUSH: With the heat wave up in New York, my new shorts will be great. I have to tell you, 90 degrees, folks? Can you believe 90, 91 degrees in July? The fire hydrants are on and so forth. It’s July, but it’s global warming!

No, I know it happens every July, Mr. Snerdley, but that doesn’t matter because this is an emotional play. It’s a global warming causing this. It’s not normal weather patterns. Here’s the dirty little secret — and I happen to know this because I’m going to be up in that region this weekend because I have a golf tournament championship to defend. I was looking at the forecast because there’s all this heat wave stuff so I want to know how to dress accordingly for this, and it’s going to be 20 degrees cooler this weekend than it is now. On Sunday, it’s barely going to hit 73, 74 degrees up there. It may hit 91, 92, 93, somewhere like that today and tomorrow but it’s going to be 20 degrees cooler. Now, when it’s 20 degrees cooler this weekend, will anybody say, “Hmm, global cooling? That global warming didn’t last very long,” and it’s not even that excruciating a heat wave. We’re making a big deal out of it because own out in the west, when it was 116, 119 or whatever, the news was, HEAT WAVE MOVING EAST! Drudge, he plays along with it. He has this big picture: “Heat Continues to Test the Power Grids.” Yeah, that happens every year, too.
Story #4: NAALCP Buries the N-Word
RUSH: I don’t know if you saw this or not, folks. The NAALCP — that’s the National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People — had a funeral. When was this, yesterday? Yeah, they held a funeral yesterday for the N-word. They buried the N-word. Now, if this had any meaning, of course, then it would never, ever be uttered by any person in this country ever again. When you bury something, it’s dead. But, of course, that’s absurd! It’s absolutely absurd. It’s pure symbolism over substance. It was a total waste of time. All this symbolism, for what? To get noticed? Fundraising? It’s certainly not to achieve any objective, because you know that it isn’t going to.
Story #5: Juror in Trouble for Un-PC Answers
RUSH: Did you hear about the guy in Massachusetts, the Cape Cod man who claimed he is homophobic, racist and a habitual liar? He admitted all of this to avoid jury duty. Well, it made the judge so mad that the judge has referred the case to prosecutors for possible charges. The judge, Gary Nickerson, said, “In 32 years of service in courtrooms, as a prosecutor, as a defense attorney and now as a judge, I have quite frankly never confronted such a brazen situation of an individual attempting to avoid juror service.”

The guy’s name here is Daniel Ellis of Falmouth. He had been called to court with about 60 other potential jurors for possible service on a 23-member grand jury. On a questionnaire that all potential jurors fill out, Ellis wrote that he didn’t like homosexuals and blacks. He then echoed those sentiments in an interview with” the judge. The judge said I gotta talk to this guy. So the judge said to Ellis: “‘You say on your form that you’re not a fan of homosexuals,’ Nickerson said. ‘That I’m a racist,’ Ellis interrupted. ‘I’m frequently found to be a liar, too. I can’t really help it,’ Ellis added. ‘I’m sorry?’ Nickerson said. ‘I said I’m frequently found to be a liar,’ Ellis replied. ‘So, are you lying to me now?’ Nickerson asked. ‘Well, I don’t know. I might be,’ was the response. Ellis then admitted he really didn’t want to serve on a jury. ‘I have the distinct impression that you’re intentionally trying to avoid jury service,’ Nickerson said. ‘That’s true,’ Ellis answered.” So the judge ordered this guy taken into custody. He was released later yesterday morning. He could face perjury and other charges. What does this tell you? Does this not tell you what political correctness has become? Here’s what you say you don’t like, and what you don’t hate, and you can be automatically branded a bigot. He just took it a little too far. Just say one of those things. He wasn’t leaving it up to chance at all.
Story #6: Wrecking Ball Snaps Loose, Wreaks Havoc
RUSH: By the way, imagine this. You’re walking along, minding your own business — you’re in Meadville, Pennsylvania — and all of a sudden, no, it’s not an airplane crashing into your sidewalk. A wrecking ball is rolling down the sidewalk in the street right at you! A 1500-pound, three-feet wide wrecking ball broke loose of a crane cable, rolled nearly a mile downhill. Imagine you’re out walking and you just hear this thing and you turn around and say, “Whoa! What is this?” It mashed more than a dozen vehicles, and it injured three people “as it bounced from curb to curb across the street, and slammed into the back of a car stopped at an intersection. That force caused a chain reaction with two other cars at the traffic light. The driver, an Allegheny college junior, said he thought a car had hit him when his back windshield exploded. The wrecking ball finally came to lest in the trunk of a car and pushed it nearly 20 feet.”

I want to know what kind of car has a trunk big enough to handle a 1500-pound wrecking ball. Well, it’s three feet wide. Ah, it’d probably fit in a Prius. Do Priuses have trunks, or is that where the battery is? I have no clue. “Workers had been using the wrecking ball to demolish part of a library at Allegheny College when the cable snapped.” Actually, you should have seen this: a whole bunch of people were running after this wrecking ball like crazy. They weren’t trying to stop it. They were trial lawyers throwing out business cards like confetti all over the place.
Story #7: Hypocrite Democrat Lawmaker Opposing Deadly Force Bill Shoots Would-Be Thief

RUSH: I just love stories like this: “A Texas state lawmaker,” a Democrat, “who opposed a law giving Texans a stronger right to defend themselves with deadly force, shot a man at the house he is building in Houston, the police say.” Lawmaker “Rep. Borris Miles told the police he was fixing a leak on the second floor of the house on Sunday when he heard a noise downstairs, saw two men trying to steal copper wiring, he confronted them. One threw a pocketknife at him, and Mr. Miles, former law enforcement officer, shot the man in the leg.” Give this guy the Feinstein award, ladies and gentlemen, for utter hypocrisy! So this is perfect: a Democrat, liberal, who reserves special common sense behavior as rights for yourself, but deny them to all of the plebes. The great unwashed, the hoi polloi, if you will.
Story #8: Latest Polls: Rudy, Hillary in Lead
RUSH: Presidential politics. USA Today/Gallup poll. Very briefly: Rudy is up by ten points over Fred Thompson. Hillary is up by 16 points over Barack Obama. That’s pretty much all there is with that.

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Story #1: Government Ethanol BS Raises Soap Prices

RUSH: This is just rich. Get this, folks, from the Wall Street Journal: “Government efforts to reduce U.S. reliance on imported oil are forcing up prices for another indispensable commodity: soap. Soap and detergent makers say they are being hurt by a double whammy of federal subsidies and mandates that has reduced the supply and pushed up the costs of a key ingredient, beef tallow. The steeply rising price of corn, driven by a federal requirement to use more ethanol, has pushed up corn prices, making animal feed more expensive and prompting farmers to blend the less-expensive tallow and other fats into their feed.” This is what happens when the government tries to make food into fuel. So not only is corn going up, but related things are going up. Tortillas, of course, are up, and now soap. I can’t wait for the Drive-By Media stories on the price of soap skyrocketing. It will be, “See? This is global warming! We need reduce our dependence on imported oil.” No, it’s exactly the opposite.
Story #2: Five-Sheet Toilet Paper Shooter Rolls Out

RUSH: “Richard Thorne grins as he waves his hand under a toilet paper dispenser in a women’s restroom. The machine spits five sheets of tissue into his grasp. A year in the works, the electronic tissue dispenser is being rolled out to the masses by Kimberly-Clark Professional as it seeks to capture more of the $1 billion away-from-home toilet paper market. The company believes most people will be satisfied with five sheets — and use 20 percent less toilet paper. ‘Most people will take the amount given,’ says Thorne. … ‘People generally in life will take what you give them.'” Oh, man! Ha! Yes, but when to look at it as toilet paper as being “given.” It’s something you take. “Most people will take the amount given. People generally in life will take what you give them.” What, can you only hit this thing once per hand or something?

I’ll tell you what, I don’t care what they regulate and what they mandate, if they get rid of Porsches and they get rid of Ferraris, I’m going to find a way to have one, and I am not going to have any bureaucrat or company tell me how little our much toilet paper I can use, I don’t care if it’s private or public! This stuff is getting out of hand. I’m close to profanity here, so I’m going to take a break.
Story #3: Woman Jailed for Unwatered Lawn Wants to Move
RUSH: All right, remember the story yesterday of this 70-year-old woman in Orem, Utah, who was arrested and sent to jail for having an unwatered lawn? It was a very, very mean thing to do. A seventy-year-old woman had no grass in the yard, and they arrest her. That’s not nice. She now says she wants to move. “Since this has happened, I don’t want to live in Orem anymore.” Her name is Betty Perry. “‘I know now that I’ll never see another winter here.’ She refused to give her name to an officer who visited Friday to issue a ticket for failing to take care of her front yard. She fell and hurt her nose as he tried to arrest her.” It’s just not nice. “She was taken to a jail, where she spent more than an hour before officials decided custody was inappropriate. The officer, whose name has not been released, was suspended. ‘What happened was not the way that we prefer to do business,’ Lt. Doug Edwards said. ‘But clearly she did some things that were wrong, too, in not just saying her name.’ Mayor Jerry Washburn apologized to Perry. He said city law requires residents to maintain their yards and keep them free of junk, but few tickets have been issued for brown lawns…’That is not our policy to go around and enforce green lawns,’ the mayor said. Perry said she can’t afford to water her grass. ‘I want people to know that this is not American to handcuff and put somebody in jail because their lawn is brown,’ she said.” She’s right. It was a very mean thing to do. It just wasn’t nice.
Story #4: Healthy Mexican Kids Get Unhealthier in U.S.
RUSH: Here’s shocking news, ladies and gentlemen, shocking, shocking news. “Hispanics born and raised in the United States may be in poorer health than new immigrants — with higher rates of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, U.S. researchers reported on Tuesday.” I couldn’t stop laughing when I read this. “Poor eating habits, smoking and a lack of exercise are all likely to blame, the team at the University of Southern California, the University of California Los Angeles and the University of Pennsylvania said. The researchers looked at surveys of more than 4,200 whites, blacks and Hispanics aged 40 or older interviewed by federal researchers from 1999 to 2002. One possible explanation for this is that people who immigrate are healthy to begin with and they may also have come here with better health habits,” but then they come here to this stinking, rotten country, and they get diabetes and they smoke, and they’re lazy. So they come here in perfectly good health, and this country is killing the backbone of America, the illegal immigrant population, ladies and gentlemen! They come here healthy as they can be from their war-torn, economically deprived countries, and they get here as the picture of health, and we destroy them.

It’s a secret plot. “The researchers also found that immigrants born in Mexico were taller and had better childhood nutrition than those who stay in their country of origin. This may reinforce the idea that the healthiest people emigrate, they report in a study to be published in the journal Social Biology.” So illegals and other immigrants are better off before they get to America. See, where was this news before the votes in the Senate? If we’d have known this, we could have put this in the ammo arsenal and said, “We’re doing this to protect these people. They’re coming here and dying. First we don’t pay ’em diddly-squat, and we make ’em do jobs that we elitist Americans won’t do, and now they come here and they catch diseases because they eat our rotten food, and they drink our rotten water, and they smoke our rotten cigarettes — and then they can’t get health care when their blood sugar starts skyrocketing, and so they die.” Sigh.
Story #5: Racism and Bigotry Found in Fat Genes

RUSH: In other health news: “Helping switch on an energy-burning type of fat called brown fat may offer a way to prevent obesity, researchers reported on Tuesday. They found a gene called PRDM16 in brown fat but not in white fat — the type of fat found all over the bodies of most adult humans,” and of course illegal immigrants who have even more of it after they get here than before they got here. “It may be possible to use this gene, or the protein whose production it controls, to help stop people from making too much white fat, the team at Harvard Medical School and the French research institute INSERM in Toulouse said. ‘Brown fat is present in mice and in human infants, where it keeps them warm by dissipating food energy as heat, instead of storing it as white fat,’ said Dr. Bruce Spiegelman of Harvard’s Dana Farber Cancer Center. In humans, it all but disappears by adulthood…”

So we have to find a way to create the brown fat in adults. “The question is whether humans can be taken back to an infantile state [in which] brown fat counteracts the buildup of white fat.” Yes, you know, even in the most innocent, harmless, mildly interesting health stories, we find racism. Racism and bigotry! Guess who the culprit is, even in this story? It’s the white fat. The white fat totally discriminates against the brown fat. It dominates it. It subjugates it. It subordinates it. It enslaves it to the point that it doesn’t exist. There’s white superiority even in fat, ladies and gentlemen; there’s just no justice.
Story #6: Call for Comity After Boehner’s Wimp Remark

RUSH: “Representative Heather Wilson, a Republican from New Mexico, called for comity…” That’s c-o-m-i-t-y. It’s peace. It’s not funny. For you people in Rio Linda, that’s “comedy.” This is “comity, “…during a meeting the Republican conference, after the minority leader John Boehner referred to Senate colleagues who have begun to favor a change in course in Iraq as ‘wimps.'” Boehner called Republican senators who are growing wobbly on Iraq wimps. “Heather Wilson declined to comment directly on what Boehner had said during the closed-door meeting but she noted that Senator Lugar’s speech was one of the more thoughtful speeches that she had heard in the Senate in a long time.” These guys have been there a long time. They’re worn out. They don’t have the fight in them anymore! What are they in their 80s, 75, 80? “She added that the war and the thoughts of her colleagues about the conflict should always be taken seriously.” So, anyway, this happened behind closed doors. Somebody in there has leaked it out. Boehner called the anti-surge Republican senators “wimps.” There’s nothing wrong with that. We like facts on this program.

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Story #1: Bogus Company Gets Radioactives License

RUSH: In case you missed the story, here it is. “Congressional investigators set up a bogus company with only a post box and within a month obtained a license from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission that allowed them to buy enough radioactive material for a small ‘dirty bomb.’ U.S. Senator Norm Coleman, a Minnesota Republican, who planned to ask the NRC about the incident at a Senate hearing Thursday, said the sting operation raises concerns about terrorists obtaining such material just as easily. Nobody at the NRC checked whether the company was legitimate and an agency official even helped the investigators fill out the application form, Coleman said in an interview Wednesday. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission acknowledged more checking is needed in such licensing and said since being told of the GAO sting operation it has tightened licensing procedures.”

Oh! Heh-heh! I’ll tell you what — this is another testament to the inefficiencies of bloated government agencies and so forth. Yes, Mr. Snerdley? “What are the tightened procedures?” That’s a good question. What are they? Prove it. “Yeah, we tighten procedures.” Well, what are you doing? Is there a six-month waiting period before you can get licensed to go radioactive on us? You ask for their last names? Ha! That’s a good one. I’m sure they asked for their last names.
Story #2: Roger Ailes Pops Up in New Nixon Tapes

RUSH: They’ve released some more Nixon tapes, and it’s amazing to me to go through the excerpts. Nixon was a firebrand. He wanted to bury these Democrats, and he was mad because the Republicans were too polite. Ha! You read these things, and you realize there isn’t much that’s changed. There really isn’t in the way the press treats Republicans, the way Republicans react to it and deal with it or don’t deal with it. And there’s an excerpt from my friend Roger Ailes, who is the CEO of Fox News Channel, and apparently Nixon was somewhere walking a rope line. It was a public reception or something, and Ailes was watching it on TV and flashed off a memo to Haldeman. He said, “Hey, you gotta get him to pay more attention to his wife. A couple of times he just left her stranded out there on the rope line.” Ha, ha! An updated version of that memo today would be: “Make sure you get some interns on that rope line so your wife won’t even be with you on the rope line.”
Story #3: “Targeted” Fat Tax Perfect Example of Liberalism
RUSH: Reuters story, ladies and gentlemen: “‘Fat Tax’ Could Save 3,200 Lives a Year,” and in the story: “A well-designed and carefully-targeted fat tax…” Have you ever seen a well-designed, carefully targeted tax of any kind that worked? I mean, this story is a perfect illustration of the way liberals and socialists do everything they can to try to control as much of our lives as possible. And right now this is just London, but you know the fat tax has been proposed here, too.

“A ‘fat tax’ on salty, sugary and fatty foods could save thousands of lives each year, according to a study published [today]. Researchers at Oxford University say that charging Value Added Tax (VAT) at 17.5 percent on foods deemed to be unhealthy would cut consumer demand and reduce the number of heart attacks and strokes. The purchase tax is already levied on a small number of products such as potato crisps, ice cream, confectionery and chocolate biscuits, but most food is exempt,” from the VAT. “The move could save an estimated 3,200 lives in Britain each year, according to the study in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. ‘A well-designed and carefully-targeted fat tax could be a useful tool for reducing the burden of food-related disease,’ the study concluded.” See that? “Food-related disease.” The salt and sugar in fatty foods are all natural substances found on earth — just, by the way, as is oil. However, they said their research only gave a rough guide to the number of lives that could be saved,” of course! No, we wouldn’t want you to get specific because then you could be tied to it, “and said more work was needed to get an exact picture of how taxes could improve public health.” This is like how they operate, folks.

Can I ask your question? Who would be hurt most by an increase in the fat tax? Who would be hurt most? Just take a wild guess. The poor, and women, and minorities! It’s a formula. I don’t care what the story is: women and minorities are hardest hit, and here it is in this story. “Any ‘fat tax’ might be seen as an attack on personal freedom and would weigh more heavily on poorer families, the study warned.” This is right off the script for these socialists, folks. The tax is in keeping with the idea that these fat people cost socialized health care systems more money, and they’re dying, and plus we’re having to spend so much money on them before they die.

So what happens is first government takes over a private market function, which is you feeding yourself. Then as costs of that function skyrocket because it’s offered for free by compassionate socialists, they have to find ways to cut costs after they make a boondoggle out of their own program. But since they don’t know the role of prices in free markets, they can’t let prices adjust accordingly and make individuals choose the better uses of the product. They have to find other ways of going about it. They just aren’t going to trust you to make the right decision for yourselves. You are incompetent. You are incapable. You are eating the wrong things now, and you are going to keep eating the wrong things, and they’re going to tax you to get you to stop eating the wrong things. So they’re going to do this, they’re going to totally mess up the whole concept of market prices. And when that happens, it’s not just these three areas — salty, sugary, and fatty foods — that are going to be affected. It’s the unintended consequences of things that they never ponder.
Story #4: Not Nice: Illegals Bear Brunt of Housing Slump
RUSH: Try this story: “It’s a mystery that has Wall Street debating such terms as birth, death and illegal immigration: Why haven’t more U.S. construction jobs vanished in the wake of the housing market meltdown? Much of the attention has focused on complex forecasting models and polls that the government uses to track employment, but some economists say undocumented workers,” illegal aliens, “are quietly bearing the brunt of the layoffs in the building sector.” Oh, no! Illegals are bearing the brunt of the slowdown in the housing market! It’s unfair. Americans should be suffering, my friends! This is not fair. We are so mean. We’re just not nice.
Story #5: Novak: War Support Helps McCain with GOP

RUSH: A couple of days ago I talked about Senator McCain and the problems he’s having in his campaign, how the Drive-By Media is out there saying, “No, his problem here is he supported the war, the troop buildup. He’s too closely identified with George W. Bush.” We were all just incredulous here; how can they miss this? The blinders that these people in the Drive-By Media are wearing… and they all do. It’s amazing, the groupthink.

Anyway, we went through the list of things that harmed McCain, starting with McCain-Feingold, Gang of 14, the fact that he was against tax cuts. Immigration, he was on the wrong side of that, putting his arms around Ted Kennedy and so forth. I mean, those are the things. He was never the front-runner in the first place. He was just a Drive-By Media darling from the bus tour back in 2000, the Straight Talk Express. And I have here a story from the Chicago Sun Times. It’s by Robert Novak, in fact. “Staff Shakeup Gives Fading McCain a Chance.” We go to the end of the piece. “McCain’s slimmed-down campaign will concentrate on early contests in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina… [the new campaign guy] is far more adept than [the old campaign guy] at singing McCain’s praises.” Now, listen to this: “McCain supporters hope his eloquent support for the Iraq intervention will earn him backing from the Republican base.” Now, this is in a Drive-By paper, but it’s not the Drive-By Media. This is Robert Novak. So once again: Rush is right. “McCain supporters hope his eloquent support” of the war will revive and resuscitate his campaign.
Story #6: Sheltering Children from Scorching Summer

RUSH: This is from the Raleigh News and Observer. “Schools Want Sun Shelters for Hot Kids — Principals of at least eight year-round Wake County schools, worried about how schoolchildren will cope with scorching summer heat, want to raise thousands of dollars to erect large canopies and shelters over playgrounds. A handful of Wake schools have the shelters, which are more common in places such as Las Vegas. At least one has erected a 40-foot-by-60-foot shelter that covers the entire playground at a cost of $25,000. Even less extravagant shelters can still cost $7,500.” You know what’s surprising to me about this? I didn’t think they let kids outside anymore. I thought they canceled recess. Kids can’t play tag, can’t play dodge ball. Now they’re letting them outside? That means they’ll be subjecting them to all kinds of scorching temperatures in the summer, global warming, and, of course, cancer and melanoma.
Story #7: Pittsburgh Drops “Public” from Public Schools
RUSH: “In Pittsburgh, the schools there “will drop ‘public’ from its name and adopt a new, standardized way of referring to its schools as part of a campaign to brighten and strengthen the district’s image. For example, Schenley High School will be called Pittsburgh Schenley. Superintendent Mark Roosevelt’s staff unveiled the policy at a school board Education Committee meeting last night. Under the policy, the district simply will call itself the ‘Pittsburgh Schools.’ The district’s logo — a pattern of circles, triangles and squares — will still be used. … By dropping ‘public’ from its name, Randall Taylor said, the district might be able to avoid the negative attitude often associated with public schools.”

Let me tell you people in Pittsburgh something. It has nothing to do with what you call it! Gee! It’s called results! You just have to marvel at bureaucrats in the way they tackle a problem — they don’t fix the problem. They fix a name — that may get rid of the bad image — but it doesn’t fix the problem. Now don’t get mad at me — I love Pittsburgh. I lived there for four or five years in the early seventies. It’s just that bureaucrats are bureaucrats. Democrats are Democrats. Liberals are liberals. They never fix the problem, they just try to change the image. You know, “How can we fool ’em today?”
Story #8: Kerry’s Firefighter Union Pals Attack Rudy

RUSH: Here’s this Rudy and the firefighters story. This is fascinating. The International Association of Firefighters yesterday afternoon in New York “released a video full of angry testimony belittling Rudy Giuliani’s support of New York City firefighters.” They’re mad as hell, claiming Rudy is running around claiming he was a big leader and pulling everything together after 9/11, and he didn’t do diddly-squat. Firefighters died, Rudy didn’t care, blah, blah, blah. So this is being compared to the swift-boat attack. The news on this is portraying the Giuliani camp as seeking to avoid a Kerry-type mistake. Don’t worry, media. There’s no comparison between John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) and Rudy Giuliani, because Rudy is not a wuss. He’s going to punch back at this.

You know what Kerry’s problem was? What the swift boat guys were saying was true! I keep hearing all this, “He should’ve fought back.” What was he going to say? Nobody has discredited anything the swift boat veterans said! The big problem is if somebody charges you with something and it’s true, what are you going to do? You do what Kerry did: you try to ignore it. You don’t elevate it so that it gets any more attention. The problem is the swift boat guys kept running the ads, and the Drive-By Media asked, “When are you going to fight back?” Kerry was saying, “When are you going to defend me? I shouldn’t have to fight back. You Drive-Bys are on my side. When are you going to attack the swift boat guys?” Then the Drive-Bys, “Okay, we will.”

So they tried to attack the swift boat guys, and the swift boat guys were undaunted. They were undeterred. They had the facts on their side. It’s amazing what you can do when you have the facts, when you have the truth, and when the people you’re talking about know it and can’t refute it. All they can do is say, “This is out of place in American politics! Why, this is hitting below the belt. Why, this is unkind. This is just uncalled for,” blah, blah, blah, blah. That’s all you can do, and then you’re kind of toast.

And speaking of the International Association of Firefighters, guess who was their candidate in 2004? Ah, John Kerry (who served in Vietnam). They were all over the Kerry campaign in ’04. “The IAFF backed Kerry in 2004, helping salvage a listing campaign in the primaries. IAFF President Harold Schaitberger was a constant fixture behind Kerry as he took the stage in Iowa, New Hampshire and other arenas to claim victory on his way to winning the nomination…. The first blow from Team Giuliani came in a release mocking the union as the ‘International Association of Partisan Politics’ and showing pictures of Schaitberger standing with Kerry. The campaign pointed out that the IAFF has supported Democratic presidential candidates since 1988. Giuliani’s campaign also pointed out that Schaitberger has held a number of roles in Democratic organizations and has contributed financially only to Democratic candidates.”

Don’t forget the firefighters that called here. Remember the firefighters that booed Mrs. Clinton? This is another one of these union things, where the leadership’s coming out and saying, “Firefighters hate Rudy. Firefighters think Rudy is a phony baloney, plastic banana, good time rock ‘n’ roller.” The rank-and-file doesn’t all think that, but the leadership does. So Rudy’s fighting back. It’s not going to be anywhere near the swift-boat thing because Rudy can fight back with facts and figures.
Story #9: Most Working Moms Don’t Want Full-Time Jobs
RUSH: This one interested me: “A new survey finds that 60% of working mothers do not want a fulltime job.” Say what? Sixty percent of working mothers don’t want a full-time job? Why, this is not good news for the feminists. This is horrible news. “An increasing portion of America’s working moms say their ideal situation would include a part-time job rather than working fulltime or staying at home.” It’s a Pew Research Center survey being released today, “and 21% of working mothers with children younger than 18 viewed full-time work as the best arrangement, but that’s down from 32% in 1977.” That’s a huge plummet. “Sixty percent of the working mothers said a part-time job would be best, up from 48% ten years ago; 19% said not working at all would be ideal, roughly the same as in 1997. Cary Funk, a Pew researcher on the survey, said, ‘The trend reflected women’s latest thoughts on the ideal arrangement for their children. It’s an expression of the difficulties of combining responsibilities of work and home.’ Only 16% of stay-at-home mothers…”

There’s a big shift in their thoughts, too. “Only 16% of stay-at-home mothers said their ideal situation would be to work fulltime outside the home, down from 24% in 1997.” Well, feminists are taking it here in the shor — on the chin. Phew! The problem could be solved with abortions, but they’re not having abortions anymore, not nearly as many. If they were we wouldn’t have the problem of having the children determine how your day can best be spent.

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Story #1: SUV Targets the Disabled

RUSH: I always like to start off with some lighthearted stuff, just because I just do. I saw this headline — and I’m sorry to do this to you because it’s a horrible story, but it’s an SUV story — and I had this reaction… Anyway, here’s the headline. This is from the Raleigh News and Observer. “Four Killed as SUV Hits Disabled Car.” Now, given the way SUVs have been written about, with minds of their own driving off the top levels of garages and going over bridges on interstate highways, my first thought when I saw the headline was, “My gosh, now SUVs hate the disabled. Now they’re out there targeting people who are defenseless, now they see a disabled car, retarded car, whatever, sitting on the side of the street…” So yes: that was my first reaction based on the conditioning that I’ve had with the Drive-By Media and the way they report on SUVs.
Story #2: Americans Get Shorter, Health Care Blamed

RUSH: America was once the world’s tallest country, but we are not growing as fast as the rest of the world, and economists say that that’s bad. Too many of you people out there are small fry. You people are too short! You’re not as tall as you should be. Wait ’til you see where this story goes. “Young adults in Japan and other prosperous Asian countries now stand nearly as tall as Americans do. In Holland, the tallest country in the world, the typical man now measures six feet, which is two inches more than his average US counterpart.”

Now, why does this matter? It matters because “height is correlated with numerous measures of a population’s well-being.” Tall people are healthier, they are wealthier, and they live longer than short people, apparently. “The things that make you tall: a nutritious diet, good prenatal care, and a healthy childhood benefit you in other ways. That makes height a good indicator for economists.” It goes on to suggest here that one of the reasons we are not getting taller is because there are nine million children without health insurance. Ha, ha! It’s all because we don’t have universal health care, says this AP story!

But how do you leave genetics out of this? Of all the reasons they gave, they leave genetics out of this — but there’s another reason to do so, and Mr. Snerdley wisely pointing this out to me. We’ve had an invasion of a lot of people — very short people — and for all intents and purposes they get counted as Americans because they live here. So that’s the real reason, but they want to tie this to health care and make it sound like it’s just another thing to worry about.
Story #3: Germans Launch 24/7 Death TV Channel
RUSH: Now, get this. This is from Germany. “A round-the-clock television channel devoted exclusively to ageing, death and dying will be launched in Germany this autumn. Eos TV, which takes its name from the Greek goddess of the dawn, will feature documentaries about graveyards, televised obituaries, tips on finding a decent retirement home and even how to install in-house stair lifts. The project was conceived by Wolf Tilmann Schneider, 51, a former television producer…” obviously a lib, “… who has joined forces with Germany’s funeral association to launch the 24-hour, seven days a week, death-and-dying channel on cable television and the internet.”

Now, is there a market for this? Germany launching this TV station devoted entirely to 24/7 coverage of aging, death, and dying? Prozac might sponsor this. It’s just amazing. Everybody in the Drive-By Media is obsessed with death! And it has been pointed out to me, ladies and gentlemen, that we do have a death and dying network in this country. In fact, you can make the argument that we have two. The biggest death and dying network we have is MSNBC; all the talent there has one foot of their career in the grave anyway. Then, of course, there’s the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric — or even all three of the evening newscasts. They all have the smallest audiences they’ve ever had in, like, 25 or so. So the Germans got nothing on us.
Story #4: Another Moronic TV Car Chase

RUSH: You know, the more I see of these stupid car chases on cable TV, the more I’m convinced that we got some real morons that live in this country. Now, there’s a car chase, and the cable nets have it, and this one is near us. It’s on the Florida turnpike, it’s somewhere near Ft. Lauderdale. They think the car was involved in a hit-and-run in Miami-Dade County. Looks like it’s a silver Lexis. Anyway, this guy has had a helicopter following him for a half hour here. Now, anybody that gets in a car chase — anybody that tries to outrun the fuzz — has to know by now that a helicopter is going to track them down and follow them wherever they go. There is no getting away from this, especially when you’re on the turnpike. I mean, how in the world are you going to get off of the turnpike and blend in? It’s amazing, these things — even more amazing to me than the fact that the media covers them.
Story #5: The Group Hug, Arts & Croissant Crowd in Action
RUSH: Would you like to hear how Washington liberals deal with terrorists? Here’s a story from Friday. This is AP version that I have, and it’s been all over the place, because the liberals love this story. “A would-be robber was disarmed by hospitable hosts who offered him a glass of wine and sent him off with a group hug but no cash. A group of friends was finishing a dinner of marinated steaks and jumbo shrimp on the back patio of a Washington, D.C. home when a hooded man slid through an open gate and pointed a handgun at the head of a 14-year-old girl. ‘Give me your money, or I’ll start shooting,’ the intruder said… Everyone froze, including the girl’s parents. Then one guest spoke up. ‘We were just finishing dinner,’ Cristina ‘Cha Cha’ Rowan, 43, told the man. ‘Why don’t you have a glass of wine with us?’ The intruder had a sip of their [fine French Bordeaux] and said, ‘Damn, that’s good wine.’ The girl’s father, Michael Rabdau, 51, a federal government worker, told the intruder to take the whole glass, and Rowan offered him the bottle. The robber, with his hood down, took another sip and a bite of Camembert cheese.”

He had the wine! I’m not making this up. This is the Wine and Croissant Crowd in action, the Chablis and Brie Bunch. “The robber, with his hood down, took another sip and a bite of Camembert cheese. He put the gun in his sweatpants. Then the story took an even more bizarre twist. ‘I think I may have come to the wrong house,’ the intruder said… ‘Can I get a hug?’ Rowan, who works at her children’s school and lives in Falls Church, Virginia, stood up and wrapped her arms around would-be robber. The other guests followed. ‘Can we have a group hug?’ the [intruder] asked. The five adults complied. The man walked away a few moments later with a filled crystal wine glass, but nothing was stolen, and no one was hurt. Police were called to the scene and found the empty wine glass unbroken on the ground in an alley behind the house. Police classified the June 16 incident, which lasted all of 10 minutes, as strange but true. The witnesses thought the intruder might have been high on drugs. ‘We’ve had robbers that apologize and stuff but nothing where they sit down and drink wine. It definitely is strange,’ said Cmdr. Diane Groomes, adding that the hugs were especially unusual.”

So that’s how liberals will deal with criminals, terrorists, and intruders: a group hug and a glass of wine. I know some of you are thinking: “Boy, that’s really fast thinking, offering the intruder some wine and so forth. And he had a gun pointed at a 14 year old girl’s head.” It was fast thinking, but they let the guy go.
Story #6: So What? Joe Wilson Endorses Hillary Clinton
RUSH: Now, see, here’s a “Who cares?” Drudge just put up one of those flashes that Joe Wilson is going to endorse Hillary Clinton. So what? What’s surprising about that? Hell, the thing that would worry me is if Hillary is elected and she makes Valerie Plame the director of the CIA. But really, who cares? Wilson’s endorsement isn’t going to do diddly-squat. You know, the Hillary machine nobody knows is there — all these George Soros funded things that are trying to take out her enemies and so forth… I mean, Joe Wilson is a pimple on a pig’s butt. The people who are going to vote for Hillary are already supporting her.

I know some of you might say, “Wait a minute, Rush! Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Hillary is having trouble with the anti-war left, and the anti-war left loves Joe Wilson.” Come on, folks! Hillary having trouble with the anti-war left? She’s going to be the nominee, no question! It may not be a bad thing for our side, either. Anna Quindlen, the good Anna who used to be a columnist of the New York Times, is out there saying perfect ticket would be Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. But Joe Wilson? He went out to Santa Fe just to hang around with the Arts-and-Croissant Crowd out there — you know, group hugs and the like.
Story #7: Rasmussen: 75% See Liberal Media Bias

RUSH: This next story came out after the program on Friday of last week. It’s a Rasmussen Reports story, and it shows that “by a 39% to 20% margin, American adults now believe that the three major broadcast networks deliver news with a bias in favor of liberals.” It’s a national survive by the Rasmussen people. It found that “just 25% of viewers believe that ABC, CBS and NBC deliver the news without any bias. Similar results found for CNN and National Public Radio. By a margin of 33 to 16%, Americans say that CNN is liberal. The nation’s adults say the same thing about NPR by a 27 to 14% margin. There is one major exception to the belief that media outlets have a liberal bias, and that’s Fox News; 31% of Americans say it has a bias that favors conservatives, while 15% say it has a liberal bias.” I’m glad this is finally started to break through to the masses. The numbers are not big, but they’re not insignificant, either.
Story #8: Global Economy Booms as Tax Rates Drop

RUSH: We love to talk about good news on this program and the economy — especially when the economy is regularly disparaged incorrectly. This is from US News & World Report. It’s a story about the global economy “booming as worldwide tax rates are falling. The world economy is growing at a 5% rate. The study comes from the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.” Global Economy Booming. You might say to yourself when you hear this, “It isn’t booming for me!” Well, it is booming! Make it happen for you! You have a booming economy out there that’s inviting you in! “But, Rush, it’s leaving me behind!” No, it’s not. You’re leaving yourself behind. The economy is waiting for you. It’s just wagging its finger at you. It wants you to come on in. It’s doing so great, but if you get yourself all bogged down with negative attitudes and defeatism and get a little envious or jealous of people you think are doing better than you, then you’re going to end up being paralyzed. There’s great opportunity out there — always is in America. Even when we go through recessions, there’s more opportunity in this country than you could ever find in the course of human civilization.

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Story #1: Global Warming Now World’s Most Boring Topic

RUSH: Just got this story. It’s from a website called TheAge.com. I’m not sure, this may be a spoof. If it’s a spoof, it’s too bad. If it’s a spoof, you know, all good comedy requires truth. The headline of this thing: “Global Warming Now World’s Most Boring Topic.” It is! “Global warming and the debate over whether man-made carbon gas emissions are having a detrimental influence on climate change has been ranked as the most boring topic of conversation on earth, according to a new report.” Ha! It’s a spoof. I’m just teasing. It’s just funny. “The issue of global warming far out-performed other contenders for the title, such as the production of goat cheese, the musical genius of the artist formerly known as P. Diddy and media speculation over the likely outcome of the upcoming federal election.” It’s true. It’s getting to be boring. That’s actually not good. People are going to tune it out. They’re not going to stay vigilant against it. It isn’t going to become boring because we’re not going to let it become boring on this program. We don’t let anything we talk about become boring so it will not be.
Story #2: Kook Bloggers Turn on Mother Sheehan

RUSH: By the way, Cindy Sheehan, who has announced her intention to challenge Nancy Pelosi, says that she’s been declared persona non grata on some of these fringe kook websites; says she can’t post at her websites anymore because her potential run for Congress is not on the Democrat ticket. “I’ve been deeply grateful for all your support over the years. Your love and kindness helped me through lots of sleepless night at Camp Casey ’05. If Speaker Pelosi does her constitutionally mandated duty and I don’t run, then I can come back and post. I know a lot of you are hostile towards my candidacy. Please understand I’m doing it for your children and grandchildren and my surviving ones.” The question is, if Sheehan actually moves to San Francisco, does it make it more bizarre or less?
Story #3: Gavin Newsom Auditions for Hillary’s VP Slot
RUSH: James Taranto yesterday on BestoftheWeb.com. This is funny: “Mayor Gavin Newsom is running for reelection virtually unopposed, more popular than ever, after admitting to having an affair with a top aide’s wife and entering an alcohol treatment program. His approval ratings are running at 80%.” You know, that’s why I said that affairs are a rsum harassment for Democrats. Now, he’s up for reelection. “He expects a credible candidate to emerge eventually. So far, the challengers that he faces are a street performing clown, a homeless man, an advocate for nudism, and a candidate who pledges to wear a camera so voters can monitor his performance in office.” This is the same city that elects Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House. So Gavin Newsom is more popular than ever, and he had an affair with a top aide’s wife and entered an alcohol treatment program. That sounds like an ideal rsum for Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential running mate.
Story #4: What Are We Really Doing with Iran?

RUSH: I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. I saw a little blurb the other day that Vice President Cheney is trying to force some action on this from his office. I don’t know what. The only thing I can tell you is that with a situation like Iran, I would discount what you see said publicly. I have to think that there are all kinds of contingency plans being brought up and drawn up to deal with this. This is a gut feeling that I have. I just can’t see George W. Bush leaving office with a nuclear armed Iran, if they’re that close. Now, what that means, I don’t know. Don’t take it any farther. But the idea that they’re just sitting around not doing anything is something I don’t think is happening. We just don’t know what it is.
Story #5: Another Drive-By Newspaper Goes Under
RUSH: You see where the Scripps Howard news service closed the Cincinnati Post and another newspaper someplace? When a newspaper fails, does the forest sigh with relief? The staffers were all expecting it, but it still is a tough blow when the paper closes. Drive-Bys continue to have all kinds of problems out there.
Story #6: Seattle Mandates Table Scrap Recycling
RUSH: All right, you won’t believe this. Well, yes, you will believe it, given where it comes from. It comes from Seattle. “All single-family homes in Seattle must sign up for table-scrap recycling in 2009, the City Council decided Monday.” Yes, you heard right. “While residents will have to pay for the service, the city will not check whether they are actually dumping food in the new separate bin.” Yet. Now, what am I missing here? Table scraps? We all know what table scraps are. You people in Rio Linda eat them. Table scraps are leftover food that you don’t cover up and put in the fridge. Now, there’s a gadget that people use to dispose of these things. It’s called a “garbage disposal,” and I’m sure since Bill Gates lives in Seattle, they have them there. Snerdley, you lived in Seattle. Did you have a garbage disposal? All right, good, so we know that they have garbage disposals there. What is table scrap recycling at your home? You have to have a separate big garbage pail out back? I’ve been to Seattle a number of times. They’ve got three recycle bins already. Recycling is a bunch of nonsense. It’s a hoax, too. But it doesn’t hurt anything. It doesn’t accomplish anything, either. But what is table scrap recycling? And they’re not going to check? Come on! Then why do this if they’re not going to check?

You have to pay to do this but they’re not going to check whether you’re actually dumping food in the new separate bin? I don’t believe that for a second. “‘We can reduce the waste stream,’ said Councilmember Richard Conlin, chair of the utilities committee. ‘We can treat waste as a resource and continue to recirculate it as we reclaim, recycle it or turn it into compost.'” So they are making a big compost heap with a major American cities’ food scraps? Uh, let’s see. “Reducing food trash was a piece of a larger plan the council unanimously approved Monday to reduce the amount of garbage sent to the landfill…. Starting in April 2009, all single-family homes will be required to subscribe to food-waste recycling, a program that is now optional through the yard-waste collection program. A variety of containers will be available for different rates.” Why do people put up with this? This is exactly the kind of stuff I’m talking about. Well, okay, maybe in Seattle they’re going to love it. But this is inane. You know, you’re right, Mr. Snerdley. In Seattle, they’re probably sitting around saying, “Our government cares about us! Our government loves us.” I give up. The Left Coast, you know.
Story #7: David Limbaugh on Peggy Noonan Column

RUSH: I’ve had a bunch of people recommend that Peggy Noonan piece to me, and I haven’t read it. I got the notes about it over the weekend and I’ve forgotten it. I never went back and read it. I know my brother, who is a fabulous national columnist, wrote a column about it. He was stunned. I haven’t talked to Peggy in a long time, and I ought to go read the piece because I’m actually flying blind here. The only thing I can tell you about why I didn’t read it is because Bush-bashing is so common that it’s not going to affect me. There are larger things at stake here. But let me read it. I’m having some thoughts on it. I’m really ill-equipped to offer intelligent commentary. All I could do would be offer semi-intelligent commentary, and that’s too low a standard for me.

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Story #1: Al-Qaeda Leader, Khaled Abdul-Fattah Dawoud Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, aka Abu Shahid, Captured

RUSH: I mentioned that the top Al-Qaeda leader in Iraq has been captured by the good guys. Here’s his name: Khaled Abdul-Fattah Dawoud Mahmoud al-Mashhadani. That again is: Khaled Abdul-Fattah Dawoud Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, also known as Abu Shahid. He was captured in Mosul on July 4th. If we had any damn sense, we’d waterboard this guy until he told us what he knows, and then we’d take him down to Club Gitmo for a little jihad relaxation.
Story #2: Fruits, Vegetables Don’t Stop Return of Cancer
RUSH: All right, let’s change gears here, ladies and gentlemen. Headline: “Fruits and Vegetables Do Not Stop the Return of Cancer.” I just love stories like this. I’ll tell you why I love stories like this. It’s not that I like cancer returning. It’s that I love when all these nanny do-gooder types who try to tell everybody how to live get proven wrong. All these health nuts and health freaks demanding things… It’s not enough for them to eat the way they want to eat. They have to force everybody else to do it. They have to force-feed what they think everybody else should eat, like that little nerd from the Center for Science and the Public Interest who got coconut oil banned from movie theater popcorn. They’re out constantly attacking Chinese food or pasta or what have you. Just shut up, don’t eat it! If you want to look like a cadaver, go ahead, but leave the rest of us alone. They’ve been telling us for years, “Vegetables and fruits, and eat a lot of nuts. If you do that, you’ll stave off cancer. Your odds of getting cancer will decrease by X-number.” It’s all BS.

Here are the details. “Hopes that a diet low in fat and chock-full of fruits and vegetables could prevent the return of breast cancer were dashed Tuesday by a seven-year experiment involving more than 3,000 women. The government study found no benefit from a mega-veggies-and-fruit diet in comparison with the U.S. recommended servings of five fruits and vegetables a day — more than most Americans get. None of the breast-cancer survivors lost weight on either diet, researchers noted. That led some experts to suggest that weight loss and exercise should be the next frontier for cancer-prevention research.” Oops, sorry, forget the vegetables. Your kids are right. They don’t like them so you shouldn’t serve them. Just lose weight and start exercising. How old is that? “The study appears in today’s Journal of the American Medical Association.” Why don’t they look into the abortion-breast cancer risk just for the fun of it? I’ve heard things about that, but that won’t happen. Susan Gapstur of Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine said, “It sends us back to the drawing board.” I love all these food stories.

You know, it was oat bran, had to have some of that, all the fiber and stuff. Turned out that wasn’t true. Coffee was going to kill you, increase the risk of heart attacks with caffeine. That wasn’t true. Nicotine, of course, now turns out to maybe show some promise for people with Parkinson’s disease. “Should we really have focused on dietary components like fruits, vegetables, and fat,” Gapstur asked, “or should we be focusing on, in addition to diet, on lifestyle factors including physical activity and weight?” As though they haven’t been focusing on that! You can’t turn on the TV, you can’t go get a women’s magazine anymore without finding five or six articles on exercise and losing weight. We’re pummeled with it. What do you mean, “refocus”? “The research was kicked off by a $5 million grant from the late Wal-Mart heir John Walton and got an additional $30 million in support from the National Cancer Institute.”

Anyway, the details are, in the seven years after breast cancer was discovered, they asked these women to start chowing down on all these vegetables and fruits and nuts and things, the cancer returned at about the same proportion of women in both groups. “About 10% of both groups died during that time, most of them from breast cancer. It didn’t matter whether the breast cancer was the most common type fueled by hormones or not. The special diet did not prevent the cancer from coming back.” You know the crime is that anybody ever thought that it would. But I can understand you’d do anything to ward off the return of cancer. But anyway, I love it when these little ne’er-do-well, nanny do-gooders who constantly can’t stay out of our lives are proven to be totally all wet.
Story #3: Girls Depressed by Constant Discussion of Problems
RUSH: Let’s change gears for just a minute here. Let’s head to the Lifestyle Stack. This is in Los Angeles Times today. It’s written by Denise Gellene, and it’s chick news. News, as you know, because we discuss it frequently here, has been chickified. But you’ll love this, Snerdley — this is right up your alley. I mean, I say “Chick News,” but it’s not. The headline: “Girl Talk Linked to Depression and Anxiety.” If you keep talking about it, you’ll be miserable.

“Constant venting over crushes, popularity or other personal problems may lead to anxiety and depression in girls — but not in boys, according to new research. A study of 813 students ages 8 to 15 found that excessive discussions and rumination about problems strengthened friendships for both sexes, but those tighter bonds came at a cost for girls. The study appears in this month’s issue of the journal Developmental Psychology. Lead author Amanda Rose [a chick], assistant professor of psychology at the University of Missouri-Columbia, said the results might reflect a cultural tendency among girls to blame themselves when they aren’t invited to parties or when boys don’t call back. ‘The more they talk about it, the more depressed and anxious they feel,’ she said. … Boys reported no change in feelings of anxiety or depression, but girls said they felt worse…” Amanda Rose, the study authorette, “said girls got caught up in a ‘vicious cycle’ in which depression or anxiety spurred rumination, which in turn led to increased depression or anxiety.”

They just kept talking about it. They never closed the loop and just kept making the circle. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. Blah, blah, blah, blah, whatever it is about, and it just makes you feel worse. So next time your little girl starts up, just tell her, “Don’t talk about it anymore.” She’ll feel better, rather than going over it again and again and again and again. You know, I wish they’d do this research on adults. I really do. I might even fund it and call it “relationship analysis.”
Story #4: First Muslim Congressman Compares Bush to Hitler
RUSH: “Keith Ellison, the nation’s first Muslim congressman said yesterday, he had erred in comparing the Bush administration’s response to September 11th to an event that led to Adolf Hitler’s consolidation of power in Nazi Germany. At an appearance before a group of atheists in Minnesota on July 8, Rep. Keith Ellison,” Democrat-Minnesotastan, “called Sept. 11 ‘the juggernaut’ that led to war, tolerating torture and increased discrimination against religious minorities.’ … Hitler used the 1933 burning of the Reichstag, the German parliament building, to suspend constitutional liberties” — and that’s what Ellison was saying that Bush was trying to do here and he called him BushHitler.

And a couple of Republican congressmen, Zach Wamp (R-Tenn.) and Eric Cantor (R-Va.), were just outraged that nobody thought anything about this. This is a member of United States Congress saying this! So they sent a letter to Pelosi demanding she do something about it. You know what led to this? The ADL released a statement Tuesday calling on Ellison to apologize for his comments. “Abraham Foxman, the national director called the comparison ‘outrageous and offensive to all Americans. Whatever his views may be on the administration’s response to 9/11, the conduct of the war on terrorism, likening it to Hitler’s rise to power and Nazism is odious, demeans the victims of 9/11, the brave American men and women engaged in the war on terror. Furthermore, it demonstrates a profound lack of understanding about the horrors that Hitler and his Nazi regime perpetrated.'” So Ellison called the AP, and in a telephone interview, said, “In hindsight I wouldn’t have used that reference point. It was probably inappropriate to use that example because it’s a unique historical event without really any clear parallels.” Now, this is the nation’s “first Muslim congressman.” Uhhh… I’m pondering whether to go forward here verbally, ladies and gentlemen.
Story #5: Aggressive Policing Makes Gang Members Mad
RUSH: This is an amazing story. It from the AP out of Los Angeles. “Anti-gang legislation and police crackdowns are failing so badly that they are strengthening the criminal organizations and making U.S. cities more dangerous, according to a report being released Wednesday. Mass arrests, stiff prison sentences often served with other gang members and other strategies that focus on law enforcement rather than intervention actually strengthen gang ties and further marginalize angry young men, according to the Justice Policy Institute, a Washington, D.C., think tank that advocates alternatives to incarceration.”

That’s right, we’re making them mad. It’s the same reason why we have terrorists in the world, because Bush went to Iraq. “‘We’re talking about 12-, 13-, 14-, 15-year-olds whose involvement in gangs is likely to be ephemeral unless they are pulled off the street and put in prison, where they will come out with much stronger gang allegiances,’ said Judith Greene, co-author of ‘Gang Wars: The Failure of Enforcement Tactics and the Need for Effective Public Safety Strategies.'” Now, the real pice de rsistance in this study is a quote from Wes McBride, the executive director of the California Gang Investigators Association, who dismissed the findings of the report, which he said was written by “thug huggers.” Ha! A bunch of thug huggers! So we’re making the bad guys mad by trying to catch them and putting them in jail. I guess we need to stop and come up with new strategies.
Story #6: Study Says Americans Don’t Understand Others

RUSH: This is from LiveScience.com. The headline of this story: “Study: Americans don’t understand others.” It gets worse. “Rugged American individualism could hinder our ability to understand other peoples’ point of view, a new study suggests. And in contrast, the researchers found that Chinese are more skilled at understanding other people’s perspectives, possibly because they live in a more ‘collectivist’ society. ‘This cultural difference affects the way we communicate,’ said study co-author and cognitive psychologist Boaz Keysar of the University of Chicago. The study, though oversimplified compared to real life, was instructive. Keysar and his colleagues arranged two blocks on a table so participants could see both. However, a piece of cardboard obstructed the view of one block so a ‘director,’ sitting across from the participant, could only see one block.

“When the director asked 20 American participants (none of Asian descent) to move a block, most were confused as to which block to move and did not take into account the director’s perspective. Even though they could have deduced that, from the director’s seat, only one block was on the table. Most of the 20 Chinese participants, however, were not confused by the hidden block and knew exactly which block the director was referring to. While following directions was relatively simple for the Chinese, it took Americans twice as long to move a block. ‘That strong, egocentric communication of Westerners was nonexistent when we looked at Chinese,’ Keysar said. ‘The Chinese were very much able to put themselves in the shoes of another when they were communicating.'”

You see how this works? Rugged individualism — that’s why the world hates us, and we’re blockheads because our rugged individualism makes us selfish, and we refuse to see the perspective of other people. We must change our ways and become more collectivist as a society! The long march of liberalism continues.
Story #7: An Object Lesson in Drive-By Media Lies
RUSH: Here’s an object lesson in how the Drive-By Media lies, misrepresents, and distorts on purpose in order to continue to darken the cloud that they have created over the administration. Here’s the headline. Reuters. “Ex-Cheney aide gets ten years in prison in spy case.” My first thought when I saw this, Sandy Burglar! Nah, he wasn’t a Cheney aide. So I read further. “A former White House official who took top secret documents from U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney’s office and gave them to opposition figures in the Philippines was sentenced on Wednesday to 10 years in prison. Philippine-born Leandro Aragoncillo, a U.S. citizen and former Marine, pleaded guilty last year to taking the documents that included details on threats against U.S. government interests and military personnel in the Philippines.”

Now, if it weren’t for me, you would think, if you saw this story, “Oh, wow, what’s going on in Cheney’s office? First Scooter Libby, now this guy? This administration has lost control.” But I, ladies and gentlemen, am going to give you the whole truth: “Aragoncillo worked on the security detail assigned to the vice president from 1999 to 2002, where he held a top security clearance. He later took a job as an intelligence analyst with the FBI in New Jersey.” Now, this guy working in the office of the vice president from 1999 to 2002. Dick Cheney didn’t become vice president ’til 2001. The guy was in his position for three years before Dick Cheney showed up. He wasn’t Cheney’s guy. He was inherited, probably via a career bureaucrat path or whatever, he was in the office of the vice president, I don’t know who put him there, but he was in there during the Clinton administration. So the Drive-Bys try to paint this as yet another example of the failures and the corruption of this administration. It was the Bush administration which caught the guy. That’s the correct spin if you want to have any spin.

Story #8: Vick Charges Horrible If — IF — True

RUSH: Michael Vick has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges relating to a dog fighting probe, in connection with a property that he owned in Virginia. I read the indictment. You never know. I read these indictments, and (sigh). I’m going to wait for the trial or whatever else happens here. But if that stuff in there is true, the degree of cruelty to those dogs is breathtaking! Just because they lose, you hang ’em, you electrocute ’em, you drown ’em or what have you? It’s sick. Five years in prison he could face here. The libs are saying, “Well, hell, that’s five years more than Scooter Libby got for lying to a federal grand jury,” and what else? Who else is going to get more time than Vick? What was your example in there the other day? Oh, yeah, the woman that killed her preacher husband? Yeah, that’s right. The woman that killed her preacher husband got two years, yeah, because men are predators, and you gotta deal with them whenever they come at you, however you can.

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Story #1:Vitamin C Does Nothing to Stop a Cold

RUSH: We also have bad news.Well, good news for me, bad news for all of you who buy into all the hype and propaganda.Vitamin C does nothing to prevent a cold.How many years have we heard this?Who was it, Linus Pauling that came up with that?It was a long time ago.We’ve been hearing it all our lives and so forth, and all it does is change the color of your urine.It has no effect.There are lessons to be learned here.Story #2:Kristof and Sick Compare Cheney to Ahmedinejad

RUSH: Oh, get this.This is incredible.Yesterday we had the story, Keith Ellison, first Muslim member of Congress retracted his comment that Bush reminds him of Hitler, called him Bush Hitler on the floor of the House of Representatives.Today Nick Kristof in the New York Times says, no, that’s not the right comparison.The comparison is to Dick Cheney and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.He goes and gets a confirmation on that from the disgraced Iranian expert at Columbia University, Gary Sick.Does the name Gary Sick remind you people of anything?Gary Sick was the guy who made up the whole October Surprise thing and wrote a book about it.This is the story that George Bush in 1980 took an SR-71 or some other form of transportation over to France to meet with Iranian officials holding US hostages and made a promise to them, “Just hold these guys. Don’t let ’em go before the election so that we win and we’ll deal with you afterwards.”The charge came out, Gary Sick wrote this book some ten years after that.Tom Foley was the speaker of the House, and I remember Foley going to the microphone and saying, “These charges are very serious.We have no evidence here, but the charges demand an investigation.”The seriousness of the charge here overrules and outweighs the nature of the evidence, of which there is none, other than Gary Sick’s book.I don’t understand why this guy has any credibility.He was all over television, and the Drive-Bys were just lapping it all up in an ongoing effort to discredit the Reagan years from ten years out.It was 1990, something like that.So anyway, Gary Sick, now the expert, consulted by Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times, says Cheney and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, they’re the same. They both have staffs that tell ’em what they want to hear.These staff members don’t care whether it’s right or wrong, they’re just pedal to the metal.Story #3:Chow Down!
Fat Will Be the New Normal in 2015

RUSH:”If people keep gaining weight at the current rate, fat will be the norm by 2015, with 75 percent of U.S. adults overweight and 41 percent obese, U.S. researchers predicted on Wednesday. A team at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore examined 20 studies published in journals and looked at national surveys of weight and behavior for their analysis, published in the journal Epidemiologic Reviews. ‘Obesity is a public health crisis.'” Well, hell, everything is a health crisis.Everything is a crisis.Everything in the media is a crisis.So of course it’s a crisis.”‘If the rate of obesity and overweight continues at this pace, by 2015, 75 percent of adults and nearly 24 percent of U.S. children and adolescents will be overweight or obese,’ Dr. Youfa Wang, who led the study, said in a statement.”I’m noticing a new trend here in journalistic style.The same information appears in just three paragraphs.Usually that’s not the way it is done.And, of course, overweight children and teenagers are commonly teased or ostracized by their peers, sometimes treated differently by teachers and even parents.”The stigma that society attaches to obesity can cause children immediate, and possibly lasting, harm, according to a research review. … Research has long demonstrated the weight bias that heavy children face. In a classic 1961 study, 640 subjects between 10 and 11 years old were shown six pictures…”Well, this is not going to be a problem, because in 2015 everybody is going to be fat, and the fat don’t make fun of the fat.So the fat people are going to be making fun of the skinny and in 2015, 2020, we’re going to be getting crisis stories about how the stigma attached to be skinny when you’re a kid in school can cause lifelong damage and harm, because they’re going to be normal.I mean according to the other research, in 2015, it’s going to be normal to be fat.So I’d chow down.I’d start making this stuff come true.Story #4:Judge Orders Placenta Returned for Consumption

RUSH: Get this. This is in Las Vegas:”A judge has ordered a southern Nevada hospital to return a placenta to a mother who sued to retrieve the afterbirth for her own consumption. Clark County District Court Judge Susan Johnson granted a preliminary injunction Tuesday, ordering Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center to return the placenta to Anne Swanson. Hospital officials said they will comply with the order to turn it over to Swanson within two weeks.”I’ll tell you… For consumption?At least you could say score one for private property rights out in the west.If you’re going to look at this, try to find the positive, you can find it there.Story #5: Getting to the Bottom of the Ban-Garlic Movement

RUSH: Here’s the NPR version of the garlic story.”In Italy, a debate is raging among chefs and diners about eliminating a pungent staple of the Italian diet: garlic.Critics say the herb stinks…” who, critics?That’s another favorite word of Drive-By Media journalists — critics.Is a critic credible?I’ll bet you it’s four people, just like the bunch that we have here, Center for Science and the Public Interest, two people and a fax machine, and the Drive-Bys love ’em.They put out a press release saying no more monosodium glutamate, it’s bad for you; no more Chinese food, it’s bad for you, and they try to get it banned for everybody else.Who cares who they are and what they say?”Well, they’re scientists, Rush.”Well, that doesn’t mean anything, either, these days, scientists, politicians, it’s all the same thing.”The debate starts in the center of Rome at La Trattoria restaurant, one of the city’s trendiest restaurants known for its innovative Sicilian cuisine. La Trattoria’s chef, Filippo La Mantia, has shunned garlic as the basis of his dishes in favor of other natural ingredients such as citrus and other herbs.La Mantia says that garlic is a leftover from when Italians were poor and used it to flavor their meager victuals. He says the average standard of living is high enough today that people can do without it. Italians consumed 108 million pounds of garlic in 2006, a 4 percent increase over the previous year, according to Coldiretti, Italy’s leading farmers association.La Mantia’s innovations have triggered a campaign to rid garlic from the Italian dining table. Supporters include a prominent TV journalist,” (Laughing)I knew it.I’m reading this, you’re hearing it as I’m hearing it.”A prominent TV journalist, who is writing a guide to garlic-free restaurants, and former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who was known to insist that his staff have mint-scented breath. But the campaign faces an uphill battle from average Italians who say they have history on their side. The ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes advised athletes to eat garlic to increase their endurance during competition. The classic Roman poet Virgil said garlic increased sexual potency,” and of course it also does other great health things as well.Let’s see, toward the end of the story, “Indeed, garlic does carry a stigma says Anna Maria Tozzi, owner of Rome’s Montevecchio restaurant. She says the herb should be used in moderation, despite its odiferous aftereffects.’There are lots of prejudices that people who eat and smell of garlic are second class, backward, unsophisticated,’ Tozzi says. ‘It’s a class thing for many people.'”All right now that helps me to understand this.So you’ve got the Italian elites who are leading this movement.It doesn’t sound like there are too many of them.The AP story probably says much the same thing.

Story #6: Environmentalist Wacko TerroristsVandalize Hummer

RUSH: There’s a story out of Washington, DC.(video) The guy’s name is Gareth Groves, and “when he brought home his massive new Hummer, he knew that his environmentally friendly neighbors disapproved, but he didn’t expect what happened next.His Hummer was parked for five days on the street before two masked men smashed the windows, slashed the tires, and scratched into the body ‘for the environ.”The thought of somebody vandalizing it never crossed my mind,’ says Gareth Groves, who lives near American University in northwest Washington.’I’ve kind of been in shock.’Police said they’ve seen small acts of vandalism in the area from time to time but they’ve not seen anything so severe or with such a clear political message in recent years.Commander Andy Solberg said, ‘This seems to be an isolated event.’Investigators said they’re searching for the vandals but they don’t have many leads.Witnesses said they saw two men smash up the seven-foot-tall Hummer early Monday and then run off.As Groves contemplates what to do with the remains of his $38,000 car, he has had to deal with a number of people who have driven by the crime scene and glared at him in smug satisfaction.’I’d say one in five people that come by have that, you-got-what-you-deserve’ look,” said his friend Andy Sexton.” You know, you people on the left are going to have to get a grip.You’re out there shooting soldiers. You’re plotting blowing up fuel lines and so forth all because you think we need to get out of Iraq, and Bush lied, and the soldiers are killing innocent women and children and so forth.This vandalism… I mean, there have been violent environmental groups like Earth First and a bunch of these wackos that have tried to trash and set fire to whole dealerships full of SUVs for a long time, but now these are two wacko individuals in ski masks running through the neighborhood.Why would they care?I would think that they’re somebody in the neighborhood.Who would know outside the neighborhood?One of the neighbors who disapproves might have been waxing eloquent in their arrogant, condescending look-down-their-nose-at-everybody way, “Yes, you can’t believe what just happened in my neighborhood! (sniff)The guy down the street has a Hummer, and it’s up the street, and I have to see it every day, and I can’t handle it.” So he’s telling this or she’s telling this to some of her friends who live outside the neighborhood, “Well, we’ll do something about that for you.” They’re trying to intimidate the guy based on the kind of car that he drives.”Neighbor Lucille Liem, who owns a Prius hybrid, said, ‘A common sentiment in the neighborhood is that large vehicles such as a Hummer are impractical and a stain on the earth.The neighborhood in general is very concerned with the environmental.It’s more liberal leaning. It’s ridiculous to be driving a Hummer,'” in our neighborhood. (I wonder if it was a Prius that attacked the Hummer.) It’s another example of liberals and who they are, ladies and gentlemen.(interruption) Why can’t they just mind their own business? What do you mean, mind their own business? (interruption)Why, they’re not going to mind their own business, Mr. Snerdley! It’s the whole point of a liberal.A liberal’s job is to mind everybody else’s business, not his.He’s already doing everything right.He’s already driving the junk cars. He’s already doing all these crazy, irrelevant little environmental things to “save the planet,” and when not everybody else is doing it, “That’s not right, and we’re going to force you to not eat garlic. We’re going to force you to not use trans-fats. We’re going to force you to get rid of your Hummer if we have to vandalize it.”They think they’re doing the Lord’s work.In this case, the “lord” is Gaia.Story #7:Feds Warned to Retract Florida Mouse Habitat

RUSH: Well, here’s a story that you don’t see much.It is from the PacificLegalFoundation.org.”Federal officials must retract and reconsider their designation of thousands of acres in Florida and Alabama as additional ‘critical habitat’ for the Perdido Key beach mouse — or face a lawsuit. So warns a formal letter mailed to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service last night by attorneys with Pacific Legal Foundation’s Atlantic Center.The PLF-Atlantic Center lawyers represent Florida property owners who have been unable to rebuild after their homes were destroyed by 2004’s Hurricane Ivan, because of new government land use restrictions to ‘protect’ mice. The letter sent yesterday constitutes the ’60 day notice’ that plaintiffs must provide before challenging federal endangered species regulations. If federal officials do not comply with the letter’s request, the property owners plan to file a lawsuit in two months.

“Last October, federal wildlife officials designated 6,200 acres in coastal Alabama and the Florida Panhandle as additional ‘critical habitat’ for three mice, including the Perdido Key beach mouse, that have been listed under the Endangered Species Act.’In short, they ordered a ‘freeze’ on thousands of acres — harming hundreds of homeowners and other property owners — on the basis of slipshod scientific work,’ Fernandez continued. ‘This is why we’re on strong legal ground — and why the feds are staring at a lawsuit if they don’t admit their mistake and go back to the drawing board.'”I don’t think anybody at the fed ever gets worried about a lawsuit, because money is not a problem for them.Even if they lose big, what does it matter?The people involved in this are bureaucrats.They’re not going to have to pay any personal damages or losses if they lose.So I don’t know how intimidated they’re going to be, but it’s typical.Story #8:EU Declares: Men Must Do Housework

RUSH: In news from the European Union, ladies and gentlemen: “Men must take on more household chores for their pay differential over women to disappear, the European Union’s employment chief said on Wednesday in an appeal to all males in the bloc.The European Commission said in a report that women in the 27-nation EU earned 15 percent less than men, measured by gross hourly wages, against 17 percent in 1995, showing little progress on indirect sexual discrimination in the job market.’There is no sign of any sustainable improvement and this is quite simply unacceptable,’ Employment Commissioner Vladimir Spidla said, adding a pay gap between men and women existed even in the EU’s executive Commission.He said men, regardless of whether they worked full or part-time, contributed seven hours a week of unpaid household work.Women, on the other hand, contributed 35 hours a week if they also had a part-time job and 24 hours a week if employed full-time elsewhere. This made it impossible for them to devote as much time as men to their careers, Spidla said.’So this is an appeal to men: It is not possible to reduce the pay gap if we do not make a greater contribution at home,’ he told a news conference.” This is a news conference!Now, forget for a moment the issue, forget the pay gap, men and women and all that, because this is a cyclical story in the Drive-By Media both here and in the UK.The important thing here is that you have a high government official in the EU telling men what they have to do at home, and how much more of it they have to do in order for there to be equality.This is perfectly illustrative of just who liberals and socialists and big-government types are.Society is just not smart enough to work these kind of things out.The free market does not take care of these horribly unfair discriminatory practices! Why who knew this kind of discrimination was going on even in happy marriages? The Breck Girl is going to jump all over this one.This one is made for the Breck Girl.It won’t be long before his wife goes out and says much the same thing, because she does most of the talking in this campaign.She’s not doing anything at home. (sigh) So she’ll go out there and she can say, “This is the defining women’s issue of our time: poverty, women’s rights in the home.Hillary, she’s working like a man, so she doesn’t have to be at home.”Story #9:The First Ski Resort Victim of Global Warming

RUSH: Ah, this is just rich!This is just rich.A rottenly managed, a poorly managed ski resort in France, a town called Abondance, has shut down, and the people that blew it in running it, they’re blaming global warming.So we have the first ski resort victim of global warming. “Abondance is the French Alps’ first ski station to fall apparent victim to global warming. It will almost certainly not be the last…. Investors are not ready to write off Alpine ski resorts yet, noting how unpredictable weather-dependent investments are. … Restaurant owner Marie-Jane Teninge, 61, blamed bad management for the station’s closure. ‘I am skeptical about global warming. It’s just a matter of cycles,’ she said, adding that she was ready to pay more taxes to keep the station open.” I wouldn’t be surprised the people that run and own this place are a bunch of activists themselves.So anyway, for all intents and purposes, as far as the Drive-Bys are concerned, and this is AP, it’s the first ski resort victim to global warming — and certainly, certainly, certainly is not to be the last, ladies and gentlemen.Story #10:Democrats Aid Radical Islamists, Trial Lawyers

RUSH: News item:”Democrats are trying to pull a provision from a homeland security bill that will protect the public from being sued for reporting suspicious behavior that may lead to a terrorist attack…” This bill was proposed by Peter King, and it was in the aftermath of the flying imams, those six of them that got on an airplane in Minneapolis and started behaving in a manner similar to what was reported on the flights on 9/11.So some passengers and flight crew reported ’em, and the imams threatened to sue the airline and the passengers and all that.So they introduced this legislation that would protect the public from being sued for reporting suspicious behavior.But the government itself is telling us to do this.”Be vigilant out there! Keep an eye out! Keep a sharp eye out for suspicious behavior!”Now, the Democrats are trying to take this out.”This legislation moves to a House and Senate conference committee this afternoon and will implement final recommendations from the 9/11 Commission, and Peter King said, ‘Democrats are trying to find any technical excuse to keep immunity out of the language of the bill to protect citizens who, in good faith, report suspicious activity to the cops or law enforcement.It’s a slap in the face of good citizens who do their patriotic duty and come forward and it caves in to radical Islamists.'”It does!What in the world is the benefit to the Democrats of this? The trial lawyers! All right. “How dare you try to limit lawsuits?” is the answer to the question, ladies and gentlemen.The trial lawyers.This is a potential goldmine out there waiting to be raked in.I’m glad you asked.Story #11:Judge Throws Out Valerie Plame’s Lawsuit

RUSH: I want to pass one bit of information.The judge has dismissed Valerie Plame’s lawsuit against members of the Bush administration for leaking her identity.

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Story #1: Junk Food Makes Sea Rats Fat, Infertile

RUSH: Let’s see, “Seagulls fat, ‘infertile’ from fast food.” Seagulls, they’re nothing more than sea rats. Who cares? A seagull is the rat of the sea. “Seagulls, gorging themselves on greasy junk food…” Where is this from? This is Australia. “…are so fat, it’s affecting their reproduction. University of Tasmania researcher Heidi Auman has found that silver gulls feeding on fatty scraps being thrown to them from seaside cafes has caused them to become overweight. Ms. Auman has been comparing city birds to those on the remote Furneaux Islands, off Tasmania’s northeast, as part of her PhD for almost four years. She said the urban gulls were about 10 per cent fatter and had higher cholesterol, which was leading to poor quality eggs and a possible nosedive in their populations.” They’re also the poorest. That’s why they’re eating junk food. Oh, the things that make news.
Story #2: Headline: Clinton Focuses on Female Bonding
RUSH: How about this headline in USA Today: “Clinton Focuses on Female Bonding.” Ha! What a headline! The story is worthless, but I love the headline.
Story #3: Study: They Think Ritalin Stunts Growth
RUSH: Headline: “Ritalin Stunts Growth.” “After three years on the ADHD drug Ritalin, kids are about an inch shorter and 4.4 pounds lighter than their peers, a major U.S. study shows. The symptoms of childhood ADHD — attention deficit hyperactivity disorder — usually get dramatically better soon after kids start taking stimulant drugs. But this benefit may come with a cost, says James Swanson, PhD, director of the Child Development Center at the University of California, Irvine. ‘Yes, there is a growth suppression effect with stimulant ADHD medications,’ Swanson tells WebMD. ‘It is going to occur at the age of treatment, and over three years it will accumulate.’ Whether these kids eventually grow to normal size remains a question. Kids entered the study in 1999 at ages 7 to 9. The current report is a snapshot taken three years later. The 10-year results — when the kids are at their adult height — won’t be in for two more years. ‘The big question now is whether there is any effect on these kids’ ultimate height,’ Swanson says. ‘We don’t know if by the time they are 18 they will regain the height.'”

It was last week or two weeks ago we had a story on Americans are getting shorter. Tall people are becoming rarer, and they attributed that to what? Global warming, didn’t they? What was the reason Americans are getting shorter? Oh, that’s right, the measure of health in society is what it was. Yeah, we’re getting more obese, we’re getting wider, we’re getting shorter, not as tall, and so forth. Now we know one of the factors may be Ritalin. See, this is a great illustration. We’ve got this story that says they think that taking Ritalin stunts growth, and they won’t know for sure, because they’ve only studied age seven through nine.
Story #4: Climate Report Release Coincides with Floods
RUSH: From Reuters: “Human activities that spur global warming are largely to blame for changes in rainfall patterns over the last century, according to climate researchers today. The report is released as record rains cause deadly flooding in Britain and China.” What a coincidence! They released a report when there are deadly rains in China and in Britain! “‘For the first time, climate scientists have clearly detected the human fingerprint on changing global precipitation patterns over the past century.’ Researchers from Environment Canada said in a statement. Writing in the journal Nature, they found humans contributed significantly to these changes which include more snow that included Canada Russia and Europe, dryer conditions in the northern tropic and more rainfall in the southern tropics.” Now, human activities that spur global warming largely to blame for changes in rainfall patterns over the last century? Really? Well, what the hell were human beings doing back in the days when Noah had to build a damn ark? Tell it to Noah. They don’t know enough about precipitation patterns, because they can’t even study it accurately because they don’t know how much falls each and every day. It’s another part of the hoax.

Now, when they say human fingerprint, they actually mean the fingerprint of warming, which is assumed to be due to mankind. I got a note from Roy Spencer, University of Alabama in Huntsville, who, as you know, has appeared on the program. He’s a climatologist and a specialist in this, and he specializes in precipitation. He sent me a note, he said, “Weather-wise, the reason these floods are taking place, they’re being attributed to the jet stream being much farther south than usual, which is the same as saying cold air has been farther south than usual.” Well, there’s not supposed to be colder air with global warming.

I lived in Sacramento back in the mid-eighties, as you know. There was a huge flood out there one year, huge flood. Nobody was talking about global warming then. Everybody was saying, “Yep, hundred-year flood.” Everybody knows floods like this happen. They have happened since the beginning of time. They are, of course, weather-related but the audacity to say that the human fingerprint is on these floods now, is audacious. It is not scientific. It is purely political. It’s just the jet stream being further south. Now, if somebody can explain to me — and I’m open to this — if somebody can explain to me what humans are doing to move the jet stream, I would love to hear it. I want to know how we’re doing it, because if we’re doing it, then we ought to be able to stop it, or reverse it. If the jet stream is too far south, then we ought to be able to move it back to where it, quote, unquote, ought to be, which is further north. It’s chilly in a lot of places. I’ve been checking weather on my iPhone. It’s barely 70 degrees in New York City today. This is July 23rd.

In the Midwest, where it ought to be nearing a hundred degrees in places like Kansas City and St. Louis, it’s nowhere near it. A cold front moved through the south last week. It was colder in parts of Alabama last week than they can remember it being this at time of year ever. But that, too, is because of global warming, the jet stream and so forth. But, again, if we’re causing it, ladies and gentlemen, we can correct it. We can stop it.
Story #5: 9th Circus Halts Shell Oil’s Arctic Drilling

RUSH: “A federal appeals court has ordered Shell Oil to stop its exploratory drilling off the north coast of Alaska until a hearing in August. The order from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit blocks the February approval by the federal Minerals Management Service of Shell’s offshore exploration plan for the Beaufort Sea. Vessels currently located in the area shall cease all operations performed in furtherance of that program and need not depart the area,” said the Ninth Circus. “Opponents contend that the Minerals Management Service approved Shell’s plan without fully considering that a large spill would harm marine mammals, including bowhead and beluga whales. They say polar bears could also be harmed, and they question whether cleaning up a sizable spill would even be possible in the icy waters.”

So here we are, the same damn people demanding energy independence standing in the way of drilling that an oil company, Shell, had been granted the right to do. The Ninth Circus, they are the most overturned appellate court at the US Supreme Court, but this is not anywhere near the US Supreme Court. What do you think the odds are that Shell will ever get the right to drill back, now that they’ve been ordered to be suspended? Slim to none and slim has left town, as they say.

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Story #1: Loose Dykes Spur China Flood Fears

RUSH: Try this headline: “Loose dykes spur China flood fears.” This is why we call them “levees” in this country. “Hundreds of sections of embankments along China’s third-longest river have become loose, threatening the homes of millions of people after three weeks of deadly floods across the country, state media said on Tuesday.” More rains in the forecast and the dikes are loose. Everybody is saying, “Whoa, this is incredible, global warming. It’s horrible out there.” The UK floods and now this China flood. I did a little research. Do you know there was a great flood in China in 1931? Well, you do now, Rachel, because I, El Rushbo, have so informed you. It was caused by a typhoon. They call hurricanes typhoons over there, and it was estimated, they didn’t have categories back then, but it was estimated to be a category five typhoon. The flood, in 1931 in China, killed three to four million people. Dykes that held back the Yellow River for centuries failed. Of course, dykes in a communist country, what can you expect? But that flood, 1931, remains the deadliest natural disaster ever recorded. Whatever is happening in China today is pretty bad, but it doesn’t compare. And guess what? I have a website here.

It just so happened that Charles Lindbergh was there. He took pictures from his airplane. He helped with delivering aid. So there is photo evidence of this. It’s just typical. Everybody’s historical perspective begins with the day they were born. The human condition is such, the way we’re built, is that every generation believes that things have never been worse during its time. Every generation thinks that things are going to get worse, they’re going to get bad, and they’ve never been worse, and that’s because history and history education is inept. Oh, yeah. There was a story last week that Great Britain itself, the island of Great Britain was created by a flood, glacier activity and so forth, and it eventually receded, and that gave us Great Britain. We’re talking gazillions of years ago here, folks, long before there was any global warming threat, man-made, what have you.

PHOTOS: The Forgotten Flood, as Seen by Charles Lindbergh
Story #2: Former Club Gitmo Detainee Explodes
RUSH: Try this headline. This disturbs me for reasons that you will soon understand. “Former Guantanamo detainee blows himself up.” Now, we had a capture. We had a guy captured at Club Gitmo, and we released him. He took up arms alongside the Taliban after he was released from detention at Club Gitmo. He has blown himself up to avoid recapture, this according to Pakistani security forces. “Abdullah Mehsud killed himself with a hand grenade after he was cornered by troops at a house in the south-western Pakistani town of Zhob. He was wanted for the kidnapping of two Chinese engineers in 2004. ‘My information is that (he) killed himself,’ said Atta Mohammed, the head of the police in Zhob. ‘Thanks be to God that only he was blown up and our men were safe.'”

This is bad for business here at Club Gitmo. We’re running a thriving licensed merchandise business down there, and it’s how to get rest and relaxation from jihad but this guy was so terrified he had to go back down there, blew himself up. What, Mr. Snerdley? I know they released him. I know they released him at the height of all of the attention on all the torture and so forth going on at Club Gitmo. It is good illustration of the kind of people that are down there and why they shouldn’t be released, but we did under pressure.
Story #3: Study: Statin Benefits May Be Offset by Cancer
RUSH: All right, here’s today’s medical update. For those of you who take statins, medicine to lower your cholesterol, the heart benefits of taking statin drugs to reduce cholesterol may be offset by a slightly increased risk of cancer, although the evidence is by no means clear, US scientists said today. “A new pooled or meta-analysis of past studies involving 41,000 patients on statins found one additional incident of cancer per one thousand patients with low levels of LDL, or bad cholesterol, compared to those with higher LDL. The results will be published in the July 31st issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Dr. Richard Karas, professor of medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston…” I remember, they did a study at Tufts once. Yes, was back in the seventies. I kid you not. They did a study at Tufts. The lower the bust size, the higher the IQ, and vice versa. I remember that. Anyway, “the Tufts University School of Medicine research stressed that the association did not prove statins caused the increase in cancer risk but didn’t disapprove it, either. The demonstrated benefits of statins in lowering the risk of heart disease remain clear. However, certain aspects of lowering the bad cholesterol with statins remain controversial and merit further research, she said in a statement.” It’s a risk of a risk. I don’t think they know anything. I don’t even know what they’re talking about. They’re just throwing out these things here, “May do this, might not do that, could do that, maybe won’t do that. Well, be careful, we think we do see this but we can’t be sure. We are experts. We are scientists.”

“These current findings provide insufficient evidence that there’s any problem with LDL lowering that outweighs its…” well, so what’s the point of the story? If the current findings say that there’s no evidence or insufficient evidence that taking a statin increases your cancer risk, why do the story? “One possibility is that the higher cancer risk in patients with low LDL reflects the fact they live longer and are therefore more likely to develop cancer.” All right, so they don’t know beans. They put it out here, scare everybody half to death. There isn’t a pill that you take that doesn’t have some impact on you, because the liver metabolizes everything.
Story #4: Latest Scare: Diet Soda Might Kill You
RUSH: We have another health story here, another “it’s going to kill you if you keep doing it.” This study says that diet soda is linked to heart risks. “People who drank more than one diet soda each day developed the same risks for heart disease as those who downed sugary regular soda, suggests…” get this “…a large but inconclusive study.” So once again, why do this? Why report it? Last hour we reported that the statins that you take lowering your cholesterol might cause cancer, but they’re not sure. Studies are inconclusive. So is this one. “The results surprised the researchers who expected to see a difference between regular and diet soda drinkers. It could be, they suggest, that even no-calorie sweet drinks increase the craving for more sweets, and that people who indulge in sodas probably have less healthy diets overall. The study’s senior author, Dr. Vasan Ramachandran, emphasized the findings don’t show diet sodas are a cause of increased heart disease risks. But he said they show a surprising link that must be studied.”

In both of these instances, folks, what you have here is two things combined into one. You have a Drive-By Media with a story that gets to keep you in chaos and fear and scared that you’re going to die, and that leads you to demanding international or national universal health coverage. Then the second aspect is you’ve got a bunch of researchers here that are begging for more money from some agency of the federal government to keep investigating this surprising discovery that might need to increased risk of cancer. Why, we can’t have that. “A nutrition expert dismissed the study’s findings on diet soda drinkers. ‘There’s too much contradictory evidence that shows that diet beverages are healthier for you in terms of losing weight that I would not put any credence to the result on the diet (drinks),’ said Barry Popkin, of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, who has called for cigarette-style surgeon general warnings about the negative health effects of soda.”
Story #5: McDonald’s Posts Loss, Liberals Cheer
RUSH: By the way, I just see here that McDonald’s has posted its second ever loss. McDonald’s, an American institution. Liberals today happy, another American institution losing money. Why do you think this happened? A negative, never ending drumbeat of how all that stuff is going to kill you and kill your kids.
Story #6: Starbucks Raises Prices on Designer Coffee
RUSH: Bad news for the libs again: “Starbucks Corp will raise U.S. prices on coffee, lattes…” How do you pronounce that? It is “lat-tay” or “lot”? Latte. Good. I got it right the first time. Even when I think I’m wrong, I’m right. I’ve never had a latte. I’ve never been inside a Starbucks. I’ve never been inside one. It’s not an active decision that I have made not to go inside a Starbucks, I’ve just never been there. Coffee is not a destination. Coffee is just not a destination. I drink it where I am.

Let’s see. Starting here at the beginning because I was rudely interrupted by unbelieving staff: “Starbucks Corp will raise U.S. prices on coffee, lattes and other drinks by an average of 9 cents a cup next week to help offset soaring costs for milk and other commodities…” Well, what happens if you order it black? Is it going to cost nine cents less? “The widely anticipated move marks Starbucks’ second price increase in less than a year and comes a month after the coffee shop chain’s chief financial officer warned it would be ‘very challenging’ for Starbucks to meet the high end of its 2007 earnings forecast, in part because of rising dairy prices,” which is no doubt because of global warming. “U.S. milk prices have soared recently amid strong global demand for dairy products and higher production costs. ‘We’re always looking at the business costs, and given the rising cost environment in which we operate, we think this is an appropriate time,’ spokesman Brandon Borrman said. The increase will vary by drink and by market, but will average out to about 9 cents a cup, Borrman said. Starbucks’ last price rise of about 5 cents per drink went into effect in October.”

Well, I’m terribly disappointed. These people are not supposed to be earning profits. This is a liberal outfit, and their customers are big time liberals. I know a lot of non-liberals go in there, too, but let’s face it. This place started in Seattle. Let’s not kid ourselves.
Story #7: Boom Rolls On: Record Airline Profits

RUSH: The economic boom rolls on, ladies and gentlemen. United Airlines’ parent company, UAL Corp. today, reported its biggest quarterly profit in seven years: $274 million. Was it Delta that just reported another over-a-billion-dollar profit? So the boom rolls on, despite the best efforts of the Drive-By Media and the Democrats to convince you otherwise. Yeah, they’ll say it’s a “windfall.” I’ll tell you, there is — I shouldn’t say, but there is — a downside to this. I hear more complaints about flying these days. Delays, all this stuff. They’re making money doing it this way. It ain’t going to change, folks.
Story #8: Blue State Party: Minimum Wage Goes Up

RUSH: Big, big day for the blue states out there today. “The minimum wage goes up 70 cents to 5.85 an hour today. This is the first increase in a decade. It ends the longest period without an increase since the federal minimum wage was enacted in 1938.” If you see any parties being thrown out there in the blue states, let me know. I would assume that this is something they would be celebrating.
Story #9: Woman Sues Over Con-Ed Steam Pipe

RUSH: “A woman whose sister died in the Sept. 11 attacks filed a lawsuit over last week’s steam pipe eruption in Manhattan, saying Tuesday that the explosion brought back horrible memories. Francine Dorf’s lawsuit accuses Consolidated Edison of negligence, saying the utility didn’t properly maintain the pipe that ruptured outside her office and sent a geyser of steam, mud and asbestos-tainted debris over the neighborhood near Grand Central Terminal. ‘I thought a building was going to collapse,’ said Dorf, 52, a legal secretary. She is seeking unspecified damages. Dorf’s attorney, Kenneth Mollins, said Dorf suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and ‘a legacy of fear’ from the 2001 attacks. He said the lawsuit is intended to force Con Ed to improve maintenance of its infrastructure.” That pipe was 84 years old, if I recall, and 84-year-old things sometimes tend to break.
Story #10: Where Have All the Hurricanes Gone?

RUSH: Get this. All of the Drive-By hammering about Hurricane Katrina and the global warming threats of even stronger hurricanes and more destructive hurricanes — oh, by the way, I meant to tell you about that. There was a piece in the American Spectator, Patrick Michaels, one of my all-time favorite anti-global warming scientists — well, anti-manmade global warming scientists — wrote a piece challenging this notion that hurricanes are more destructive than ever before, because that’s what the global warming crowd wants to say. He says there’s a little trick that they’re planning and the trick that they’re planning is to leave out certain economic realities. He said the simple fact of the matter is that Americans love the beach. They love building near the water. But guess what? It’s expensive, because there isn’t much of it, and there’s not going to be any more of it. I mean dirt’s dirt. You live on an island, you develop the island, and that’s it. You have to buy what’s there if you want something because there’s nothing undeveloped on these places, south, Gulf coast and all that. So people are buying larger places, they’re buying more of them, and of course if they happen to get knocked down and destroyed, the damage total is going to be pretty high, even though the hurricanes are no more destructive than they have been. In fact, Galveston hurricane and some of the others, when you factor in inflation, are far more destructive than Hurricane Katrina was.

Just a little aside. “About one in three people living in southern coastal areas,” which would include us here at the EIB Southern Command, “say that they would ignore hurricane evacuation orders if a storm threatened their community. That’s up from about one in four last year. “The survey found the most common reasons for not evacuating were the same ones that topped last year’s Harvard University poll: People believe that their homes are safe and well-built, that roads would be too crowded and that fleeing would be dangerous. Slightly more than one in four also said they would be reluctant to leave behind a pet. ‘It just shows how people can become complacent if they’re not immediately threatened,’ said Robert Blendon, the Harvard professor who directed the survey. Residents were asked how worried they are about hurricanes, what supplies they have in their homes, how confident they are about being rescued and how else they had prepared for possible storms. The poll found 78 percent felt prepared if a major hurricane struck their community in the next six months.”

Well, folks, this is horrible news for the Drive-By Media. The Drive-Bys have been trying to scare every one of us. By the way, where are the hurricanes? If we’re going to have all these 17 or 19 storms they predicted we gotta get started here pretty soon. We’re almost to August. Where are they? Of course, they’ve come up with the excuse, “Well, there’s dust from the Sahara Desert that’s in the air, it’s preventing the…” It’s like the dog ate my homework excuse. So the Drive-Bys have been trying to scare everybody about oncoming hurricanes and it’s not working. We find more evidence of the waning influence of the Drive-Bys every day. In a companion story from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, “New hurricane program goes for a spin. — It stands like a sentry, on the lookout for tempests around the clock. Yet until this year, South Florida’s primary weather Doppler radar had been unable to detect the most dreaded of tropical storms: those that explode in strength just before reaching land. Now, the bulbous installation in remote southwestern Miami-Dade County has been enhanced with a new program to better predict a storm’s intensity at the point of impact. That should spur better hurricane preparations and evacuations, officials said.” Well, they may be wasting their money because we’re not going to evacuate. The polls say we’re not leaving.
Story #11: Democrats Killed Secret Dubai Ports Deal
RUSH: You know the Dubai Ports deal? I’ve had this story in the stack for a couple days, because you know me: I love the Dubai Ports deal. This is a story by Bill Gertz at the Washington Times. Rowan Scarborough, who is a former writer at the Washington Times, “has written a new book revealing a key reason the Bush administration pressed hard for” the Dubai Ports Deal. “According to Mr. Scarborough, the administration wanted the deal to go through because the UAE government had agreed to let the United States post agents inside its global port network who could report on world shipping. Dubai Ports currently runs port facilities at key U.S. intelligence targets, including Venezuela, China, Pakistan, India and Saudi Arabia. ‘Dubai Ports, in essence, was going to become an agent of CIA,’ Mr. Scarborough said in an interview. ‘The arrangement is helping us detect whether any kind of terror contraband was being moved around.'” Of course the thing got blown out of the water and never happened. But they had supposedly granted us permission to put agents at all these ports they have around the world so that we can inspect and spy and see what was happening there, while the Democrats were out there caterwauling about, “We don’t have the ports secure! We don’t have the ports secure.” The Bush administration had found a way but apparently didn’t want to make that public is the reason.

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Story #1: Anger Management Teacher Attacks Wife

RUSH: This from Gary Indiana, not far from Chicago: “An anger management instructor is charged with domestic battery after his wife accused him of grabbing and beating her during an argument.” Ha! I’m not laughing because of what he did, just that an anger management guy loses his temper. “Reverend Robert Nichols has taught anger management classes for defendants in Gary City Court for several years. His contract has been suspended while the charge against him is pending.” This according to Gary City Court Judge Deidre Monroe.
Story #2: Arrest for Shooting Stray Cats with BB Gun

RUSH: From Indianapolis, another sad, sad story of animal abuse, ladies and gentlemen: “Neighbors of an east-side Indianapolis man are sympathizing with him after he was charged with a felony on suspicion of shooting stray cats with a BB gun. Police and animal care and control officers went to his home July 7 after someone reported he had shot a stray kitten. The man, 67, admitted he shot that kitten and other stray cats because they had become a nuisance and he wanted to lower the neighborhood’s stray-cat population, according to police. The kitten died…” Meanwhile, the city of Indianapolis euthanized 4,800 cats last year, but this guy gets a felony. There goes his NFL career.
Story #3: Promising Storm System Won’t Develop
RUSH: By the way, you know, folks, just got a heads up from a friend. There is a burgeoning — well, what would you call it? There’s a system, a weather system in the southwest Gulf of Mexico, and looking at it out there, got it here on the satellite photo, and as a frequent observer of hurricanes since I’ve lived here in Florida, it looks really promising for development. The people in Alabama would love it because they’re in a drought. However, I checked. The National Hurricane Center says nothing about it. There’s a wind shear effect that is ripping the top off of this storm. It’s just not going to develop. It’s a very disappointing thing to the Drive-Bys, very disappointing for the global warming industry, but it looks like there’s too much wind shear now for any development of this system.
Story #4: New York Times Leads Surge for Defeat
RUSH: New York Times editorial here today: “No Exit Strategy.” The way I would characterize this editorial is: “The surge for defeat begins, and quickly.” They don’t have too much time here — no time to lose. “The war plan drawn up by Gen. David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker simply assumes that a large-scale United States military presence in Iraq will continue for at least two more years. So much for Mr. Bush’s soothing incantations about a relatively short-term ‘surge’ of additional troops.” So they think Bush lied. “Even more unrealistically, the plan assumes that with two more years of an American blank check, Iraqi politicians will somehow decide to take responsibility for their political future — something they’ve refused to do for the last four years.” Yeah, let’s bring up that political progress. All of a sudden that’s so suddenly necessary. It didn’t matter a hill of beans when the security was not working.
Story #5: Who Should Decide When We Should Leave?

RUSH: There was a poll, Washington Post/ABC poll, yesterday, and it just dovetails great with this New York Times editorial. It was a splendid illustration of absurdity. We’re at war, and many of us want to win. But some of us want to quit; some of us want to lose; some are eager for the United States to lose. The key poll question should not be, “When or how or do we leave?” It should be, “Should we win or should we quit?” That would be a more accurate representation of people and their attitudes in this country. But check this question in this Washington Post poll: “Who should decide when we leave Iraq?” Now, the answer: the president, 31%, the Congress, 62%. That is stunning to me.

Another question. “Do you think Bush is or is not willing enough to change his administration’s policies in Iraq?” Well, how about this as a better question: “Do you think the Democrats in Congress are playing politics with the war?” The template and the action line is, “We have to get out,” and so you go take a poll: “Who should decide when we leave?” It’s not, “Should we win or should we lose?” Somebody ought to ask that question — a responsible pollster ought to ask that.

Anyway, you’ve got this 62% who say in the Washington Post poll that the Congress should decide. Frankly, I don’t think we have that many stupid people in this country. I just don’t believe it! Congress has the full authority to de-fund the war — that’s how we got out of Vietnam. But they don’t have the guts to pull the trigger on that. I don’t really think this is a measure of true public opinion. I think this is a measure of liberal spin and Drive-By Media repetition. It’s a measure of ignorance of Constitution, tragic lack of classes in civics. For those of you who number yourselves in the 62% that Congress should decide when we leave… Psst! The president is the commander-in-chief! The Constitution grants him that authority! Congress doesn’t have it, you idiots!

Well, that’s a good point, Snerdley. I want to apologize for just now whispering that some of you people are idiots for not understanding the constitutional delegation of power to the president, commander-in-chief, because I realize that some of you may not even know what the hell the Constitution is. So sorry.
Story #6: General Electric Launches Green Credit Card

RUSH: Here’s a story. This is in the Financial Times: “General Electric will today try to burnish its environmental credentials with the launch of the first US credit card aimed at encouraging consumers to curb polluting activities. The move is part of GE’s plan to have $20 billion in green sales by 2010. It comes as a number of financial institutions look to tap into US citizens’ increased awareness of climate change. Bank of America, the second largest US bank, plans to introduce a similar card this year,” along with their Bank of Amigo card for illegal immigrants. “The card would offer carbon offsets, credits bought by companies and individuals to cancel out the negative effects of their activities on the climate.”

Boy, what a scam. What an absolute scam! People ask me, “Rush, how is this scam being perpetrated? Why is it that major American corporations, like GE here, are trying to get in on this?” Folks, they recognize it as a marketing opportunity. They are reacting. You see, they believe that the majority of the American people, the majority of you think that there is manmade global warming, and they’re scared to death. The one thing a company (other than the news business) will not do is alienate customers — they just won’t do it. I mean, if the customers think the sky is black in the middle of the day, they’ll find a way to market products to those people. As I’ve said before, the news business the only business that takes pride in alienating its customers.
Story #7: The Prius Is the New Ribbon That Shows You Care
RUSH: There is a great, great column today in the Washington Post, and it is by one of our old buddies here, Robert Samuelson. It’s called “Prius Politics — My younger son calls the Toyota Prius a ‘hippie car,'” writes Mr. Samuelson, “and he has a point. Not that Prius drivers are hippies. Toyota says that typical buyers are 54 and have incomes of $99,800; 81 percent are college graduates. But, like hippies, they’re making a loud lifestyle statement: We’re saving the planet; what are you doing? This helps explain why the Prius so outsells the rival Honda Civic Hybrid. Both have similar base prices, about $22,000, and fuel economy … But Prius sales in the first half of 2007 totaled 94,503, nearly equal to all of 2006. Civic sales were only 17,141, up 7.4 percent from 2006. The Prius’s advantage is its distinct design, which announces its owners as environmentally virtuous. It’s a fashion statement.”

If I might add, it’s like wearing one of those awareness ribbons. “Meanwhile, the Civic hybrid can’t be distinguished by appearance from the polluting, gas-guzzling mob. The Prius,” writes Mr. Samuelson, “is, I think, a parable for the broader politics of global warming. Prius politics is mostly about showing off, not curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Politicians pander to ‘green’ constituents who want to feel good about themselves. Grandiose goals are declared. But measures to achieve them are deferred — or don’t exist. But it’s respectable make-believe. Schwarzenegger made the covers of Time and Newsweek. The press laps this up; ‘green’ is the new ‘yellow journalism,’ says media critic Jack Shafer. Naturally, there’s a bandwagon effect. At least 35 states have ‘climate action plans.’ None of this will reduce global greenhouse gas emissions from present levels.”

It’s “Prius politics” to say your “state will cut greenhouse emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 … and is aiming for an 80 percent reduction below 1990 levels by 2050. However, the policies to reach these goals haven’t yet been formulated; that task has been left to the California Air Resources Board. … [T]he chances of reaching it are zero.” It isn’t going to happen. But your taxes are going to be collected to try to make it happen — make no mistake. “The government’s support for ethanol is instructive. In 2006, 20 percent of the U.S. corn crop went for ethanol; the share is rising. Driven by demand for feed and fuel, corn prices have soared. With food costs increasing, inflation has worsened. The program is mostly an income transfer from consumers to producers and ethanol refiners. Americans’ oil use and greenhouse gas output haven’t declined,” because of Ethanol. “Meanwhile, Prius politics is a delusional exercise in public relations that, while not helping the environment, might hurt the economy.” It’s like Douglas MacArthur said once: Old hippies never die; they just ride around in Prius hybrids.

To sum it up, the Prius outsells the Honda Civic five to one. Same base price, almost the same specs, but the Prius looks like it’s something out of the Jetsons, and the Honda Civic looks like the standard old run-of-the-mill car. So it’s not a status symbol. The Prius is a status symbol for aging hippies who want to tell everybody: “I care. What are you doing?”
Story #8: Air Travel Alert Raises Eyebrows

RUSH: Have you seen the story? I’m sure you have. “Police across the country should be on the lookout for what could be “dry runs” for a terrorist attack, the Transportation Security Administration advised after series of suspicious incidents occurred at U.S. airports… In one case last September, a couple in Baltimore, Maryland, checked a plastic bag with a block of processed cheese taped to another plastic bag containing a cell phone charger. Earlier this month in San Diego, California, a passenger checked a bag containing two ice packs covered in duct tape. The ice packs had clay in them instead of the normal blue gel.”

So they’re thinking that potential terrorists are out there conducting dry runs. Now, we all know this can’t be true. We know that TSA has to be overreacting here. I mean, “Terrorism is a bumper sticker. There is no war on terror.” These are just some pranks. Don’t worry about it, folks! It’s another one of these crisis things trying to get you all worried for no reason.

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Story #1: How Much Would Oprah Make If She Was White?

RUSH: Oprah Winfrey — I didn’t get around to mentioning this yesterday — earned $260 million last year. That’s more than a quarter of a billion dollars, for those of you in Rio Linda. We can only wonder, ladies and gentlemen, how much more would she have earned if she were not African-American. Well, we’re such a racist country, Mr. Snerdley. How much more would she have earned were she white? You have to wonder about these things.

By the way, nobody was even close to her on television. The next closest was Simon Cowell. I don’t watch American Idol. He was next at $45 million. Then you have the TV anchors in there. I think Katie Couric was next at $15 million, and then Charlie Gibson and the rest of the guys. Whenever we hear of the salaries and the total compensation packages of big-time CEOs, the Drive-Bys always tell us what the janitors at ExxonMobil are making, or what the secretaries are making, some of the underlings. I wonder, wouldn’t it be interesting to know what Oprah’s producers make? Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson’s underlings make?
Story #2: Heroic Story About Ankle Biting Chihuahua
RUSH: Here’s a little dog story. Chihuahuas took the rap in the earlier hour, but I have a heartwarming story here about a Chihuahua, an ankle biter. This is from Masonville, Colorado. “When a rattlesnake lunged at her owner’s one-year-old grandson, Zoey the Chihuahua was a real bulldog. Booker West was splashing his hands in a bird bath in his grandparents’ northern Colorado backyard when the snake slithered up to the toddler, rattled, and struck. Five-pound Zoey, jumped in the way and took the bites. She got in between Booker and the snake, and that’s when I heard her yip. The dog required treatment and for a time it appeared she might not survive. Now she prances about.” Heartwarming story.
Story #3: Cute Cat Predicts Nursing Home Deaths
RUSH: By the way, have you seen the story about that cat? People think this particular cat at a nursing home knows when residents of the home are going to pass away; it gets up on their beds and cuddles up before they die. This is definitely a cat you do not want around you.
Story #4: NY Times Op-Ed: Let’s Stack the Court
RUSH: You know, folks, I’m sitting here, I have an op-ed piece from the New York Times today by Jean Edward Smith, author most recently of the book “FDR.” It’s just amazing the agenda items that come slithering out of the shadows when the Democrats and the liberals believe they have a chance to win a presidential election. The author begins, “When a majority of Supreme Court justices adopt a manifestly ideological agenda, it plunges the court into the vortex of American politics. If the Roberts court has entered voluntarily what Justice Felix Frankfurter once called the ‘political thicket,’ it may require a political solution to set it straight. The framers of the Constitution did not envisage the Supreme Court as arbiter of all national issues.” I can’t believe a liberal is saying that! “As Chief Justice John Marshall made clear in Marbury v. Madison, the court’s authority extends only to legal issues.” Yeah, maybe. Anyway, this piece is entitled, “Stacking the Court,” and her suggestion — or his — I don’t know. I never heard of this person. Jean Edward Smith? You got a female first name and a male middle name. So I have no clue here what the gender is. John Edwards probably knows this person. But I don’t.

But the idea here: stack the court. They say there’s no reason we only have to have nine, we could have 11 justices. A Democrat president could add two more justices, and I believe we just do it, you have 11, and that way we could overwrite this ideological nature of the court, as though the libs are not ideological. This is the thing that amazes me. They think they’re not ideological. They’re just what is. The Roberts court, why, why, it’s adopted a manifestly ideological agenda? Smith says, “If the current five-man majority persists in thumbing its nose at popular values, the election of a Democratic president and Congress could provide a corrective. It requires only a majority vote in both houses to add a justice or two. Chief Justice John Roberts and his conservative colleagues might do well to bear in mind that the roll call of presidents who have used this option includes not just Roosevelt but also Adams, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln and Grant.”

So they’re slithering out of the woodwork, folks, and they’re telling us exactly who they are. They’re so brimming with confidence that they’re going to win the next election that they’re not even worried here about hiding behind camouflage or masks anymore. They’re telling us who they are. After they get done reinstituting the Fairness Doctrine, Jean Edward Smith advocates in today’s Times a little Supreme Court packing. And he/she should know all about it as expert on FDR! But the times are different now because the libs are desperate, and so the court is everything to them. I don’t care whether it would work or not, that’s not the point of the discussion here. It’s that they’re coming out of the woodwork and saying this is what they want to do. So listen up! They will do whatever they have to do to rid this country of any vestige of conservatism. This is why I get so frustrated when I listen to Republicans that want to make halfway deals with these people and go along with them. It’s like the minimum wage; we gave them their 70 cents an hour, but it’s not enough and they’re coming back for more. You can’t compromise with these people. They have to be defeated.
Story #5: Stock Market Drops, Drive-Bys Love It
RUSH: By the way, stock market is down about 400 points right now because of some housing news and other things, and of course the Drive-Bys cannot wait to do stories on it tonight. Experts will be brought in, “What’s wrong, what’s happening to the economy, how is Bush destroying it today?” They didn’t say a word about the market when it got up to 14,000 — they ignored it. They ignored it when it was at 13,500, they ignored it when it was 13,000 — they didn’t care a whit about it. And, of course, when they did comment on it, it was to say, “Well, it’s good for Wall Street, but it’s horrible for mainstream. The little guy is not helped by this.” But now they can’t wait. They’re already doing promos for their nighttime programs on focusing on what’s happening in the stock market, what goes wrong, when in fact the stock market has nearly doubled in, what, five years, from 7200, over 14,000. This is a little blip. It happens, but it will get back up. They are hoping that this becomes a big crash, that this just bottoms out, and that’s why they’re going to focus on it now — so they can get you worried about it and pull you out of the market, too.
Story #6: 57% Approve of George W. Bush, the Person
RUSH: A Bipartisan Battleground poll: 57% of Americans approve of George W. Bush as a person. The question was. “Whether you approve or disapprove of the way he’s handling his [gig], what is your impression of George W. Bush as a person?” 57% percent approve, 35% disapprove.

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Story #1: New York Times Questions Its Own Poll
RUSH: All right, remember earlier in the week we had a story on a CBS/New York Times poll that said that support for the initial invasion of Iraq had shockingly, surprisingly, unbelievably increased. We reported this, and we couldn’t believe the New York Times reported it. They, as it turns out, couldn’t believe they reported it, either. There is a story today in the Times by Janet Elder entitled, “The Story Behind a Polling Mystery. — The war in Iraq is the single most important ongoing news story right now,” she writes. “Public opinion about the war is a critical part of that story. That’s why when we had a poll finding about the war that we could not explain, we went back and did another poll on the very same subject. We wanted to make sure we had gotten it right. It turns out we had gotten it right. Support for the initial invasion of Iraq, as measured by a question The New York Times/CBS News poll has asked since December 2003, increased modestly compared to two months ago.”

So the Times, “We don’t understand this.” They did the poll, people were supportive of the initial invasion. It was a mystery to them. So they went back, and people were still supportive of the war when they did it a second time. I’m sure now the Times is worried that maybe the template’s not working. Maybe the action line simply isn’t working.
Story #2: Rudy “Most Electable” Republican Candidate
LINKS: Battleground Poll || Washington Post-ABC Poll

RUSH: “Among the 2008 presidential hopefuls, the Battleground poll shows that Rudy remains the most electable candidate for Republicans, even if Fred Thompson decides to get in the race.” That’s from Celinda Lake, the Democrat, who does the respected Battleground Poll with the Republican, Ed Goeas. A Washington-Post-ABC News poll fond the same results, with Rudy leading in electability.
Story #3: Cynicism on Rise Amid Great Prosperity
LINKS: Washington Times || Battleground Poll

RUSH: Here’s a story from the Washington Times today by Elizabeth Miller. “Cynicism about American politics has risen sharply in recent months, according to a new poll that finds…” look at all the polls that constitute news. How many stories today are poll-driven and then treated as news? “Cynicism about American politics has risen sharply in recent months, according to a new poll that finds growing numbers of voters feel the country is headed in the wrong direction and that fewer think politicians can fix the problem.” Hell, that’s good news! That means people are waking up. They are understanding the ineffectiveness of large government and bureaucracy. “More than two-thirds of likely voters, 71%, say that their member of Congress puts party politics ahead of them.”

These are the George Washington University Battleground 2008 Poll numbers along the same lines This is Ed Goeas and Celinda Lake, again. (She’s a Democrat; he’s a Republican.) It’s well-known, bipartisan poll. It was released yesterday. “Found that 70% of voters said the country is on the wrong track, 58% feeling strongly about it. Only 32% of voters think that their children will be better off than they are now. That’s a drop of seven percentage points since January,” which is actually very sad because they’re wrong. Frankly, with illegal immigration running amuck, I can understand how some people might think that your children’s future will not be as bright as your life, as it is today. “Cynicism may be the hot new political trend the politicians are going to have to fight against,” said Brian Tringali, vice president of the group that did the poll. “People hold such a cynical view of how things are run in Washington, that they’re going to have to try double hard.” What is so surprising about people being cynical about what’s happening in Washington, particularly after the immigration debate? What a debacle. This is great news. People have woken up. I predicted this. This is gonna be a great opportunity to illustrate to people the folly and the ineffectiveness, the unresponsiveness, the arrogance, the elitism of big government and the elites that populate it.

I think some of this is pretty positive news, but it does distress me. I understand the immigration aspect of this, but it does distress me that so many people, in the midst of the greatest prosperity the human race has ever known, think that for the first time their kids won’t do as well as they have done. That is something that the cynics and the doom-and-gloomers keep hoping for, they want to be able to discredit capitalism as an unfair mechanism for distributing resources and riches and so forth. But it hasn’t been the case. A simple historical examination of the economic performance of this country, the technological advances, the inventions that have improved our standards of living always gets better, and it always will. Every day in America is better than the day before. I’ve known this since I was ten. That’s why I always wanted to be older. And I’ve been right. Every year’s been better than the previous, for me.

Story #4: Congratulations, State of Texas

RUSH: I want to congratulate the state of Texas here, ladies and gentlemen. For the first time in at least a decade, Texas was declared drought free yesterday. Yes. John Nielsen-Gammon, Texas climatologist, professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas A&M, said, “We’ve gotten so much rain this year we pretty much made up for the past few years’ drought conditions in several areas of the state.’ There has been so much rain in fact that flooding has become a problem in some areas. Many farmers are struggling to salvage crops that remain under water. At least 16 deaths have been blamed on heavy rain since mid-June and property damage been widespread. The US drought monitor connected with the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration shows severe or extreme drought conditions in part of the southeast, much of the west, but Texas and most of the nation’s midsection is now drought free.” Hubba hubba hubba! Geat news!Thank God for global warming!Global warming comes along, causes Noah-like floods, but it ends the drought. You have to look at this as great news.
Story #5: Ethics Bill Threatens House Spouses

RUSH: I read this story. I feel so sad. “House members are complaining that their spouses could lose their jobs, their family incomes could drop and, perhaps, the entire pattern of their family lives could change if an ethics reform bill just passed by the House becomes law. The bill would bar campaigns from employing a lawmaker’s spouse. Its backers argue that employing a spouse creates an implicit conflict of interest, tempting lawmakers to overpay and tipping off contributors that some of their largesse will go directly to the lawmaker’s family. But what seems an obvious conflict to some is a way of life to others. Rhonda Rohrabacher has 3-year-old triplets and a work-at-home job as campaign manager to her husband, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.). She made $57,000 in the 2006 election cycle, according to a recent report by the liberal watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.” Oh, CREW. Screw them.

“Under the proposed ban, Rhonda Rohrabacher would be out of a job. ‘It’s gonna hurt me,’ Rep. Rohrabacher said. ‘My family would be deprived of that income. I think it’s baloney. I think it’s just a way of not having to look at issues by making it a personal matter.’ … Rep. Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) paid his wife, Patricia, $110,000 in the last election cycle to do fundraising and prepare campaign finance reports.” Are there any Democrats mentioned in this? I can’t find any Democrats mentioned in this. I wonder why with CREW behind this. Wasn’t CREW behind the Mark Foley thing? This is probably the barest tip of the iceberg. You know it is. If the American public had actual knowledge of the incestuous nature of modern politics, there would be a public hanging from every street light once a day. The system was not designed to give whole families employment for decades. Maybe don’t run for office, I don’t know. Solution to the problem.
Story #6: Dems Clamp Down on Clamp Down on Terrorists

RUSH: This is mind-boggling. “The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation on Thursday aimed at clamping down on the government’s collection of telephone and financial records of people it suspects of terrorism or spying.” You heard that right. The House passed legislation aimed at clamping down on the government’s collection of telephone and financial records of people it suspects of terrorism or spying. “By a vote of 281-142, the House approved a law enforcement spending bill for the fiscal year starting on October 1, which the Senate has not yet debated. The White House has warned that President George W. Bush would veto the bill because its overall price tag of $53.5 billion is $2.3 billion more than he requested. … The legislation passed by the House explicitly prohibits the FBI from initiating a national security letter in a way that skirts the law.”

Think back to 9/11, and think back to the immediate aftermath, and everybody was, “Why didn’t you know? Why didn’t the CIA know? Why didn’t the FBI know?” Well, it turns out, they knew a lot. They were able to name these 19 hijackers shortly after the incident. But everybody was, “Why didn’t you know?” And now, after that happens, the same people clamoring for “why didn’t you know,” are trying to stop us from knowing what might be happening in advance. Mind-boggling.
Story #7: GOP Candidates To Skip Snowman Debate
RUSH: “Four days after the Democratic debate in Charleston, S.C., more than 400 questions directed to the GOP presidential field have been uploaded on YouTube — targeted at Republicans scheduled to get their turn at videopopulism on Sept. 17. But so far, only Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) and Rep. Ron Paul (Tex.) have agreed to participate in the debate, co-hosted by Republican Party of Florida in St. Petersburg. ‘Aside from those two candidates, we haven’t heard from anyone else,’ said Sam Feist of CNN, who’s co-sponsoring the debate with the popular videosharing site. Rudolph Giuliani and Mitt Romney, both with dozens of videos on their YouTube channels, have not signed up. Neither have the rest of the Republican candidates, including Rep. Tom Tancredo. … ‘We haven’t committed to any of them yet,’ Madden said. In an interview Wednesday with the Manchester (N.H.) Union Leader, Romney said he’s not a fan of the CNN/YouTube format. Referring to the video of a snowman asking the Democratic candidates about global warming, Romney quipped, ‘I think the presidency ought to be held at a higher level than having to answer questions from a snowman.'”

So it looks like most of the Republicans are not going to participate in the CNN YouTube debate. Guess they don’t want to be questioned by snowmen.
Story #8: Reefer Madness Can Be Real
RUSH: Look at this. It looks like reefer madness is real, or it can be. “Pot Smoking Linked to Psychotic Disorders — Among all cannabis users, including sporadic experimenters and habitual users, the lifetime risk of psychotic illness increased by 40%, according to a study published yesterday. ‘It’s not as if you smoke a joint and you’re going to go crazy,’ said Richard Rawson,” UCLA. He “was not involved in the study,” by the way. “But he cautioned: ‘It’s definitely not a good idea to use heavy amounts of marijuana.’ The researchers found that the risk for psychotic illnesses did appear to increase with dose, suggesting that stopping marijuana use would decrease risk, said coauthor Dr. Stanley Zammit, a psychiatrist at Cardiff University and the University of Bristol in Britain. Psychotic illnesses,” for those of you in Rio Linda, “include schizophrenia and disorders with such symptoms as hallucinations or delusions.” In other words, normal for you.

It doesn’t say anything about munchies or obesity. But of course if you hang around fat people, you’re going to get fat. There’s a study about that. If you hang around fat people you’ll get fat, because it can make you comfortable to be fat. You see other fat people. In fact, even if you have a fat friend that lives across the country just knowing the fat friend’s 2500 miles away and is fat, makes you comfortable being fat. But they say don’t throw your friends overboard. Well, why not? If fat friends lead to obesity, why not get rid of your fat friends? If you smoke pot, you won’t care. But if your friends smoke pot, are you going to smoke pot? All these things are socially contagious out there now. We don’t have a chance, folks. We’re just doomed.
Story #9: Bush Tells Congress to Pass Budget
RUSH: This is hilarious. This is absolutely hilarious: “President Bush said Thursday the Democratic-run Congress shouldn’t leave Washington for its August recess without at least finishing a spending bill covering the Defense Department. ‘In a time of war, one spending bill ought to take precedence over all the rest,’ he said.” This is a speech he gave. “Congress is due to begin a monthlong recess in about two weeks, and Bush said lawmakers must finish work on that defense bill even if they don’t get to 11 other government spending bills by then.”
Story #10: Iraq Gov’t Futility Matches Other Countries

RUSH: In a companion story to Bush yelling at Congress: “Missing from Thursday’s session of the Iraqi parliament were about half of the members, including the speaker. Also missing: a sense of urgency. Despite the high stakes here,” this is an LA Times story, “the Iraqi parliament appears to be deliberating at a pace to rival plodding legislative bodies around the world.” Do tell! Are they mired in endless investigations, too? What’s the Iraqi parliament doing? They can’t come to an agreement of the distribution of their oil profits, and our congressmen here are giving these guys all kinds of grief here for going on vacation in August because it’s hot over there, and they’re going to do the same thing. What a way to phrase it: “At a pace to rival plodding legislative bodies around the world…” The dirty little secret is that our brilliant Founding Fathers set up this system to deliberately so it would be plodding. They distrusted government power. They set it up so that it would take all kinds of time to get anything done.
Story #11: High-Tech Sex Toys Turning Japanese

RUSH: All right, this is one of those times where if your young children are listening with you, and if you yourself are offended by discussions of an intimate nature, I’m going to count down from five. When I get to one, I’m going to do the story. If you’re still listening when I get to one, and you are offended and you complain, nobody’s going to listen to your complaint because you have been warned. Five…four…three…two…one.

“Japanese love technology so much that now even sex toys are on the cutting edge. The ‘gPod’…” Have you heard about this, Mr. Snerdley? “The ‘gPod’, a phallic-shaped vibrator, is designed to respond automatically to sounds picked up by an accompanying handset, which can plug into anything from a telephone to a music player to a television. The gPod, referred to as an ‘iVibrator,’ takes its name and description from” iPhone, iPod, but Apple has no affiliation with it. The gPod retails for $243 and “was one of a number of toys that went on public view today at Japan’s first-ever sex toy expo in suburban Tokyo. ‘You can use it in many ways, for example hooking it up to your mobile phone,’ said Ichiro Kameda, the machine’s inventor. ‘The dildo vibrates through the same waves as a voice. ‘So one of the ideas is that you can use it here in Tokyo when your boyfriend in New York is talking to you on the phone.'” I knew you were wondering, some of you people, “What would you want to hook up to an audio source for?” I was waiting for the end of the story to tell you. Wow! Snerdley, you’re looking jazzed in there. He’s batting his eyes around. He’s very excited.

We want to get hold of some of those iVibrators, folks, and give them away here on the air like we did the iPhones. Can you imagine hooking up one of my podcasts to your iVibrator? We could blow your mind!

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Story #1: Mommy Guilt Has Been Around Forever

RUSH: Now, look at this. Here we go. It’s another one of these obligatory recycled Drive-By Media stories. “Mommy Guilt: A Fact of Life for Most with Kids — Caring for a 5-month-old son and a nearly 4-year-old daughter seems like a full-time job for Amy Little, but the Dunwoody, Georgia, mother also works 40 hours a week in sales at AT&T. ‘I feel burned out, doing too many things at once and get stressed,’ she says. ‘I think every mom feels guilty about something and I think working moms especially feel guilty.'” Oh, what is this setting up? Because I’m telling you people this is nothing new. Why is this story coming out now? This is such old news: women trying to have it all, and being guilty about everything. This is a derivative of our good friends the NAGs, the feminists. Try to have it all, and every woman’s got “mommy guilt.” Every woman has this. It’s nothing new! It’s been going on since birth was first recorded in human civilization.
Story #2: Tomato Soup Boosts Fertility in Men
RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, our show prep here knows now bounds. We will go and research anywhere to get the latest for you, including India. From TheTimesofIndia.com: “Craving for something sweet and sour at the same time? Don’t think twice. Just have a bowl of spicy and creamy tomato soup to satisfy your desire. A bowl of hot tomato soup every day can boost fertility among men, according to scientists.” Boy, am I glad I do not eat much of this stuff. “Researchers at the UK-based University of Portsmouth have discovered that Lycopene, which gives tomatoes their bright red color…” I thought it was chemical additives that Big Vegetable was doing that made tomatoes red! Okay, so it’s Lycopene, “can turn sperm into super sperm, sources reported. The conclusion came after researchers studied the effects of Lycopene in the diet on a group of six healthy men all in their early forties.” I’ll tell you what, when I saw this. I gulped a couple, three times, and said, “Thank gosh I don’t eat tomato.” If you already have super sperm, I guess you get super-super sperm. This enhances it.
Story #3: Sick of Crime: 71% Support Spy Cams
RUSH: Have you seen this ABC News survey? The civil libertarians are outraged. “Seventy-one percent of the American people are okay with news cameras in public places to record their activities is a way of stopping crime.” Civil libertarians are outraged! How can this be? The American people want their security. Very simple: they’re sick and tired of crime, and they’re sick and tired of terrorism. By the way, I think it’s unmistakable that they have seen these cameras in Britain and London help track down these terrorists who are trying to blow up subways and nightclubs.
Story #4: School to Install Foot Baths for Muslims
RUSH: Try this headline from the Los Angeles Times: “School to Install Foot Baths for Muslims.” The ACLU is fully behind the effort, as is Barry Lynn of the separation church and state crowd.
Story #5: Things Look Grim for Michael Vick

RUSH: Well, the situation is beginning to look a little more grim for Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick. One of his two codefendants who pleaded not guilty last week has flipped and has told the court he will plead guilty. No doubt he’s going to flip. People have been asking me, “Rush, where’s Al Sharpton on this?” Come on, folks, Reverend Sharpton likes dogs, too. This is a no-win in this right now. However, “the NAA[L]CP has urged public restraint today in judging Vick before he has his day in court. R. L. White, the president of the Atlanta chapter of the NAA[L]CP, said that the Atlanta Falcons quarterback has been vilified by animal rights groups, talk radio, and the news media and prematurely published by his team and corporate sponsors. White said in a news conference, ‘If Mr. Vick is guilty, he should pay for his crime, but to treat him as he is being treated now is also a crime. Be restrained in your premature judgment until the legal process is completed.’ Vick has pleaded not guilty to charges of sponsoring a dogfighting operation. Tony Taylor, codefendant in the case, pleaded guilty in Virginia to federal dogfighting conspiracy charges in a plea agreement with prosecutors. Purnell Peace, of Virginia Beach, and Quanis Phillips, of Atlanta, Georgia, are scheduled to stand trial in November. They remain free without bond. R. L. White plans to contact Vick to see what assistance the Atlanta NAA[L]CP chapter can offer. He predicted public opinion may worsen in the wake of Taylor’s pleading.” Really? Duh. What would make him think that?
Story #6: Big Government Causes American Negativity

RUSH: A fascinating piece at the Bloomberg website, a column by Kevin Hassett from today: “We found out Friday that the U.S. economy grew 3.4 percent in the second quarter. For macroeconomists, the number is a familiar one. The average annual rate of real growth in the U.S. gross domestic product from 1948 to the present was about 3.4 percent. The U.S. is indisputably a great and thriving nation. The economy right now is about the same that it has always been, delivering growth and general well-being that is unrivaled in world history. And yet, judging by the mood of the country, Americans seem close to despair. Why? Some say the problem is that the benefits of growth go only to the rich, but this argument rests on spurious data.

“The best measure of the people’s welfare, consumption, suggests the middle class is doing just fine economically. Iraq has certainly dimmed the country’s mood, but one senses the feeling will remain negative long after the war is behind us. The best explanation for this disconnect is that our government is failing us. Year after year, no progress is made on the big problems facing the country. When you form an opinion about a country, you can’t help but heavily weigh its leaders. Just as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sours us on Iran, our political parties sour us on America. Our country may be great, and our challenges may be as well, but our leaders are not.” You know, I loved reading this today because I have long thought that the real root of this so-called malaise or depression is the Democrats and the Drive-By Media pummeling never-ending doom and gloom, crisis and chaos day in and day out because they want people in that mood because they think it will deliver “change” in the ’08 presidential election. Everything in politics is about that, from the Drive-By side in the media and the Democrat Party side. If you want to understand what they’re saying and doing, you gotta look at it through the only lens they’re looking at, and that’s the ’08 presidential election. Now, Mr. Hassett says, “This is hardly new. Alexis de Tocqueville noticed a similar problem in America in 1831. In a passage called ‘On Great and Small Parties,’ he wrote, as if about today, that ‘America has had great parties, but they exist no longer.’

“He continued: ‘I cannot conceive a more wretched sight in the world than that presented by different coteries (they do not deserve the name of parties) which now divide the [United States].’ It is, he said, ‘a shame to see what coarse insults, what petty slanders and what impudent calumnies fill the papers that serve as their mouthpieces.’ If you want a wretched sight, look at the political speech of the leading Democratic candidates. President George W. Bush has, to put it lightly, made numerous mistakes. But he isn’t Satan. You would hardly know it if you listen to the Democrats. This is what Hillary Clinton had to say about Bush’s performance: ‘It is a stunning record of cronyism and corruption, incompetence and deception.’ Referring to Bush’s commutation of I. Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby’s jail time, Barack Obama said: ‘This decision to commute the sentence of a man who compromised our national security cements the legacy of an administration characterized by a politics of cynicism and division, one that has consistently placed itself and its ideology above the law.’ Both candidates, it seems are accusing Bush of being a criminal.” He isn’t, but to if you listen to the Democrats he’s not only a criminal, he’s an evil criminal. He goes on to say, “Our politicians mischaracterize their opponents’ motivations and focus on their personal failings, because they themselves have given up the quest for greatness. They have been honed into cynical creatures by the sharp blades of their own parties. Their failings reflect on us all, turning Americans into an unhappy bunch, even in the face of prosperity. … Americans know in their hearts what they yearn for. At some point, some successful candidate will read Tocqueville, and offer it to them.” You don’t have to go that far back. Read Reagan. Basically what he’s saying here is that what really makes us mad — what we’re upset about — is our government and its arrogance, its unresponsiveness and its inability to get anything done.
Story #7: Great Editorial Cartoon on the Founding Fathers

RUSH: I have a great, great editorial cartoon here. I don’t know who did this, but you’ve seen the painting of the Founding Fathers in Philadelphia at Constitution Hall, drafting the Constitution, discussing it among themselves. Benjamin Franklin is in there, all these guys. “Gentlemen, I just came up with a brilliant conspiracy,” says one of the founders to the group. “Why don’t we split from the British crown, become founders of a nation that will cause all of the world’s wars, crime, corruption, slavery, disease, torture, murder, assassinations, racism, sexism, violence, environmental destruction, cannibalism, and manmade hurricanes for all eternity? That’s the kind of country we want.”

Benjamin Franklin says, “Yeah, and then steal all their oil.”

Another Founder says, “Sounds like a plan.”

It’s a great, great, great cartoon because this is how libs see America today. It’s exactly how they see it.
Story #8: MPs Outlaw Satire in New Zealand

RUSH: Wait ’til the Democrats hear about this. “New Zealand’s parliament has voted itself far reaching powers to control satire and to ridicule members of parliament, attracting a storm of media and academic criticism. The new standing orders voted in last month concern the use of images of parliamentary debates, and make it a contempt of parliament for broadcasters or anyone else to use footage of the chamber for satire, ridiculous, or denigration. The rules apply any broadcasts or rebroadcasts in any medium.” You gotta be worried about this because our Supreme Court has said that they look to foreign law for guidance when they can’t find what they want in our US Constitution. Can you imagine, though? This is a very extreme, exaggerated example of what McCain-Feingold was about, pure and simple.
Story #9: What Arnold Wants for His Birthday

RUSH: Well, Governor Schwarzenegger is over in his homeland. He’s in Vienna, Austria, celebrating his 60th birthday. He says he has a simple wish that his United States, his adopted country, improve its reputation in the world — and he wants world peace, and no hungry anywhere, blue skies and green lights every day, socialized medicine, cool temperatures, no hurricanes, and he wants everybody in the world to sing in perfect harmony, all for his 60th birthday.

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Story #1: House Dems Create Impeachment Investigation Panel; Ruth Marcus: Gonzales Did Not Commit Perjury

RUSH: Well, isn’t this just rich? “House Democrats are going to put together what is being called an impeachment investigation.” They’re going to move this forward. I predicted that this would be part of their battle plan back in 2004 if they lost the presidency. So they want to put together some panel to do an impeachment investigation, to see if it is warranted. They also want to try to file perjury charges against Alberto Gonzales, but even Ruth Marcus, who is a lib columnist from the Washington Post, writes that it doesn’t fit the statute. This is a waste of time. This is purely political. There was no perjury. It doesn’t matter! The facts, reality don’t matter. This is just Democrats’ playbook: weaken the country; weaken the presidency; destroy our attempt at victory in Iraq. People aren’t going to put up with this much longer. Even Ruth Marcus warns the Democrats, look, if you guys keep going in these investigations and there’s no smoking gun, there’s no smoke — if there’s no crime here that the American people conditioned, if it’s something, and it’s one of these convoluted things that is ambiguous — you’re going to lose big on this. This is Ruth Marcus basically saying this in the Washington Post today. Absent a smoking gun, this is going to be perceived as purely what it is, and that’s politics.
Story #2: 237 Reasons Why People Have Sex

RUSH: There’s a column by John Tierney in the New York Times today on the why’s of mating. “Why We Have Sex: 237 Reasons Revealed,” and counting. This is also reported in a story at LiveScience.com. Two hundred thirty-seven reasons to have sex! Folks, this is not that complicated. There’s basically one reason. Well, for me. Maybe two for some of you. Heh-heh. Why do a survey on this? Well, I have some of the list. Some of it’s somewhat interesting.

“People have sex for more than 200 reasons, ranging from ‘I was bored’ to ‘I wanted to feel closer to God’ to ‘I wanted to get a promotion,’ according to a new survey. Researchers asked more than 400 men and women,” and they did this at the University of Texas in Austin, “ranging from 17 to 52 years old, to identify the various reasons why people have sex. Then, more than 1,500 undergraduate students were asked about their sexual experiences and attitudes. he top 3 reasons: * I was attracted to the person. * I wanted to experience physical pleasure. * It feels good. The combined results revealed 237 sexual motivations, which the [shrinks], David Buss and Cindy Meston of the University of Texas at Austin, sorted into four major factors and 13 sub-factors: Physical reasons — reduce stress (‘It seemed like good exercise’); feel pleasure (‘It’s exciting’); improve or expand experiences (‘I was curious about sex’); and the physical desirability of a partner… Goal-based reasons — practical considerations (‘I wanted to have a baby’); social status (‘I wanted to be popular’); and revenge (‘I wanted to give someone else a sexually transmitted disease’).” All of these reasons came up. So why people have sex. Then there were the Emotional reasons — love and commitment (‘I wanted to feel connected’); expression (‘I wanted to say “thank you”‘).” But the most interesting thing in this to me — this is according to the results here — is there has been a stereotype out there about women, and the stereotype is that women use sex to gain status or resources. You know, the casting couch thing. You know, women rise to the top and the stereotype’s been, “Well, who did she sleep with?” It turns out according to this survey, men do that far more than women do.

“‘Our findings suggest that men do these things more than women,’ said Dr. Buss. ‘They had sex to get things, like a promotion, a raise, or a favor.’ Men were much more likely than women to say they’d had sex to ‘boost my social status.'” One of the things they found was that men feel they can boost their social status if they succeed in mating with a woman that they think is out of his league.” Dr. Buss said, “‘Although I knew that having sex has consensus for representations.'” It surprised me that people, notably men, would have motivated to have sex solely for social status and reputation enhancement.'” That’s the thing about, you know, having sex with somebody you think’s out of your league but then you gotta brag about it because who else would know? And that’s not cool. You know, I hate to be nave and ignorant here, but I have to say, sex to get a promotion, from a man’s standpoint? This turns this whole sexual harassment thing upside down. Sex to get a promotion? Sex to get a raise? Sex to get a favor? Well, that’s… Yeah, see, that’s what the thing I’m wondering about here, Mr. Snerdley, since there aren’t that many female bosses out there, how in the world does this work for men? How do you go out there and have sex — Oh. Never mind. The boss is a guy. I get it! All right. That’s why it wasn’t computing here.
Story #3: Aging US Population at Risk for Eye Disease
RUSH: Get this, folks. This is from USA Today: “Aging US Population at Risk for Eye Disease.” Really? Blindness, ladies and gentlemen. “More than 43 million Americans” — gasp! — “will develop age-related eye diseases by 2020,” oh no! “and the majority of those who are most at risk are unaware. Medical costs have skyrocketed, about $2 million, it’s a financial burden, it’s a burden to your personal quality of life.” So we’ve got 43 million Americans uninsured. Now we’ve got 43 million Americans that are going blind and do not know it. They just won’t let up. They’re going to make us sweat and feel in crisis, if it’s the last thing they do.
Story #4: Birds Beginning to Act Like Liberals

RUSH: This next story is serious, folks. I know it’s going to distress many of you, but it has to be told, it has to be reported, birds are beginning to act like liberals. This is from LiveScience.com. Well, it says here, “Birds Abandon Eggs for Swingers Lifestyle — Some avian parents hit the road when it comes to…” people in Rio Linda are going to have no clue. They’re going to think I’m talking about water. “Some [bird] parents hit the road when it comes to child-rearing: Both parents flee the nest, in search of new sexual conquests. Males and females of the penduline tit (Remiz pendulinus) can mate with up to seven different partners in one breeding season. So childcare can be a time drain[.]”

Please, spare me! Child care? We’re talking about child care in the bird world? Child care? “Childcare can be a time drain, keeping the birds from scoring more mates. A new study of the small perching songbirds in southern Hungary reveals that both parents are willing to abandon the nest to boost individual reproductive success.”

What happens to the babies? Is there a bird government that takes care of them? “These conflicting interests likely generated a tug-of-war over time and generations, as both males and females have co-evolved to outwit the other. ‘Our findings reveal an intensive conflict between males and females over care that has affected the behavioral evolution of this species.'” The only thing that I’m surprised at when I read the story is that global warming is not blamed. Wonder how long this has been going on, birds acting like liberals.
Story #5: One Marijuana Joint as Damaging as Five Cigarettes

RUSH: “Smoking one cannabis joint is as harmful to a person’s lungs as having up to five cigarettes, according to research published on Tuesday.” Not good news for the dope-smoking hippie and liberal crowd out there. “Those who smoked cannabis damaged both the lungs’ small fine airways, used for transporting oxygen, and the large airways, which blocked air flow, the researchers said. It meant cannabis smokers complained of wheezing, coughing, and chest tightness, the study by experts at the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand found. The researchers tested 339 people — those who smoked only cannabis, those who smoked tobacco, those who smoked both and non-smokers.” Bad, bad news.
Story #6: “Vegansexuals” Vow No Sex with Meat-eaters
RUSH: “Growing numbers of vegans are shunning sex with meat-eaters because they see them as “a graveyard for animals”, a New Zealand researcher says. These vegans not only refuse to eat meat or animal products but refuse to have sexual contact with meat-eaters because their bodies are made up of dead animals. … Annie Potts, co-director of the New Zealand Centre of Human and Animal Studies at New Zealand’s Canterbury University, said she coined the term vegansexuals during her research. She discovered the vegansexuals while interviewing 157 vegetarians and ethical consumers for a study. ‘It’s a whole new thing – I have not come across it before,’ said Potts. ne vegan said she found non-vegans attractive, but would not want to be physically close to them. ‘I would not want to be intimate with someone whose body is literally made up from the bodies of others who have died for their sustenance,’ she said.” This actually is news to me, too. I know vegans don’t eat meat. I thought they liked a little during sex, though.
Story #7: Office Printers Emit Dangerous Particles
RUSH: More health news, ladies and gentlemen. This is from Australia. It’s just unbelievable the amount of this garbage that gets reported, gets studied. Get this: “Your office printer could be posing as much danger to the lungs as a drag on a cigarette, according to air quality tests by Australian scientists.” Is there anything worse than cigarettes? We’ve got a lot of things that are just as bad. I’m sorry: marijuana. One stick of marijuana worse than five cigarettes. Now, it’s office printers. “An investigation of dozens of laser printers revealed that almost 30 per cent emit potentially dangerous levels of tiny toner-like material into the air. These ultra-fine particles are capable of infiltrating the lungs and causing lasting damage on the scale of inhaled cigarette smoke, said researcher Professor Lidia Morawska, from the Queensland University of Technology. ‘Ultra-fine particles are of most concern because they can penetrate deep into the lungs where they can pose a significant health threat,’ Professor Morawska said.” This is utterly ridiculous. So now there’s going to be a move to ban the printer or change it or do something. You watch. This is how this stuff starts. The left eats is this had it stuff up! A capitalist success, making life easier and people’s lives become more productive, we have to stop that.

Well, we’ll just say that the stuff is as damaging as cigarettes because we’ve succeeded in convincing everybody that cigarettes are the absolute worst thing on the face of the earth. “The investigators say their results highlight a need for governments to regulate particle emissions from the machines.” Now, I know you hear this, and you hear me read it to you, and you think this is ridiculous. “This is stupid.” Remember, when I told you they were going to be coming after your SUV back in 1995 when the Sierra Club targeted them? You said, “Come on, Rush! You’re exaggerating. You’re a little bit paranoid of these people.” You have an Australian agency now, a research group, urging government to regulate particle emissions from printers. You don’t think that we have a whole bunch of liberal politicians and bureaucrats in this country who would love to be able to have that kind of control over you? You have a printer in your home, you have a printer in your house, and you may have employees, and they have no choice but than to be around your printer. It’s just as bad as cigarettes, and you can’t smoke around them in public now, employees. You can’t. Pretty soon you’re not going to be able to smoke in your house if you have household staff because they are exposed to it. They have no choice. They’re going to be victims. It’s the same thing now with your printer. Let’s just watch this. See where this goes. It’s in Australia now, but liberals everywhere are liberals.
Story #8: Seattle Fights Gangs with Classical Music

RUSH: All right, try this. This is how they’re trying to fight gang crime in Seattle. You’ve lived there, Mr. Snerdley. Tell me this will work. “Transit workers are installing speakers this week to pump classical music from [a Seattle radio station] into the Tacoma Mall Transit Center. The tactic is designed to disperse young criminals who make drug deals at the bus stop or use public transportation to circulate between the mall and other trouble-prone places. They’re going to use Bach, Brahms, Beethoven, following the theory that prompted the city stage pinochle games on dangerous street corners.” Do you think classical music will drive gang bangers away from the mall? Of course it won’t! But what are they going to do when it doesn’t work?

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Story #1: No Mention of “Parent” in Story on UK Kids
RUSH: Here’s a story from the French News Agency about the crisis involving the yutes in the UK. “British teenagers are among the worst behaved in Europe, a study by a leading think tank said yesterday, blaming government…” I want you parents to listen to this. “[A] study by a leading think tank said that British teenagers are among the worst behaved in Europe, blaming government policy failures for high levels of fighting, binge drinking, drug taking, and underage sex.” The Institute for Public Policy Research, a bunch of libs, said that “young Britons were left to their own devices through successive policy failures. The report – ‘Freedom’s Orphans: Raising Youth in a Changing World’ – was published as the government announced a new 184-million, 10-year strategy for young people.” So the government claims they screwed it up and so they come up with a new more comprehensive plan that’s going to spend even more money. Makes sense to me. “It will be supplemented by cash from bank accounts dormant for 15 years,” and this story goes on, and I could read the whole thing to you. Britain is getting slammed for failing its out of control teens. Not once in this story is the word “parent” mentioned. Not once in this story will you read the word “parent.”

You have a lib think tank analyzing why British teenagers are so out of control, and it’s because there are inadequate government programs. I got an interesting e-mail yesterday in the Rush comments line. Somebody who subscribes to the website sent me a note and said, “You know what? You had a caller the other day…” and I could just hear this guy typing in anger as he wrote this. “You had a caller the other day, and he said, ‘You gotta stop this play-by-play, Republicans versus Democrats.’ We all know what the Democrats are. We all know what the liberals are. You gotta start teaching conservatism. You don’t do that enough. You gotta be like Reagan. You gotta start teaching conservatism.” I thought about that, and he’s got a point up to a certain extent. But in the process of exposing liberalism, such as stories like this, are we not in fact teaching conservatism? Still, it’s a good point. Maybe what I should do after reading one of these stories, rather than just assume all of you know that this is whacked out and silly and stupid, but also dangerous. Government thinking it’s responsible for raising kids, nanny government. Liberals here do that. Maybe I should follow it up by saying how conservatives look at this and how we philosophize over this. Don’t I make that point when I say, “Not one time in this story will you see the word ‘parent'”?
Story #2: Actual Nanny State: NYC Bans Baby Bottles

RUSH: When I first read this story, I said, “This is absurd. This is just getting out of hand, and nobody’s stopping it. Everybody is going along with it. We’re losing New York,” and then I thought, “Well maybe I don’t know enough about this, because I’ve not been a parent,” but, you know, they’ve banned smoking in New York City, and they’ve banned trans-fats, and now they’re going to ban the baby bottle. They’re going to mandate breast-feeding by 2020. I’m not kidding. “Free formula samples and formula promotional materials are now banned from gift bags given to new mothers at the 11 hospitals run by the city’s Health and Hospitals Corp. Instead, new mothers will get a tote bag stuffed with disposable nursing pads, a mini-cooler for breast-milk bottles, and pint-sized T-shirts for the babies that proudly declare ‘I eat at mom’s.’ The move comes as World Breast Feeding Week is set to begin tomorrow. And today, city health officials will announce a campaign to promote breast-feeding instead of using formula.”

You know, I remember when I was a kid, I had dreams that I was Dolly Parton’s baby and she did put me on formula. My first reaction is, “It’s none of your damn business! If somebody wants to bottle feed the baby, get out of their lives!” But I don’t know enough about the medical aspect. We have this story from Great Britain and parents not mentioned in a story about how the government is responsible for “youth behavior.” British kids are running out of control, drinking, drugging, binging, all these things. They need more government programs to fix it. Not once in the story will you read the word “parents.” Now you have the City of New York telling people you can’t smoke, you can’t eat trans-fat, and now you can’t bottle feed your baby. Do you think it’s a good idea, Mr. Snerdley? I know I’m going to get a sexist answer to this. I shouldn’t even ask you. It’s healthier for the children? Breast milk is healthier for the children. Well, I’ve heard that, and that’s one of the reasons that I pulled that. But, do we have any known cases of babies dying having been fed formula? Do we know this? Like the woman in Maryland that aborted her own fetuses and buried them, was that because of formula? Well, no, they weren’t even born yet so it’s not even a factor.
Story #3: Daily Commute Not as Stressful as We’ve Thought
RUSH: By the way, ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know if you have seen this or not, but a new study has just come out, and according to this study, the daily commute is not nearly as stressful as we all thought. We know this because they’ve taken polls of people who engage in a daily commute. I have always chosen to live where I don’t have a commute. I have lived my whole life that way, because I think it’s important to be focused on work and not get distracted. After all, my friends, I am a performer. I have made an effort to live no farther than 15 minutes from work. Well, sometimes in Manhattan it can take 30 minutes to get to work because of traffic, but I’m riding there and working in the back of the car while on the way in. In Sacramento, I was 15 minutes away. Here, I’m 15 minutes away. I have made that an objective. So the stress thing in commutes has never been a big deal to me anyway.
Story #4: Galen: RNC Out-Fundraising Howard Dean’s DNC
RUSH: Rich Galen in his Mullings blog has some interesting statistics today. Everybody is looking at fundraising just within the confines of the presidential race. Of course, in the presidential race, the Democrat candidates are shellacking the Republican candidates in fundraising. However, you may not know that at the committee level, the national committee level, the Republican National Committee, is kicking the DNC’s wallet pocket. “In the month of June, the RNC raised about $6.4 million for the month. The DNC raised about $4.1 million for June. So what? Well, the Republicans had a short spurt which got them a couple million more in June. So this. If you look at fundraising for the cycle, the RNC has out-raised the DNC about $45 million to about $28 million. A fundraising edge of about $17 million — and then there’s the ever-important cash-on-hand number. Howard Dean and his DNC enters the second half of 2007 with cash on hand a touch under $5 million. The GOP goes into the second half with cash on hand of nearly $16 million.”

This is not being reported. It’s no mystery as to why. The picture, the template, is: Republicans are being abandoned by their ardent supporters. Republicans have no hope. It’s over. We may as well just crown the Democrats and whoever they nominate president after their primaries, because the Republicans don’t have a chance. Look at the fundraising.

It’s not exactly that way.
Story #5: Journalists at Bottom of “Prestige” Jobs
RUSH: A story here from Editor and Publisher says that a Harris poll measuring the public perceptions of 23 professions and occupations came out today. Journalists are in the bottom ten. “Just 13% of the 1100 US adults surveyed in June and July said the occupation of journalism had very great prestige. Only 13% said that, 16% said it had hardly any at all. Journalists are at the bottom of the list of prestige jobs.” This was not the case on this day, August 1st, in 1988 when this program started.
Story #6: You Gotta Wonder If She’s Available Next Week
RUSH: I was just watching the Fox News Channel, and there was this crawl at the bottom of the screen: “Jacksonville, Florida: 75-year-old guy claims that a hooker held him hostage for two weeks.” I’ve gotta wonder if she’s available next week.
Story #7: Democrats Scramble to Expand Eavesdropping
RUSH: In another unbelievable story; the headline is really all you need here. This is the New York Times: “Democrats Scrambling to Expand Eavesdropping.” Yes, you heard right. “Under pressure from President Bush, Democrat leaders in Congress are scrambling to pass legislation this week to expand the government’s electronic wiretapping powers.” Dingy Harry, “in a statement Monday night, said, ‘We hope our Republican counterparts will work together with us to fix the problem, rather than try again to gain partisan political advantage at the expense of our national security.'” What an absolute hoot! We hope our Republican counterparts will work together with us, the Democrats, to fix the problem? There wasn’t a problem until you guys came along and tried to dismantle it! Then to accuse the Republicans of gaining partisan political advantage at the expense of our national security? Ha!

Dingy Harry, if you read the whole story here, is blaming Republican in Name Only Republicans “for endangering American citizens by threatening to investigate President Bush and eavesdropping on suspected terrorists”! The chutzpah! They have spent two years trying to nail Bush on this. Now all of a sudden, they’re blaming Republicans for it. I’m telling you, these clowns have done all they can to eliminate the power inherent in the presidency during Bush’s term. Now they’re hastening to restore it in time — and guess why? Herself: Hillary Clinton. The terrorist surveillance program is now about 50% as powerful as it used to be, and besides, the headbangers now know what we’re doing. The whole exposure of this in the New York Times blew the program sky high. The program’s been compromised. Thank you, Pinch Sulzberger — who, of course, doesn’t bring his liberal ideology to his newspaper like Rupert Murdoch does.
Story #8: Yes! Liberals Flee to Canada in Droves
RUSH: ABC News is reporting that emigration from the United States to Canada, has increased dramatically and that the people leaving are mostly liberals. Hollywood stars never get around to making good on their threats to leave but many every day liberal folks are carrying through on their plans. “The number of U.S. citizens who moved to Canada last year hit a 30-year high, with a 20 percent increase over the previous year and almost double the number who moved in 2000…. The current increase appears to be fueled largely by social and political reasons… ‘Those who are coming have the highest level of education — these aren’t people who can’t get a job in the states. They’re coming because many of them don’t like the politics, the Iraq War and the security situation in the U.S. By comparison, Canada is a tension-free place. People feel safer.'” Liberals leaving America for Canada. Yes! Finally, they’re following through on their promises.
Story #9: Laser Printer Will Become the New SUV
RUSH: I knew it. I did the story on how printer dust is the next environmental hazard. Fox is doing a big segment with this “expert,” all earnest and focused about how dangerous it is for all of us to be next to our laser printers. It’s going to be just like the SUV, mark my words.

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Story #1: Police Use Vomit Zapper for Crowd Control

RUSH: This is from Gizmodo.com.Cops have a new way for controlling the crowd.There’s a new flashlight out there that makes you throw up.”It’s so bright that it temporarily blinds you, and then it gets you all disoriented and dizzy.It uses special types of really bright LEDs.The flashlight’s beam pulses and flashes while quickly changing its color, and all this somehow makes you feel like you’re going to throw up.”Of course, if you want to avoid throwing up, you close your eyes so you don’t see the flashlight, but then if you close your eyes you can’t aim the gun at the cop or anybody else that is giving you trouble.You can start firing wildly.Intelligent Optical Systems is the manufacturer and they’re going to start testing the flashlight 15 inches this fall on some lucky volunteers at Penn State University.

Story #2: Panic: Coalmines Can’t Handle Earthquake

RUSH: A bulletin, bulletin, bulletin, bulletin, bulletin! Breaking news from ABC! It’s time, ladies and gentlemen, to stop the check writing in Minnesota.A coalmine in central Utah just collapsed, or earlier today after a 4.0 magnitude earthquake, trapping six miners inside.I’ll tell you, the infrastructure is going to hell under the Bush administration.My gosh, mines can’t even handle a 4.0 earthquake!What’s happening to this country? What do they think we are, Russia?China?(interruption) What do you mean, “Why are we mining coal?”That’s a good question.It’s a clandestine Bush project, obviously, mining coal to pollute the planet, destroy our climate.

Story #3: Light Exercise Is Better Than Running

RUSH: We have more health news here.”Moderate exercise like walking may be as good as or better than intense workouts when it comes to certain heart health measures, new research suggests.” I don’t even know where the new research is from.It’s on the second page of this and I threw it away, doesn’t matter.”In a study of 240 overweight, middle-aged adults, researchers found that moderate exercise, but not vigorous activity, improved participants’ levels of blood fats called triglycerides.Meanwhile, improvements in ‘good’ HDL cholesterol seemed to depend on how much study participants exercised, and not how intensely. What’s more, researchers found, both benefits were sustained when exercisers took a vacation from working out.” (Laughing) I’ve known this even though I haven’t known it.I have known this all my life, even though I haven’t known it.So I’m going to start changing the way I play golf.I’m no longer going to walk the course.Walking from the cart to my ball will be plenty of exercise based on this latest bit of health news.

Story #4: Woman Starves Children on Vegan Diet

RUSH: Hey, here’s a story for you, Mr. Snerdley.This is from a Fox television station, Arizona: “A Scottsdale woman who severely malnourished her three children was sentenced to 30 years in prison, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office announced Thursday. Kimu Parker was convicted on three counts of child abuse and received 10 years for each count…’Thirty years in prison is entirely appropriate for a person who almost starved to death three defenseless children.We will strongly oppose any attempt to reduce this sentence,'” said the state attorney there. “…Parker’s 3-year-old weighed 12 pounds, her 9-year-old child weighed 29 pounds and her 11-year-old child weighed 36 pounds,” and she had them on “a strict vegan diet.”

“This is one of the more heartbreaking cases of child abuse this office has seen in recent times,” said the attorney, Andrew Thomas. “We are relieved the children survived and are now doing well.” They just got back from McDonald’s.I just threw that in.”But we take great issue with comments made by the judge in this case that he may ask the State Board of Clemency to reduce this defendant’s prison sentence,” because after all they won’t have their mother.Of course, if they have their mother, they might die.So it’s like the Menendez case.What do we do?What do we do?

Story #5: Bad News for Birdcages: Smaller NY Times

RUSH: Bad news for bird cages today, folks.Did you hear about this?At the New York Times, they have cut back the width of their paper to 12 inches.They’ve lopped an inch and a half off of the newspaper.So there will be less room for lib news, unless they add pages on a given day because of the importance of news stories.

Story #6: Reuters Hails Achievements of Dem Congress

RUSH: AP’s Ron Fournier reported, “It is rare to hear Clinton…admit ignorance on a policy issue. But doing so came in handy as she fobbed off the question on Gore.” So now it was a brilliant strategy to act stupid!It was a brilliant strategy to be uninformed.It was a brilliant strategy to be ignorant on a policy question.Folks, if you ever have any doubts that the Drive-By Media work in concert to maintain and build these people’s images and get them elected, this story alone proves it — and I’ve got another one in here that is going to accomplish the same thing.I actually have a story in this stack by some idiot at Reuters, talking in a marveling and admiring way of all the accomplishments of the Democrat Congress.There aren’t any accomplishments!The minimum wage is it.But this is a piece designed to muddle the minds of people who read Reuters.It’s prop-’em-up time.

Story #7: Angry Men Make More Than Angry Women

RUSH: Well, we have another study out there, folks. We have another big-time study out there claiming that men who get angry at work are rewarded, and women who get angry at work are not rewarded, and the angry guys make more than the angry women.This just makes the women madder, so it’s a vicious cycle out there in the workplace.Add other factors, and the anger multiplies, obviously. There’s just nothing that can be done about it.

Story #8: Rudy’s Daughter Supports Barack Obama?

RUSH: As I reference occasionally, ladies and gentlemen, people say, “Rush, are you sure about this kids business? How much of this is just for show?” None of it is for show.I had this story last week. (I’ve had this perpetual fear ever since I saw it when I was a kid myself with other families.) We had this story out of Italy where this 61-year-old guy had still not left home and his mother finally kicked him out of the house, and he wasn’t getting a big enough allowance. She’s doing all the work! He’s 61 years old, still at home.So the fear is bankruptcy, poverty — for me!That’s the fear: nothing, destitution.There was another reason.I don’t know if you’ve seen this or not.This is Slate.com: “Rudy Giuliani’s Daughter is Supporting Barack Obama — There’s one vote that Rudy Giuliani definitely can’t count on in his 2008 presidential bid: his own daughter’s. According to the 17-year-old Caroline Giuliani’s Facebook profile, she’s supporting Barack Obama…designates her political views as ‘liberal’ and — until this morning — proclaimed her membership in the Facebook group ‘Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack).’ According to her profile, she withdrew from the Obama group at 6 a.m. Monday, after Slate sent her an inquiry about it.” See? If — with a capital I and a capital F — IF I ever became a candidate for anything, I would also not be burdened with this kind of thing: a rebellious, lunkhead kid running around causing me all kinds of problems.

Story #9: Tease: Global Warming News Coming Tomorrow

RUSH: We’re going to have some global warming news tomorrow but let me tease the headlines:

NewsBusters: Abnormally Cold Temperatures in Texas This Summer Threaten the Cotton Crop

The Sunday Herald in Scotland: Firms Guilty of Making Fake Green Claims

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Story #1: Elizabeth Edwards on Campaign TroublesRUSH: Speaking of women, I just had this fed to me: “Elizabeth Edwards on her husband’s campaign troubles, ‘We can’t make John black.We can’t make him a woman.'”Well, we don’t have to.We have already made him a woman, along with Kate Michelman.(Laughing.)They’re having trouble out there in the Edwards campaign.It was a story last week, big news, they’re all tied in Iowa.The big news in that poll was how much of a lead Edwards had lost.Story #2: Scientists Create Female Mice with Male Sex DriveRUSH: Since we’re talking about women: “Female mice became sexually voracious and tried to mate like males after scientists disabled a small sensory organ, casting fresh light on how gender-specific behavior develops in animals.The difference seems to lie in how male and female mice use the vomeronasal organ to process pheromones, said Catherine Dulac, the Harvard biologist who led the research published in the journal Nature on Sunday.Pheromones are chemical signals that many animals, including humans, use to communicate socially and sexually.” They go on to talk about this.Female mice, the way they alter them, just a sniff away from having the male sex drive.You people realize the potential out there?Now, here’s a quote here from a neuroscientist at Michigan State, not involved in the study.”‘This comes as a surprise to think that the neural circuitry for male behavior had been sitting in the female brain all this time.You feel sorry for the males.You imagine they’re confused when the females start replicating their sexual drive,’ said Mark Breedlove.”Yeah, when you feel sorry for the males, you imagine they’re confused, Breedlove, you are right.It’s called feminism.Story #3: 57% Say They’re Better Off Than Four Years AgoRUSH: Over the years, particularly during Republican administrations, when the economy has been great, as it is now, when the economy has been good, the Drive-Bys and the Democrats do not report it as such.In fact, they do just the opposite.They try to spread malaise, doom, gloom, as thoroughly and widely throughout our culture and population as possible.Yet, it’s always been amazing to me that if you talk to people individually, they say, “Yeah, I’m doing great. Oh, I feel good about my future. The family’s doing good. The kid’s messing up a little bit, but other than that, everything is hunky-dory.I’m just worried about the guy down the street.I’m not so sure my neighbors are doing well.”When I’ve heard that from people, I say, “Why, why do you think that? Do they look like they’re one paycheck away from homelessness?What’s your empirical data for this?” “Well, I keep hearing on the news how bad the economy is.”Lo and behold, from Rasmussen Reports: “Americans are fairly upbeat about their own lives, but far more pessimistic when assessing the state of the nation.57% of American adults say they’re better off now than they were four years ago.The latest Rasmussen report telephone survey found that 34% disagree, say they’re not better off today.At the same time, just 26% say the nation is better off than it was four years ago, 62% disagree.”Okay, there it is: 57% of the American people fairly upbeat about their own lives, better off today than they were four years ago, and yet, 62% say the country is not better off today than it was four years.Now, how do you arrive at that?If you are you’re going to give the poll any credence whatsoever, how do you arrive at that?You arrive at that by accepting my theory.The theory is that the Drive-Bys, the media, convince everybody that the place is going to hell in a handbasket while their own lives are pretty good and they make everybody feel guilty about it.By the way, this is the same technique being used to advance this whole hoax of global warming.

Story #4: Coffee Helps Old Ladies Remember, Stops TicksRUSH: “Drinking at least three cups of coffee a day helps protect older women against age-related memory decline, French researchers said yesterday.Men did not enjoy the same benefit.”In fact, another companion coffee story, “Drinking coffee can protect people from developing a tic in which an eyelid twitches uncontrollably, a new study from Italy suggests.”It wasn’t that long ago we were told that coffee would harden the arteries and it was going to cause heart disease and so forth.Now, my gosh, it can stop eyelid tics and help protect against age-related memory decline.”‘The more coffee one drank, the better the effects seemed to be on women’s memory functioning in particular,’ said Karen Ritchie at the French National Institute of Medical Research, whose work appears in the journal Neurology.They followed 7,000 men and women in three French cities.”I have to take the occasion of this.Our new sponsor, Boca Java, these guys came up a couple weeks ago, and they brought — I can’t tell you, it’s just unbelievable.They brought flavored coffee, the regular, and it’s indescribable the variety they have.They brought up a couple brewers, coffee pots.These guys take it seriously.They had a flavor, maple bacon morning.I said, “I have got to try that,” and I’ve not been a fan of flavored coffees.The vanilla raspberry swirl, the silken chocolate chips or whatever, this stuff was amazing.Snerdley brews it every other morning. One day I go straight, and then go flavor, the blueberries, I mean the stuff is just mind-blowing.If favored coffee is not your thing, they’ve got dark roasts, deep roast, they’ve got mild, it’s fascinating stuff.They brought so much up we’re going to have to build some more cabinets to put it all in.

Story #5: Let Your Dog Take a Bite Out of Michael VickRUSH: From the Chicago Tribune today, there is a story about a new toy out there called the Michael Vick dog chew toy.It costs $10.99 plus a couple bucks shipping.The toy “lets your dog take a bite out of Michael Vick.”It’s Vick smiling with a football in his left hand in his home black and red Atlanta Falcons uniform.It will be available for delivery starting today.It probably won’t last long because they didn’t get his permission.They’re using the Falcons jersey and using his name, probably infringing on NFL trademarks.The uniform doesn’t have any logos on it but it’s obviously the Falcons uniform.The NFL watches this stuff like crazy.But if you want to try to get one of these things, it’s www.Vickdogchewtoy.com.I don’t know how big it is, because there’s a tiny little picture of it here.I bet their server has melted already.Vickdogchewtoy.com.Your dog can take a bite out of Michael Vick.Story #6: More Black Women Dating Men of Other RacesRUSH: This was an AP story on Sunday: “More Black Women Marrying Men of Other Races, Census Reveals — For years, Toinetta Jones played the dating game by her mom’s strict rule.’Mom always told me, “Don’t you ever bring a white man home,”‘ recalled Jones, echoing an edict issued by many Southern, black mothers.But at 37, the Alexandria divorcee has shifted to dating ‘anyone who asks me out,’ regardless of race. ‘I don’t sit around dreaming about the perfect black man I’m going to marry,’ Jones said.Black women around the country also are reconsidering deep-seated reservations toward interracial relationships,” and are branching out.”It comes as statistics suggest American black women are among the least likely to marry.’I’m not saying that white men are the answer to all our problems,’ Jones said. ‘I’m just saying that they offer a different solution.'”Now, what could be going on here?What in the world could be going on here?Obviously it’s a dwindling pool.If you want to cut to the chase, there’s a dwindling pool out there because of cultural circumstances.Anyway, I’m passing it on.Story #7: 1 in 10 Satellite Radio Subs in Unsold CarsRUSH: You know these satellite radio guys? I have no brief against them, don’t misunderstand. I’ve explained why this program is not on satellite radio a number of times, not that it never will be, but in this current iteration, three-hour program Monday-Friday, it can’t be because we would be cannibalizing the terrestrial radio stations that have made this program, so I’ve assured them of that.But they report their subscriber numbers.I think the combined total for satellite radio to both of those companies is around 13 million or eight million.I’m not sure.Anyway, it doesn’t matter what the total number is, because one in ten satellite subscribers are in un-owned cars still sitting on the car lot.The way these people report it is the number of radios sold, or manufactured.Most of these satellite radios are in automobiles since they’re manufactured, but one in ten of satellite subscribers live in car lots, either in cars that haven’t been sold by anybody yet.Story #8: Amanpour’s Husband Joins Hillary’s CampaignRUSH: Here is an example, ladies and gentlemen, of the incest that exists in liberalism and the Drive-By Media.Christiane Amanpour’s husband, James Rubin, who was a state department spokesman in the Clinton years, is leaving his Sky News job and returning from London to join Hillary Clinton’s campaign.Christiane Amanpour will continue her bid of campaign on CNN.She will continue to campaign for Clinton on CNN, disguised as a reporter.And, of course, CNN nor Christiane Amanpour will see any conflict of interest in her reporting while her husband works on the Hillary campaign, and she works on the Hillary campaign disguised as a reporter at CNN.

Story #9: Bizarre Lead Crime Wave Sweeps UKRUSH: Last Friday I came out for lead paint.So therefore I love this story in the UK Telegraph: “Police have warned of a bizarre crime wave sweeping Britain as thieves strip millions of pounds’ worth of metal off buildings to ship to China and other countries where demand is soaring.”So I assume this is more lead that the ChiComs can put into the toys that they are selling us.Story #10: Pre-Schoolers Prefer McDonald’s PackagingRUSH: Ah! This is cool.Well, it’s not cool. It’s interesting.”Preschoolers preferred the taste of burgers and fries when they came in McDonald’s wrappers over the same food in plain wrapping, U.S. researchers said, suggesting fast-food marketing reaches the very young.” Really?Really!You mean the Happy Meal actually reaches eight-year-olds?Ronald McDonald actually appeals to young kids?Why, it took researchers to figure this out?”Overwhelmingly, kids chose the one that they perceived was from McDonald’s,” said obesity prevention expert Dr. Thomas Robinson of the Stanford University School of Medicine, whose work appears in,” Where do they get these magazines? “the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine.”I swear, every day there is a new journal of some sort of opinion for some of these specialists.”Robinson and colleagues conducted a taste test with a total of 63 kids aged 3 to 5 who were enrolled in a Head Start preschool for low-income families… In about 60 percent of the tastings, the kids preferred food in the McDonald’s wrapper. ‘They actually thought the food tasted better,’ Robinson said in a telephone interview.” They even put carrots in a wrapper called them McCarrots, and the kids liked them.Now, you know where this is headed.Can anybody say the words “trial lawyers”?Story #11: Poll: Democrats Don’t Lead on Major Issues RUSH: This is a very, very good headline, and it’s from a Rasmussen poll company report: “Democrat presidential candidates have no advantage over Republican candidates on Iraq, the economy, or restoring the nation’s optimism. — While America’s voters are not particularly happy with the current Republican president, the leading Democrat presidential candidates have no advantage over the top Republican hopefuls when it comes to Iraq, the economy, or restoring the nation’s optimism.Democrat candidates do have an edge when it comes to the environment, while Republicans hold the lead on immigration.Among the nation’s pool of unaffiliated voters Republican candidates also have the edge when it comes to the economy.These surprising results come from a Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey that asked voters to name which individual candidate they trust most on particular issues.On an individual basis, Hillary Clinton is the top choice or four of five issues among all voters.Another Democrat, Barack Obama did especially well among unaffiliated voters.”But when you boil it all down the Democrats do not have any kind of an advantage, and they presume that they do, by the way.They are thinking that they own this election cycle and that it’s only a matter of time because they think they’ve convinced the American people that Republicans are horrible, rotten to the core, Bush stinks, of course, and all of that.Story #12: Tarrasco Steel Owner Arrested for Hiring IllegalsRUSH: “The owner of Tarrasco Steel, a company that supplied workers on the Biloxi Bay Bridge, was arrested and charged with hiring illegal immigrants on projects in three states. Some had improper welding certification.U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested Jose S. Gonzalez, 32, at his office in Greenville Thursday, according to a news release. Tarrasco Steel was hired as a subcontractor for rebar installation services to major bridge projects in Mississippi, Louisiana and Tennessee. The federal government considers those bridges as critical infrastructure, and they were part of routine inspections of facilities that if damaged could pose a threat to national security and public safety.’There is a serious public safety concern when illegal aliens, who are not authorized to work in the country legally, and who do not possess valid welding certifications, are employed in the construction of bridges in our communities,’ said Michael A. Holt, special agent in charge of the Customs Office of Investigations in New Orleans, in a news release.” Well, no kidding!Story #13: UN Official Nabbed in Visa ScamRUSH: The companion story to the one above: “A United Nations translator was arrested yesterday on charges that he and two others used U.N. stationery in a visa-fraud scheme, prosecutors said. Vyacheslav Manokhin, a U.N. employee based in Manhattan, was accused of helping numerous non-U.S. citizens enter the country illegally by providing fraudulent documents so they could obtain visas to attend conferences that either did not exist or which they did not attend.” So it’s another UN scandal.How many scandals do we have here in the United Nations?Story #14: Fed Leaves Interest Rate Unchanged RUSH: The Federal Reserve met and did not change the interest rate. The short-term interest rate stayed at five and a quarter percent.They did admit that they are watching and are concerned about credit problems, the rising credit problems, but they made the decision to leave the interest rate where it is in deference to their concern over controlling inflation. It’s just the focus of things.They’ve been worried about inflation since the nineties.That’s been the focus: keeping inflation under control. I remember James Carville going off with it (impression), “What about the bond market?Who care about the bond market? Why all of a sudden does the bond market matter? The bond market? Who cares about the bond market?” because everybody was worried about inflation. I don’t do this kind of stuff.I stay out of the financial stuff, but they’re going to have to lower this at some point. When is the next time, October? You watch.It’s going to get lowered by October, going into the holiday season. You watch.Mark my words. (Fed bureaucrats impression) “We feel pretty confident we’ve got inflation under control here. We’re managing it. We’ve been scrutinizing the, uh, err, credit crunch out there, and think that trying here to pay attention to that and try to ward off whatever ill advised reactions could come if we don’t.” So they’ll cut it.I don’t know how much, but they will.

Story #15: Rich Lowry on Modern Liberalism and JFKRUSH: I read a column by Rich Lowry. He was reviewing a book that he had read, and the theory of the book was that the current state of American liberalism can be traced to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

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Story #5: Man Fatally Struck by Driverless SUV

RUSH: Lawrence, New York, this is not far from JFK: “A man was fatally struck by an SUV with no driver at the wheel. This happened on a sidewalk in Lawrence, Long Island yesterday. Nassau County cops said that the accident occurred at 2:46 in the afternoon. A woman had parked the SUV and had left the vehicle when it jumped the curb, struck a man walking on the sidewalk. The man was taken to St. John’s Hospital where he died.”

This is a genuine shocker.

I mean, “Oh, my God!” is the reaction you have.

“Oh, my God! What’s happening?”
Story #6: Breaking News: No Hurricanes!Breaking News: No Hurricanes!

RUSH: We have breaking global warming new, ladies and gentlemen. Breaking global warming news! There are still no hurricanes out there. By the way, you know why they revised these hurricane forecasts down? It is real simple. Anybody could do it. Hurricane season starts June 1, goes through November 30. They make the forecast for that six month period. You go through a month without a hurricane, you have to reduce the number. It’s just the law of averages. Another month without a hurricane, got to reduce the number. So we get through two months here without a hurricane, and that doesn’t matter because the hurricanes are irrelevant. Global warming is going to cause more volcanoes. Global warming is going to cause more earthquakes, which, by the way, we just had at 7.5 magnitude over in Indonesia.
Story #7: Why Would Anyone Want to Leave Cuba, UK?
Stories: Cuba | United Kingdom
RUSH: I have a headline here. I can’t believe this. I’m stunned. “Cuba May Skip Boxing Meet Due to Defections, Castro — Cuba is considering pulling out of the amateur World Boxing Championships in Chicago in October to avoid new defections by its boxers, Cuban leader Fidel Castro said on Wednesday. ‘Imagine all the sharks of the Mafia wanting fresh meat,’ the convalescing 80-year-old Castro wrote in a column published on the front page of the Communist Party newspaper Granma.” Uh, why would anybody want to leave this island paradise? Why? They have free health care, free rice cookers for a lot of people. Not only is it free health care, the best medical care in the world. We have liberal activists telling us. Why would anybody want to leave Cuba?

A companion story: “4,000 People a Week Trying to Leave the UK — is facing a mass exodus of people looking to escape the crime and grime of modern living. The country’s biggest foreign visa consultancy firm has revealed that applications have soared in the last seven months by 80 per cent to almost 4,000 a week. Ten years ago the figure was just 300 a week. Most people are relocating within the Commonwealth — in Australia, Canada and South Africa. They are almost all young professionals and skilled workers aged 20-40. And many cite their reason for wanting to quit as immigration to these shores — and the burden it is placing on their communities and local authorities. The dearth of good schools, spiralling [sic] house prices, rising crime and tax increases are also driving people away.” It doesn’t surprise me, ladies and gentlemen. People flee modern liberalism wherever it ends up becoming dominant. They’re fleeing Cuba. They have been for a long time trying to. Now 4,000 a week are trying to get out of the UK.

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Story #1: High School Economics Education Improves!

RUSH: Shockingly good news, by the way. This is in the Wall Street Journal editorial today. Here is a pop quiz. “Which has been most important in reducing poverty over time: a) taxes, b) economic growth, c) international trade, or d) government regulation?” What would you say, Brian? You weren’t even listening, right? B, good. Superb! (clapping) Economic growth is something John Edwards needs to learn real fast. Get this. According to the Journal, “you’ll be pleased to know that 53% of U.S. high school seniors also answered ‘b.’ The latest version of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) asked this question, among others on economics, and the results will not please members of the Socialist International, or for that matter the Senate Finance Committee. Since its founding in 1969, the NAEP has become something of an annual exercise in American educational masochism.

“Last year, only 54% of students met NAEP’s ‘basic’ standard — the equivalent of a passing grade — on the science test. The previous year tested history; a mere 47% passed. But when knowledge of economics was tested this year, well, let’s just say the supply curve shifted. NAEP reported this week that 79% of twelfth graders passed this first-ever national economics test. Holy Hayek,” as in Friedrich von Hayek. “The exam, taken by a representative sample of twelfth graders at public and private high schools, tested students on micro- and macroeconomic principles and international trade. What, for example, is the effect of breaking down trade barriers between countries? A majority correctly said that goods would become less expensive,” which is true, they do! “They chose this over “the quality of goods available would decrease.” Maybe John Edwards should hire more teenagers for his Presidential campaign.” Maybe Edwards needs to go hire some of these high school students for his advisory team. Anyway, that’s great news.
Story #2: Ethanol Sends Milk Price Skyrocketing

RUSH: Milk prices are skyrocketing out there now, average retail price of a gallon of milk. I would not know this, because I have fine calcium and bones and don’t use it. Well, I do have milk on cereal. I don’t buy it. Do you know what a gallon of a milk is Dawn, just off the top of your head right now when you go to the store? Ah, she buys it and doesn’t really look at it. Snerdley, do you have any idea? Oh, you’re a vegan. Yeah, you walk by the milk section and you probably get sick. (interruption) Organic milk? Well, do you know what organic means? Feces. That’s what it means. (Now that’s going to make the health food people really freak!) “The average retail price of a gallon of whole milk has never been higher — $3.80 a gallon — according to July Department of Agriculture statistics. Experts blame the price spike — up 51 cents since February — on milk shortages in Europe and Australia. … Also playing a smaller role in the price spike is higher demand for corn-based ethanol fuel, according to USDA analyst Ephraim Leibtag. Increased demand for corn pushes up costs for cattle feed, which is then added to the price of milk.” It’s why there is a steak shortage in some of the finest steak houses in New York. Ethanol. Obviously we import milk if there’s a milk shortage in Europe and Australia. It’s a supply and demand thing anyway. We export milk, I’m sure, too. It’s a total supply and demand thing. No question about it.

Story #3: We’re Number One with Guys Living in Cars
RUSH: I’ll tell you, the audience of this program is boundary-less. We cover all three sexes. We cover all the religions. We cover all economic strata, as evidenced by this guy in Kansas, Steve Graham is in a fight with his wife that’s been going on since 2000 — well, actually since 1999. He’s moved out of his house into his car. He has been living in his car since 2000. His wife is still in the house. The neighbors don’t like it, because he’s out there using the backyard in certain ways that you would use certain rooms in your house. Neighbors don’t like it, but he says he even likes it because he gets better reception on the radio out there in his car than he ever did in the house! “I listen to Rush Limbaugh every day, just about.” So see? We are #1 on this program, amongst guys who have left their wives but haven’t left the property, and are living in their cars. We’ve got the nation covered, folks. There’s nowhere else we can grow now.

Story #4: GOP Making Inroads with Hispanics

RUSH: Well, look at this headline! This is from our buddies over at NewsMax, but it’s an AP story. “GOP Making Inroads With Hispanics.” Now, now, wait! This can’t be because all the “experts” told us that were alienating the Hispanic vote with the rigid, racist, separatist, nativist position we had on immigration. “Democrats hold an edge with Hispanics in national elections, but Latinos’ growing tendency to register as independents and split their vote between parties is buoying Republican prospects for 2008.” This is an AP story out there. “Younger and college-educated Hispanics in particular offer fertile ground for the GOP, new data show. And while no one suggests Republicans have become the party of choice…” Oh, of course not! Of course not! Why would anybody in the Drive-By Media think that! No, of course not! Noooooo! No one would even think it possible, would they? “[W]hile no one suggests Republicans have become the party of choice would for the nation’s fastest-growing minority, Democrats have been gradually losing ground.”

Drip, drip, drip, drip.

“Although Hispanics tend to vote Democratic, the percentage of Latinos who call themselves Democrats has declined in the last decade, even as the overall number of Hispanic voters climbed.” How can this be, folks? After the immigration bill, we were supposed to be sunk! We were supposed to be fini! We were going to be alienating all these people who were never, ever going to vote for Republicans again. That’s what we were all told. In California “nearly two of three Hispanic voters were registered Democrats in the mid-1990s. By 2006, that figure dropped as low as 56 percent, according to polling and registration data.” You know, the point is not that the Republican Party needs to pick up a majority. Just a few percentage points can upset the whole balance out there! It would be the same thing in the minority vote, the black vote. You don’t have to get the whole thing. If Republicans ever figure out how to get 20% of it, do you realize the differences would the stunning? Those things, I have always thought, are extremely possible.

Story #5: Man Mails Himself Out of Prison

RUSH: I have heard it all. This escape convict that’s on the loose somewhere out there. This guy, his name is Richard McNair. He mailed himself out of prison in an escape pod. How the hell do you do that?

Story #6: Haditha Charges Dropped, Drive-Bys Ignore

RUSH: “All charges have been dismissed against two Marines accused in the killings of 24 Iraqi civilians in Haditha, the Marine Corps announced Thursday. Lance Cpl. Justin L. Sharratt, 22, of Canonsburg, Pa., was charged with murdering three brothers. Capt. Randy Stone, 35, a battalion lawyer from Dunkirk, Md., was charged with failing to adequately report and investigate the Nov. 19, 2005, combat action in which women and children were among the dead. In his decision to dismiss charges, Lt. Gen. James Mattis, the commanding general with jurisdiction in the case, said he was sympathetic to the challenges Marines on the ground face in Iraq. ‘Where the enemy disregards any attempt to comply with ethical norms of warfare, we exercise discipline and restraint to protect the innocent caught on the battlefield,’ Mattis wrote in his letter to Sharratt.” You know, I haven’t seen this in the Drive-By news cycle. Have you seen this in the Drive-By Media? I haven’t seen this story out there! Now, I remember when it happened we had pictures; we had allegations.

See, this is what the left does, the New Castrati. They go out there and say (impression), “See, this is the problem, Mr. Limbaugh, with the U.S. Military. This is the problem with war. This is an all-volunteer force. These are poor people that have no future in this country and so they join, and war turns them into murderous barbarians, Mr. Limbaugh!”

This is the mantra. That’s one of the many clichs and action lines that the Democrats and the left have, so an incident like this gets reported, “It’s true!” Just like the rape allegations against the lacrosse players at Duke. That fits another template: “Oh, it has to be true! Rich white guys taking advantage of a poor black woman? Oh, it had to happen! Lacrosse players? Absolutely!” Eighty-eight members of the faculty write a letter condemning the thing. The coach gets fired. None of it was true! None of it, and complicit in this… Nifong was the main culprit, but the Drive-Bys were the target. Why do you think he was doing what he was doing? It was to curry favor with the Drive-Bys so he could get his reelection chances up — and now this! And where’s Murtha? Where is the heroic ex-Marine conscience e of the House of Representatives, Jack Murtha on this? Have you seen an apology from Jack Murtha on this?

Story #7: Hillary Says She’s Not for “Socialized” Medicine

RUSH: Hillary Clinton says that her plan is not socialized medicine, and she’s right. It’s socialized health care, not just socialized medicine. She can’t fool me by playing little word games.

Story #8: Hello, Democrats! UN Expands Its Role in Iraq

RUSH: How about this? “The UN Security Council voted unanimously on Friday to approve a resolution to expand the role of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) in a move aimed at reconciling the country’s rival groups winning support for neighboring countries and tackling Iraq’s humanitarians crisis.” Now, setting aside the fact that the UN cannot accomplish anything, I just want to look at the vote. They probably could sabotage it if they wanted to, but why in the world…? Do you realize if you’re Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and you’re out there doing whatever you do on vacation and you get up and you read the UN is expanding its role in Iraq? When you’ve claimed it’s a defeat and it’s over and you have your Democrat senators saying the surge is working — you have Bush’s polls numbers rising while Congress’ are flat lining and falling — what must those people think? And what must their Democrat minions think? Do you realize this is not what they expected to happen after they won the elections in November?

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Story #1: Earthquake Hits Hawaii, Hurricane on Deck

RUSH: Just looking at something on television — I saw something that I thought I didn’t actually see. I looked at a graphic of the hurricane I thought was hitting Hawaii. (I’m going to Hawaii later this month.) It’s not the hurricane; it’s the earthquake, and the hurricane was not supposed to hit where it looked like it hit.
Story #2: Condoms Good, Clown Balloons Bad

RUSH: “A British clown has had the smile wiped off his face after being told he couldn’t use balloons in his act because children might be allergic to latex.” Have you heard anything more ridiculous than this? The children — the little children — might be allergic to latex? Meanwhile, in every damn school in the country we’re urging them to wear condoms, for crying out loud! Well, what the hell is a condom made of? Give ’em condoms for every damn thing in the world that’s wrong with them, and then they can’t go to a circus and be around a clown with a bunch of balloons?

You know what? This stuff from the European Union is going to end up here, because it always does. The circus is going to be a problem — not because the lions and tigers might get loose and eat the kids, but because of Buster the clown and his stupid little balloons endangering our little children. Do you realize that in 25 or 30 years we’re going to have a nation of no adults? Well, not a nation of no adults; we’re going to have a growing percentage of our population as adults as the biggest bunch of wusses on the face of the earth. “Mommy, mommy, mommy, I’m not going to the circus, mommy, they have balloons! I’m afraid of balloons, mom! I want to go see the tigers, but I can’t go see the balloons!”

“The 47-year-old entertainer, also known as Tony Turner, has previously had to ditch his bubble-making machine because he could not get public liability insurance as companies assessed that youngsters might slip and hurt themselves,” as the bubbles hit the ground and they walk around. This is the chickification of our society: nobody is competent, nobody can do it, and everybody needs cradle to grave care. They must be shielded from bubbles! I remember when I was a kid you could go to the store, you get some of this bubble stuff — little plastic stick with a circle on it — blow through it, create bubbles. Wow, it was fun! But little did we know then that we were on the verge of personal destruction and danger with our bubble machine.
Story #3: Headline: Noose Tightens Around Vick
RUSH: Try this headline: “Noose Tightens Around Vick at Amazing Speed.” Michael Vick’s two buddies or his three codefendants are flipping, but it’s the headline here (it’s an AP story, but also it’s in USA Today): “Noose tightens around Vick.” Well, what an amazing choice of words.
Story #4: A Bridge in China Should Not Fall Down

RUSH: By the way, 14 people have died in that Chinese bridge collapse. 65 missing. Oops, it’s been updated. The death toll now rises to 29. You know, a bridge in China shouldn’t fall down, ladies and gentlemen. I wonder what year George Bush designed this bridge in China?
Story #5: Newark Should Try “Stab Proof” School Uniforms
RUSH: Headline from the UK Daily Mail: “Stab-Proof School Uniforms Go on Sale to Protect Pupils from Knife Attacks.” This, folks, would be a hot seller in Newark.
Story #6: GOP Should Skip Joke YouTube Debate

RUSH: Mr. Snerdley, when is that Republican YouTube debate? November 28th or something like that? “The on-again, off-again Republican version of the CNN/YouTube debate will be held Nov. 28.” See, I was right. Even when I think I’m wrong, I’m right. “The two-hour debate will be held in St. Petersburg, Fla., the cable network announced Monday. Online users were urged to submit their questions. The debate had been scheduled for mid-September, but candidates Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney said they couldn’t participate because of previous campaign commitments.” I have a bad feeling about this. I thought it was a joke when the Democrats did it, and it’s going to be a bigger joke when the Republicans do it, but they’re going to go ahead and do it nonetheless.
Story #7: States Move Casinos Closer to Cities
RUSH: We are talking about taxes today, and now get this headline (this is also from USA Today): “States and cities frustrated by gamblers spending their money elsewhere are putting casinos in or near major cities to maximize tax revenue.” They are not content to just take our money — now they want to get us addicted to gambling, from lotteries to casinos. Here is a quote from Janis Hellard, economic development director in Sumner County, Kansas, near Wichita: “‘We’re sick of people from Wichita driving through our county on the way to casinos in Oklahoma. We want some of the action.’ Her county is one of four places in Kansas recently authorized to have casinos, although none has been built yet. Today, 40 states have casino gambling, and some holdouts may join soon. Massachusetts is moving toward permitting casinos for the first time, a change that could lead to more casinos throughout New England. ‘What’s changed the equation is Massachusetts residents are fueling the growth of giant casinos in Connecticut,’ says Clyde Barrow, director of the Center for Policy Analysis at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. Also driving growth: states are loosening restrictions about where casinos can locate and how they can do business. The days of casinos being located outside of major cities — tourist destinations, often in economically distressed towns — are coming to an end.”

I’ve not been in any casino outside of Las Vegas. Well, I did a speech in one in Louisiana for Hal Sutton and David Toms and a charity thing, but I walked through to a private meeting room and then went to a ballroom, did the speech, and left, so I didn’t go in the casino. I think that’s the only Indian casino I’ve been in. You’ve been to one, Mr. Snerdley? Snerdley’s been in an Indian casino in Seattle with totally tax-free cigarettes. But you didn’t buy a cigar so you don’t know if cigars are tax-free, Snerdley? It’s the one great thing about casinos: you can still smoke in them and the people in them don’t care – although they’re starting to get some little Nimrods in there. And that’s one of the great things about going to Las Vegas: you can go to a casino, light up your cigar, play, and everybody accepts it. It’s just cool. It’s like a flashback to the old days when people weren’t panicked and trying to tell everybody how they had to live and so forth. But Snerdley says the Seattle casinos are tax-free on the tobacco products. It’s 40 miles outside Seattle? This tax-free business may exist, but trust me: it isn’t going to last — even for the Indians.
Story #8: Study: Baseball Umpires Racially Biased

RUSH: The last time we had a report on racism among officials in sports, it was in the NBA, basketball. White officials called the game differently than black officials. Well, get this. This is from the Austin-American Statesman: “Study finds that umpires’ and pitchers’ race matters when calling balls and strikes. First, one study claimed that basketball referees were racially biased. Now, a new study by a University of Texas professor says baseball umpires are guilty of discrimination, too. Major-league umpires are more likely to give favorable calls to pitchers who share their same race or ethnicity, UT economics professor Daniel Hamermesh and his team found in the study of 2,120,166 pitches over three seasons. The report comes three months after another scholarly study found racial bias among referees in the National Basketball Association in regards to calling fouls… White umpires, who researchers said accounted for 87 percent of the league’s umpires, were more likely to give a called strike to a white pitcher than to a pitcher who is Hispanic, African American or Asian.” How did they know?

Do you realize the flaw in this? Can somebody tell me? What’s the flaw? They examine 2,120,166 pitches. They have a black pitcher and a black ump, or you have a black pitcher and I white ump. Now, what is the flaw here? Who but the ump knows what a strike is? The researchers aren’t down there watching the pitch! I haven’t read this whole story, but don’t you have to have some sort of a way to determine what the pitch really was? You’d have to assume that the ump’s getting it wrong. If they called more strikes in favor of similar ethnic pitchers, then it would stand to reason, would it not, that they’re calling some balls strikes? So how do the researchers know that some of these pitches are not strikes? Take it the other way around. You have a white ump and a white pitcher, black ump and a white pitcher, take your pick. There’s nobody that really knows. I don’t care, there’s not a camera in the world that can tell. Even these super-duper slow mo things on ESPN, they still don’t give you the exact angle.

I didn’t read the whole story here. I must be missing something. I actually only printed out the first page because thought the whole thing is patently ridiculous. It’s just another attempt to keep the country roiled. Now there’s racism in baseball! Gasp! Racism in basketball! Racism in America! We so suck as a country! Racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia; everybo