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RUSH: Mae in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Great to have you on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Thank you for taking my call. The reason I’ve called is because I feel that if put in proper hands — and, like I say, in proper hands — that the United States can get out of debt by one way, and it’s so stupid that maybe to a lot of people, but if they think about it, it would work. I believe that the United States ought to have a US lottery. All states that have lotteries have a lot of income coming into their states. I cannot understand why if they have that kind of income coming into the states, that the United States couldn’t have that coming in to the United States. It would also create a lot of jobs.

RUSH: Really?


RUSH: A federal lottery would create a lot of jobs? Let me ask you a question here, Mae.


RUSH: As you cited, a lot of these states with the lotteries, they’ve got all this money coming in.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: So all these states are really sitting pretty, right? Financially, running surpluses, right? They’re not in any trouble at all?

CALLER: No. Like I say, it has to be put in the right hands. I am telling you I don’t feel that these states — and I’m from West Virginia. Yes, we do a state lottery here, and we are obviously one of the poorer states in the union, but —

RUSH: Yeah, but Mae? Mae, the point is you could have 15 lotteries in every state, and they’re still gonna be in debt. They’re gonna still spend ten times more than they take in wherever they get it. A lottery is not the answer, and a lottery is not gonna create economic growth, and it’s not gonna be sustaining. It’s not gonna be long-term. That’s not a solution to the problem in any way, shape, manner, or form. In fact, every day’s a lottery with this guy running the country anyway, but government’s always gonna happen spend more than it takes in no matter what it takes in and no matter where it gets it.

You institute a lottery in the belief, “Oh, this is gonna solve all of our problems…” By the way, every state lottery I’ve ever heard of was created so that we could make education whole; so that we could save education in every state. That’s all we need to do — lottery! — and that’s how we’ll fix our education problem,” and still to this day, whenever I hear a government entity complain or whine, federal or state, it’s always about education. “We simply don’t spend enough. We’re not properly funding the children. We just not spending enough on education.” If these lotteries were to accomplish what they are sold as being able to accomplish, they wouldn’t be a deficit in any state. We’d be running surpluses out the wazoo.

Sorry to disagree with you out there, Mae, but stick with Powerball.


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